Monster Paradise
345 Big Wave From The Monster Horde
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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345 Big Wave From The Monster Horde

During the evening, the seventh wave of the monster horde came and went. There was a wave almost every 50 minutes. Every time the monster horde appeared was when the people had just sat down to rest. It felt like the monsters were intentionally interrupting their rest time. Many were frustrated as they preferred to just fight the monsters instead of having their rest interrupted. It had only been six hours but it felt like the longest six hours in their lifetime. Most of them had drained most of their Life Power and were left with limited strength. Although the monsters were below Transcendent level, many of the humans were burnt out.

"This is tiring." Li Lang sat next to Lin Huang as the seventh wave of monster horde was over.

"Looking at the situation, don’t even talk about 24 hours. It might be a problem to even stay until the next morning."

A holy fire-level physique was more than ten times stronger than a gold-level. Although Li Lang had just leveled up not long ago, his strength and tolerance, as well as his recovery speed, were more than ten times higher than most gold-levels. If he was tired, one could imagine how much more fatigued the rest were.

"We try our best as God works in His way," Lin Huang said and closed his eyes to rest. He was calm when he said that but he was actually worried. Six hours had gone by but there was no news about the Golden Toad from Bloody. He did not urge Bloody for updates; as long as Bloody did not come back to him, that meant that it did not find anything. Zang Bing spoke again after they rested for less than 20 minutes.

"The eighth wave is here. Let the staff settle the proceeding waves. You guys should rest for a couple of hours and fight again after you’ve recharged your strength."

Many were relieved after hearing what Zang Bing said but some were concerned. There was no Transcendent monster sent their way so far. If the humans were to use Transcendent monsters before the horde did, would that trigger the monsters to send Transcendents as well? Lin Huang had the same concern. If that really happened, the battle would be much more difficult than before.

"Perhaps I’m overthinking…" Lin Huang did not join the battle as he saw four Transcendent humans heading towards four different directions.

The staff from the Union Government were all crimson and blue flame-levels with great abilities. Many of them could even fight a purple flame-level. Killing monsters that were below Transcendent was like eating a snack to them. In less than three minutes, the four Transcendents came back glorious. As this wave ended, Lin Huang and the rest managed to rest for more than two hours. The long wait made many of them panic. Under normal circumstances, it would take around 50 minutes for each wave to hit while the longest one lasted for less than an hour and ten minutes. However, almost two and a half hours had passed but the ninth wave had yet to come.

Time passed by and soon it was night. Lin Huang was getting more and more concerned. He sensed that the monsters were brewing a plan. When it was almost 9 p.m., Bloody spoke to Lin Huang, "Master, there’re many monsters coming this way. There’re more than 100,000 of them with more than 1000 holy- fire-level monsters."

Lin Huang was shocked. He did not expect his largest worry to come true. The attack of the Transcendents had backfired. The intensity of monster horde was now heightened!

"More than 1,000 holy fire-level monsters…" Lin Huang looked at Zang Bing and Si Kongjian, full of hope. If the staff could not manage the horde, there two gold flame-level examiners could help.

"More than 100,000 monsters…" Lin Huang mumbled to himself. He thought it was tricky as there were just over 800 participants after all. Th difference in their numbers was huge.

"Lin Huang, what did you say?" Li Lang asked as he heard Lin Huang talking to himself.

"The monsters are here. Prepare to fight," Lin Huang said softly to Li Lang and Yi Yeyu.

The both of them were shocked but they stopped doubting him as they recalled Lin Huang having a summoning monster with investigative abilities.

"Are there any Transcendents?" Yi Yeyu thought the same thing as Lin Huang did.

Lin Huang nodded.

"There are more than 1000 holy fire-level monsters and more than 100,000 monsters in total," Lin Huang informed.

"How about we inform the examiners to stop the training and send all of us out of here before the monsters come?" Li Lang suggested.

"It’s too late now…" Lin Huang said and Zang Bing started to order,"Everyone, prepare to fight! There’re many monsters coming to us. At least 100,000 of them and many are holy fire-level monsters!" Hearing what Zang Bing said, many people were dumbfounded.

"You guys will start formation to fight the monsters below Transcendent level while Zang Bing and I will lead the staff to kill all the Transcendent monsters as soon as we can and help the rest of you. Please hold on until our support arrives!" Si Kongjian looked serious for the first time.

"Demon Slayer Legion, listen here!" Zang Bing shouted and all the staff stood in a formation.

"Kill all Transcendent monsters and support the participants! Do you copy?!"

"Understood!" More than 300 staff said at the same time.

"I shall announce that the fight begins!" As Zang Bing shouted, more than 300 holy fire-level staff headed in every direction like arrows. They headed towards the Transcendent monsters that were coming close to them.

"Let’s see who kills the most monsters!" Si Kongjian squinted at Zang Bing.

"Come at me, bro!" Zang Bing agreed without thinking twice.

The both of them headed for different directions. Lin Huang and the rest who were below formed a gigantic circle while waiting for the monsters to come.

"Later, the both of you block my spot. I'll go into the monster horde." Lin Huang knew he was better at fighting than defending.

The both of them nodded without asking questions, full of confidence in Lin Huang. As the watched the monsters coming closer, Lin Huang kept the gold sword in his hand into its ring form and put it into his storage space, then he took out a black sword. Looking at what Lin Huang was doing, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang looked at each other as they knew Lin Huang was serious!


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