Miracle Throne
Chapter 620: Crazy plan
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 620: Crazy plan

Meng Qingwu’s federation plan benefited Miracle City.

It provided the group long term benefits.

But how could it be easy to establish a federation.

The large forces would certainly have a psychological struggle because once the federation was formed, that meant Miracle City’s status would be increased again. Chu Tian would go from a partner to suddenly being in charge of them. This was not something people’s hearts could accept.

Who liked being managed?

Who liked someone at the same level or even having power to command them appearing in their territory?

Who liked having matters of their tribe being influenced by an outsider?

Whether it was the proud Dragon Lord, the old fashioned elves, or the spirit beasts, giants, or Sea Races, they were not peak powers of the continent, but at least they could have the right to decide in their territory. If they gave a part of their power to a president to manage, this was not a choice that could be casually made.

Even if Lancelot agreed, would the Eternal Forest’s Elven Council agree?

But the young miss already thought of this.

Then the young miss had some assurance in her heart.

The young miss was different from Chu Tian. She would always act discreetly, she wouldn’t take any wild actions.

“I believe in the young miss’ ability and have absolute trust in the young miss.” Chu Tian was surprised by the young miss’ ambition, but once the young miss had made a decision, he couldn’t disagree even if he wanted you, “Just relax and do it. No matter what happens, I’ll be behind you.”

Meng Qingwu rolled her eyes at him and said, “With how Miracle Commerce is now, as long as you don’t cause trouble, it’ll really help us!”

Chu Tian was a bit depressed.

Look at what you’re saying.

“Alright!” Chu Tian seemed to have made a decision, “Since it’s the young miss’ orders, I, Chu Tian will definitely follow them!”

In the end, Chu Tian really listened to the young miss. For a while, he really didn’t go anywhere, peacefully staying in Miracle City. He organized Miracle Commerce’s stocks and gathered the resources from the Moon God’s ruins.

These herbs were very precious, if the other alchemists of the continent refined them, it would be wasting natural treasures. If Chu Tian personally refined them, the effects would be stronger.

Chu Tian’s cultivation was already in the Heaven Domain Realm, the other people of Miracle Commerce couldn’t keep up. The people with a bit higher cultivations were Vivian, Nangong Yun, and Chen Bingyu. Because they had a higher starting point or high talent, they had reached the Spirit Transformation Realm.

The young miss, Meng Yingying, and the others, although they had high status, they were lacking in talent. Even if resources were poured into them, their other factors couldn’t compare, so they were all stuck at around the 5th True Spirit Layer.

This was not that big of a problem.

What Miracle Commerce had the most were resources!

Was it not enough to train a few core members?

If it was so, what use was there in establishing Miracle Commerce!

Miracle City had gathered enough resources and had a strong alchemist like Chu Tian. During this time, other than refining pills, Chu Tian had been constructing cultivation plans for everyone based on their current situation.

With Chu Tian providing a plan and pills, Vivian, Nangong Yun, and Chen Bingyu should be able to reach the Heaven Domain Realm in half a year. Meng Yingying, Meng Qingwu, Feng Caidie, and the others would need around a year.

The continent was currently in a state of calm.

Various countries all had their own projects.

Several Transport Towers were immediately built.

Miracle City had created a connection to the areas of the empires through these Transport Towers.

The other things like communication or transport systems were all currently being prepared.

Miracle City began to divide the Outer Space region. Not only did they give each power an Outer Space Transport Tower, they also prepared a warship that could go through the astral wind layer to reach Outer Space.

Other than harvesting Other Space.

The underground world was also being developed.

The underground world had some differences from Outer Space.

The underground world of the continent was not completely linked. Miracle City only controlled the underground world under the Forest of Chaos and in other places of the continent, there were also similar underground spaces. Only these underground worlds were independent of each other and some didn’t even connect to the surface world.

Miracle City used their technological superiority and Chu Tian’s memories from the future to pinpoint these underground regions, as well as planning to develop them. Miracle City provided technological support, while the empire level powers provided military power, cooperating in opening these areas.

The various empire level powers usage of the Miracle Helmet was not below anyone else.

This was because the market for the Miracle Spiritual Helmet was too big. Each helmet could be sold for several dozen source stones, so if they sold tens of millions of them, wouldn’t they be able to earn billions?

They could not slack in such a large market!

With Miracle City’s help, they built their intelligent factories. With the various blueprints and technologies, the materials needed to produce products were quickly sent to them. These empire level powers were all afraid of someone taking the initiative and that their Miracle Helmet quantity would lose to others.

This matter was enough for the rulers to not care about anything else.

Naturally no one cared about Miracle City’s recent developments.

Meng Qingwu used this chance to gather large amounts of resources and source stones to develop their military force, especially focusing on building a giant warship factory. Although Yingying had several good ship production lines, the scale of these factories were a bit small. Each one could only make a single ship at the same time and it would take three weeks for the ships to be built.

This meant that.

Each ship took around one month to build.

With this production speed, how long would it take for Miracle City to have a fleet?

Meng Qingwu needed a real large scale giant ship factory, with production speed being only a base requirement and it would need to have the ability to build different kinds of ships. Other than that, the factory itself had to have the ability to be improved, so they could create higher level ships in the future.

The rulers didn’t pay attention at this time.

Meng Qingwu mobilized a sea of resources, first preparing to build four giant ship factories. One for lunar factory, one was an Outer Space factory, one was a deep sea island factory, and one was a dense forest factory. Each factory was in a different position, with all of them being relatively hidden.

The four factories would take half a year to finish.

It needed a total investment of four-five hundred million source stones.

Although Miracle City was definitely the richest on the continent, investing in large projects like this was a large burden for Miracle City who didn’t have a deep background. Almost at the same time, Miracle City’s airborne fortress and the Source Energy Weapon defense system across the alliance would also start construction.

The airborne laser cannon, the robot army, the Mech Suit army, the advanced weapons, and etc., all these projects were bottomless holes. Meng Qingwu first planned on investing two billion and based on Miracle City’s burden, she could only keep increasing it each month. For now, they couldn’t invest all at once.

Chu Tian felt it was too little.

Even ten billion might not be enough!

It was basically impossible to finish this large task with just two billion!

At this time, Meng Qingwu was sitting in cultivation in a white robe. With Chu Tian’s help, she had broken through to the 6th True Spirit Layer two days ago and was now consolidating her realm.

Meng Qingwu’s speed was considered slow.

Vivian was already in the peak 9th True Spirit Layer and Nangong Yun was a bit slower, but wasn’t lacking by much. Even Meng Yingying was better than her sister, reaching the 6th True Spirit Layer a few days ago. It was mainly because the young miss was too busy, not having enough time to cultivate.

Meng Qingwu slowly let out a breath before slowly opening her eyes.

“Un, it’s still alright.” Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction, “You have already consolidated your realm. Adapt to it for a bit before we continue to attack the next layer.”

Meng Qingwu stood up and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving first.”

Now that a large project was being implemented in the company, there wasn’t even a second to waste.

Chu Tian quickly called out to the young miss, “What is the young miss in a rush for? We still have other things to do!”

Meng Qingwu was stunned, “What is it?”

“Yingying, Vivian, Nangong, big sister Bing, and Feng Caidie have invested in a hotel recently. Today is the day they’re starting their business.” Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “Want to see it together?”

Meng Qingwu was a bit confused, “What is so incredible about a hotel? Do we need to go for something like this?”

Chu Tian laughed, “The young miss is wrong, this hotel is not the same.”

“What is different?”

“It’s a space hotel!” Chu Tian continued to explain, “They have constructed a Transport Tower in their hotel, gathering all the finest chefs in all the alliance. Properly speaking, the guests can enjoy the freshest meals from all over the continent in this hotel.”

Meng Qingwu was in a bit of disbelief, “It’s just a hotel, is there a need to invest this much? Why didn’t I know about this? Why did Yingying hide this matter from me? It must have been your idea!”

Meng Yingying was the resource minister, only she had the ability to use Eyes of the Star and space crystals to make a Transport Tower and to use a Space Warehouse without Meng Qingwu knowing. But Meng Yingying wouldn’t hide anything from Meng Qingwu, so this was definitely instigated by Chu Tian.

Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “They saw that Miracle City’s finances were a bit tight lately, so they wanted to give you a pleasant surprise. Don’t look down on the consumption power of the continent’s richest people, once this hotel appears, I can tell it will definitely be very profitable. Other than that, I have decided to install Miracle Helmets in the hotel, this will definitely bring in a large profit.”

Miracle City had never used the hundreds of thousands of helmets they prepared.

Now it was a chance to deploy them.

Meng Qingwu couldn’t refute this.

Chu Tian always had his arguments for everything, but the hotel was finished already. Meng Qingwu couldn’t just send people to tear down the hotel, right? She could only go with Chu Tian to take a look. This was the continent’s highest and most luxurious hotel, what would it look like?

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