Monster Paradise
348 The Revenge of the Golden Toad
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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348 The Revenge of the Golden Toad

The Golden Toad did not expect that its furious roar would reveal its location. Bloody’s leech pods had spent more than nine hours without finding any clue of the Golden Toad but the roar was heard by an Exploding Ladybird with a leech pod. Following the roar, the Exploding Ladybird soon found the volcano and confirmed that the Golden Toad was hiding in it.

Lin Huang wondered if he should laugh or cry as he listened to Bloody’s explanation. Within seconds of the Golden Toad’s vent, it managed to reveal its whereabouts.

"Does this Golden Toad have any long-distance monitoring ability?" As soon as Lin Huang got the Golden Toad’s location, he asked Bloody as he continued fighting the monsters.

"Yes, all Golden Toads are born with eyes on their backs. The eyes come with a variety of skills including hypnosis, monitoring, and illusion-type abilities. They can even learn new skills on their own," Bloody explained.

"We must have been monitored by it since the beginning," Bloody added.

"It seems like we shouldn’t tell anyone about its location at the moment. Let’s tell Luo Li straightaway when she gets back to avoid the Golden Toad from finding out that its location has been revealed and escaping." Lin Huang decided to keep the news to himself when he found out that they were being monitored.

"I think so too," Bloody agreed.

"If the news gets out, it’ll definitely run away and we’ll need to spend more time to look for it."

"My concern is that since the Golden Toad didn’t manage to get what it wants, it might extend its Will for the second and third time. If that happens, that will affect the speed I'm killing monsters at." Lin Huang frowned.

"Moreover, since it was defeated by me once, it will take more time to kill it if there’s a second and third time."

"Master, you don’t have to worry about this as such a skill is limited. It won’t be able to do it the second time in such a short period of time. Master, you can kill the monsters without worrying about it." Bloody knew very well about the secret skill of its Will. Each time it activated it, there would be a 24 hour cooldown period.

"But I think it won’t give it up just like that." Lin Huang thought that the Golden Toad’s persistence for the God's Blood would not just end like this.

"If it wants to attack for the second time, it would have to come here itself." Bloody smiled.

Lin Huang shook his head to get the thoughts out of his head while focusing on killing the monsters. His efficiency had peaked again in his bulldozer mode. All the monsters within 30 meters were killed. Meanwhile, on the battlefield thousands of meters away, Si Kongjian and Zang Bing were leading many of the staff to slay more than 1,000 holy fire-level monsters. Although they were fewer humans than monsters, their strength was much more powerful than this bunch of holy fire-level monsters. Especially since Zang Bing and Si Kongjian were both gold flame-level, while there were only two purple flame-level monsters among them. The humans were winning.

They managed to kill more than 1,000 Transcendent monsters around 20 minutes. More than 300 Transcendent humans were heading towards the monster horde to send help. As Zang Bing and the rest were almost done with the Transcendent monsters, Bloody reminded Lin Huang to recall Lancelot and the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit into their card forms while Bloody released all the leech pods that it had cast within the 10,000 monsters.

As Zang Bing and the rest arrived, they did not find anything odd. There were just glad that everybody had made it. Many of them saw the monster carcasses and Lin Huang with blood stains standing among the dead bodies. They realized that they would have lost without Lin Huang. Since Zang Bing and the rest came to help, the 10,000 monsters were killed in an instant.

"Great job, Lin Huang!" As soon as the battle ended, Zang Bing walked to Lin Huang and patted his shoulder. He was satisfied with Lin Huang’s performance these days. Even Si Kongjian could not help himself but tease Zang Bing to get Lin Huang to marry his daughter.

"Lin Huang, are you alright?" Although Yi Yeyu was usually obnoxious, she was a girl after all and she soon noticed that Lin Huang was feeling down.

"Nothing, I’m just tired." Lin Huang smiled and shook his head, wanting to keep the secret.

"Take a good rest then." Her sixth sense told her that Lin Huang was hiding something from her but she did not ask further.

Lin Huang nodded and sat down while he closed his eyes to recover his strength. With Lancelot and the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit’s help, he did not lose much Life Power but his strength was drained.

In a spiritual volcano 20,000 kilometers away, the Golden Toad was solemn as it watched the entire battle.

"If 10,000 monsters are not enough, I shall give you a million monsters. If 1,000 holy fire-level monsters are not enough, I shall give you 10,000 of them. I don’t believe that a couple of hundred of you can kill everyone in this world!"

It was late at night. A lady was sitting next to a gigantic volcano crater under the bright moonlight. She seemed to be only 13 or 14 years of age and was wearing a dark green military uniform that was clearly custom made. She was upset as she mumbled to herself, "What should I do? I’ve already looked everywhere I know but I just can’t locate that damned toad… If this persists, I’ll have to stop the training…"

Since noon until 10 p.m., Luo Li had spent more than ten hours at many locations including the hiding place of the three overlord-rank monsters. She had searched up and down but she still could not find the Golden Toad. The only thing she had retrieved from followers of the overlord-rank monsters was that the Molten Dragon and Shadowflame Boa were really dead. However, none of the monsters knew where the Golden Toad was. She even went to all big spiritual volcanoes, lava lakes and lava rivers that were starred on the map that was provided by the Union Government but she found nothing.

"Eh, what’s wrong with these monsters?" Luo Li noticed that the monsters around the volcano were heading towards the same direction as she stood thousands of meters on top of the volcano. Some of the monsters that were hibernating seemed to be triggered by something and joined the horde. She leaped to her toes and flew towards the direction the monsters were heading to. Along the way, she realized that monsters of all directions were gathered at one place like countless streams coming together to join a big river. The big river was heading towards the humans. She could see more than 100,000 monsters within her field of vision.

"Oh no, I must tell Zang Bing and the rest!" Luo Li took out her Transmission Snail immediately.

Thousands of meters away, Lin Huang, who was resting, opened his eyes suddenly. He was concerned as he heard news from Bloody. The final monster horde was arriving!


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