Monster Paradise
342 Another Attack By The Monster Horde
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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342 Another Attack By The Monster Horde

Lin Huang and the rest of them gathered and sat with their legs crossed, patiently waiting for the results of the investigation from two of the examiners. Some of the teams were bored and started playing card games. Zang Bing did not bother though.

Of course, there were only a few of them that felt relaxed. Most of them were sitting in their original positions.

All of a sudden, Lin Huang's sleeve vibrated. He then connected to Bloody through his mind.

"Master, many of the monsters are about to trigger a monster attack. They seemed to have known that the humans are all gathered over here. A large batch of monsters is rushing over here."

Lin Huang's heart sank as soon as he heard this. He was not worried about the monster horde. He was worried about the effect that the monster horde would cause instead. If it was a massive monster horde, the examiners would not take the risk of allowing the training to continue. Even if Luo Li was unwilling to end the training, her final decision would put everyone's life at risk.

"Did many of the monsters join the attack?" Lin Huang asked secretly.

"Based on my observation, most of the monsters joined the attack, including all the holy fire-level monsters." Bloody's answer was not what Lin Huang desired to hear. The truth was heavy.

Lin Huang's heart had completely sunk as it seemed like ending the training was a foregone conclusion!

After a few moments, he recovered from his thoughts. "How's it going on Kylie's side? There's no conflict with other monsters, is there?"

"No. However, some of the monsters will pass by her place soon. I can't guarantee that nothing will happen then."

Lin Huang immediately contacted Kylie through his mind. "Kylie, can you hear me?"

Kylie remained silent for a moment and said, "Go ahead and speak!"

"There's a monster outbreak in the ruins. It's possible that a large number of monsters will pass by you soon. It's better for you to hide in the spiritual lava. I'll inform you once the monster horde is over."

"Alright," Kylie answered.

After Kylie's issue was settled, Lin Huang was slightly relieved. However, it was obvious that he had some thoughts flashing through his mind.

"Lin Huang, what happened? Are you worried about the monster horde?" Li Lang asked. He thought that Lin Huang had never experienced a monster horde before, hence he was so nervous. "There's nothing to worry about. If the situation of the monster horde gets too severe, the examiner will definitely stop the assessment and send us out."

Yi Yeyu noticed that Lin Huang was behaving abnormally as well. However, she did not think that it was because of the monster horde. Ten months ago, she had experienced a monster horde with Lin Huang before. Lin Huang had not even achieved iron-level then but he did not look as worried as he did now. "Lin Huang, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Don't worry." Realizing that they were both concerned, Lin Huang immediately calmed himself and shook his head with a smile. He did not tell them what he was worried about since they would not be able to help him even if he told them. It would put them in trouble instead.

Soon, another half an hour passed.

"It's coming! There are three massive monster hordes approaching us from three different directions!" Again, Bloody's conscious thoughts were transmitted to Lin Huang. "We'll probably encounter the monster hordes in less than ten minutes."

As soon as the message from Bloody was received, Zang Bing seemed to have sensed something as well and he leaped into the air. He looked around and his face immediately turned grave.

"Everyone, please get ready to fight!" A loud voice was heard coming from mid-air.

Many of them looked curiously at Zang Bing who was floating in mid-air.

"What’re you doing there? Are you waiting for the monsters to barrage this place?!" Zang Bing yelled angrily.

Everyone immediately got up. The teams who were playing cards panicked. They did not even put away their cards and immediately took out their weapons.

Even Yi Yeyu and Li Lang who had leveled up were nervous. Lin Huang was the only one who remained calm as he had already known that the monsters had arrived.

"The monster horde is coming from three different directions. Please get ready to fight!" Zang Bing instructed again. "Perhaps. the monsters are here for a trial attack. No Transcendent monsters will appear, so I'll not fight."

"Let me tell you about the third round of training. The third round of training is related to the number of monsters killed by each of you. The more monsters killed, the higher the points accumulated. Therefore, if you want to be the one with the highest score in the third round of training, enjoy the slaughter!" Zang Bing intentionally revealed the mechanics of the third round of training to motivate the people.

In fact, many of them were excited when they listened to what Zang Bing said. They wanted to get the pet monster egg that contained the phoenix.

"No Transcendent monster…" Lin Huang took a glance at the relic in his hand. He then stored it and took out a gold weapon ring from his storage space. The gold weapon ring was activated in the state of a battle sword.

"Lin Huang, what’re you doing?" Li Lang asked as he could not understand what he was trying to do. "Isn't it easier to kill monsters with a sword relic?"

"I can save my Life Power by doing so," Lin Huang explained with a smile.

"He has strong combat strength. A gold-level battle sword is enough for him to kill gold-level monsters. Relics that have to be activated by a gold-level user require Life Power that is a few times greater than the Life Power needed by a gold-level battle sword. Therefore, he is wise to make such a decision." Yi Yeyu understood the reason why Lin Huang did that.

"That's true. If you have any weapons with fewer stars, it will be best to use that. For hunting monsters below holy fire-level, a one-star weapon is adequate. It saves your Life Power," Lin Huang suggested with a smile.

"I don't have a 1-star weapon. The relic that ranks the lowest is a 4-star weapon." Yi Yeyu was not showing off but was just telling the truth.

"I don't have one too. I have weapons that are 3 and 4-stars," Li Lang said while shrugging his shoulders.

"That's fine. It's just a suggestion."

While the three of them were chatting, the crowd began to stir and one of the girls shouted as she pointed in a certain direction, "The monsters are coming!"

Many of them immediately looked towards the direction that she was pointing at. It was a group of Terraflame Scorpions. Apparently, their combat strength was on gold-level. There were at least 3,000 of them. The number of monsters far surpassed the number of people there.

"Please take note that the monster horde is not coming from only one direction!" Zang Bing's voice was heard again.

After finishing his sentence, the people then saw that there were monsters approaching from two other directions.

One of the monster hordes consisted of Volcanic Spiders while the other batch was made up of Redtail Rodents.

There were at least a total of 12,000 monsters from three batches of the monster hordes.

Many of them who had never experienced such a massive monster horde panicked as they were surrounded by a large group of monsters.

"Don't panic. Although the number of monsters is more than the number of people we have here, they are only gold-level monsters. It's not difficult to kill them. As long as we stay calm, there's no way for the monsters to attack us. Now, quickly divide yourself into three groups. Each group is responsible for killing one batch of the monsters and fight your enemies! Each team, please remember that your responsibility is to block the monsters as the other two groups will rely on you. Even if one monster is missed, it'll seriously affect the defense of the other two teams. A slight negligence may lead to a great disaster. The monsters may even break through the line of defense…"

Obviously, Lin Huang was the one who said that. As soon as the monster horde appeared, the people lost it. Many of them had no idea what they should do. He had no choice but to take the initiative by speaking up. He did not wish to see the first batch of monster attack causing any injuries since it was just a trial attack. If that happened, Zang Bing might immediately stop the training.

"Act quickly, stop dragging your feet. I need 300 people over here!" Yi Yeyu was the first one who stood out in the crowd. Many of them could sense that she was on holy fire-level from the vibe she exuded and immediately joined her team.

"Be quick, I need 300 people over here too!" Li Lang immediately raised his hand and shouted. Some people joined him as well.

The remaining 200 people had automatically formed a group and Lin Huang joined them. However, he was not the leader as he knew that his combat level could not convince the crowd to let him lead. He then appointed one of them who was on holy fire-level instead. "You're on holy fire-level, so you shall be the leader of the team. Since our team has the least members, we'll choose the Terraflame Scorpions as it is the smallest group of monsters."

"Alright!" The holy fire-level leader soon assumed his role, leading Lin Huang and the rest of them to kill the Terraflame Scorpions…


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