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Chapter 585: Successful capture

Alexis City was one of the most important Subterranean city!

How could the defense of a city like this be weak?

What kind of status did the Spider Queen have? She was the strongest expert of the Subterranean World, ruling over half of the forces in the Subterranean World alone. She even spread her power into the Purgatory and surface worlds, she was a ruler with both power and intelligence.

Alexis City was the Spider Queen’s main city.

This city not only had countless experts, it also had an impregnable terrain. Adding in the prestige and influence of the Spider Queen, it was regarded as a sacred city in the Subterranean World. No one ever imagined that it would be attacked by a large army one day.

But it was actually happening now.

Everything had happened too suddenly!

The giant dragons, Behemoths, Titans, and elven City Lords, those that had power close to the Heaven Domain Realm, there were around seventy-eighty of them. Adding in the four giants of the Forest of Chaos, this power was enough to crush most cities on the continent.

There was also tens of thousands of elite soldiers who not only had top experts from the four giants, also had Miracle Commerce’s newest weapons. Alexis City was caught off guard and encountered this wild attack, creating an one sided fight.

This was the decisive battle for the surface and Subterranean worlds!

After a dragon destroyed a building, his eyes fell onto a castle that was like a gem in the center of the city. He flapped his wings and immediately flew over, gathering dragon flame that could instantly melt steel in his mouth.


The dragon released a large scattering of dragon flames. Each dragon flame was separate and contained a terrifying destructive might, flying at the castle like arrows.

When the powerful dragon flames were about to hit the castle, there was a powerful energy fluctuation that came from within. Webbing that was releasing dark red light was shot out and each string met a dragon flame. When the webbing hit the dragon flame, the powerful energy contained within instantly scattered the flames.

The dragon revealed a look of panic.

Dragon flames were the dragon clan’s main method of attacking. The stronger a dragon was, the stronger their dragon flame was. This dragon was close to the Heaven Domain Realm and for the other side to easily scatter his dragon flames, that meant the other side was far above him in strength.

The dragon wanted to run knowing that it was bad, but it was already too late.

Sou, sou, sou, sou!

Thousands of spider webs surged into the sky and completely wrapped around the back of this dragon. If one looked carefully at the spider webs, one could see that there was a powerful energy contained within each strand and it actually shattered the dragon’s scales. The dragon was instantly cut and bruised all over, roaring out he tried to break free.

The countless strands of spider silk shrunk and a figure was pulled out of the ground.

This was a half human half spider spider person. Her figure was a bit larger than that of a normal spider person and she had a strange purple colour from head to toe. The top half of her body was a mature and elegant woman and her bottom half was a terrifying eight legged spider. This beauty and ugliness combining, it didn’t clash at all.

There were countless strands of spider silk around her.

She used these strands of spider silk to move through the air.

The identity of this person was clear, she was definitely the most famous Spider Queen of the underground world. At this time, the Spider Queen had a look of rage. She had moved unhindered in the Subterranean World for several hundred years and it had always been her invading others. She never would have thought that her main city would be one day attacked by others.


She was quickly pulled into the sky by the silk and a blood red strand of silk appeared in her hand as she flew at the dragon’s neck. This strand was too small to see with the naked eye, but it contained a powerful and sharp energy. Adding in the Spider Queen’s powerful spirit energy, it was enough to directly cut off this dragon’s head.

When the Spider Queen was about to make her move.

A powerful dragon’s roar filled the sky and Death Wing in human form quickly fell down. The dragon claw covered in dark dragon flames swept through the air and burned this dangerous silk. Death Wing quickly approached the Spider Queen and another hand covered in dragon flames slapped out at the Spider Queen’s head.

The Spider Queen raised one hand.

Hundreds of spider silk strand was released from her palm, forming a giant net. The spider silk had countless runes on them and the giant net instantly formed a giant barrier. Death Wing’s claws covered in Death Dragon Flames created a large explosion when it met the barrier and the two of them were sent back at the same time.

Very powerful!

Truly worthy of being the most famous ruler of the underground world!

The Spider Queen gave an ear grating scream and countless strands of hard to see spider silk came out of her. It almost completely covered the skies above the city in an instant, “Spider Silk Domain!”

There were at least hundreds of millions of strands of spider silk!

Each strand was hard to see with the eye and each strand contained a powerful energy.

The flying demon beast that Miracle City sent, when they flew across Alexis City, because they passed through the spider silk, they were instantly cut into countless pieces!

Miracle City’s Black Thunder fighter plane accidentally entered this area and it touched the incredibly sharp spider silk. The energy shield had no use at all as the entire plane was instantly cut in half like a soft piece of tofu. It met another strand when it was falling down, turning into four pieces, eight pieces, sixteen pieces……

Even if a powerful being like a dragon hit the silk, they would be seriously injured. Finally they wouldn’t be able to move just like a moth caught in a spider’s web, completely stuck to the web itself.

With one move from the Spider Queen, she controlled the entire airspace.

“Silk Blade Rain!”

The Spider Queen stretched out her hands and countless strands of silk like rain began crashing down. These strands of silk completely disregarded protective spiritual energy and quickly covered the entire city. When people weren’t paying attention while running, they immediately had their heads cut off with a strand of spider silk.

“Parasite Silk!”

A large batch of spider silk was released from the Spider Queen. These strands of silk entered the top of a person’s head and anyone with a strand of spider silk in them would wildly attack their companions around them.

Chu Tian saw this scene from afar.

Silk Source Spirit? This kind of cultivation is most likely already in the 7th Heaven Domain Layer!

In other words, in terms of cultivation, the Spider Queen could only be matched by Lancelot. All the other three giants were a grade below her.

“I urge you not to divide your attention.” Death Wing was not in a rush to make a move. After watching the Spider Queen’s series of moves, he said in a cold voice, “Your opponent is me.”

The Spider Queen’s eyes had a cold glow as the countless strands of spider silk flowing out like waves all of a sudden poured out at Death Wing. Death Wing was surrounded by a dark dragon flame and all the spider silk that approached was all burnt to ashes.

Although the Spider Queen’s cultivation was a bit higher than Death Wing’s, as a true giant dragon, Death Wing had an innate advantage. It wasn’t a hard thing for him to skip a layer or two when fighting. The spider silk formed from the Spider Queen’s spirit energy were weapons of death in front of strongest defenses of others, but they didn’t pose any threat in front of Death Wing.

The Spider Queen’s fingers kept dancing as the millions of spider silk strands inside her Spider Silk Domain came together. The glowing spider silk turned into different forms and finally formed all kinds of different arrays.

“Heaven Rending Claw!”

Death Wing was suppressed by the power of the array, so he quickly swept out with his claws.

The billowing dragon flame claw glows were released and the source energy arrays around him were all shattered.

The Spider Queen’s expression changed slightly. Her hands quickly lifted millions of sharp spider silk strands.

The countless strands surrounding Death Wing crossed and quickly became as dense as a jungle. Each strand of spider silk had a powerful spirit energy and released a dazzling like, as if it could cut anything in this world.

Even if a Heaven Domain Expert entered this thick forest, they would be instantly shredded into pieces.

But Death Wing was not scared. Death Wing’s body released his dragon flame and he charged out at the countless strands. These strands that could cut the hardest iron like tofu landed on Death Wing, passing through his protective spirit energy and leaving large marks on his scales, but they were all promptly burnt by his dragon flames.


Death Wing passed through the dense strands to appear in front of the Spider Queen. The cut scales on his body was covered in dragon blood, but they were only flesh wounds. Death Wing’s power erupted at this time and a burning fist slammed into the Spider Queen.

The Spider Queen’s hands controlled the strands and a glowing spider silk net formed a barrier in front of her. Death Wing’s fist directly shattered the barrier to pieces and the Spider Queen was surrounded in Death Dragon Flames. She fell down from the air and the powerful force behind her created a large hole in the ground around her.

Death Wing slowly floated down to the ground. His cut scales quickly recovered and with the giant dragon’s resilience, his wounds quickly healed.

The Elven King, Thunder’s Fury, and Burst Claw all watched without making a move.

Of the four of them, none of them were normal people. The Elven King’s cultivation was the highest and he had the rare innate time energy. Although the others were a bit weaker than him in terms of cultivation, with their race’s innate advantages, it could be said that any one of them were shocking experts.

Because they were important characters that were worthy of being called experts, they disdained ganging up on an enemy.

Of course, Death Wing was strong enough.

The Spider Queen was very strong, but she couldn’t defeat a giant dragon.

The four of them walked beside the giant hole. The Spider Queen was heavily injured by the dragon flames and was currently struggling to stand in the hole. Her eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

Lancelot said, “Your strength isn’t bad, how about you join us?”

“You want me to join you all?” The Spider Queen said with a cold laugh, “I am the only queen and a queen will never compromise. I will never work with you as long as I am still alive!”


A lightning blade stabbed through the Spider Queen.

The Spider Queen’s eyes instantly popped out.

Thunder’s Fury’s right arm was covered in lightning and there was a lightning blade coming out of his palm. He coldly looked at the Spider Queen as he said, “You think that we wouldn’t kill you? Since you’re seeking death, why would we not help you?”

The Spider Queen had been killed.

This news would raise a storm in the Subterranean World. At least the cities that were ruled by the Spider Queen, once they were free from her control, there would be many who would be fighting for power.

The Subterranean World had lost a ruler and their threat towards the Forest Alliance was greatly reduced. At least Miracle City wouldn’t place them in their eyes anymore.

Chu Tian seized this chance to support several characters of the Subterranean World, pulling the Subterranean World closer to Miracle City. This way, they could at least avoid any future troubles.