Monster Paradise
343 Lin Huang Shows His True Power for the First Time
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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343 Lin Huang Shows His True Power for the First Time

Lin Huang was quite familiar with the Terraflame Scorpion.

Not long ago, the three of them had come across the Terraflame Scorpion attack. However, the number of monsters was only a tenth of the total number that they encountered now.

The Terraflame Scorpion had an incredibly fast attack speed. It was even faster than many of the monsters of the same level. This type of monster usually lived in groups. Therefore, it did not have many enemies.

However, the monsters had a fatal weakness. When they encountered creatures that were even faster than them, they would lose their innate abilities and fall into chaos. It was also the reason why Lin Huang and two of them could easily kill the Terraflame Scorpion.

About 200 of them built their defensive line and blocked the Terraflame Scorpions. Despite there being a large number of Terraflame Scorpions, all the humans were elites.

Most of them were on gold-level rank-3 and were capable of killing seven to eight monsters while those who were on complete gold-level distracted about 20 of the Terraflame Scorpions. In addition to that, two of them were on holy fire-level and they managed to successfully defend against all the Terraflame Scorpions.

Lin Huang held the gold battle sword in his hand, activating Seraphic Speed and unleashed consecutive hits. The surrounding Terraflame Scorpions’ heads immediately exploded. As soon as he got rid of the scorpions that tangled around his body, Lin Huang lifted his head and looked at the others. The Terraflame Scorpions were attacking at an alarming speed and there was a large number of them. The people could only manage to avoid and defend themselves against them. However, they could not fight back.

Similarly, it seemed like the other two groups were at a standstill.

"If this continues, I have no idea how long it’ll take to clear all three groups of monsters. We'll be in trouble if another horde of monsters come over!" In just a short moment, Lin Huang decided to activate his Cloud Steps, sneaking into the monster horde.

Complementing his Seraphic Speed with Cloud Steps , Lin Huang made his way through the monster horde like a ghost. It was a quick, clean attack as he killed all the Terraflame Scorpions with just one hit. There were dead bodies of the monsters wherever he passed.

In mid-air, Zang Bing could soon notice that something was wrong with Lin Huang.

"A gold-level rank-3 genius… I've no idea who trained this guy. His sword skills are amazing and his body movement skill is pretty good too!" Zang Bing's eyes brightened. The examiners and staff had entered the ruins before Lin Huang and the rest of the trainees. Therefore, Zang Bing did not know Lin Huang's relationship with Mr. Fu.

There were elites from various organizations who had joined the training. However, there was a difference between elites and a genius. It was not a big problem for elites to fight enemies that were one or two levels higher. However, a genius was capable of engaging in a battle to fight enemies that were a few levels higher.

Even without the help of the summoning monsters, Lin Huang could kill a white flame-level monster on his own. He was a genuine genius with core competencies which every organization was looking for. Anyone with such core competencies was highly valued by most of the organizations. They would never release the genius if nothing serious happened. The organizations had only chosen some of the elites to participate in the joint training organized by the Union Government but none of the geniuses had joined the training.

Zang Bing was clearly aware of that. That was why he was surprised the moment he saw Lin Huang.

"He has joined our joint training. Could he be an undiscovered talent? I shall discuss with Si Kongjian and Sister Luo later. Let's see if we can persuade him to join the Demon Slayer Legion," Zang Bing stroked his chin and mumbled in a low voice, staring at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was like a loach among the Terraflame Scorpions, wriggling freely. Meanwhile, there were dead bodies collapsing all over every spot that he passed.

After a few minutes, the people then felt more relaxed as it was obvious that the number of monsters that attacked them had reduced.

Two of his teammates, who were on white flame-level, soon noticed that Lin Huang was making his way through the monster horde. A flicker of fear flashed through their eyes right at the moment that they witnessed the terrifying speed of his assault. Both of them seemed to be motivated by Lin Huang and their frequency of attack spiked as well.

In less than fifteen minutes, Lin Huang alone had killed up to 2,000 Terraflame Scorpions. The entire team then managed to clear all the rest of the Terraflame Scorpions. The number of monsters killed by Lin Huang was on par with the total number of monsters killed by 200 of them.

Many of them looked at Lin Huang with respect and envy.

"Now, divide yourself into two groups and back up the other two teams!" Nobody dared to doubt Lin Huang’s orders anymore. As soon as they divided themselves into two teams, they immediately headed towards Li Lang and Yi Yeyu's teams.

Lin Huang joined Li Lang's team. It was because Yi Yeyu had the ability to control fire element monsters. She managed to kill the Volcanic Spiders at a relatively fast speed and her team had killed almost half of the monsters. On Li Lang's side, it was rather dangerous since the number of monsters killed was not even a quarter of them.

Li Lang and the rest of them were relieved as soon as Lin Huang and the remaining 100 people joined them.

Again, Lin Huang sneaked into the monster horde and killed the monsters like what he did previously. There was not much difference between Redtail Rodents and Terraflame Scorpions to him. Thanks to his abilities, he managed to defeat all the monsters easily. Only one hit was needed to kill the Terraflame Scorpions. Similarly, he did not require a second hit to kill the Redtail Rodents and the frequency of his attack remained unchanged.

About five to six minutes had passed. Lin Huang alone had killed thousands of monsters. He resembled a slaughter machine that would not fatigue at all.

Seeing Lin Huang's performance, Li Lang teased, "This fellow is truly a monster!"

"His accuracy and mental focus are scary…" Zang Bing gave Lin Huang a deadly stare as he realized that Lin Huang's attack was extremely consistent. Be it encountering the Terraflame Scorpion or Redtail Rodent, he could definitely defeat them all. Zang Bing had met some of the geniuses before. Most of them were definitely unnerving when their power was unleashed. However, Zang Bing had never met a person like Lin Huang who was capable of maintaining such powerful kills consistently. He had a constant attack speed and it never once dipped.

He was stimulated by Lin Huang and was now even more determined to persuade Lin Huang to join the Demon Slayer Legion.

Thanks to Lin Huang, Li Lang and his team spent about fifteen minutes to complete the slaughter.

The battle between Yi Yeyu's team and the monsters were coming to an end as they defeated all the Volcanic Spiders two minutes later.

Seeing the carcasses scattered all over the ground, everyone was relieved.

Unexpectedly, the fight was a success. About 60 of them were injured but nobody had died.

Fortunately, they did not suffer from serious injuries. Soon, the medical staff was there to provide immediate medical treatment.

Many of them secretly sized up Lin Huang as they had witnessed how Lin Huang helped in the battle. Without Lin Huang, perhaps the fight would be a difficult one.

Among 12,000 of the monsters, Lin Huang had killed almost a third of the monsters on his own. The number of monsters killed by him surpassed that of those who were on white flame-level. Yi Yeyu was ranked second in killing the most monsters as she had killed thousands of them too. Many of the young men admired her.

"Everybody, please take a break so that your Life Power and strength can be quickly restored. That was just the first batch of the monster horde. The monster attack will intensify later." Lin Huang's voice was heard. He looked young but what he said was absolutely beyond dispute.

Almost everyone was sitting with their legs crossed and they were replenishing their Life Power and energy.

While Lin Huang was talking, Zang Bing could vaguely see that Lin Huang exhibited the characteristics of a Demon Slayer Legion leader. What he said was of doubtless, convincing, and comforting.

"Regardless of which organization he is from, I have to make sure that he joins us!!!"


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