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Monster Paradise

Author:Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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Updates:Chapter 792: Three Demigod Relics

800 years ago, 3000 dimensional gates opened across the entire world. In that moment, it was as if 3000 different colored eyes opened across the world as a hordes of monsters swarmed out of these gates like tears. Some could destroy city walls with one strike; They had bodies the size of a giant and fed on humans Some latched onto humans, absorbing their bodies’ nutrients and enslaving humans Some infiltrated the humans’ cities, disguising themselves as normal human beings while feeding upon human blood to sustain themselves. In a night, the Human race fell to the bottom of the food chain. The world had turned into a paradise for monsters… 怪物乐园
《Monster Paradise》 Text
Chapter 1: What’s the Use of Looking Good!
Chapter 2: Vampire
Chapter 3: Goldfinger Has Been Activated
Chapter 4: It All Depends on The Look
Chapter 5: Gold-Rank Equipment
Chapter 6: New Card
Chapter 7: You Are Still So Weak!
Chapter 8: Stable Residence
Chapter 9: Luxurious Life
Chapter 10: Skill Card Pieces
Chapter 11: The Great Sword Scripture Part 1
Chapter 12: Boss Yu and Gu Yi
Chapter 13: I Have Not Registered Yet…
Chapter 14: The Beginning of the Assessment
Chapter 15: Sand Monster
Chapter 16: Changes In The Life Wheel
Chapter 17: Multiple Kills
Chapter 18: Kill Them All!
Chapter 19: Repeat Important Matters Three Times
Chapter 20: Encountering Obstructions
Chapter 21: Lin Huang Flipping Out
Chapter 22: A Kill To Warn
Chapter 23: Meeting Fatty Again
Chapter 24: I Want To Be A Food Hunter
Chapter 25: Danger Was Close
Chapter 26: The Terrifying Crows
Chapter 27: Escape From Danger
Chapter 28: Chemistry
Chapter 29: Monster from the Sandy Bottom
Chapter 30: The Undead Worm
Chapter 31: White Little Monster
Chapter 32: Snow Giant
Chapter 33: Protoss
Chapter 34: Xue Luo
Chapter 35: Blocked by a Flock of Geese
Chapter 36: Atop The Snowy Mountains
Chapter 37: First To Complete The Assessment
Chapter 38: Weird Old Zhang
Chapter 39: What’s Being Kind to Women?
Chapter 40: Meeting Bai Yan Again
Chapter 41: You Did Such A Great Job!
Chapter 42: The Transcendent Is Dead?!
Chapter 43: A Reason To Stay
Chapter 44: Cleaning Up
Chapter 45: Monster Outbreak!
Chapter 46: The Fourth Line of Defense
Chapter 47: Bloody Scarred Hyena
Chapter 48: New Skill
Chapter 49: A Piece of Bad News
Chapter 50: Monsters Coming at Full Force
Chapter 51: The Poor Sand Spiders
Chapter 52: The Last Three Hours…
Chapter 53: Small Destruction Card
Chapter 54: Black Python
Chapter 55: Xue Luo Appeared Again
Chapter 56: Bye, Xue Luo
Chapter 57: Return
Chapter 58: Choosing The Life Seed
Chapter 59: Everything Has Changed
Chapter 60: The Fatty Called
Chapter 61: It’s An Open Minded World
Chapter 62: Spaceship Attack
Chapter 63: Blast Sparrow : The Brain Eating Maniac
Chapter 64: Arriving At The Destination
Chapter 65: An Adventurer's Paradise
Chapter 66: Mission Card Has Been Activated
Chapter 67: A Man Should Have the Audacity to Be a Third Wheel
Chapter 68: Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon
Chapter 69: Dragonkin
Chapter 70: Arriving at the Destination
Chapter 71: Six Armed Demon In A Purple Dress
Chapter 72: Transforming Into A Vampire
Chapter 73: Leveling Up To Iron-Level
Chapter 74: Glorious Return
Chapter 75: Leng Yuexin is Missing!
Chapter 76: Running Away After A Tease
Chapter 77: Tracking Footsteps
Chapter 78: Encountering A Transcendent Monster Again!
Chapter 79: Li Yanxing’s True Colors
Chapter 80: Killing Li Yanxing
Chapter 81: Leaving Wangyou Forest
Chapter 82: Uncle’s Relationship Advice
Chapter 83: Can’t Afford A Thing…
Chapter 84: Over A Hundred Million In Savings
Chapter 85: Gun Master
Chapter 86: Keep One's Word
Chapter 87: Life Skill Choices
Chapter 88: A Great Reward
Chapter 89: Gun Master Assessment
Chapter 90: Encountering A Pro
Chapter 91: A Fateful Battle - Two Fish In A Moat
Chapter 92: Best Player Award
Chapter 93: Special Life Columns
Chapter 94: Attribute of Lin Huang's Life Power
Chapter 95: A Life Skill Card
Chapter 96: Lin Xin's Cooking Skill
Chapter 97: Leng Yuexin Leveled Up - Transcendent
Chapter 98: Lin Xin Had Insomnia
Chapter 99: Lin Xin Is Missing!
Chapter 100: Strange Missing Person Incident
Chapter 101: The Rubbish Bin that Disappeared
Chapter 102: Who is the Culprit?!
Chapter 103: Rescuing Lin Xin
Chapter 104: Killing Wei Shan
Chapter 105: Arriving at Xiagong City
Chapter 106: The Attack at Xia Street
Chapter 107: The True Identity
Chapter 108: Unknown Item
Chapter 109: The Ruins of the Ancients
Chapter 110: The Truth about the Murder
Chapter 111: Arriving In Xiaoxia City
Chapter 112: Xiao Hei’s Discovery
Chapter 113: Attack By The Parasites
Chapter 114: The Terrifying Parasite Species
Chapter 115: The Parasite Species Has Gone Insane
Chapter 116: Charcoal VS The Parasite
Chapter 117: Demonic Dandelion Vine
Chapter 118: Reward
Chapter 119: 10 Card Draw
Chapter 120: Order Take-Out for Me
Chapter 121: Life Species Monster
Chapter 122: Reunion With Fatty
Chapter 123: Lin Huang’s Ambition
Chapter 124: Attack
Chapter 125: Fog Canyon
Chapter 126: Purple Crow
Chapter 127: Encountering Purple Crow
Chapter 128: Hong Zhuang
Chapter 129: Xiao Mo
Chapter 130: Public Execution
Chapter 131: Unspoken Rules Of The Training Camp
Chapter 132: I Want To Challenge You!
Chapter 133: Almighty Imperial Censor
Chapter 134: Modified Gun
Chapter 135: Wildfire Sword
Chapter 136: Fang Wen's Information
Chapter 137: Obtaining Cross-Ranking Rewards Again!
Chapter 138: Chain Mission
Chapter 139: Deception Card - Activated!
Chapter 140: Faking Death
Chapter 141: Handling The Corpse
Chapter 142: Accidental Encounter
Chapter 143: Daxi City
Chapter 144: Virtual Eye
Chapter 145: The Transcendent Monster Arrives
Chapter 146: Ghastly Clown
Chapter 147: The Scary Clown
Chapter 148: Zhu Nian Has Gone Insane
Chapter 149: Defeated by Just One Skill
Chapter 150: The New Monster Card
Chapter 151: Three Levels Of The Transcendents
Chapter 152: The Little "Beggar"
Chapter 153: 327
Chapter 154: Sword Genius?!
Chapter 155: Back Home
Chapter 156: Yang Ling's Reminder
Chapter 157: New Emperor’s Heart Ring
Chapter 158: Did the Head Examiner Slip His Tongue?
Chapter 159: Tip: Weed
Chapter 160: Weed Technology?
Chapter 161: A Complimentary Piece of Information
Chapter 162: Ponytail
Chapter 163: Trouble is Here
Chapter 164: Lin Huang The Actor
Chapter 165: The Truth About The Second Assessment
Chapter 166: Mr. Fu
Chapter 167: Food Hunter
Chapter 168: The Third Assessment Has Started
Chapter 169: Monster Shed No.66
Chapter 170: Can't Keep A Low Profile Any Longer
Chapter 171: Right In The Assh*le
Chapter 172: I’m Not Interested In A Flat-Chested Girl
Chapter 173: One-Eyed Swordfiend
Chapter 174: Fourth Assessment
Chapter 175: Not A Peaceful Night
Chapter 176: Encountering The Heretics
Chapter 177: Reporting To The Management
Chapter 178: You've Got Beautiful Eyes
Chapter 179: Mu Lan vs Xia Yu
Chapter 180: Please Give Me Some Respect
Chapter 181: The Assessment Ends
Chapter 182: Going Through Another Review
Chapter 183: Peculiar Mentality
Chapter 184: Hunter Arena
Chapter 185: Killed in One Hit!
Chapter 186: Level-up to Gold Hunter
Chapter 187: He’s Even More Dangerous Than Who He Was 10 Days Ago
Chapter 188: The Keeper Of The 50th Battle
Chapter 189: The Appearance Of Sword Genius
Chapter 190: Two Packages
Chapter 191: Danger Is Coming
Chapter 192: Reason For The Purple Crow's Presence
Chapter 193: Leaving Wulin Town
Chapter 194: Arriving In Snow City
Chapter 195: Buying A House
Chapter 196: New Year’s Eve
Chapter 197: Yu Moli
Chapter 198: The Second Keeper
Chapter 199: Feng Wu
Chapter 200: Sword Genius Versus Feng Wu
Chapter 201: The Consequences Would Be Dire If You Offend Me!
Chapter 202: Explosive Female Demon
Chapter 203: Sword Genius vs Explosive Female Demon
Chapter 204: 70-Win Streak
Chapter 205: 79-Win Streak
Chapter 206: Arrival of the Ultimate Keeper
Chapter 207: I Can't Accept A Draw!
Chapter 208: Wildfire Sword - Worldly Purification
Chapter 209: Can He Grow Swords From His Body?
Chapter 210: The Most Powerful Spear Versus The Toughest Shield
Chapter 211: 80-Win Streak!
Chapter 212: Level-2 Sword Power Realm
Chapter 213: Unbelievable Fate Changer
Chapter 214: All The Best to You
Chapter 215: Besides Her Face and Body, Which Part of Her Looks Like A Lady?
Chapter 216: Ebonella
Chapter 217: Lin Huang Versus Yu Moli
Chapter 218: Destruction Pursues The Great
Chapter 219: Flame King
Chapter 220: 90-Win Streak!
Chapter 221: A Man’s Secret
Chapter 222: Gun Fighting Technique
Chapter 223: Gold-Level Life Seed Monster
Chapter 224: Starlight Beast
Chapter 225: Thunder Steps
Chapter 226: School Transfer
Chapter 227: Brain Eater
Chapter 228: Mr. Fu's Visit
Chapter 229: Luoxi City
Chapter 230: Investigation
Chapter 231: Forensic Lady
Chapter 232: My Prince Charming Is The Hottest!
Chapter 233: Awkward Encounter
Chapter 234: Chilly Night
Chapter 235: Asexual Reproduction
Chapter 236: The Cautious Brain Eater
Chapter 237: A Fingerprint
Chapter 238: Wild Beauty
Chapter 239: The Disappearance of Zheng Yihan
Chapter 240: The Professional Got C*ckblocked!
Chapter 241: Fight!
Chapter 242: Killing The Brain Eater
Chapter 243: Extracting A New Skill
Chapter 244: Truth or Lie?
Chapter 245: Bloody Is Now A Genius
Chapter 246: The Saints
Chapter 247: Meteorite Desert
Chapter 248: Free Man
Chapter 249: A Small Incident In The Desert
Chapter 250: Arrival Of The Saints
Chapter 251: We Have to Fight
Chapter 252: GoldEagle11’s Third Form
Chapter 253: Killing Saint's Members
Chapter 254: Passing On A Legacy
Chapter 255: Suspicious Identity
Chapter 256: Bloody’s Discovery
Chapter 257: The Starlight Beast’s Lair
Chapter 258: A Powerful Silver-Armored Monster
Chapter 259: Silver-Armored Monster VS The Ghastly Clown
Chapter 260: The Terrifying Double Mutated Monster
Chapter 261: Lin Huang Leveled-Up To Gold-level
Chapter 262: The Ultimate Mutation
Chapter 263: The Supreme Overlord
Chapter 264: Terrifying Ultimate Mutated Monster
Chapter 265: Killing The Supreme Overlord
Chapter 266: The Divine Rock
Chapter 267: The Three Elite Divisions
Chapter 268: Sent Home
Chapter 269: Lin Xuan Running Away From Home
Chapter 270: Yi Donglai
Chapter 271: Training Rewards
Chapter 272: An Old Friend
Chapter 273: The Beginning - Training
Chapter 274: All Squinty Eyed People Are Monsters
Chapter 275: The High Heel Incident
Chapter 276: The Evil Squinty Eyed Guy
Chapter 277: Undying Bloodoak
Chapter 278: The Elimination Rate Is Too Low
Chapter 279: Lin Huang's Steady Steps
Chapter 280: The Lava River
Chapter 281: The First Round Of Training Is Over
Chapter 282: Second Round of Training Has Started!
Chapter 283: Lin Huang: The Tour Guide
Chapter 284: Drop a Bomb When There's Disagreement
Chapter 285: Forsaken Skeleton
Chapter 286: Sanguine Skeletal Spirit
Chapter 287: Lin Huang Versus The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit
Chapter 288: Terrifying Defensive Ability
Chapter 289: Forbidden Skill Revival
Chapter 290: The Ruthless Sword Master’s Ultimate Move
Chapter 291: Killing The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit
Chapter 292: Credits To Mr. Fu
Chapter 293: The Fiendish Terraflame Lizard
Chapter 293: The Fiendish Terraflame Lizard
Chapter 295: I Hate Spiders!
Chapter 296: Unsealing The Nephilic Judge
Chapter 297: Bloody’s New Skill
Chapter 298: Greatsword Fiend
Chapter 299: The Fire Phoenix Has Been Discovered!
Chapter 300: Killing The Blazecrystal Scorpion
Chapter 301: The Relationship Between Monsters
Chapter 302: Lin Huang’s Plan to Kill
Chapter 303: Lin Huang Asking for Trouble
Chapter 304: Lin Huang Versus The Fire Phoenix
Chapter 305: Overdone...
Chapter 306: Bloody Robe’s Ambition
Chapter 307: Purplish-Gold Lightning
Chapter 308: Fire vs Lightning
Chapter 309: Completing A Capture!
Chapter 310: Hunting For The Tinder
Chapter 311: The Fire Phoenix's Carcass
Chapter 312: Submission Of The Mission
Chapter 313: Unsealing Bai
Chapter 314: The Vampire Monarch
Chapter 315: White Flame-Level Monsters Aren’t Scary
Chapter 316: Good News From Bloody
Chapter 317: Fiery Swordfiend
Chapter 318: Narrow-minded
Chapter 319: Broken Arm
Chapter 320: Killing Plan
Chapter 321: The Molten Dragon
Chapter 322: Sister Luo Li
Chapter 323: The Luo Sha 16 Years Ago
Chapter 324: 8000 Sword Rain
Chapter 325: Molten Crystal
Chapter 326: Suspended Training?
Chapter 327: You'll Be An Auntie To Kids The Moment You Turn 20
Chapter 328: Gamblers and Shortcuts
Chapter 329: No Comment
Chapter 330: Nuclear Bombs Again
Chapter 331: Heist
Chapter 332: Killing the Dragon!
Chapter 332: Killing the Dragon!
Chapter 334: Demon Slayer Token
Chapter 335: One-trick Pony
Chapter 336: Lin Huang Versus The Hellish Spearfiend (I)
Chapter 337: Lin Huang Versus The Hellish Spearfiend (II)
Chapter 338: Li Lang Leveled Up
Chapter 339: Attack by the Monster Horde
Chapter 340: Incident Investigation
Chapter 341: The Golden Toad
Chapter 342: Another Attack By The Monster Horde
Chapter 343: Lin Huang Shows His True Power for the First Time
Chapter 344: Reactivating the Ruins?
Chapter 345: Big Wave From The Monster Horde
Chapter 346: Arrival of Will
Chapter 347: A Setup
Chapter 348: The Revenge of the Golden Toad
Chapter 349: An Ugly Rejection
Chapter 350: The Use of Assessment Points
Chapter 351: The 20 Card Draw
Chapter 352: Unsealing Tyrant
Chapter 353: The Training Has Ended
Chapter 354: The Truth, Revealed
Chapter 355: The Dracaena
Chapter 356: Fundraising
Chapter 357: Unlocking The Emperor’s Heart Ring
Chapter 358: Mystery
Chapter 359: Leng Yuexin Levels Up To Crimson Flame-level
Chapter 360: Grace
Chapter 361: Martial Hunter College
Chapter 362: The Monster Egg Has Hatched
Chapter 363: Crispy Texture
Chapter 364: The Rules of the Mystery Auction
Chapter 365: Kill All! Rob All!
Chapter 366: A Boyfriend?
Chapter 367: The Beginning - Auction
Chapter 368: The Demigod's Brain
Chapter 369: Bidding For The Dracaena
Chapter 370: What's Wrong With My Cooking?
Chapter 371: Fiends
Chapter 372: Do You Want It? Snatch It!
Chapter 373: The Fiends Have Not Died
Chapter 374: Abnormally Modified Creatures
Chapter 375: Provisional Summoning Card
Chapter 376: You Fooled Me Again!
Chapter 377: Wrong Judgement
Chapter 378: Imprisonment Chain
Chapter 379: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend
Chapter 380: Trying To Advance Without First Looking Behind
Chapter 381: Imperial-Level Helping Out!
Chapter 382: Without the Demigod, the Imperials Would Be Throned!
Chapter 383: An Unexpected Acquaintance
Chapter 384: Qi Muxiong’s Secret
Chapter 385: Can I Have Some of Your Baby’s Blood?
Chapter 386: Are You Interested In Being A Teacher?
Chapter 387: The Supreme Relic
Chapter 388: Life Level
Chapter 389: Outlining The Sword Dao
Chapter 390: Librarian 07003
Chapter 391: Fatty
Chapter 392: A Disciplined Life
Chapter 393: Fatty Is Here
Chapter 394: Lovers Rock
Chapter 395: There’s No Such Person
Chapter 396: Attacked In The Middle of The Night
Chapter 397: Puzzling
Chapter 398: Pig
Chapter 399: I’ll Wait For You In The Eastern Suburbs
Chapter 400: The Identity Of The Black-Robed Person
Chapter 401: Witch
Chapter 402: Zhang Mengmeng’s Identity
Chapter 403: Let’s Break Up!
Chapter 404: In My Next Life, I Want to Be Your Wife
Chapter 405: I Have No Regrets in This Life
Chapter 406: The Yin Family’s Old Lady
Chapter 407: The Funeral
Chapter 408: Worth Having!
Chapter 409: Spiritsword Supreme
Chapter 410: Ruthless Title
Chapter 411: Summoning Helpers
Chapter 412: Impatient
Chapter 413: Men’s Summer
Chapter 414: Luminescent Angelwing
Chapter 415: Bell Canyon
Chapter 416: Encountering The Luminescent Angelwing
Chapter 417: A Troublesome Opponent
Chapter 418: Killing The Luminescent Angelwing
Chapter 419: Shadow Land
Chapter 420: The Underground City
Chapter 421: Priority
Chapter 422: Bloody’s Ambition
Chapter 423: It Is Somewhat Purified
Chapter 424: Escape!
Chapter 425: Arriving at Luoxi City Again
Chapter 426: Sword Dominator
Chapter 427: Lin Huang's Attack
Chapter 428: 3000 Sword Rain
Chapter 429: Defeating The Sword Dominator
Chapter 430: Unsealing The Ruthless Sword Master
Chapter 431: Unlocking Charcoal
Chapter 432: The Undead Evil Child
Chapter 433: Visiting Again
Chapter 434: The Yin Family’s Current Condition
Chapter 435: Please Don’t Cry Okay
Chapter 436: I'll Be A Shameless Man
Chapter 437: Sword Skill Integration
Chapter 438: Our Friendship Isn’t Pure
Chapter 439: Shanhai City
Chapter 440: Sis Rou Rou
Chapter 441: Farewell
Chapter 442: A Unique Venom
Chapter 443: Meeting Yi Zheng Again
Chapter 444: Lin Huang Versus Yi Zheng
Chapter 445: It Doesn’t Make A Difference Since You’re Already in Debt
Chapter 446: Unsealing Bloody
Chapter 447: The Martial Hunter College Semester Begins
Chapter 448: He’s the Dean’s Man
Chapter 449: Conflict
Chapter 450: Defeated in One Hit
Chapter 451: Qin Tianxing
Chapter 452: All Grown Up
Chapter 453: Hi, My Name is Lin Huang
Chapter 454: As Expected, the Students Created a Scene
Chapter 455: Lin Huang’s First Class
Chapter 456: Another Conflict
Chapter 457: The Least Favorite Year 1 Teacher
Chapter 458: Unqualified, Next!
Chapter 459: Leveled Up to Complete Gold-Level
Chapter 460: Choosing Tinder
Chapter 461: The Field that was Rolled Over by Swine Beasts
Chapter 462: Elam Island
Chapter 463: Lin Huang’s Miscalculation
Chapter 464: Plan B
Chapter 465: Winning by Pretending to be Weak
Chapter 466: Bright Worldly Purification
Chapter 467: Mission Card: Activated Again…
Chapter 468: Killed With a Swing of the Sword
Chapter 469: Flawless Card
Chapter 470: Please Be My Whetstone
Chapter 471: I’ve Only Used 30% of What I Got
Chapter 472: Killed in Three Swings of the Sword!
Chapter 473: Leveled-up to White Flame-Level!
Chapter 474: One Page of Sword Scripture
Chapter 475: Ability Explosion
Chapter 476: The Rules of the Battle Drill
Chapter 477: Each Faculty's Ability
Chapter 478: Mist Forest
Chapter 479: Come and Chase Me
Chapter 480: Lin Xin's Performance
Chapter 481: An Urgent Message from the Registrar's Office
Chapter 482: An Unknown Attack
Chapter 483: Predator Fly
Chapter 484: The Saint’s Evil Plan
Chapter 485: Killed in One Hit
Chapter 486: To the Rescue
Chapter 487: The Insensitive Supreme Overlord
Chapter 488: Charcoal Versus Herculean Ape
Chapter 489: Bai, They’re Bullying Me!
Chapter 490: An Irritating Interruption
Chapter 491: Play with Him
Chapter 492: I Know Who the Imperial Censor That You Are Looking For Is!
Chapter 493: Fight
Chapter 494: The Darkscythe Apparition
Chapter 495: Lin Huang versus Yu Wenbin
Chapter 496: I'm Sorry, I Know a Little about Ocular Skills
Chapter 497: Lin Xin Has Been Discovered
Chapter 498: I Heard That You Are Looking for a Guardian?
Chapter 499: Lin Xin's Secret
Chapter 500: I Refuse to Comment on This
Chapter 501: Sacrifice
Chapter 502: Yellowbird
Chapter 503: Back to a Peaceful Life
Chapter 504: Lin Xin’s Odd Physique
Chapter 505: Flying Power Sigil Building
Chapter 506: Misery
Chapter 507: Please Stop Dreaming
Chapter 508: The Black Serpent
Chapter 509: I Love You, Therefore I'd Eat You
Chapter 510: The Arachnid Enchanter
Chapter 511: Xiao Hei’s Ability
Chapter 512: The Unknown Ape
Chapter 513: Professor Jin
Chapter 514: A Little Game
Chapter 515: The Weird Old Man
Chapter 516: I Don’t Want to Play with You Anymore
Chapter 517: Scarborough Workshop
Chapter 518: Special Cards
Chapter 519: 200 Card Rewards!
Chapter 520: Group Upgrade
Chapter 521: The Black Rock’s Odd Activity
Chapter 522: Batch Transformation
Chapter 523: Part of Qi Muxiong’s Memory
Chapter 524: Army of Nephilic Judges
Chapter 525: Lin Huang’s Cousin Sister?
Chapter 526: A Tough Lady
Chapter 527: Hong Zhuang’s True Ability
Chapter 528: Kylie’s Mini World
Chapter 529: The Second Skill Extraction
Chapter 530: The Ugly Truth
Chapter 531: A Prophet?
Chapter 532: The Underworld of The White Capital
Chapter 533: Building 33
Chapter 534: Invasion!
Chapter 535: Plan B
Chapter 536: Destruction-Grade Monster Horde!
Chapter 537: Border Post
Chapter 538: Partners at the Bonfire
Chapter 539: Commander Ai De
Chapter 540: The Appearence of Strength
Chapter 541: Killed in a Split Second Again!
Chapter 542: You've Overestimated Yourself
Chapter 543: Blurred Blood
Chapter 544: A Fierce Fight!
Chapter 545: It’ll Be Fast. You Won't Feel The Pain
Chapter 546: Removal of Danger
Chapter 547: The Mission Card Has Been Activated Againnnn!
Chapter 548: My Winky is Gone?!
Chapter 549: Liu Ming is Back
Chapter 550: Giving You A Misfortune Card
Chapter 551: The Almighty Surgical Knife
Chapter 552: Activation of A New Function
Chapter 553: A Bountiful Plundering
Chapter 554: Peace That the Lie Brings
Chapter 555: Following Up On the Incident
Chapter 556: Hong Zhuang’s Request
Chapter 557: Hong Zhuang’s Story
Chapter 558: Hong Zhuang’s Final Letter
Chapter 559: Can’t Think of A Good Title...
Chapter 560: A Loyal Dog
Chapter 561: Pick Up the Body
Chapter 562: The Stunning Effect of The Misfortune Card
Chapter 563: Lancelot’s Triple Mutation
Chapter 564: Lin Huang’s Plan
Chapter 565: I Won’t Be Responsible for The Students’ Suffering
Chapter 566: The Last Class
Chapter 567: Lin Huang’s Invitation
Chapter 568: It’s New Year’s Eve Again
Chapter 569: The Five of Them Together
Chapter 570: Treasure Card
Chapter 571: I'm Envious of the Imperial Censors
Chapter 572: Lancelot's Ability
Chapter 573: The Cavernous Devils’ Memories
Chapter 574: A War Foothold That Existed Hundreds of Years Ago
Chapter 575: Eating The Meat Without Saving the Soup
Chapter 576: Yi Yeyu and Li Lang Show Their Abilities for the First Time
Chapter 577: Lancelot Likes to Eat Vegetables
Chapter 578: Yi Yeyu is Angry
Chapter 579: Rose Demigod
Chapter 580: Bladefoot Worm
Chapter 581: Third Underground Floor
Chapter 582: Powerful Elemental Enlightenment
Chapter 583: Kaiserpede
Chapter 584: Lin Huang Versus Kaiserpede
Chapter 585: Endless Threads
Chapter 586: Grade-5 Ruins!
Chapter 587: Coming To An Agreement
Chapter 588: God Crasher
Chapter 589: The Blood Sacrifice Begins
Chapter 590: Puppet Vine
Chapter 591: Fight!
Chapter 592: The Immortal-Level Monster Has Arrived
Chapter 593: Trouble Is Here
Chapter 594: Stay
Chapter 595: The Anus — An Opening at the End of the Abdomen
Chapter 596: Doomed
Chapter 597: Losing With Just One Hit?
Chapter 598: He Must Win!
Chapter 599: Killing the Eclipse Boa!
Chapter 600: Leveling to the Crimson Flame-Level
Chapter 601: Level-4 Sword Dao
Chapter 602: Underground Treasure
Chapter 603: The Strange "Red Wooden" Box
Chapter 604: The Reappearance of the Red Mist
Chapter 605: The Appearance of the Misty Shadow
Chapter 606: Escape
Chapter 607: Eh... Success?
Chapter 608: A Message from Liu Ming
Chapter 609: Mr. Fu's Identity
Chapter 610: Three Years to Live
Chapter 611: What Happened 800 Years Ago
Chapter 612: Ink
Chapter 613: Training Programme All Messed Up
Chapter 614: Come Out, Charcoal!
Chapter 615: Eye-Opening
Chapter 616: Lin Xuan’s Identity
Chapter 617: Returning to the White Capital
Chapter 618: White Capital at Night
Chapter 619: Goodbye, Division 7
Chapter 620: Stepping into Division3
Chapter 621: The Lady Driver Who Covers Her Eyes When She Pilots
Chapter 622: An Interruption that Came Out of Nowhere
Chapter 623: Killing
Chapter 624: Shopping at the Black Market
Chapter 625: A Kid from a Rich Family
Chapter 626: Scary Instinct
Chapter 627: Yao Family’s Reaction
Chapter 628: Third Life Fire Monster
Chapter 629: The Second Most Dangerous Forbidden Land
Chapter 630: Yao Lan’s Probe
Chapter 631: The Three of Them Are Here for Your Breakfast
Chapter 632: The Second Layer of the Abyss Brink
Chapter 633: Bai's Ability
Chapter 634: Ashenplume Falcon
Chapter 635: Rakshasa Mother
Chapter 636: The Devil’s Psykid’s Secret
Chapter 637: Attacked by an Imperial-Level
Chapter 638: Being Born into the Same Family
Chapter 639: Getting Chewing Gum Stuck to the Sole of His Shoe
Chapter 640: Returning to Sweep City
Chapter 641: Seamless
Chapter 642: A Massive Crisis
Chapter 643: The Genius Organization
Chapter 644: Joining the Sweep Alliance
Chapter 645: I Think I’ve Been Tricked
Chapter 646: Climbing the Stairway
Chapter 647: God Relic — Emperor’s Heart
Chapter 648: Difficulty Beyond His Expectations
Chapter 649: Increasing Difficulty
Chapter 650: The 21st Checkpoint
Chapter 651: Tens of Thousands of Points
Chapter 652: Zhao San’s Hunting Team
Chapter 653: The Tentacle Beetle
Chapter 654: The Second Monster Horde
Chapter 655: The Velocious Swordfiend
Chapter 656: Kill All the Bugs!
Chapter 657: Lin Xie Cheated?
Chapter 658: Leaving the 21st Checkpoint
Chapter 659: The Second Report
Chapter 660: The Heaven Alliance
Chapter 661: Huangfu Lin
Chapter 662: Never Insult the Heaven Alliance!
Chapter 663: A Conversation with Chan Dou
Chapter 664: Betting
Chapter 665: The Person Who Wears Earrings on His Nose
Chapter 666: Brother Lin Has No Mercy but Many Cannons!
Chapter 667: Buy Buy Buy!
Chapter 668: Which Checkpoint of the Stairway Tree Were You At When You Were a Blue Flame-Level?
Chapter 669: The Bizarre Seed
Chapter 670: The Fourth Life Fire Monster
Chapter 671: F*ck, I Forgot to Save My Draft!
Chapter 672: Lin Huang’s Roommate
Chapter 673: Thunder’s Upgrade
Chapter 674: All Human Should Die!
Chapter 675: I’ll Definitely Kill You Next Time
Chapter 676: The Supreme Whitesword
Chapter 677: Killing the Supreme Whitesword
Chapter 678: Leveling-Up to Purple Flame-Level!
Chapter 679: News from Chan Dou
Chapter 680: The Bizarre Seed Has Hatched
Chapter 681: Sword Soul's First Ability
Chapter 682: The Floating Land?
Chapter 683: The True Enemy
Chapter 684: Entering the Floating Land for the First Time
Chapter 685: Frost Helminth
Chapter 686: Lin Huang's Plan
Chapter 687: Splitting Up
Chapter 688: Loaded with Danger
Chapter 689: Frostyape Corpse
Chapter 690: Overnight at the Monster Lair
Chapter 691: Beneath the Snow
Chapter 692: Duo Er
Chapter 693: The Forgotten Tribe of the Middle Ages
Chapter 694: The Tribe’s Past
Chapter 695: Sorcerer Goddess Tower
Chapter 696: The Stone Tablet’s Test
Chapter 697: The Witchcraft Rune
Chapter 698: Asking for Bloody’s Help
Chapter 699: The Fourth Level of the Tower
Chapter 700: An Unfamiliar Rune
Chapter 701: The Book of Sorcerer Dao
Chapter 702: Sorcerer Lin Huang
Chapter 703: The Lady in Red Robe
Chapter 704: Heart-Glimpsing Rune
Chapter 705: Lin Huang’s Past
Chapter 706: I’m Back (In first person point of view)
Chapter 707: Let’s Get Married (In first person point of view)
Chapter 708: My Life (In first person point of view)
Chapter 709: The Sorcerer Goddess Shrine Key
Chapter 710: The Opening of Sorcerer Goddess Shrine
Chapter 711: Sorcerer Goddess Blood
Chapter 712: The Conditions to Enter the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine
Chapter 713: The Challenge Has Begun!
Chapter 714: A Powerful Challenger
Chapter 715: Increasing Difficulty With Each Level
Chapter 716: The Rune Cliff
Chapter 717: Epiphany Card
Chapter 718: The Final Assessment
Chapter 719: Getting C*ckblocked at the Last Minute
Chapter 720: Zhu Xing's Ambition
Chapter 721: Creating Trouble for the Goblin
Chapter 722: The Closing of the Sorcerer Goddess’s Shrine
Chapter 723: He's Zhu Xing!
Chapter 724: Returning to the Sorcerer Goddess Tower
Chapter 725: Available Mythical-Level Card
Chapter 726: The Weather’s Great to Walk Your Dog
Chapter 727: Something Is Wrong with the Coordinates?
Chapter 728: There's No Charge for Setting Him Up
Chapter 729: Snow Giant VS Frostyape Corpse
Chapter 730: Killing the Frostyape Corpse
Chapter 731: Arctic Dragons
Chapter 732: The Fearsome Fading Petals
Chapter 733: Hunting for Zhu Xing!
Chapter 734: Lin Huang Versus Zhu Xing
Chapter 735: Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to This World?
Chapter 736: Cloning Card
Chapter 737: Killing Zhu Xing
Chapter 738: A Death-Seeking Spirit Transfer
Chapter 739: Encountering the Divine Alliance Again
Chapter 740: Choosing a Life Fire Monster
Chapter 741: A Free Piece of Information
Chapter 742: The 16 Dead Men
Chapter 743: Xia Hou
Chapter 744: Examining the Corpses
Chapter 745: The Tragic Crime Scene
Chapter 746: The 17th Victim
Chapter 747: The Murderer Has Appeared
Chapter 748: Planing to Sit Back and Wait
Chapter 749: The Murderer Showed Up
Chapter 750: Evil Spirit Type
Chapter 751: Lin Huang Versus Evil Spirit Type
Chapter 752: The Unwelcome Reinforcements
Chapter 753: Changing the Battleground
Chapter 754: Trump Card
Chapter 755: Murder
Chapter 756: Revived?
Chapter 757: I Definitely Want It!
Chapter 758: Second Kill
Chapter 759: Exhausting All Trump Cards!
Chapter 760: The Undead?
Chapter 761: Revealing Its True Body
Chapter 762: A Play of the Tentacles
Chapter 763: Ink Feather
Chapter 764: 10,800 Daggers
Chapter 765: Die, Evil Spirit!
Chapter 766: Death Goddess
Chapter 767: Xiao Hei's Suggestion
Chapter 768: Leveled-up to Gold Flame-level
Chapter 769: True God-level Life Fire
Chapter 770: The Cursed Land
Chapter 771: Dark Knight
Chapter 772: The Burial Ground
Chapter 773: The God's Item in the Mountain
Chapter 774: A Stone Tablet
Chapter 775: A Conversation with the Stone Tablet
Chapter 776: The Deal Has Been Made
Chapter 777: Can't Afford Anything
Chapter 778: A Way to Make Money
Chapter 779: I'm Logging in to Collect Points
Chapter 780: Secret Forest
Chapter 781: Hornet's Nest
Chapter 782: A One-Sided Fight
Chapter 783: The 56th Checkpoint on the Stairway Tree
Chapter 784: A Sudden Rise in Points
Chapter 785: Guerrilla
Chapter 786: Outstanding Bait
Chapter 787: Bloody's Misjudgement
Chapter 788: Falling into the Trap
Chapter 789: The Uncatchable Prey
Chapter 790: The Insane Fiendish Osier
Chapter 791: It Is Here
Chapter 792: Three Demigod Relics