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Chapter 603: Attacking Miracle City

The Golden Dragon Hawk army had already reached the Forest of Chaos. They moved very fast and without a sound. Because of a transparent layer that the naked eye couldn’t see, it was like there was a bubble surrounding this army.

From the ground, from the sky, or from any other angle.

One couldn’t clearly see the Golden Dragon Hawk army.

The Dragon Hawk was a hawk beast with a dragon’s bloodline with wings that were around eight meters long that was a mix between the wings of a dragon and a hawk. Not only did it have a shocking speed, with the dragon race’s secret technique, it had a very strong battle strength. The Golden Dragon Hawk among Dragon Hawks was one of the most outstanding races.

The Golden Dragon Hawk’s back was very big, so three people could ride on the back of each Golden Dragon Hawk. The one in charge was wearing a set of golden armour who was the official Dragon Hawk Knight, having a cultivation in the True Spirit Realm. The other people were just helpers with bows in hand. Although they were only squires, they were still elites in the army, so they had very good equipment.

The Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom had many troops, with millions of people in their five core armies. They could send out ten million people if their entire nation was sent out and they would send several million troops when invading an army.

Was there any use in these numbers?

The Golden Dragon Hawk army could casually take out two hundred people and it would be enough to defeat an army of ten thousand from the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom. This was the difference between an empire and a warring kingdom.

A warring kingdom’s army were quickly trained and quickly used. They had large numbers, but they were of low quality.

An empire had an incomparably firm background, therefore important armies of the empire would all be slowly nurtured over time. They would accumulate over generations and built up bit by bit. Therefore, the main armies of the empires didn’t have many people, but it was a power other kingdoms of the continent could not imagine!

A city like Miracle City wasn’t even a warring kingdom!

How could they defend against a battle strength at the empire level?

Jing Wuying felt that this was overkill, was there a need to send all these Golden Dragon Hawk soldiers? It wasn’t like they were fighting the Eternal Forest or the Dragon’s Ridge, just twenty-thirty thousand would be enough to destroy Miracle City!

Of course, since there weren’t many soldiers, Miracle City kept going against the Big Dry Empire. This time the Big Dry Empire had lost quite a bit of face, so their destruction will raise the Big Dry Empire’s prestige and also teach the other blind forces a lesson.

“Your highness, Martial King, we’ll be arriving in Miracle City soon!”

Although Miracle City was still a distance away from the army, with Jing Wuying’s cultivation and skills, he could see Miracle City in the distance. With their speed, they could reach it in half an hour.

“Pass down my order!” Jing Wuying raised his sword high up, “Directly attack the citiy!”

There was no need for adjustments.

The Dragon Hawk Beasts were very durable, it wouldn’t affect their battle strength even if they flew for ten days straight. In order to not give Miracle City and chance, Jing Wuying directly gave the order to attack.

When Jing Wuying led his troops to attack Miracle City, he suddenly found that something was off. This was because at this time, there was a dense patch of lights that came from Miracle City.

It was several tens of thousands of guided missiles.

Miracle City’s rocket technology was very developed.

These missiles flew at over ten times the speed of light, almost reaching fourteen-fifteen times the speed of light, it was not something that True Spirit Cultivators could react to. Even a high level Heaven Domain Cultivator like Jing Wuying was shocked by this.


“Miracle City’s weapons!”

“We’ve been found!”

The faces of the Heaven Domain generals all fell. They all didn’t know why they were discovered, weren’t they shielded by the Illusory Clam Beast? But now was not the time to be surprised because they found that they were coming too fast!

The Golden Dragon Hawk army didn’t have any protection and the army was this big, so they didn’t have time to dodge it.

The rockets landed among their army.

The Golden Dragon Hawk army was instantly blown up!

Miracle City’s vice City Lord Meng Qingwu spent several months of time, the work of tens of thousands, and countless materials to launch all the missile silos around Miracle City. These missiles had been prepared over several months with quite a bit of effort. The amount of energy contained within could easily blow up a True Spirit Cultivator and because they were controlled by the super intelligent Smart Brain, there was no chance of it missing.

The Golden Dragon Hawk army instantly suffered heavy casualties.

This was just the beginning. The army slowed down because of the explosions when there were movements from the sky. Just like rain drops, countless high altitude bombs fell down, landing right above the heads of the Golden Dragon Hawk army. What surprised people was that not a single one flew past them to explode in the forest, they were all controlled to blow up in the air!

The Golden Dragon Hawk army wasn’t prepared at all when they met this fierce bombing. Although the Golden Dragon Hawk army was filled with experts, they couldn’t withstand this powerful attack. In just a few short minutes, they had casualties in the thousands.

This was a giant loss to the Big Dry Empire!

Jing Wuying never thought that before the fight even began, before he had time to ambush Miracle City, Miracle City would ambush him first. In a fit of rage, he recklessly shouted, “All out attack! All out attack!”

The Golden Dragon Hawk army were still the elites of the empire.

Although they had met heavy losses, seeing Jing Wuying charging forward with the vanguard, they immediately charged forward to attack. They forced a gathered strike and moved towards Miracle City.

There was no need for camouflage!

The Illusory Clam Beasts released all their power and Golden Dragon Hawks filled the sky.

This was one about the illusion abilities of the Illusory Clam Beast, they could use illusions to create chaos. Whether it was sound or scent, it was all the same. Moreover, it could move around, make contact with living beings, use energy attacks, and it could have destructive illusory effects.


The Golden Dragon Hawk cavalry scattered, allowing them to avoid being gathered together for the missiles to attack. They could hide among the illusions and make it hard for Miracle City’s people to find them.

Miracle City as expected stopped firing missiles!

It was effective?

Thousands of light beams came from Miracle City.

There were Source Energy Cannons and giant Source Energy Cannons. When Miracle City was still in the Southern Summer Country, whether it was their materials or their technology, it hadn’t matured yet. They could now make weapons that even killed True Spirit Cultivators.

Miracle City’s weapon technology had not just soared in a year, it was hard to imagine the material invested into the research. Not to mention these Source Energy Cannons killing True Spirit Cultivators, even low level Heaven Domain Cultivators would suffer from being hit!

The most terrifying thing was that beside the normal Source Energy Cannons, there were beams of light that came from mountains in the direction of Miracle City. These beams of light went several times further than normal Source Energy Cannons and they had shocking precision, with each shot taking out an Illusory Clam Beast!

A group of Dragon Hawk cavalry passed by.

The super powerful energy beams in the air didn’t scatter and they formed a giant swords that cut through the air, causing heavy casualties for the Golden Dragon Hawks.

“What is this!”

Jing Wuying was completely stunned.

He was a bit prepared for the missiles, but the weapon Miracle City was using now was simply unheard of. Not to mention the Big Dry Empire’s people, even few Miracle Commerce people knew about the existence of this weapon.

In order to strengthen Miracle City’s defenses, Meng Qingwu had chosen to change several mountains. Finally she created these powerful Source Energy Laser Cannons!

This kind of weapon was different from a normal Source Energy Cannon. A normal Source Energy Cannon gathered energy which it shot out at once, finally creating a highly dense energy bullet to kill people. The Source Energy Beam Cannons were mounted at the peak of these mountains and the inside of the mountain was turned into an energy supply system. It supplied the cannon with a continuous flow of high intensity energy, which created this beam effect.

Whether it was distance, speed, or precision, this new weapon had a shocking effect.

It could create continuous beams that could cut through giant targets or sweep across a large group of enemies!

The several Source Energy Laser Cannons fired at the same time, causing several beams to dance in the air. Because it was controlled by the Smart Brain, it was impossible for them to be affected by the illusions created by the Illusory Clam Beasts. They first fired at the Illusory Clam Beasts within the Golden Dragon Hawk army before aiming at the Golden Dragon Hawk beasts.

The energy of the Source Energy Laser was too strong!

Whichever Golden Dragon Hawk it swept over was instantly burnt to a crisp!



The Golden Dragon Hawk army was filled with hysteria.

Before they had even reached Miracle City, they had already lost ten-twenty thousand troops!

Who would have thought that Miracle City’s defenses would be this strong? But the Golden Dragon Hawk army was worthy of being an elite troop. Even with these heavy casualties, they didn’t retreat and kept approaching Miracle City.

After paying a heavy price, the Golden Dragon Hawks passed through the attacks of the Source Energy Lasers.

Miracle City wouldn’t be able to do anything now, right?

If they didn’t have these heavy weapons, what would Miracle City use to resist the Golden Dragon Hawk army?

The Golden Dragon Hawks had entered Miracle City’s range, they couldn’t just randomly bomb their own city, right? Unless they were crazy enough to try and die together!

The Big Dry Empire’s people guessed right this time!

Meng Qingwu never thought to use the destructive missiles or the dangerous laser cannons in the air above Miracle City. After all, these weapons were too strong and they could cause destruction to the city if they weren’t careful.

At this time.

A black protective barrier appeared around Miracle City.

A protective barrier?

Jing Wuying’s eyes turned blood red, “You think you can block the Big Dry Empire’s army with a barrier that is only this strong!”

Almost at the same time, two large plate like objects slowly rose from the center of Miracle City. These two plate like objects were made of metal and each one was around eight hundred meters long. They looked like warships with the surface being covered in guns and cannons, giving people a very fierce feeling.

“What is this now?”

Jing Wuying saw the two giant ships flying in the air and he showed a stunned expression.

Over a hundred Black Thunder fighters appeared out of the giant ship and behind each Black Thunder fighter were thousands of strange figures. These people were all wearing strange Mech Suits as they flew across the air.

[TL Note: Anyone else just imagining an army of Zakus?]

This was Miracle City’s flying army!