Monster Paradise
351 The 20 Card Draw
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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351 The 20 Card Draw

Lin Huang activated Boundless Vision as he rode on the Alexandrian Eagle while observing the Crimson-Eyed Elephant that was 10 kilometers away but he did not attack it.

"Xiao Hei, how many Double Reward Cards do I have?" Lin Huang asked.


"Including the Sanguine Skeleton, the Blazecrystal Scorpion and the Molten Dragon that I killed by myself earlier, I should have seven cross-ranking kill rewards. Is that right?"

"Yes." Xiao Hei’s reply remained short and simple.

"Two Double Reward Cards but I only have two hours to get the reward… It’s not enough to go to seven places…" As not all the monsters were being located, some locations might need the Alexandrian Eagle to fly hundreds of kilometers away. Two hours of double reward time would only allow Lin Huang to kill four to five white flame-level monsters at the most.

"Master, you could actually pin the location of the seven holy fire-level monsters with the dimensional relic. As soon as the pinning of the locations is done, you can kill them accordingly. After each kill, you can use the dimensional relic to get to the next monster. That would save a lot of time on the road," suggested Bloody that had been hiding in Lin Huang’s sleeve as it heard what he was saying to Xiao Hei.

"That’s a great idea!" Lin Huang realized that his thoughts had come to a dead end. He had forgotten that he could pin the locations using the dimensional relic and wanted to get to each location with the Alexandrian Eagle instead. With Bloody’s reminder, he only recalled that he could bookmark the locations that he had never pinned before. He got the Alexandrian Eagle to land near a crater as he did the pinning. He looked at the Crimson-Eyed Elephant that was far away.

"I shan’t kill you now. I’ll kill all of you after I have pinned all the locations!"

Lin Huang patted the Alexandrian Eagle and headed to the location of the next holy fire-level monster following the map. Three hours went by after Lin Huang was done pinning all the locations of the seven monsters. Looking at the Colossal Lizard that was far away, Lin Huang smirked as he crunched one Double Reward card.

"Let’s seize this Double Reward Card to kill all of them!" Lin Huang exclaimed and patted the Alexandrian Eagle, heading towards the Colossal Lizard.

As Lin Huang killed the last holy fire-level monster which was the Crimson-Eyed Elephant, 53 minutes had gone by. He had used less than an hour to kill all seven holy fire-level monsters. Looking at the 14 Reward Cards that were added to his body, he stored the Crimson-Eyed Elephant carcass happily.

Among the seven monsters, the most difficult one was the first one that he had encountered. The defense of the Colossal Lizard was terrifying. Although it was only a double mutated white flame-level, Lin Huang did not manage to break through its defense using his normal attack. He had to put three Life Wheels of Life Power into Worldly Purification to kill it. The first monster used up more than 15 minutes of his time. Luckily, it was smooth sailing after that or else, he would have to use his second Double Reward Card to kill all the seven monsters.

Looking at the time, it was noon. Lin Huang sat at the bottom of a volcano and ate some snacks while getting Xiao Hei to arrange his cards.

"Xiao Hei, arrange all the cards that I’ve obtained in this ruins."

"You have received 16 cross-ranking Reward Cards and 20 card draws from the quintuple cross-ranking kills that you have yet to use."

"Let’s talk about the card draw later. I want to see what those 16 Reward Cards are." Lin Huang knew that the number of cards was correct. As the Double Reward Card was not enough, he had not used that when he was killing the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit and the Blazecrystal Scorpion. He had only received a Reward Card from that. What he got from killing the Molten Dragon was a card draw instead of a Reward Card. So, the two cards added to his 14 cards totaled to 16 cards.

"The 16 Reward Cards are as follows: Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card x3, Skill Removal Card x2, Double Reward Card x2, Life Power Storage Card x2, Advanced Card x2, Item Card x2, Provisional Transformation Card x1, Healing Card x1, Provisional Summoning Card x1."

Xiao Hei’s calculation was quick and Lin Huang saw two new cards that he had never seen before, which were the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card and the Skill Removal Card. It was obvious from just the name of the cards but Lin Huang wanted to know the exact descriptions.

"Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card"

"Function: When the card is activated, it allows you or your Monster Card to upgrade one rank higher temporarily."

"Remark 1: Each upgrade will be limited to one hour."

"Remark 2: Multiple cards can be used at the same time. A maximum of three cards can be used at once with three ranks of the upgrade."

"Remark 3: The time limit is still one hour even if multiple cards are used."

"Remark 4: Consumable. Each card can only be used once."

"Skill Removal Card"

"Function: User can remove one skill of his own."

"Remarks: Consumable. Each card can only be used once."

"This Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card can temporarily upgrade you three ranks higher!"

Lin Huang thought the card was useful. "Too bad there's only three of them, that’s too little."

After reading the descriptions of the two cards, Lin Huang decided to do the 20-card draw to see if he could get more Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards.

"Xiao Hei, I would like to activate the card draw!"

"Are you sure you would like to activate the card draw?"


"I have randomly selected 360 cards for you. You may choose 20 cards from the 360 cards as your rewards."

"Warning! You only have one chance for each card. Once you’ve selected, you’re not allowed to change!"

As Xiao Hei said that, hundreds of cards were formed in the air and arranged before him. There were 20 columns and 18 rows, totaling to 360 cards. All of them looked the same. They were all black with a flaming golden question mark in the middle.

Lin Huang had done card draws before and he knew that it all depended on his luck. There was neither any skill in picking cards nor any cheats. He could only choose following his gut feel. He spent ten minutes to pick all 20 cards, then the remaining 340 cards disappeared. The 20 cards that he picked were arranged into four rows with five cards each. They shed their disguise one by one and revealed what they really were.

"Congratulations! You have received Life Power Storage Card x3, Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card x2, Double Reward Card x2, Advanced Card x2, Healing Card x2, Item Card x2, Mission Card x2, Provisional Transformation Card x1, One-time Skill Card x1, Flawless Card x1, Challenge Card x1, Epiphany Card x1."

Lin Huang was happy with everything that he received except for the two Mission Cards. Seeing that there were no new cards that he was not familiar with, he instructed Xiao Hei again, "Xiao Hei, calculate all my cards!"

"Provisional Transformation Card x8, Healing Card x8, Advanced Card x7, Item Card x7, Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card x5, Life Power Storage Card x5, Double Reward Card x5, Treasure Card x4, One-time Skill Card x3, Mission Card x3, Flawless Card x3, Skill Removal Card x2, Provisional Summoning Card x2, Epiphany Card x1, Transportation Card x1, Challenge Card x2, Small Destruction Card x1, Skill Combination Card x1."

"Use Life Power Storage Card!" Lin Huang always had that card on his mind as this card allowed him to have four additional Life Wheels compared to the rest.

He had obtained two Life Power Storage Cards from the 16 cards and now he had just received another three from the 20-card draw. He was over the moon to receive five of them at once as that meant he could duplicate five more Life Wheels in his body. The Life Power Storage Cards broke into pieces and entered his body as Life Wheels. He could not hold his glee in anymore.

"Heh, I have 10 Life Wheels now!"

As he took out the Life Power Refill Card to refill his Life Power, he was surprised to see that the image on the Life Power Refill Card had changed from five Life Wheels to ten with the five newly added Life Wheels empty. After activating the Life Power Refill Card and filling up all his 10 Life Wheels, Lin Huang then looked at his two Skill Removal Cards.

"Activate the Skill Removal Cards to remove Super Robust and Blood Hunt."

"Are you sure you would like to activate Skill Removal Cards to remove Super Robust and Blood Hunt?"

"Warning! Once the skill is removed, it cannot be retrieved."

"Yes!" Lin Huang nodded without hesitation as the two skills were no help to him. He had Superhuman Strength for the increase of strength while Blood Hunt was useless to him since he had Bloody which was more helpful now.

"Consuming Skill Removal Card x2. Skills Super Robust and Blood Hunt have been removed!"

His Monster Skills that were once full had two empty slots now. Lin Huang thought about it and decided not to extract the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit’s skill for now. With two empty slots for monster skills now, he reserved one for the Supreme Overlord while he wanted to keep the other one as he was not sure if he would encounter any monsters that were more powerful than the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit.

He smirked as he looked at the remaining seven Advanced Cards. He then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle.

"It’s your time to level up, buddy." Lin Huang patted the Alexandrian Eagle’s wings. It seemed to understand what Lin Huang wanted, so it then rubbed its head again his chest.

"Xiao Hei, activate two Advanced Cards to upgrade the Alexandrian Eagle into an epic-level card!" Lin Huang instructed.


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