Miracle Throne
Chapter 599: Tearing off all face
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 599: Tearing off all face

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom’s fleet surrounded the crystal ship and there was a flagship facing the crystal ship. A two and half meter tall person in black armour came out, he was a race that they hadn’t seen before which seemed to be a mix between a flood dragon and a human, with scales all over his body. He had a slender build and a pair of dark gold eyes with the special dark gold pupils of the dragon race.

A flood dragon person.

A famous high tier Sea Race

The flood dragon people had the bloodline of the sea flood dragon, speaking the sea flood dragon language. They had high talents and were all brave soldiers. If the Deep Blue Empire still existed, most of the military offices would be held by the flood dragon people.

It was because of this that one of the four Deep Blue Empire governors was the flood dragon person Lucas. He had enough military strength and people to occupy the largest archipelago in the Western Sea, founding the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom with his subordinates. Although the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom couldn’t compare to West Sea City in terms of prosperity, they had several times the military strength compared to Bo Sha.

“Isn’t this Bo Sha’s ship?”

“Since you have come, why not come to the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago for a visit?”

The two sea flood dragons wrapped the crystal boat and several warships surrounded the ship. It was a formation that didn’t even let a single drop of water through.

The Merperson captain came out and roared back with a look of rage, “We haven’t entered the seas of the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom, based on what are you doing this!”

Although Bo Sha and Lucas had their fame, they were still from the same branch. The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago and West Sea City both came from the Deep Blue Empire, so even if their relationship wasn’t that good, it wouldn’t be that bad.

West Sea City made it more convenient for the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago to obtain resources and the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago sent troops when the Western Sea coast met trouble. It was because of using each other that when nothing out of the ordinary happened, they wouldn’t easily break relations with each other.

The flood dragon person general clearly knew that this crystal ship belonged to Bo Sha.

So why did he dare send out an army to surround it?

“I’ve heard that West Sea City has been raising waves lately. Since you have already become rich, shouldn’t you pay a bit of protection money?” The flood dragon person didn’t hide his goal at all, “Without the protection of the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago, how could your West Sea City be that relaxed!”

The face of the Merperson captain changed. The flood dragon people’s attitude suddenly change, it didn’t seem simple, “The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King can find City Lord Bo Sha to talk, why use is there in stopping us?”

“Ha, ha, ha.” The flood dragon person general spoke in an arrogant voice, “City Lord Bo Sha is willing to lend her crystal boat to others, this meant that these people’s importance to West Sea City is not simple. At least catching them would mean having a pretty good chip, so do you think catching them is of any use?”


The Merperson’s face fell.

This fellow’s manner was simply equaling to declaring war with West Sea City. Their relationship had been pretty good the entire time, so why did the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom change face faster than flipping a book? This was too unreasonable!

The flood dragon person general pointed with his spear, “Take them all!”

Several sea flood dragons charged out of the water while roaring. These sea flood dragons were a very high level dragon demon beast. These sea flood dragons that lived in the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago, although they had been tamed by the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom, they were still medium and high grade level three demon beasts when they grew up.

“Roar, roar!”

Two sea flood dragons were covered in a layer of water armour, with spiraling water energy surrounding their bodies, turning them into two powerful drills. They first charged into the sky before drilling back down, attempting to bore a hole in the deck of the crystal ship!

“Seeking death!”

Nangong Yun and Vivian made a move at the same time.

Nangong Yun charged into the sky while turning into a fire phoenix, sending a punch at the flood dragon’s head. The water and flames collided, instantly creating a large area of mist. The flood dragon let out a painful cry as its entire head was burnt and it fell into the water.

Vivian directly passed the flood dragon and sent a spatial cut through it, causing the sea flood dragon’s invulnerable body to be instantly cut in half like a little snake being cut by a blade. The two pieces fell back into the water as they frantically struggled and pitifully wailed out, while the flood dragon blood turned a large area of the sea red.

Nangong Yun said to Vivian, “First take care of the ringleader!”

Vivian nodded, “Alright!”

The two of them instantly teleported to the other side’s main ship.

Nangong Yun turned into the blazing fire phoenix again as she sent two fists that were like meteors onto the deck of the ship. Vivian used her arm as a blade as she swept out with her hand, causing her spatial energy to fly out. Although it was only a hand blade attacking, it was sharper than any divine weapon.

“Humph, you do have some skills.”

The flood dragon person general’s spear came out and heavily landed on Vivian’s body. A terrifying energy was released and Vivian’s energy was dispelled. Another palm came out and the spirit energy turned into hundreds of little flood dragons that intertwined into a wave of energy, slamming into Nangong Yun’s body. Nangong Yun gave a grunt and was instantly slammed into the deck, suffering quite heavy injuries.

Such powerful spirit energy!

It was a Heaven Domain Expert!

Was the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago prepared to completely lose face with West Sea City? This kind of peak expert was in the top ten of the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago, this was definitely one of the senior generals of the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King.

Sending this kind of important person to capture a ship, it was killing a chicken with a butcher’s knife!

The flood dragon person general pointed his spear at the crystal boat, “Do not put up a senseless resistance. His majesty the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King wants to see you all, please come with me!”

The Merperson’s face was pale.

This was terrible!

There were over ten Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom ships which was several tens of thousands of soldiers. As well as a peak expert and senior general of the flood dragon people, how could they be a normal person? Not to mention this peak expert in the Heaven Domain Realm, just based on this army that wasn’t small, they wouldn’t be able to resist.

As soon as the flood dragon person general’s voice fell, ten sea flood dragons drilled out of the sea. They surrounded the crystal ship and wildly raised the sea waves, creating large vortexes trapping the crystal ship inside.

The Merperson captain quickly came in front of Chu Tian, “City Lord Chu Tian, please quickly leave. Don’t worry about us!”

The Merperson captain was City Lord Bo Sha’s trusted confidant, so he knew about Miracle City’s Transport Scrolls. Although this situation was very bad, it wasn’t enough to threaten Chu Tian.

Chu Tian didn’t seem worried at all as he calmly said, “What are you worried about? This little situation is enough to threaten us?”

This situation wasn’t severe enough?

An expert of the Heaven Domain Realm was already hard enough to deal with, not to mention they were surrounded by a large army and the sea was sealed by the sea flood dragons. Just with the bit of people on the crystal ship, there was no suspense in this matter at all.

Meng Qingwu also seemed not worried at all, as she pulled out a cell phone. Dialing a number and after it connected, she gave a simple order, “Attack order, sweep through the surrounding barricades!”

No one could understand what was happening.

There was a sharp sound from above as ten black fighter planes appeared from above the clouds. They were large blades as they created over ten lines above the sea.

The Source Energy Cannons roared out!

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom ships were hit by the Source Energy Cannons and large holes appeared in them, with a few ships being blown into several pieces. The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom soldiers were too slow to respond and the black fighters released a wave of powerful missiles.

Hong, hong, hong!

Their surroundings were turned into a sea of flames!

The flood dragon person general’s face fell. With a roar, he jumped into the sky to block the black fighter planes, but at this time, the space in front of him trembled as a person appeared from the void.

With a flick of a finger on his right hand.


The flood dragon person’s chest exploded and blood mist poured out, pushing him back several dozen meters. Luckily the flood dragon person had a high cultivation and blocked the might of the Phaseless Sword with his protective cultivation technique, otherwise this attack might have pierced his heart!

“Good balls, actually daring to hurt me!”

The flood dragon person general’s cultivation was very strong, immediately suppressing the wound on his chest. A long spear sprinkled out of his hand and like flowing rivers, it instantly released beams of light. They were like silver rivers that surrounded Chu Tian, instantly tearing Chu Tian’s body.

There was no doubt of the Heaven Domain Expert’s strength.

But what shocked the flood dragon person was that after Chu Tian’s body was torn apart, it filled the sky with sparks. These sparks turned into a sea of flames that swallowed the flood dragon person, before a body formed again in the center of the flames, changing into Chu Tian’s shape.

It was a clone!

The instant Chu Tian ambushed the flood dragon person general, he immediately released his Netherworld clone. His main body teleported behind the flood dragon person and when the flood dragon person attack, Chu Tian also made his move.

“Phaseless Sword Slash!”

Chu Tian gathered large amounts of spirit energy to release a stronger slash, since an ordinary Phaseless Sword Finger wouldn’t be enough to break the defenses of a Heaven Domain Expert. This Phaseless Sword was ten times stronger than normal, there was no chance of failing!

The flood dragon person general was swallowed by the Netherworld Flames. Netherworld’s strength was close to the Heaven Domain Realm. Chu Tian soared into the sky covered in flames and his hands sucked in the surrounding flames to send out two burning slashes at the flood dragon person.


The flood dragon person general had to raise his spear to block it and the flames clashed with the roaring waves. The flood dragon person had a shocking cultivation, sweeping away the flames, but after being bathed in the Netherworld Flames, the flood dragon person’s protective cultivation technique was greatly weakened. Chu Tian’s attack arrived at this time, with the spatial sword slashing from head to toe!

It happened in an instant!

It was completely invisible!

If this attack had hit, the flood dragon person general would have been cut in half. However his sense of danger trained through years of war made the flood dragon person general dodge at the most critical moment, only letting his arm be cut off.

The flood dragon person general’s vitality was greatly injured.

He never would have thought that a Heaven Domain Expert would suffer at the hands of this brat. The flood dragon person general didn’t want to fight anymore and was prepared to leave. He used his life preserving secret technique and was about to escape into the water. As long as he entered the water, he could instantly escape thousands of miles away.

Want to run?

How could it be that easy!

Chu Tian didn’t even have a chance to make a move.

The little fox’s eyes lit up and the several sea flood dragons at the bottom of the ocean were all controlled by the little fox. They turned into water spouts as they drilled out of the water, slamming into the flood dragon person general in the air.

The flood dragon person general’s face fell. He was caught off guard when he was hit by the sea flood dragons, being knocked high up into the air and was completely trapped by the sea flood dragons.


The flood dragon person general’s expression changed because there was a jet black blade at his neck. This sword contained a powerful destructive might and as long as Chu Tian moved, his head would be separated.

“I think there’s no need to be a guest in the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago.” Chu Tian smiled to him as he said, “I ask your excellency to come to West Sea City for a trip!”
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