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Chapter 622: Performance

The guests had already taken their seats.

“All these friends and guests, welcome to the Miracle Royal Palace’s grand opening.” A very magnetic and beautiful voice rang out, as a golden haired beauty appeared in the center of the banquet hall, “I am the opening ceremony’s master of ceremonies, Jin Luo!”

Everyone broke out in applause.

The Mermaid Princess Jin Luo was very famous in the alliance.

Jin Luo not only had the bloodline of the Deep Blue Empire’s royal clan, she was also the successor to West Sea City and the Deep Blue Bank.

“Today, we have received the sponsoring of the Life and Culture Chamber of Commerce to bring you a live performance from the elven and Merpeople orchestras. This is a rare opportunity, which we should all appreciate together.”

The lights all around them dimmed and the center area slowly rose from the ground, forming a stage. The surrounding environment also changed, forming a shocking forest scene. It made people feel that they were not sitting in a hotel, but rather a beautiful and sacred forest.

This beautiful scene was from the Eternal Forest. It allowed people who hadn’t gone to the Eternal Forest to have the beauty spread over them and feel how great the elven forest was.

The entire hall was already filled with the fragrance of all kinds of delicacies and fine wines.

This luxurious banquet had already begun.

They saw delicate and beautiful wood elves slowly coming onto the stage. They had already rehearsed various programs and now they were prepared to demonstrate their talent with their instruments. A cheerful and elegant sound filled the entire area.

This scenery and this image, it made the guests from all over the continent listen fully to the sounds of the elves. With the best delicacy and wine on the continent, this was a feast with several ruler level characters!

No matter what era it was.

This kind of enjoyment was hard for them to find. This not just enjoyment of material and mind, it was an enjoyment of status. For the highest people of the continent to be gathered together, this was a satisfaction that couldn’t be weighed with material.

Chu Tian brought the Meng sisters to the long banquet table where the rulers were sitting. They were in the best position to enjoy the performance on the stage.

The splendor of the elves were peerless.

This made people feel dazzled watching it.

The music and art the elves performed filled each person with joy, as well as attracting waves of warm applause. Everyone was infected by this kind of noble lifestyle. If it wasn’t for Miracle Commerce’s Transport Towers, they could never enjoy this kind of treatment.

Chu Tian swallowed a mouthful of the Flower Fairy’s Fairy Wine, “I remember that the Life and Culture Chamber of Commerce is operated by the elven elders of the Tree of Life Tribe, they are quite a good example now.”

Of course. The most popular album in the alliance is made by this company and they also own half the movies in the theater and various broadcast stations.” Meng Yingying was somewhat cautious sitting with the great rulers, so she said to Chu Tian in a low voice, “Actually Vivian and I invested in this company and now it is the biggest leader in the entertainment market. When we open the other markets of the continent, it can still be greatly increased.”

Chu Tian laughed, “The two of you are major stockholders, no wonder it could develop so smoothly.”

The Forest Alliance’s commercial boom never stopped, even now, it became stronger and stronger.

Part of Miracle City’s income was specially used for investing. Vivian also used her status as the Elven Princess, gathering all the important businesses for the elves together. For example, the Eternal Forest’s matrix coding company and the Tree of Life Tribe’s company. These companies with large potentials all had investment from high level members of Miracle Commerce.

After the elven performance was over.

Everyone felt a bit unfulfilled.

But it didn’t matter since the Merpeople’s performance was beginning.

The surrounding Eternal Forest scenery began to change, turning into the beautiful Crystal Bay in the blink of an eye. This was the Forest of Chaos and the Western Sea’s most beautiful place. A group of beautiful Mermaids seemed to have swam out of the sea as they appeared on the stage.

The Merpeople and elves were all artistic races, skilled in carving, painting, and singing. The specialty of the Merpeople was singing, so when their song appeared, it captured everyone’s hearts.

Chu Tian closed his eyes to carefully listen to the song, “Who is the main singer?”

This was a very young Mermaid. Her songs were very infectious, letting people fall into a dream like wonderland.

“She is a talent dug out of West Sea City, the famous Mermaid star, Yu Ge.” Meng Yingying was very satisfied that the company she invested in had dug out such a star, “Yu Ge’s price is very high right now. For a concert, it costs forty-fifty thousand source stones in performance fees.”

A performance fee of forty-fifty thousand?

This was something some smaller companies couldn’t make in their entire lives.

Chu Tian was a bit surprised before saying with a smile, “You’ve bled quite a bit today?”

“Yu Ge and the company are supporting us for free, alright!” Meng Yingying rolled her eyes at Chu Tian, “Yu Ge’s current performance fee is forty-fifty thousand, but I think it won’t be hard for that to reach at least double that by the end of today.”

When the song was over.

“Good, good!” The Wind Moon Empress began to clap, “I like this Mermaid’s singing. After this banquet is over, I must invite her over to the palace to perform.”

The Heaven Burning Emperor gave crisp laughter, “This emperor likes the elves’ performance very much. The nine thousand year anniversary of the Heaven Burning Empire will be soon, I’m prepared to invite them over to perform. City Lord Chu Tian, what do you think?”

Chu Tian nodded, “That is the honour of our performers.”

That little girl Yingying was right.

There were quite a few major characters here.

These rulers were all like this. Although Miracle City was gradually approaching the same level of income as the empires, only how many years had Miracle City been established for? The empires had been established for thousands of years, they would earn one-two hundred million per year. This kind of background was not something Miracle City could imagine.

These wealthy people who treated money like dirt and loved being given face, how could they be stingy with their money?

If Yu Ge was invited by these rulers, the price had to be increased by several times at least. Otherwise, how could they display the ability and strength of their empires?

Once these people were invited by the great rulers, their prices would increase after coming back. Not only would the sales of their albums and the price of their art increase, other countries and families would spend large amounts to invite them to perform.

Having face was very important.

Especially in this kind of situation.

That was the main purpose of this performance.

The performance ended here today and everyone felt satisfied.

The master of ceremony Jin Luo came up with the microphone, “Now for the second important announcement, which is something that everyone has been waiting for. Miracle City’s Spiritual Helmets have been prepared and will appear in the various countries today. Miracle Commerce will be publicly selling the helmets to the entire continent!”

The Miracle Helmet had been formally announced?

Everyone was filled with joy.