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Chapter 631: New weapons

“Everyone is on our side, so Miracle Commerce will not hide any secrets from you all.” Meng Qingwu was not a person of empty words. She knew that no matter how exaggerated she made it sound, it couldn’t compare to giving everyone a real demonstration, so she gave the Smart Brain an order, “Zero, please bring up the designs of the newest weapons for everyone to see.”

“Yes, vice City Lord.”

Zero projected several beams of light to the center of the conference hall.

These lines intertwined to form a three dimensional image.

This was a design for a Mech Suit. There were eight iron arms on its back, making it look like a giant spider.

This Mech Suit was completely different from the rough design from before. This Mech Suit was very streamlined, being filled with a feeling of technology and power.

“The individual Mech Suit has always been one of Miracle Commerce’s most important researched weapons, but compared to before, this field of research has already made a major breakthrough.” Zero immediately began explaining and the image changed while he spoke, “This individual Spider Mech Suit uses the high density energy mined from the moon, so its energy is several times stronger compared to before. Other than that, it is equipped with a dual layer shield that defends alternatively, which at most can defend six-eight attacks at the True Spirit intensity. It is also equipped with eight attack systems and a combat assist system. Other than that, the Mech Suit is made of liquid metal, so it can freely conform to one’s body shape……”

Meng Qingwu added, “We have already produced one hundred thousand sets of these Spider Mech Suits and we are prepared to equip Miracle City’s strongest army with them. I believe the Mech Suit army will be the main force on the battlefield.”

After Zero finished talking about the Mech Suit, several beams of light came out again.

This time it was a puppet made of metal.

This puppet was very strange. Not only did it have a body similar to that of a human, it had a pair of strange triangular wings on its back, so it should be able to fly.

“This is Miracle Commerce’s newly developed flying robot. It is also powered with crystal oil mined from the moon and it has the ability to fight on land, sea, and in the air. This is a weapon purely used for fighting, it is a puppet without any intelligence or thought. It has absolute servience, follows orders absolutely, absolutely efficient, and absolutely precise. The long range Smart Brains will control them. There are a total of ten sets of attack systems and weapons, so they can adapt to any battlefield.”

Meng Qingwu added, “Miracle City has already produced fifty thousand of these flying robots. When they appear, they will definitely be the nightmares of the enemies.”

The six giants were surprised when they heard this.

Miracle City’s new weapons used crystal oil mined from the moon, therefore the weapons were several times stronger compared to before. This increased the might of the weapons and shields by several times, creating a qualitative leap.

The moon being developed had a large effect on Miracle City.

Just a hundred thousand Mech Suits and fifty thousand robot soldiers, this was already a force that wasn’t small. Adding in the experts of the major powers, it was barely enough to fight the army of an empire level power. Miracle City also had the powerful warships. If they sent out several warships and several hundred Black Thunder fighters, they could fight against one or two empire level powers.

“As everyone can see, Miracle City’s equipment have all been upgraded. Our fighters and ships have also been upgraded. There are also many other new weapons that everyone hasn’t seen yet, especially the large breakthroughs in deep space weapons. Now, everyone please take a look.”

Zero received Meng Qingwu’s authorization and released another three dimensional image. This was a large iron bucket with two iron wings floating in deep space. After one looked at it carefully, they would see that it was not an iron bucket, but rather an impressive looking giant cannon.

Zero introduced it, “This is Miracle City’s newest developed Deep Space Laser Cannon. It is positioned at five hundred thousand meters from the ground, being surrounded by a shallow astral wind layer. There is no living being on the continent that can approach it. The laser cannon is a special Source Energy Cannon that has highly condensed energy, as well as super long range accuracy. This is the most advanced weapon of Miracle City’s newest generation. The Deep Space Laser Cannon can fire powerful laser beams from five hundred thousand meters up, directly sending a powerful attack at a target on the ground. This kind of weapon is unmatched on the battlefield.”

The breathing of the alliance leaders all became heavy.

How terrifying of a weapon was this!

It hung in a place where people couldn’t hit it and it could attack any target on the ground. This was like a sword of judgement hanging over their head, one that people couldn’t resist at all!

Meng Qingwu saw everyone’s expressions and revealed a faint smile, “The Deep Space Laser Cannon is Miracle City’s newest developed weapon. There are only two of them so far, but we can use this battle to test out these Deep Space Laser Cannons!”

This kind of weapon that couldn’t be taken care of appeared.

This was definitely a nightmare for the enemies.

This laser cannon could not only be used against enemies, it could also be used to attack the cities of enemies or any hidden structures they might have. With the continent’s current level of war, there was nothing that could defend against this kind of weapon.

Zero released another three dimensional image, which was something very special looking. It was like a giant ball of iron that was filled with a dense array of holes on its surface.

Zero explained, “This is the Deep Space Missile Launcher Core, it has a stockpile of one hundred thousand missiles that are all controlled by a Smart Brain. It can fire two hundred missiles every second until it is out of missiles. If the Deep Space Laser Cannon is a fixed point weapon, this Deep Space Missile Launcher Core is a wide range god of destruction.”

Meng Qingwu added, “We have also just made one of these honeycomb shaped missile launcher and we can use this battle to test its power. It’s a pity that Miracle City’s new ship factory hasn’t been built yet, otherwise with the Miracle City’s fleet, as well as the fighters, the Mech Suits, the robot soldiers, the deep space weapons, the land weapons, and many other things, there isn’t a single force on the continent we need to fear.”

Whether it was the Dragon Lord or the Elven King, they were completely convinced.

Not only were they convinced, they were shocked by Miracle City’s military strength.

This power would dominate this world eventually.

“In short, before fighting the enemy, our alliance must be united.” Meng Qingwu added in the end, “Otherwise, this time it’s West Sea City and next time we won’t know where else will be hit.”

Thunder’s Fury said, “We will fight together with Miracle City!”

“Right, right!” Burst Claw said without hesitation, “We will fight together with Miracle City!”

Meng Qingwu gave a satisfied nod. She began to layout the defensive plan and after spending time to take care of it all, the burning hot helmet auction sale had finally concluded.

Meng Yingying directly asked Chu Tian, “Chu Tian, Chu Tian, quickly tell me, how much are the sales this time? Quickly tell me!”

Chu Tian replied, “It’s only four hundred and fifty million.”

“Four hundred and fifty million? That much!” Meng Yingying was shocked by that number, but after thinking it over, she felt that there was a problem, “Only four hundred and fifty million for three million helmets? How is that possible!”

Chu Tian then said, “Idiot, this four hundred and fifty million is our Miracle City’s profit. We only took 10% of the total, the other 90% was divided among the other six countries.”

10% was four hundred and fifty million?

Then wouldn’t the total be……Four billion and five hundred million!

Meng Yingying felt like she couldn’t breath and a strong dizzy feeling instantly filled her head. Although she knew that the Miracle Helmets were profitable and she knew the data was three times higher than before, she never would have thought that it would create an astonishing sales number of four billion and five hundred million !

The Miracle Helmets were a bit troublesome to make, but the base cost was actually very low. The four billion and five hundred million were basically all profit, with each force gaining around six hundred and seventy million source stones. The emperors will be smiling so much that their mouths won’t be able to close.