Monster Paradise
349 An Ugly Rejection
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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349 An Ugly Rejection

As she put her Transmission Snail away, Luo Li summoned her dimensional relic. She informed the news about the monster horde to Zang Bing and Si Kongjian as well as updating them that she could not manage to find the Golden Toad. She really had no idea of where it was. After some discussion, Zang Bing and Si Kongjian suggested stopping the training before the monster horde arrived and to send all of the participants out of the ruins. Although Luo Li was reluctant, she accepted the suggestion anyway.

As the white dimensional relic appeared, Luo Li sighed and walked into the door. Soon, a white dimensional relic appeared on top of the gathering point. A petite human walked out of it. Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw Luo Li who landed slowly towards Zang Bing and Si Kongjian. They were relieved when they saw her as they were worried that Luo Li would disagree to stopping the training.

"Let’s stop the training now, don’t waste any more time." Luo Li looked at the two examiners solemnly.

"You do the announcement since you didn’t have the chance to be an examiner." Zang Bing smiled kindly.

Luo Li glared at him and agreed, floating into the air again.

"Dear participants, this is Luo Li, your examiner for the third round of the assessment…"

Just when she was speaking, somebody interrupted, "Examiner Luo, I have something to say!" It was Lin Huang who had interrupted her by shouting with his hands up.

"Let me finish my announcement!" Luo Li frowned as she looked at Lin Huang.

"I need to say it now as it has something to do with your announcement." Lin Huang walked out of the crowd and locked eyes with Luo Li.

Everyone was puzzled as they peered at Lin Huang.

"Lin Huang, stop messing around!" Zang Bing scolded.

"I’m not messing around. This is something very important." Lin Huang glared at Zang Bing and looked up at Luo Li again.

"Alright, then. What you’re going to say better be useful, or else, I’ll be furious." Luo Li descended from the sky. She would not have bothered if it was somebody else. Knowing that Lin Huang was Yi Yeyu’s friend, she decided to let him speak.

"What is it? Tell me now." Luo Li landed next to Lin Huang and scrutinized him in an unfriendly manner. Lin Huang got closer to her, making Luo Li want to avoid him by instinct but she tolerated him. As she listened to what Lin Huang was saying, she became serious.

"Don’t say anything first. Listen to me, this area is being monitored by the Golden Toad…"

What Lin Huang said made Luo Li realize the reason for his odd behavior.

"I have located the Golden Toad but I’m afraid that it will escape if it realizes that we know about it. That’s the reason why I need to talk to you like that."

Just when Luo Li wanted to ask where the Golden Toad was, she recalled that they were being monitored. She grabbed Lin Huang’s arm, summoned her dimensional relic and brought Lin Huang along with her. Seeing Luo Li leave with Lin Huang, not only all the participants, even Zang Bing and Si Kongjian thought that it was strange.

A white dimensional relic opened in a dormant volcano and Luo Li stepped out with Lin Huang.

"We’re definitely not being monitored here, so you can speak now."

Lin Huang nodded, then projected the map while Bloody slithered out of his sleeve to mark the volcano where the Golden Toad was located at. Luo Li looked confusedly at Bloody and regarded Lin Huang.

"Are you sure it’s here?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang nodded vigorously. He had never suspected Bloody’s resources.

"I’ll be really mad if it’s not here." Luo Li did not ask how had Lin Huang gotten the location. Instead, she threatened him.

"It won’t be wrong, I’ll go with you." Lin Huang was calm.

"Alright, let’s go right away!" Judging from Lin Huang’s seriousness, Luo Li summoned her white dimensional relic immediately.

The both of them stepped into it and soon they appeared under a mid-sized spiritual volcano.

"Wait here," Luo Li commanded Lin Huang and she flew to the crater within seconds. She dived into the volcano right away.

The Golden Toad thought that it was strange that Lin Huang and Luo Li had disappeared. It did not expect its location to be revealed as it thought that it was hidden securely. There were at least 800 of such mid-sized spiritual volcanoes in this world.

In fact, it was correct to assume that it was hidden as the mid-sized spiritual volcanoes were not marked on the map provided by the Union Government. They were only marked in white as a volcano just like the rest of the normal volcanoes. There were up to 10,000 of them in this world. Only the big spiritual volcanoes that were higher than 3000 meters would be marked in red. That was why Luo Li did not even bother looking for it in such a volcano.

It was too late when the Golden Toad noticed that Luo Li and Lin Huang were there as Luo Li arrived inside the spiritual volcano within seconds.

"Damned toad, I’ve been looking for you!" Luo Li saw the Golden Toad that was soaked in the lava as she entered the volcano.

"Human lady!" Golden Toad was shocked when it saw Luo Li.

It remembered clearly when the Blazing Alligator came to it, mentioning that the Molten Dragon was killed in one hit by a petite lady. It was sure that Luo Li was the one that the Blazing Alligator was talking about. It was hiding here as it did not want to be found by this lady, so it did not expect her to come to it.

The Golden Toad did not wait any longer after confirming her identity. The spiritual lava at the bottom of the volcano roiled up and assailed Luo Li, almost drowning her in it. Suddenly, the Golden Toad shrunk to the size of a palm within seconds. It leaped using its back legs together with the lava that rumbled out.

"What’s the use of your powerful ability? I managed to escape anyway…" Just when the Golden Toad had that thought, it suddenly realized that its body had been captured by a hand.

"Do you naively think that you actually got away from me?" Luo Li said and revealed herself. The spiritual lava was isolated a few inches away from her body.

The Golden Toad was shocked and attempted to grow back to its regular size so that it could get away from her. However, it felt that its body was being sealed by something, preventing it from going back to its original size.

"Stop struggling. My Palm Seal can even seal a dragonkin of the same level, let alone a scabby toad like you." Luo Li rolled her eyes.

The Golden Toad became furious when it heard Luo Li calling it a scabby toad. It opened its mouth wide and darted its tongue towards Luo Li’s head. However, its attack was soon blocked by an invisible wall. It could not reach anywhere outside her palm. After a couple of failed attempts, fear flashed in its eyes. Now, it finally understood how she had defeated the Molten Dragon in one hit.

"Master, I surrender!" Knowing that it could not escape, the Golden Toad decided to surrender in hopes that it might be released. Luo Li looked at it for a while and shook her head.

"No, you’re too ugly!"

She said and pressed it hard, the space in her Palm Seal compressing quickly. Within two to three seconds, the Golden Toad was smashed into smithereens, croaking out its last groan…

Soon, Luo Li got out of the crater and spiritual lava was everywhere. Lin Huang had backed off a couple of kilometers away. She headed towards Lin Huang and tossed the monster carcass on the ground. The carcass returned to its normal size of a mini island.

Seeing the carcass that was completely destroyed into a pile of flesh, Lin Huang now thought that she was even more dangerous.

"Since you were the one who provided the information, you shall have the monster carcass," Luo Li declared while bending down to wash her hands with the spiritual lava.

"Thank you, examiner!" Lin Huang stored the monster carcass shamelessly.

"Since the toad is dead, the ruins will be reactivated and the training will go on." Luo Li announced, satisfied with the results.

"Let’s head back!"

She then summoned the white dimensional relic.


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