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Chapter 621: Royal Palace Hotel

Miracle City’s Space Royal Palace Grand Hotel, also known as Miracle Royal Palace.

This hotel was established in the kingdom alliance. It had taken a large kingdom two generations and an entire hundred years to construct this royal palace, but because they were invaded by the Eagle Burial Kingdom, the entire country was destroyed. Although they had successfully reformed their country, the entire country was poor from being robbed by the Eagle Burial Kingdom, so how could they have money to rebuild.

After Meng Yingying learned of this, she found it was too pitiful to leave this barren royal palace. She discussed this with Vivian and the others and they took out a million source stones form their pockets to buy this royal palace. They sent outstanding artisans from the Forest Alliance to quickly restore this royal palace.

Now the palace had been turned into the Miracle Space Hotel.

This was the first hotel on the continent in space.

It required time to fix the Miracle Royal Palace, but they were starting to do business with the part that was already fixed.

Today was the first day they were doing business.

People with fame from various countries were all informed.

Although there was no forced attendance, the light from the Transport Tower never stopped. The kings and aristocrats of various countries, the tribe chiefs and City Lords of the forest, the chiefs and elders of the West Sea tribes, as well as various merchants and experts, and the demon City Lords of the underground world all came.

The investment for the Miracle Royal Palace wasn’t big.

There was a single Transport Tower, a single Smart Brain in control, and around half the service staff were robots. This scene demonstrated Miracle City’s technology and culture.

“Chu Tian, elder sister!”

Meng Yingying and Vivian personally came to greet them.

Chu Tian looked around, “It’s very busy, ha, ha, ha!”

“Of course it’s busy!” Nangong Yun said with high spirited voice, “Who dares not give us face in our alliance? Not to mention, this is the first space hotel on the continent. It’s the highest place currently, who doesn’t want to experience it? I can see most of the people are from the empires. These people are foolish with their money, we can ruthlessly butcher them!”

There wasn’t a small proportion of people from the empires.

Chu Tian found some old friends he hadn’t seen in a long time among the alliance members. For example, the Great Summer King Dongfang Gan, the Divine Wind Marquis, and the Golden Arrow Marquis. There was also Miracle Commerce’s Chen Bingyu, Feng Caidie, Yun Yao, Yun Xiao, Dongfang Haoran, Gu Qianqiu, Yun Tianhe, and other old members, as well as members who joined later like Shadow, Atu, Mei Ji, Yin Spirit, and other people.

Other than these inner members, there were also new faces. Chu Tian normally couldn’t be seen, but since they were here, that meant they were members of Miracle Commerce with status that weren’t low.

“Greetings chairman! Vice chairman!”

No matter where these high level members of Miracle City went, they would be well known people. But they were clear that no matter what kind of positions they had, when they saw a legendary person like Chu Tian, they all had to be respectful.

“No need to be polite, everyone can take their seats.”

The Miracle Space Grand Hotel was built with a large royal palace as a base, so the space was actually quite big. It included several hunting fields, gardens, artificial lakes, artificial mountains, and etc. There were over a hundred different palaces, over fifty large banquet halls, and five hundred small and medium sized banquet halls, and over eight hundred rooms.

A hotel with Miracle City’s name on it, how could it be a normal hotel?

The walls and pillars of the banquet halls were made of image transfer mirrors and it was filled with the best quality sound system. Whether it was for a meeting, a conference, an announcement, or for a banquet, the halls could simulate any scene one wanted.

The service in the halls were very thought out, with each banquet hall being sent up with spiritual equipment. This spiritual equipment was even stronger than the Spiritual Helmets and had even more entertainment options.

No item here was of low quality, even the dishes were made of the best quality materials.

The Flower Fairy race’s Fairy Wine, the elves’ immortal tea, the top grade spirit beast and demonic beast meat, various dishes made of precious materials, and etc. This place was the most luxurious consumer area. Whether it was status or taste, this was the most suitable place out of all the countries on the continent.

Therefore it wasn’t difficult to foresee.

In the future, all the rulers and experts would come to the Miracle Royal Palace to hold the highest quality banquets. Meng Yingying and the others had already prepared for this opportunity. There were countless countries on the continent and there were many families that were thousands of years old. If these forces only held a banquet once a year, it was still a considerable amount.

The Transport Array kept lighting up.

A figure filled with peerless elegance appeared.

The people all around quickly bowed, “Greetings to the Wind Moon Empress!”

Chu Tian was a bit surprised. Although quite a few people came from the empires, even the empress was moved which was quite incredible. He walked over and cupped his hands, “For the busy Wind Moon Empress to come here in support, Chu Tian is extremely honoured.”

The Wind Moon Empress gave a charming laugh, “The Miracle Royal Palace is a unique space hotel and the most luxurious store on the continent. The Transport Tower in my capital city was just built, so although it was millions of miles away, it was still quite close. How could this empress miss taking part in such an interesting experience?”

Chu Tian stretched his hand out, “I ask the empress to please sit.”

After the Wind Moon Empress, the other rulers all came.

There was a flash of light from the Transport Array and the temperature of the entire hall dropped quite a bit. When Chu Tian saw what happened, his expression became a bit strange.

Nether King?

Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “Your majesty, the Nether King is also here to have fun?”

These words were a bit rude, but they were exaggerated. The Nether King was clearly an undead, he couldn’t eat or drink anything. For an undead like the Nether King to come to a hotel, wasn’t that like an eunuch going to a brothel?

The Nether King was releasing cold air as he said to Chu Tian, “I’ll join in the fun, but I’m mainly here to see you.”

Chu Tian was surprised by what he said, “What? See me!”

The Nether King said, “The Netherworld Sea has chosen fifty scholars of over eight thousand years. They might not have much fame, but their knowledge does not lose to the Sages of the continent. Isn’t Miracle City’s Yun Sect gathering talents? I think these fifty undead Sages will be of great help to Miracle City’s research.”

Eight thousand year old scholars?

Even if a fool studied for thousands of years, they could also become a peak Sage!

These people were even rarely seen in the Netherworld Sea. For the Nether King to send them all to Miracle City at once, this was a large move. But since the Nether King dared to send them, Chu Tian didn’t have any reason to reject them.

“Since the Nether King is supporting Miracle City’s work this much, naturally Chu Tian is filled with gratitude. With these undead Sages in Miracle City, they will definitely display a larger value.”

The Nether King was very satisfied with this answer.

The banquet officially began.