Monster Paradise
347 A Setup
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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347 A Setup

Lin Huang thought that the Golden Toad was after him as it had sent its Will here to the battle. He did not expect that what it really wanted was the God's Blood.

"How does it know that Bai was taken away by me?" Lin Huang thought it was strange as the Molten Dragon that was searching for him up and down had not been sure who had the monster with God's Blood but listening to the Golden Toad’s tone, it sounded like it was sure that Lin Huang had the monster.

"I’ve no idea what you are talking about." Although Lin Huang was clueless about how the Golden Toad knew about this, he declined without thinking twice.

"Are you pretending? Only Imperial Censors can take the monster with God's Blood away. Looking at your performance and the Punishment Chains on the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit, it’s likely that you managed to capture the Transcendent monster that had just leveled up to holy fire-level," Golden Toad explained why it was after Lin Huang.

"It’s okay if you don’t admit. As soon as I capture you, I have my ways to hand me the monster with God's Blood."

Hearing what it said, Lin Huang figured that it meant it would capture him to hand him over to the real Golden Toad. Lin Huang was tempted as he could not find where the Golden Toad was hiding.

"Master, I’ve found a way to locate the Golden Toad," Bloody spoke to him in his mind.

"I’ve located the spiritual aura sent by the Golden Toad for the arrival of Will earlier. My leech pods are as alert as a touch in the dark. As soon they get closer to the Golden Toad, they’ll sense it immediately; even the force from the spiritual lava can’t affect them. We should be able to locate it soon!"

"Well done!" Lin Huang complimented and looked at the Golden Toad. After scanning it, Lin Huang smirked as he had an interesting idea. The Golden Toad’s size was perfect to clear the ground with. As he thought about it, Lin Huang turned around and headed into the monster horde. The Golden Toad was surprised to see Lin Huang doing so and chased after him right away. It stuck out its pink tongue directly at Lin Huang but he managed to avoid easily by activating Micro Territory . The tongue assault killed many monsters along the way.

The Golden Toad naturally would not care about the lives of other monsters. Nothing was more important than the God's Blood. Moreover, its Will would only last for a limited time, so it had to kill all the obstacles between it and Lin Huang. Lin Huang passed through the monsters fast, unafraid of the Golden Toad’s host. However, he knew very well that it would take some time for him to kill it if they were to fight face to face. He would also be very slow to kill the monsters. Therefore, he decided to get the Golden Toad to kill the monsters instead.

The speed of Golden Toad killing the monsters was nothing slower than Lin Huang. It tongue could reach almost a kilometer away and each time it stuck out its tongue, many monsters were killed. Lin Huang was like a loach slithering among the monsters. All the monsters that he passed by fell dead. His killing efficiency was slightly lower than before but it was indistinct. The Golden Toad realized what Lin Huang was up to after chasing him for five to six minutes.

"If you continue to run, I’ll have to kill all your human friends!" The Golden Toad stopped and shouted to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang had to stop running when he heard that. He turned around and grinned at it.

"What’s wrong? I thought you were having fun chasing after me! How about we exchange positions? You run and I’ll chase after you," Lin Huang said.

Knowing that it did not have much time left, the Golden Toad did not entertain Lin Huang’s mocking and darted its tongue towards him. The attack this time was no weaker than the other times. Any gold-level monsters that were attacked would die on the spot. However, it knew that Lin Huang would not be killed easily. It had already known about Lin Huang’s ability before sending its Will here, so it knew that it had to give its best in order to get Lin Huang. It had high expectations on Lin Huang.

As he saw the tongue coming towards him, Lin Huang managed to avoid the attack with the help of Cloud Steps and Seraphic Speed . He then activated Thunder Steps and blitzed towards the Golden Toad. It turned its tongue around and attacked Lin Huang again. As it was within the coverage of the Micro Territory , Lin Huang did not even have to turn his head around to sense the attack behind him. He activated Dark Shield to block the tongue and with the help of the force, he bounced even faster towards the Golden Toad.

Seeing that Lin Huang was coming, Golden Toad extended its front claw to step on him but it missed, the ground reverberating as an effect. Lin Huang activated Seraphic Speed to its peak and dashed under the Golden Toad’s abdomen. Using Thunder Sting , he attempted to slash open its abdomen. His sword was so swift that he managed to stab it more than ten times within seconds. The Golden Toad was jumping in pain.

Suddenly, a couple of flaming chains coming out of nowhere and tied its two legs. They pulled hard and it fell to the ground. Lin Huang was not surprised by the appearance of the Punishment Chains . He might have seemed like he was running helter-skelter, but he was actually running towards the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit. It was a setup. It was too late when the Golden Toad realized that it was being used by Lin Huang as he had already stepped into the coverage of the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit. If it did not find out that it was being used, Lin Huang would have gotten it to kill more monsters but it would still end up in the same situation.

Lin Huang flapped the four wings on his back and flew up to the sky. The golden glow on the tip of his sword was as bright as the sun. His sword pierced into the Golden Toad’s abdomen easily without anything blocking. Perhaps, because it was triggered, the Golden Toad’s body started to expand.

"Master, you must back off now. Its flesh has reached the maximum capacity of Will and it’s going to explode."

Lin Huang pulled out his sword and stepped on the Golden Toad’s abdomen with Thunder Steps and darted far away with the help of his Seraphic Speed.


Within two to three seconds before Lin Huang even landed, an explosion came from the back. A strong wind blew ferociously as he landed on the ground. Just when he was turning around, blood splattered on his chest from the sky. A couple of chunks of flesh fell on his feet. Lin Huang looked up at the sky but what was left was the flesh on the ground. It was clear that the Golden Toad with its strong Will was completely dead.

"This damn human kid!" Someone shouted from a spiritual volcano, its voice echoing across 10 miles away. It sounded furious.

Soon, Bloody spoke to Lin Huang in his mind, "Master, I’ve found where the Golden Toad is hiding!"


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