Monster Paradise
338 Li Lang Leveled Up
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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338 Li Lang Leveled Up

The changes that occurred in its long spear were out of Lin Huang's expectations

He was quite confident in his defenses as he knew how terrifying Worldly Purification was. The Dark Shield was capable of defending against an attack that was ten times stronger than the Worldly Purification . Therefore, he was not worried that it would collapse.

Even if it was being attacked by a unique skill, it would not collapse in such a short while.

Lin Huang grinned. On his back, four of the bloody wings transformed into sharp blades. They then bypassed the Dark Shield and plunged towards the Hellish Spearfiend.

It seemed like the Hellish Spearfiend expected that Lin Huang's attack would not be able to break its defense. It ignored his attack, inserting its Life Power at full force as it wanted to penetrate through Lin Huang's black defensive layer.

Four of the bloody blades dashed against its body several times and the sound of colliding metal could be heard. On the layer of silver armor, not even a scratch was detected.

"Are you trying to tickle me?" The Hellish Spearfiend teased.

It could not see that behind the Dark Shield , Lin Huang was grinning.

The bloody sharp blades that were made of  Vampire Particles had instantly transformed into ropes. The ropes had twisted around its arms and legs when it let its guard down.

The Hellish Spearfiend was terrified. As it was about to get rid of the ropes, a few flaming chains suddenly extended from the dark.

However, as soon as it managed to break away from two of the bloody ropes, its ankles were locked in the Punishment Chains . Its Life Power was completely sealed and soon, the Hellish Spearfiend was locked in nine Punishment Chains .

Li Lang, who was standing not far away from them, appeared, turning the long spear in his hand into a spiritual snake. It then penetrated through the Hellish Spearfiend's eyes.

The red glow in one of the Hellish Spearfiend's eyes dimmed…

Sensing the Hellish Spearfiend's aura fading, Lin Huang then removed the Dark Shield and recalled the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. He retreated, leaving Li Lang with the Hellish Spearfiend to complete the extraction of its tinder.

Li Lang pressed against the Hellish Spearfiend's head, inserting his Life Power into it. Soon, the tinder inside its body reacted. Obviously, he was highly compatible with the tinder in the Hellish Spearfiend's body.

Watching Li Lang's aura start to change, Lin Huang was relieved as he knew that Li Lang had successfully obtained its tinder.

Lin Huang then shifted his gaze to the Hellish Spearfiend. Despite looking relaxed during the battle, it was not easy for him. Encountering such a formidable enemy like the Hellish Spearfiend, he could only manage to defeat his enemy with his best efforts.

"There's nothing wrong with my speed and sword skill but my strength is much weaker than the monster. Even if I possess supernatural powers or any passive skills that overlay my strength, it’s still only comparable to white flame-level humans. If I clashed with a crimson flame-level monster from the front, there'll only be one outcome, which is an immediate collapse.

"Also, there's a gap between our Life Powers. Its Life Power is obviously stronger and more concentrated than mine. The primary reason that I can't break its defense is that it has added its Life Power to the surface of its silver armor. It significantly reduced the effect of the addition of my Life Power.

"Besides, the sword that I'm using is not a high-quality relic as it's only a 3-star relic. If it can be upgraded to four or five stars, most probably there'll be an increase in my attack strength…"

Lin Huang analyzed the results in his heart. He had discovered many of his weaknesses from the battle and he was thinking of ways to improve so that he could do better.

"Before upgrading to holy fire-level, there is still room for improvement in my strength through practice. I've not gone through any special strength training session so far. As for my Life Power, there'll be a substantial increase in it after I've leveled up to complete gold-level. Despite being incomparable to that of a holy fire-level’s, there'll be a slight improvement in my attack and defensive strength. In regard to the sword relic, I'll look for some other swords after getting out of this place. It'll be best to get a 5-star relic, so I can directly use it until I reach holy fire-level…"

At the side of the lava lake, Li Lang took more than three hours to complete the ignition of the tinder and the initial process of his body transformation.

The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to express his gratitude to Lin Huang, "Thank you. Without your help, it would be almost impossible to obtain the tinder."

"You're welcome. That's what a friend should do." Lin Huang nodded with a smile and looked at the dead body on the ground. "The carcass is mine."

"Of course!" Li Lang immediately confirmed. It was useless for him to take the carcass. At most, he could only earn some credit points. Furthermore, Lin Huang should be the one who earned the carcass as Lin Huang had left the last hit to him instead of killing it right away.

After storing the carcass, Lin Huang then summoned the Black Ink that was blue in color. Both of them then strode over to the door.

They returned to the place where they had said goodbye to Yi Yeyu in the morning. She had remained in her original position.

The poker-faced staff was busy barbecuing a thigh of an unknown monster that was more than two meters in length. After it was grilled, the thigh turned golden brown with a shiny surface, giving off a fragrant scent.

Yi Yeyu was fixated staring at the thigh. Lin Huang and Li Lang turned their gazes on the thigh as well as soon as they saw it.

"Both of you are back! What took you so long?" Yi Yeyu grumbled. She knew that Li Lang had leveled up and was now on the same level as her which was white flame-level. However, she did not feel surprised at all.

"Eh, I need some time to ignite the tinder." Li Lang beamed. Right after he had leveled up to white flame-level, his mood improved.

"Did you guys really kill the Hellish Spearfiend?" It seemed like Poker Face could not believe that. He felt that both of them must have hunted down other monsters for Li Lang to obtain the tinder.

"Of course." Li Lang nodded confidently.

Poker Face glanced at Li Lang. Still, he felt that he was lying. However, he did not say it out loud and continued grilling meat.

"Hurry, show me how the Hellish Spearfiend looks like!" Yi Yeyu came over and asked Lin Huang.

Lin Huang then took out the carcass helplessly.

Poker Face then took a look at the dead body and found out that it was really the Hellish Spearfiend that they had killed. As he looked at it carefully, he looked even more surprised. "Is this a crimson flame-level Hellish Spearfiend?!"

"How is it possible? How did you know that it's a crimson flame-level monster?" Yi Yeyu asked curiously.

"Look at its arms. The crystals on both of its arms are red in color," Poker Face explained, "The color of the crystal on its arms would differ if it possessed different combat strength."

The three of them then noticed that a thumb-sized red crystal on both of the Hellish Spearfiend's arms which were garbed in silver armor. It seemed like there were two rubies inlaid on its arms.

"You are now capable of killing a crimson-flame level double mutated monster?!" After confirming the monster's combat strength, Yi Yeyu was bewildered and she stared at Lin Huang. She felt that Lin Huang was getting unpredictable.

"I was just lucky." Lin Huang grinned, seeing that Poker Face was looking at him with a strange expression. He then changed the topic, "It seems like we came back at the right time. We have meat for lunch!"


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