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Chapter 598: Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom

There were all kinds of changes Miracle Commerce brought to the forest, the kingdoms, and the world. Le He and Yu Ge were only examples from the countless different cases.

This company born in a small town of the Southern Summer Country had now become this giant. They were like a giant net that wildly spread across the continent, connecting all the resources, wealth, and people together.

No matter how busy the Forest Alliance was or how it developed, Chu Tian didn’t care at all. This was because the current Chu Tian was currently on a beautiful Merpeople crystal boat, sailing across the blue seas.

Meng Yingying, Vivian, and Nangong Yun, these three sisters of different surnames were all dressed casually. They were wearing very short skirts that revealed three sets of snow white crystal like legs, shaking in front of Chu Tian. They were wearing light gauze clothes on their upper half and had a fine hat on their head, looking no different from noble girls going out to play.

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu were laying back in beach chairs, having the warm ocean breeze blow over them while they enjoyed the Fairy Wine the Flower Fairies brewed in the Miracle Gardens.

Meng Qingwu took a sip of the Fairy Wine and felt the energy seep into her body bit by bit. This kind of priceless Immortal Grade Wing, for normal people, it would be the luck of three lifetimes to even take a sniff of it. Even for cultivators with high cultivations, this was a treasure they couldn’t ask for, it was only important when they were breaking through.

At this moment.

The Fairy Wine was just wine.

Meng Qingwu was not focused on refining the wine at all, just letting the wine’s energy scatter inside her body, enjoying it as a high quality drink. For anyone, this would be blaspheming a heavenly object. However, in the hands of Miracle City’s vice City Lord, the Fairy Wine was not that precious at all.

Miracle City and Miracle Commerce was at its peak, having wealth flowing in the tens of millions of source stones. Chu Tian still had not gone over the large amount of resources taken from Alexis’ treasure room in the Subterranean World and Miracle City had resource reserves worth tens of millions of source stone. Even on the continent, they could be considered a major financial power.

Even if they spent all their source stone reserves, didn’t they still have Miracle Bank if they were tight on finances? With the Forest Alliance’s financial industry, it wasn’t hard to take eight-ten million from Miracle Bank right now.

The important thing was.

Was there only a source stone and resource reserve?

Miracle City’s most valuable item that couldn’t be measured would eternally be their assets. For example, the Transport Towers and communication towers around the world, the mines in the Purgatory World, the several dozen resource fields of the Forest Alliance, the star mines in Outer Space, Miracle City’s investments in the various forest companies, Miracle City’s Yun Sect research lab, their intelligent factories, their crystal oil fields, and etc.

These assets couldn’t be measured in a concrete manner because even if it was calculate, it would be an incomparably large figure.

The Forest Alliance’s development was already wrapped together with Miracle Commerce’s.

The large and small companies of the Forest Alliance, almost all of them had investment from Miracle City. For example, the Life and Culture Chamber of Commerce the two elders from the Tree of Life Tribe established, the programming companies of the Eternal Forest, the equipment companies of the Giant Mountain Range, the resource companies of the Dragon’s Ridge, or even the large scale mercenaries of the Savage Highlands, Miracle Commerce had a share in almost all of them.

The entire alliance was using Miracle Commerce’s technology and products.

Therefore it wasn’t exaggerated to say that Miracle Commerce prospered as long as the Forest Alliance prospered, Miracle Commerce was strong as long as the Forest Alliance was strong. Right now they were in a development phase, so even if Miracle Commerce didn’t do anything right now, they would expand by several times after a year!

Chu Tian didn’t dare say his power was the strongest on the continent, but in terms of commercial potential and wealth accumulation, other than those old and powerful empires, there was no one that could match Miracle Commerce in this plane, on this continent!

The two of them were Miracle Commerce’s highest leaders.

What was a few bottles of Fairy Wine?

Chu Tian raised the jade bottle to pour another cup for the young miss, “After playing for a few days, are you more relaxed? Taking a vacation like this from time to time, it is a great help to both the brain and to cultivation!”

What could Meng Qingwu say, “You are the boss, naturally whatever you say counts. I just hope nothing has happened at home.”

“Young miss, don’t be this depressing!” Chu Tian laid down in a comfortable position, “We have enough wealth to spend for five hundred years, why are you making yourself so tired?”

Meng Qingwu shook her head, “Miracle Commerce’s current scale and finances are enough to sustain us for five thousand years, but this is far from being enough from the scale your described.”

Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “What is young miss talking about?”

“The ambition in your heart is not just the continent.” Meng Qingwu bathed in the sunlight as she casually said, “The cultivation you’re chasing after is not just the Heaven Domain Realm. I know how big your ambition is, but I believe you can charge even further, reaching a place we could never imagine. This requires a large amount of technology and material support. The current Miracle Commerce is far from enough!”

Chu Tian’s expression slightly changed.

“No wonder Yingying always says that the young miss understands me the best.” Chu Tian gave a few laughs, “But speaking of this, we have reached out current level from a small company in the Southern Summer Country in just two years. This speed has already surpassed my expectations. Without the young miss’ support, how could it be this smoothly?”

“Since you’ve already boarded this ship, you’ll have to walk with me to the end in this life.” Chu Tian intentionally teased her, “Since it’s like this, you should just marry me with Yingying!”

Meng Qingwu spat out, “In your dreams!”

Chu Tian did not understand. Although the young miss was a relatively conservative person, she wasn’t completely stubborn. Why did she keep hesitating over this matter?

“We’ll talk about our matter in the future.” Meng Qingwu said in a low voice, “I want Yingying to have an unique wedding that only belongs to her.”

Chu Tian shrugged.

The young miss’ love for her little sister, there was nothing else to add.

“This sea is so big, I think we won’t even be able to reach the end in a year with our current speed!” Meng Yingying happily ran across the deck, “Chu Tian, what do you think is at the end of the sea?”

Vivian was also very curious about this.

“This question must be answered in terms of different planes.” Chu Tian looked into the distance with narrowed eyes and said, “Our plane is a sphere and there is a thin layer above it with material, but beyond that there is no gravity. Whether it is Outer Space, underground, or the four sides of the continent, there is a space with no gravity. Once the sea water flows to a certain distance, it will be unable to move any further, so there is an empty void at the end of the Western Sea. The sea water will fall off like from the edge of a cliff and it will finally flow back from below.”

“Wa, big brother Chu Tian is so powerful, how do you even know this?”

“Nonsense, otherwise how could I be your boss?” Chu Tian sat up and looked around, “Where’s Nangong?”

As soon as Chu Tian’s voice fell, the sea water in front exploded. Nangong Yun was covered in flames and she instantly turned a large part of the sea into mist. She directly threw out a giant octopus that was a hundred meters wide out of the sea. This octopus seemed like a level three demon beasts, having a cultivation at around the 5th True Spirit Layer. It was actually taken care of by Nangong Yun in just a few punches.

Nangong Yun selected the best octopus tentacle to bring onto the deck, “Look, I found some fresh seafood. We’ll be eating octopus teppanyaki today!”

Meng Yingying and Vivian began to drool.

This kind of fresh ingredient with their company’s high quality cooking equipment along with some Fairy Wine, it would be very enjoyable. The three girls immediately went off to cook a large feast for Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu.

Meng Qingwu gave a helpless smile, “These three fellows really have the same mind!”

Chu Tian wanted to speak, but a Merperson came onto the deck and spoke to Chu Tian with an unnatural look, “We can’t keep going forward!”


“In front of us is the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago.”

Chu Tian looked at Meng Qingwu, “Is this place very special? Why is it called the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago? Are there many Flood Dragon’s here?”

“Not exactly. The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago is the largest archipelago on the Western Sea and it used to be a part of the Deep Blue Empire. After the Deep Blue Empire split apart, the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago became independent, becoming the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom! The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King is a flood dragon person with a deep cultivation and is very strong. They used to be one of the four governors of the Deep Blue Empire and had the same position as City Lord Bo Sha.”

“It’s another warring kingdom,?” Meng Qingwu had tightly knit brows as she said to Chu Tian, “Flood dragon people aren’t easy to deal with and the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King must be a difficult to handle, not to mention a warring kingdom itself is not weak. We shouldn’t provoke them while the Western Sea situation hasn’t been stabilized yet.”

Chu Tian would take a look if it was normal time, but he was on vacation and not here to cause trouble. Chu Tian waved his hand and said, “Forget it, it’s disappointing. We’ve played enough, let’s go back!”

The Merperson crew member let out a sigh.

The giant crystal ship slowly turned around.

When Chu Tian was prepared to return, something suddenly happened. The crystal boat trembled like it was hit by a giant hammer, almost flipping over in the water.

“Damn, who did it!”

“Water, in the water! Everyone, be careful!”

Two giant flood sea flood dragons surrounded them, attacking the crystal ship. This crystal ship was given to Chu Tian by Bo Sha, it was one of the most sturdy ships in the Merpeople race. The entire ship had been greatly reinforced and even a Heaven Domain Expert wouldn’t be able to break it.

At this time.

There were several giant ships with a foreign styles that appeared around them.

The Merperson crew member’s face fell, “The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom’s ships!”

Chu Tian slightly narrowed his eyes, this was a bit interesting. Chu Tian wasn’t planning to provoke them, but they came here to provoke him.