Monster Paradise
339 Attack by the Monster Horde
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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339 Attack by the Monster Horde

Since Lin Huang and Li Lang joined them for lunch, Poker Face did not say anything because he would not have been able to finish the thigh with Yi Yeyu anyway.

After lunch, the three of them started chatting. Poker Face did not join their conversation. He sat aside and took a nap.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang's journey to the ruins was complete since their ultimate goal was to obtain a tinder and level up to holy fire-level. They had now achieved their goals. After Tyrant's unlocking was completed, Lin Huang could then achieve his target as well. The rest were a bonus to him. Since three of them had completed the second round of training, they were relaxed.

Poker Face did not urge three of them to hunt for any more monsters as he had heard from Yi Yeyu that they had already completed their mission.

"Lin Huang, both of us have achieved our goal. What's your purpose of participating the training? Do you need our help?" Yi Yeyu asked.

"Basically, I've achieved what I wanted to as well. However, I'm interested in the reward which is the monster egg." Lin Huang said with a smile.

"The person who ranks first will get rewarded with the monster egg?" Li Lang frowned. However, when he thought carefully, it was indeed possible for Lin Huang to get the first place.

"What if both of us pass the carcasses that we killed to you? You can then redeem the points with those carcasses," Yi Yeyu suggested.

"Isn't that considered cheating?" Lin Huang asked curiously.

"No." Poker Face slowly opened his eyes. Obviously, he had been listening to their conversation with his eyes closed.

"The three of you have completed the second round of training and the third round of training has yet to start. Therefore, you are in between the second and the third round of training now. During this period of time, it’s break time for trainees. You're a free man now and you can assign any tasks to yourself. You can do whatever you like and you have the freedom to distribute the monsters killed as well. Be it the rules of the second or the third round of training, they don’t apply during the break," Poker Face explained in detail. As soon as he finished his sentence, he closed his eyes again and dozed as if nothing had happened.

After listening to what he had said, they came to a conclusion – the dead bodies of the monsters could be handled in whatever way they liked.

"Alright, I'll treat you guys to a meal if I can get the first place," Lin Huang promised as a way to express his gratitude.

"I've heard from my grandfather that the monster egg was dropped by a chief-level monster when his disciple killed it previously. It was a monster that went through a triple mutation. His disciple then gave it to him as a gift. I'm not sure what kind of monster it was exactly. If you're able to train it, it'll be really useful to you in future," Yi Yeyu said.

"It’s a monster that has gone through three mutations and possesses phoenix blood in its body. Why didn't your grandfather keep it for you?" Lin Huang asked curiously.

"It was originally intended for me but we found out later that my constitution is rather special. My grandfather said that the concentration of phoenix blood inside my body is rather low and the entire family is now helping me look for an actual phoenix." Yi Yeyu did not bother hiding anything from them.

"The head of armed forces is really generous!" Li Lang was envious of Yi Yeyu.

Even Poker Face's eyelids twitched as he heard that.

If the people over there did not know Yi Yeyu's family background and what they said had been heard by strangers, perhaps nobody would believe that it was true.

Lin Huang smiled. He was not envious of Yi Yeyu's family since there was nothing to envy. He was quite satisfied with his current condition. He had such a powerful Goldfinger like Xiao Hei. As long as his Goldfinger could be developed further, he could train a bunch of pure phoenixes as well as dragonkins and monsters with phoenix blood.

"I'm not an Imperial Censor. I can only engage one pet monster. Therefore, I have to choose it carefully," Yi Yeyu said with a serious expression. As soon as she finished her sentence, she raised her head and looked at Li Lang, then said, "You have leveled up to holy fire-level. It's time to consider having a pet monster."

"I should really get one. I'll ask around and see if there's any pet monster that suits me after we leave." Li Lang nodded with a smile.

There was actually no restriction on the combat strength in order to engage a pet monster, provided that one's Life Power was capable of doing so. It was because one would have to insert a great amount of Life Power in order to hatch a monster egg. Therefore, it would be impossible for an ordinary person to hatch one. However, anyone from iron to gold-level could do it.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang considered having a pet monster only after they had leveled up to holy fire-level as they spent most of their time practicing before they achieved holy fire-level. They did not have sufficient time and energy to take care of the pet monster. Upon achieving holy fire-level, the increase in combat strength would start to slow down. They would then have extra time and energy, hence they would be free to take care of a pet monster. In fact, most of them who were confident to upgrade to holy fire-level would make such a decision. Those who had a pet monster before they could achieve holy fire-level were those that were incapable of upgrading to holy fire-level.

The biggest difference between a pet monster and a summoning monster was that the latter could be an adult. However, a pet monster had to be trained during its infancy stage. Therefore, to train a pet monster was far more troublesome than a summoning monster. This was also the reason why many people were envious of the Imperial Censor.

While three of them were chatting happily, Poker Face, who was taking a nap, suddenly stood up.

"Three of you, quickly get ready! There are monsters approaching us!" Poker Face shouted at three of them.

They immediately stood up as well and took out their weapons.

"What monster is that?" Yi Yeyu asked.

"It is a monster horde formed by a group of gold-level monsters. There are more than 300 of them," Poker Face answered.

"Are they coming after us? Or are they just passing through?" Lin Huang then asked.

"They look excited and it doesn’t seem like they are just passing through."

"Could the barbecue’s aroma have attracted them?" Li Lang stared at the charcoal fire that had not been completely extinguished.

"That's possible." Lin Huang nodded. However, he could vaguely feel that things were not that simple.

Soon, four of them were surrounded by the monster horde. Lin Huang could finally see their enemy. They were Black Spiritual Serpents.

Black Spiritual Serpents lived in the spiritual volcano. They looked like snakes. In fact, the Black Spiritual Serpent was a black spiritual object that had an elongated body. It was a spirit type monster that existed only in its shadow form. They liked to live in places where spiritual power gathered as they relied on the spiritual power of various elements to survive.

Seeing this type of monster, Lin Huang and the rest of them immediately turned down the possibility that the monsters were coming after the grilled meat. The monsters could not taste and smell at all. Spiritual power was their only food. They were not interested in human food at all.

Despite the large number of Black Spiritual Serpents that came after them, they were too weak compared to the three of them. In less than two minutes, more than 300 Black Spiritual Serpent were destroyed.

Just when Lin Huang and Li Lang were busy collecting the carcasses, Poker Face shouted at the three of them again, "The monster horde is attacking us again!"

The second batch of monsters was a group of Terraflame Scorpions. They were gold-level monsters as well. There were more than the previous batch of monsters - more than 1,000 of them.

The monsters were rapidly slaughtered by them as well.

"This is unusual…" After killing the second batch of monsters, Lin Huang frowned.

Right at that moment, Poker Face's Transmission Snail vibrated abruptly…


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