Miracle Throne
Chapter 597: Giant star’s rising
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 597: Giant star’s rising

West Sea City.

The Miracle Shopping Center platform had been established!

In just a few days, the lives of the West Sea City citizens had undergone earth shaking changes.

West Sea City was the alliance’s sixth largest city. Although it joined later than the other cities of the Forest of Chaos West Sea City had a superiority the other cities didn’t have.

The Eternal Forest, the Savage Highlands, the Giant Mountain Range, and the Dragon’s Ridge were too isolated.

West Sea City was the only Forest of Chaos area open to the outside world.

The over twenty countries of the Western Sea coast were all centered around the Crystal Bay.

West Sea City itself could swallow large amount of resources, but now that it was connected to the Forest Alliance, it was more convenient to exchange all kinds of resources. This brought large amounts of resources to the Forest Alliance and the Forest Alliance’s resources were also brought to the coastal countries through West Sea City. This created a large economic boom for the entire area.

It was because of the thick business culture in West Sea City.

Now that there was a good chance to become rich, how could the citizens let it go? Large amounts of Merpeople and Sea Races, whether it was a family or as an individual, they created companies and started their businesses. As soon as West Sea City joined the Forest Alliance, the various other buildings were already in full swing before they were even constructed.

Naturally there were some who liked business and some who didn’t.

The young girl Yu Ge was a normal person among the millions of Merpeople.

Yu Ge was from a normal birth among the Merpeople. Her father was just a small officer of the Crystal Bay and her cultivation talent was just normal, only reaching the 7th Awakened Soul Layer. If one had to mention something she was proud of, Yu Ge’s appearance was considered not bad among the Mermaids. Other than that, Yu Ge had a rich talent for music, inventing several musical instruments and personally composing several ballads.

But what use was that?

It wouldn’t feed her!

Although West Sea City had a good welfare for Merpeople that even if Yu Ge didn’t do anything, she at least wouldn’t starve, but Yu Ge had been ambitious since she was young, she didn’t want an obscure life.

Work hard on her cultivation?

Yu Ge’s talent was average and cultivating alone had its limits. If she wanted to raise her realm, she would need large amounts of resources, but this was very unlikely with Yu Ge’s family background.

Start a business?

One on hand, Yu Ge wasn’t very interested in this and on the other hand, she didn’t have the capital or manpower.

This day, there were two strangers that approached her that completely changed Yu Ge’s life.

The two who came to visit were actually two elves. It was one man and woman. The man was handsome and tall, the girl had a mature feel to her. Based on the aura coming from them, they were at least experts in the 7th True Spirit Layer or above. Yu Ge’s social circle was very small, she had never met this kind of people, not to mention that they were elves.

“Are you young miss Yu Ge? I’ll introduce myself first.” The male elf revealed a warm smile as he said, “I am called Aubersen and this is Aledis, we are elders of the Tree of Life Tribe and we have established a cultural art company.”

Yu Ge was very shocked.

The elves were also starting companies?

These two were elven elders who weren’t weak and they had lived for several hundred years. She never thought that these isolated and stubborn elves would come here to do business now!

Yu Ge was still a bit confused, “Do the two of you have business with me?”

Aubersen suddenly revealed a smile, “Our company is a culture art company, mainly focusing in the movie and music industry. The movies that we have produced have been shown in over fifty cities of the Forest Alliance and has generated great revenue. We have also released three elven records and now there are over three hundred thousand magnetic sound plates sales in the cities. The Merpeople are famous for their singing and we’ve heard that young miss Yu Ge is especially talented in this field, so we’ve come to ask you to sign with our company.”

The elves had come tens of thousands of miles.

It was actually because they liked her musical talent and specially came to sign her.

“Our company is one of the largest cultural arts company among the elves, not only do we have good production abilities, we also have a cooperation with Miracle Commerce’s broadcast stations.” Aubersen said, “We have already yielded great results in the Forest Alliance market and we’ve recently begun to expand into kingdom alliance market, selling records and holding concerts. In the future with the Merpeople’s relations and channels, we can also go to the Western Sea countries. This is a very good chance, I hope that you will consider us.”

Aledis was an elegant and mature elf. She had been silent the entire time and she spoke up at this time, “If you’re willing, please contact us as soon as possible. This is our communication number.”

Yu Ge didn’t even think as she said, “No need to think, I’m willing!”

Where could she find such a good thing?

Yu Ge loved playing with instruments and composing ballads, but this was just a personal love and it had never brought her any income. How could she let such a good chance go? Yu Ge was a person who cared about nothing once she became passionate about something. She immediately left a letter in her home and brought her equipment as she left with the two elves.

Aubersen and Aledis were Tree of Life Tribe elders.

They were elves that had met Chu Tian the earliest, so they were greatly influenced by Chu Tian, especially Aledis. She was filled with regret that she missed that good chance back then. If she had agreed to Chu Tian’s condition and released him, Chu Tian would have owed her a large favour.

Aledis had even ridiculed Chu Tian, asking him to bring the stars down from the sky.

In the end?

A joke had become true!

Chu Tian had created over ten Outer Space mines and was now beginning to harvest stars!

Of course, this matter was already past. Although she was filled with regret, there was still no other choice. She could only at least properly live her current life.

After the Eternal Forest made an alliance with Miracle City, Vivian came back to the Tree of Life Tribe.

Under Vivian’s urging, Aubersen and Aledis resigned as elders of the Tree of Life Tribe and created this company. Not only did Vivian invest in this company, she even pulled her good friends Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun in.

The Life and Culture Chamber of Commerce was one of the most well supported company among the elves!

Movies, music, and culture, there was always a market for it.

Whether it was the influence on the elves or the influence on the continent’s culture, it all had a large commercial value!

Aubersen brought Yu Ge to a special recording place owned by the company, “Young miss Yu Ge, please sing a few songs first and let us here how it sounds.”

Yu Ge was a bit nervous, “Alright!”

The Merpeople were known as the best singers on the continent. It’s said that Merpeople normally sung on isolated islands or sea channels and that their singing could attract sea life, even disorient the most experienced captain. This song that was filled with a magical charm, it was something that could only be met and not asked for on the sea.

Because of Miracle Commerce’s magnetic sound technology, the Merpeople’s song could be recorded on a disk. It’s estimated that not long after, the entire continent could hear the Merpeople’s natural song.

Yu Ge gradually prepared herself as she raised the microphone and began softly singing.

The voice filled with a magical charm spread out with a trace of spiritual energy contained within, causing all the staff to tremble as they felt like they had just entered an illusion. A beautiful beach with different coloured sand appeared in front of them, with each grain of sand looking like it was carved from crystal. The jade like orchids blew against the sea cliff and the Mermaids were living without care.

This was Yu Ge’s own «Crystal Bay» song!

The Crystal Bay was the harbour in West Sea City and the most beautiful place in the Forest of Chaos. Ye Ge’s song gave people the beautiful feeling of being in that environment.

Yu Ge sang another few songs and each one was like nature hitting their hearts.

Although it used the Sea Race’s language, when it reached this realm, the lyrics themselves didn’t matter. Not to mention that the Merpeople language had one hundred and eighty one syllables, making it even more eloquent than the elven language. Even if they couldn’t understand it, they could still enjoy it.

But Yu Ge was a bit unconfident about her performance, “How about it, are my songs alright? I still have many other songs, I can sing them right now.”

“It’s very beautiful!” Aledis couldn’t help praising her, “You are a seedling with talent and potential!”

“It’s fine with what we have now.” Aubersen said to Aledis, “Go and talk to the people at Miracle Broadcasting, we’ll debut this song tonight on air. Choose a good music channel and time.”

Aledis said, “We’ve just obtained a cooperation with the Central State broadcasting station. The Central State broadcasting station spreads across the kingdom alliance, how about we try it with the Central State broadcasting station?”

Aubersen thought about it before saying, “Alright! That one it is then!”

Aledis said, “Let’s first create records with these recorded songs, we’ll do a batch of one hundred thousand. I believe there won’t be a lack of demand.”

The two elves had a simple discussion before coming to a condition.

Aubersen took out a contract for Yu Ge to sign, “After you sign with our Life and Culture Chamber of Commerce, you’ll be a performer for our company. The contract is for five years and it’s subject to the Forest Alliance’s legal protection. After you sign with us, we’ll take care of you and promote you. The profit from your music being broadcast at the stations and the sales of the records will be shared half and half with the company. Your concerts and events will be split seventy-thirty with your taking the seventy. Other than that, as for merchandise, movies, and other things, they are all written in the contract. If you don’t have any doubts, please sign this contract with us.”

Yu Ge didn’t know how to get more benefits.

But the elves wouldn’t cheat her.

Yu Ge simply looked it over before signing the contract.

That night, Yu Ge’s songs spread through the Forest of Chaos and several kingdoms through the broadcasting station, instantly creating a large stir. Countless orders came to the company and this popularity was something even Aubersen didn’t expect.

In one day.

In just a single day.

The Mermaid song disk had over two hundred thousand orders. It was much higher than their estimate and was about to break the consecutive sale record!

Each disk cost a single source stone and although it wasn’t high, it added up to quite a bit. Two hundred thousand was equal to two hundred thousand source stones and according to the half and half split, Yu Ge earned one hundred thousand source stones in one night!

What concept was one hundred thousand source stones?

This amount was an astronomical wealth for her!

Yu Ge wouldn’t have been able to obtain this much money in her entire life before!

This was just the beginning. Aubersen and Aledis estimated that the first disk could sell over two million copies. Yu Ge had a large amount of songs on hand and she could write even more in the future. Other than that, there were other areas with stronger spending power than West Sea City that hadn’t been tapped yet.

Even with a conservative estimate.

They could at least earn a profit of ten million in the future!

Yu Ge would definitely become one of the brightest stars of the Life and Culture Chamber of Commerce. This Life and Culture Chamber of Commerce’s future earnings would even surpass the value of several forest cities!
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