Monster Paradise
337 Lin Huang Versus The Hellish Spearfiend II
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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337 Lin Huang Versus The Hellish Spearfiend II

It was said that the Hellish Spearfiend was discovered at Safety Zone No. 2, namely, the Dark Prison. It was located somewhere around the B-grade foothold. Therefore, it was named the Hellish Spearfiend.

Lin Huang was not familiar with this type of monster. There were more than 200,000 types of monsters recorded in the monster guide. He had looked through only the monster types that he was interested in. He could actually recognize less than 30,000 types of monsters and he managed to remember the detailed information of about 10,000 types of monsters.

Before last night, Lin Huang had no idea how the Hellish Spearfiend looked like at all. He then referred to the monster guide that he had downloaded previously before he slept.

The Hellish Spearfiend was a human demon with high damage capabilities. Not only did it possess powerful close-range combat abilities, it could do well in ranged attacks as well. Its only weakness was that its strength was lower than the Molten Dragon and the Fire Phoenix. In a nutshell, it was a monster with great overall strength. It was definitely one of the strongest monsters among monsters of the same level.

It was difficult to kill this type of monster from the front. Lin Huang mainly relied on the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit's Punishment Chains. Once the monster was locked in the Punishment Chains, the battle would basically end.

Sitting on the Alexandrian Eagle's back, Lin Huang quickly located the coordinates specified by Bloody and he found the Hellish Spearfiend.

It was a human-like monster that had a height of about 2.5 meters. Its body was covered by a thick, silver armor, including its head. There were two large horns on top of the silver armor and only its eyes could be seen. However, from afar, it looked so dark as if there was nothing inside the armor.

Its long spear was special as it did not look like the human weapons that Lin Huang had seen before. It was at least 3 meters long and was all black in color. The unique part of the long spear was that it looked like a large umbrella that was closed. Other than its handle, it was shaped like a cone. These two parts occupied a third of the entire length of the long spear. Further up the long shaft, it was a cone-shaped object with screws. It looked like screws that had been magnified about 100 times. However, it was apparent that they were much sharper than regular screws.

While Lin Huang was sizing up the monster in the air, it seemed like the Hellish Spearfiend could sense him as well. It suddenly lifted his head and looked towards his direction. Its dark eyes instantly lit up and turned red.

He expected to be discovered. Mid-air, he exchanged glances with the Hellish Spearfiend.

All of a sudden, the Hellish Spearfiend propelled forward towards Lin Huang.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Lin Huang immediately told the Alexandrian Eagle to fly ahead, so that he could attract the monster to the targeted position.

Soon, the Hellish Spearfiend got closer to him. Fortunately, the lava lake was not too far away from him. In less than half a minute, the Alexandrian Eagle arrived at its destination and rapidly descended.

Seeing that the Alexandrian Eagle had returned and the Hellish Spearfiend in silver armor following after them, Li Lang was alarmed. However, he still stood in his original position.

The Alexandrian Eagle landed at a position that was less than 10 meters away from him and soon, Lin Huang immediately recalled it.

The Hellish Spearfiend descended as well. He glanced at Li Lang and attacked Lin Huang without hesitation. Obviously, Lin Huang was rather intimidating to it.

It initially landed at a position that was less than 20 meters away from Lin Huang. As it came one step forward, the long spear in its hand had already approached Lin Huang. It would penetrate through Lin Huang's chest within just a distance of one to two meters.

Lin Huang did not panic at all and extended his left palm. A Dark Shield was immediately formed, blocking the spear from moving any further. Vampire Particles immediately formed on his back, transforming into a bloody long blade. It then streaked in an arc across the sky and cut through the opponent as it bypassed the Dark Shield.

The Hellish Spearfiend was shocked when it saw that its attack was blocked. As it was getting ready to increase the strength of its attack, a bloody glow struck it and it immediately retreated.

To the Hellish Spearfiend, the aura of the human who was standing in front of him was not powerful. However, his body gave off a strange smell as if it was the remnant scent after killing a strong monster. It was associated with a multitude of other scents and the Hellish Spearfiend had no way to distinguish what monster he had actually killed. However, this put the Hellish Spearfiend on high alert.

Therefore, the Hellish Spearfiend decided to dodge his attack instead of fighting back at the very first moment when Lin Huang struck.

As the Dark Shield disappeared, the Hellish Spearfiend could then see that Lin Huang was in an unusual state. His eyes had turned blood red and a sharp blade that was created by a peculiar energy was extended from his back. He no longer looked like a human.

The Hellish Spearfiend was standing more than 20 meters away from him and it started to size up Lin Huang as it could not confirm if its opponent was still a human.

Lin Huang immediately grinned as he saw its reaction. On his back, three bloody wings rapidly formed.

Despite his Vampire Particles being able to transform into any form, he had chosen to transform them into wings. It was mainly because he was most familiar with this mode.

As soon as four of his wings were fully developed, Lin Huang summoned his sword relic.

His Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps were activated simultaneously. As he stomped on the ground hard, he pounced on his opponent.

Although close-range combat was not the monster’s weakness, Lin Huang did not have many skills in ranged attack. Therefore, he had chosen close-range combat since he was confident in that.

The Hellish Spearfiend's abilities were on par with the Molten Dragon's abilities. The only difference was the high temperature of the Molten Dragon's sword that restricted Lin Huang's close-range combat abilities to some extent while the Hellish Spearfiend did not possess such an ability. This was the reason why Lin Huang had the courage to go for close-range combat.

As Lin Huang stepped forward, he rapidly appeared at a position in front of the Hellish Spearfiend which was less than two meters away from it. Li Lang, who was watching this, felt like the distance between them had been shortened drastically. As a matter of fact, it was actually an illusion since Lin Huang's speed exceeded what his vision could capture.

As soon as he stepped into the attack range, Lin Huang's Thunder Sting was unleashed without a moment of hesitation, creating layers of sword shadows in the air.

His Seraphic Speed was complemented with the fastest sword skill he possessed.

Lin Huang made 58 consecutive attacks in a single second. Encountering such a strong opponent, he had managed to break through his personal best as he could only strike 46 consecutive attacks during practice sessions.

It was lightning fast!

The Hellish Spearfiend's first impression of Lin Huang was that he did not intimidate it regardless of his body movement skill, sword skill, or even his explosive speed. After all, it had achieved crimson flame-level.

However, this did not stop it from fighting back as its speed was on par with Lin Huang's.

The spear in its hand immediately deflected the attack. The long shaft resembled a large shield, blocking more than ten of Lin Huang's attacks.

He was not weak at all!

That was the second thought that flashed through the Hellish Spearfiend's mind.

The strength of each strike launched by Lin Huang was on par with the attack strength of a white flame-level hunter. More than ten strikes rained on it and it seemed like they were all formed into one powerful strike. The Hellish Spearfiend nearly failed to avoid the attacks. Perhaps, the large spear in its hand might slip had Lin Huang made another one or two more strikes, which was the reason why he immediately retreated the next moment.

"In fact, it’s not strong. The consecutive attacks made just now are about to break its defense. Otherwise, it would not have attempted to pull further apart." Seeing his opponent's reaction, Lin Huang grinned again as he knew that the opponent's defense had reached its limit.

He was even more confident now although he was previously worried if he could break the opponent's defense without using Worldly Purification. However, the answer was apparent now.

"Come at me again!" Lin Huang yelled. He then leaped and plunged towards the Hellish Spearfiend once more.


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