Miracle Throne
Chapter 619: Federation plan
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 619: Federation plan

Miracle City and the alliance members all celebrated.

The various City Lords all sent precious gifts.

Therefore Chu Tian became a focal point when he came back, being busy with all kinds of social conventions and not having any free time. It seems like being too popular was also troublesome. Meng Qingwu sent for Chu Tian to come to the City Lord’s Fort, so Chu Tian finally had an excuse to leave. If the young miss was looking for him, he couldn’t avoid it.

Chu Tian sent off everyone and immediately returned to the City Lord’s Fort.

“Young miss, come over quickly. Look at all the good things I’ve brought back.” Chu Tian pulled out a storage pocket, “This is a Divine Sense Crystal, it can let your Divine Sense reach a minimum of the Mind’s Lamp Realm. These Immortal Herbs will help you and Yingying reach the Heaven Domain Realm. Also…..”

Chu Tian had only finished half of what he wanted to say.

When he felt that something was wrong.

The young miss sat there without moving with a serious face.

Vivian also had a strange look as she stood on the side.

There was doubt that entered Chu Tian’s heart. What is this, could the young miss be angry? There was no reason for this. I, Chu Tian have always been respectful to the young miss, I’m only lacking in proposing to her, so there shouldn’t be a reason for her to be angry!

The young miss’ intelligent eyes glared right at him, “Speak, what did you do this time?”

Chu Tian rubbed his head, “Everyone knows that I broke through on the moon.”

Meng Qingwu angrily slapped the table, “Lancelot told Vivian everything after coming back and Vivian has told me everything. Everything you did up there, you think I don’t know?”

Vivian stood on the side and scrunched up her little face.

She never thought Meng Qingwu would be this angry.

This is bad, this is bad.

Chu Tian gave an awkward cough, “Vivian, come over here.”

“Sorry, big brother Chu Tian, I didn’t tell on you on purpose.” Vivian revealed a nervous expression before firmly saying, “But you were wrong this time. Even if you punish me, I had to say it.”

What was this about?

“How could I bear to punish you as your big brother? These are the gifts I brought back from the Moon God’s ruins. Take them back first, I want to have a proper talk with the young miss.”

Vivian let out a sigh of relief, “Yes, thank you big brother!”

When Vivian left.

Chu Tian’s expression changed and he personally poured tea for the young miss, “Young miss, don’t be angry. Aren’t I back?”

“You went too far this time. We wouldn’t have lost the Moon God’s ruins, it would have been developed by us eventually and would have belonged to us, yet you took this kind of risk. If something happened, what do we do?” Meng Qingwu sharply reprimanded Chu Tian’s behaviour, “Don’t forget, you still have to get married to Yingying!”

“Alright, alright, alright, there won’t be a next time!” Chu Tian sincerely accepted the young miss’ reprimand and made a proclamation of deep self reflection, but it was unknown if he took it for real. Chu Tian saw the young miss’ anger was disappearing, so he changed the topic, “Have the rulers been sent off?”

Meng Qingwu knew that Chu Tian was changing the topic, but this involved an important matter, so she could only properly reply, “I have already prepared the plans for the construction of Transport Towers, Space Warehouses, and communication networks, and the rulers have already returned to their various locations. The transport network will be established soon and in around half a year, the entire continent will be covered in the space transportation network.”

Chu Tian’s eyes lit up, “That quickly? It won’t be long before Miracle City dominates the continent!”

There was no need to mention the Transport Towers.

This thing could save quite a bit of effort for people and it allowed the people of the various countries go to places that were difficult or impossible to go to before, like Outer Space or the underground world. It was very important for developing their world and places outside their world.

Meng Qingwu took out a report.

The Transport Towers centered around Miracle City were in a hundred and forty cities and areas of the Forest Alliance and there were over one hundred and two cities in the kingdom alliance, mainly being placed in Imperial Cities and Main Cities.

Miracle City had a total of two hundred and forty five Transport Towers and each tower was used around fifty thousand times a day. Even if Miracle City gained ten source stones per transport, Miracle City would bring in over five hundred thousand source stones each day. In reality, it didn’t cost ten source stones to use the Transport Towers. For different areas, the fee was different, but generally it was several times that.

Meng Qingwu was prepared to increase the Transport Tower use rate, while also increasing the Transport Tower permeation. In the future, just based on the income from the Transport Towers, Miracle City could become the richest city in the Forest of Chaos and even the entire continent.

The importance of the Space Warehouse didn’t lose to the Transport Towers at all.

Right now, the bank and Shopping Center all relied on the Space Warehouse.

The value of the large banks of the Forest of Chaos was publicly recognized and there was no doubt on the infinite potential of the Miracle Shopping Center. There would be more investment into the Space Warehouse in the future and Miracle City would rent out large amounts of Space Warehouses. The cost of the Space Warehouse was low, but the benefits were shocking.

When the Transport Towers and Space Warehouses covered the continent.

That would be the day Miracle City ruled over everything.

Meng Qingwu did not get carried away looking forward, “Don’t be too happy too early, we could still welcome all kinds of challenges. At least the empire level powers wouldn’t let someone go past them or let us give birth to a super power that could control them.”

This indeed was a very big problem.

Chu Tian drank a cup of tea and asked, “Young miss, do you have a way to deal with this?”

“In the early stages, we can cooperate while appeasing them. As long as there are benefits, we can pull in allies. But in the end, we need to make ourselves stronger.” Meng Qingwu paused before saying, “I called you over today mainly because there are several important issues you need to personally look over.”

Chu Tian was stunned, “What is it?”

Meng Qingwu replied, “If Miracle City wants to dominate the continent, just having technology is not enough, we need to strengthen our military forces. I have a plan and the entire investment needed for this plan is around two billion source stones.”

Two billion source stones?!

Chu Tian was shocked!

Miracle City indeed had great wealth, but there were too many places that needed funds. They could only realistically flow in one hundred million and if they gathered resources from each area, it would be a total of around two hundred million. If it was anymore, it would affect the Yun Sect and the others areas.

With Miracle Commerce’s current financial situation, they couldn’t take out two billion at all.

“I’m first prepared to invest two hundred million and invest two hundred million more each month.” Meng Qingwu gave information on the plan to Chu Tian, “There are plans for construction of Mech Suits, large military ships and factories, floating fortresses, and armies in each region. Two billion sounds like a lot, but actually it is just the beginning.”

Miracle City didn’t have any backing or background, for their military strength to reach the empire level, they could only rely on technology.

Meng Qingwu’s choice to wildly increase their military was not wrong. Looking at Meng Qingwu’s plan, this sum of money was indeed far from enough. Not mentioning everything else, just building a large scale factory would consume a hundred million source stones in resources. Miracle City in the beginning phases needed to make at least five factories.

Moreover, each time they produced a normal large ship, it would have a cost of around one to two million.

If Miracle City wanted to be able to resist the hidden powers of the empire level forces, they would need at least four-five hundred of these large scale ships. This was impossible to achieve without a deep wealth.

Other than that, Meng Qingwu prepared to create large amounts of defensive weapons, wildly digging out missile silos or launching laser cannons into the air. This required large amount of resources and these resources were exchanged for with source stones.

Chu Tian nodded as he looked over the plan, “Isn’t it just a billion? Go and do it! If the source stones aren’t enough, go take a large loan from the bank. I believe this investment is worth it.”

Meng Qingwu received Chu Tian’s approval and her confidence greatly increased.

“Other than this, I still have something else to prepare.” Meng Qingwu gave Chu Tian another sheet, “I think the alliance model is a bit too forward, we need to change for something else.”

Chu Tian opened the sheet.

There were several large words on it, country forming plan!

Chu Tian was shocked by Meng Qingwu’s boldness, “You want to form a country? Don’t play around. Our influence spreads over spirit beasts, elves, Sea Race, and over a hundred different races. There has never been a country on the continent with such a complicated internal power.”

“We don’t need to make a centralized country and we don’t need to pick a ruler. My idea is out of convenience, to have the various powers come together and form a giant federation.” Meng Qingwu looked at Chu Tian as she said, “Our federation country will let the various places keep their autonomy and military, only compared to a loose alliance, we will elect a leader that will act as the federation’s president.”

Meng Qingwu was not satisfied with the current alliance.

Chu Tian felt this federation was a pretty good idea. An alliance was just an alliance, everyone cooperated out of benefit and they were all on equal level, this was just too scattered in the end. Miracle City had a high position, but couldn’t directly order anyone around, so this had a large influence on efficiency.

That’s why Meng Qingwu wanted to use the alliance as a base to form a federated country. They would elect a president and that president would lead the federation.

There was no need to say anything.

If this plan was implicated.

The only one qualified to become the president was Chu Tian.
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