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Chapter 578: Lobbying

In the Forest of Chaos, there were at least several hundred thousand Sea Race elites, this was definitely a power that could not be ignored. The Forest Alliance was busy fighting the spirit insects in the Subterranean World, so this army that could attack at any moment was large threat to them. It could create quite a bit of loss for the Forest Alliance.

Chu Tian’s main purpose in coming to West Sea City was to convince the West Sea City’s City Lord to call back their troops.

Bo Sha of course knew Chu Tian’s goal and was very shocked by Chu Tian’s boldness. This youth dared to come to West Sea City alone and even dared to gamble with Bo Sha using Miracle City. This was not just a strong confidence in oneself, this was simply being assured in one’s victory.

“City Lord Chu Tian has this kind of courage, this old lady will bet with you.”

“I ask City Lord Bo Sha to take the pill!”

Bo Sha didn’t waste words as she looked over the pill, taking several glances. Although she didn’t know what effect this pill had, the process of refining the pill was impeccable. Just based on this, it could be said that Chu Tian was a master alchemist!

Chu Tian saw Bo Sha looking over the pill and said with a smile, “City Lord does not need to worry, I wouldn’t dare poison you!”

Chu Tian was not a fool.

If Bo Sha was killed.

Wouldn’t West Sea City and the millions of Sea Race soldiers charge into the Forest of Chaos?

Bo Sha immediately felt a strange energy fill every corner of her body after taking the pill and suddenly there was a feeling like spring sunshine falling on the snow. That curse energy that were like maggots eating her bones was actually dissipating at an incredible speed with the help of this energy.

When this curse energy dissipated, a powerful vital energy filled her body and the vitality that was quickly drained actually began to slowly come back. All of this occurred naturally without any twists and turns, it was simply immediate effects.

Everyone was stunned to see that Bo Sha’s old face began to regain its vitality. The old withered face which was like dried land was currently regaining its vitality and elasticity!

A miracle!

This was simply a miracle!

“This……This is impossible!”

Yuwen Xi did not dare believe his eyes!

Chu Tian had casually refined a pill and it was actually effective. Not only was it effective, it was actually showing instant effects. Other than the legendary Divine Pills, how could this be possible?

“There is nothing impossible in this world, sir Sage needs to learn a bit more.” Chu Tian said in a taunting voice. Others needed to give Yuwen Xi face, but he didn’t care about this old man, “Since I have given this effective gift to City Lord Bo Sha, then that means I win this bet. Sir Sage should keep his promise.”

Yuwen Xi was filled with rage, “Nameless brat, daring to be this…..”

“You have to accept your lose if you make a bet!” Jin Luo excitedly shouted out, “All of us are witnesses!”

Bo Sha suppressed the wild joy in her heart. She already had enough confidence now, “If Imperial Tutor Yuwen breaks a promise, perhaps it will bring shame to your name as a Sage!”

What could Yuwen Xi do now?

Once Bo Sha’s injuries were healed, the threat he had would be greatly diminished. West Sea City could still be led by Bo Sha for another few decades and was a West Sea City led by Bo Sha easy to invade?

The threat and pressure the Big Dry Empire had on West Sea City would be greatly weakened.

They never thought that this brat would be able to do all this. If they knew earlier, they would have directly made a move and wouldn’t have let all this trouble appear!

“Good, good, good, truly a heroic youth.” Yuwen Xi knew that he couldn’t take advantage of West Sea City, so he gave a cold snort and left with a flip of his sleeve, “This old man congratulates City Lord Bo Sha on healing your body. We still have other matters, so we’ll be leaving first!”

“Go slow and I won’t send you off!”

Yuwen Xi knew that staying here would be bringing shame on himself, therefore he brought his followers away and left the city. This respected empire’s Sage was actually embarrassed by Chu Tian?!

Everyone revealed a look of disbelief!

Everyone looked at Chu Tian with eyes that seemed frantic.

Something that a Sage couldn’t do was actually easily solved by him. Could it be that this youth was even more powerful than a Sage? Of course, in terms of knowledge, even ten Yuwen Xi added together couldn’t compare to Chu Tian. Chu Tian actually had several ways to cure Bo Sha, but he still used the most convenient method.

When refining the pill, he added two things. One was a branch from the Tree of Life and the other was the essence of a Divine Bone. The Divine Bone essence could break the curse power and the Tree of Life Branch could supplement the overdrawn vital energy.

It was because of this that these immediate effects had appeared.

This was a very shocking pleasant surprise for Bo Sha!

She could only on for another two-three years. Bo Sha wanted to use this time to gather large amounts of material, not hesitating at any cost to train Jin Luo, so that she would have enough strength to sit in the City Lord position after she had died.

This was the main reason West Sea City had attacked the Forest of Chaos.

This was because the Subterranean World had promised Bo Sha that the Subterranean World would distract the Forest Alliance’s main forces, allowing the Sea Race to attack and all the loot would belong to West Sea City, with the Subterranean World not taking a bit of it. West Sea City of course had no reason to not accept such a beneficial matter for them.

Chu Tian had appeared.

And everything had completely changed.

City Lord Bo Sha ended the banquet ahead of time and she brought Chu Tian to a meeting hall. From now on, the two of them would discuss with their statuses as City Lords.

“I’ll keep this short.”

Chu Tian sat in a comfortable position and while holding a cup of tea, he spoke in a very casual voice.

“I hope West Sea City can join the Forest Alliance. I believe that as long as West Sea City joins the alliance, every small and large city on the Western Sea coast will also join the alliance. At that time, the Forest Alliance will include the five large powers of the Eternal Forest, the Savage Highlands, the Giant Mountain Range, the Dragon’s Ridge, and West Sea City. Adding in the riches of the surrounding kingdoms and the Purgatory World, even the Big Dry Empire will be apprehensive!”

City Lord Bo Sha was not in a rush to make a decision, “West Sea City has always been freely managed and never restrained. Adding in the fact that we are sea races, entering an alliance filled with forest races, it wouldn’t be too proper!”

Chu Tian said, “The Forest Alliance may give you some restraints, but it will also bring many benefits. This kind of restrictions are not worth mention and City Lord Bo Sha’s worries are even less worth mentioning. The Forest Alliance is not afraid of making things complicated, rather we’re afraid it won’t be complicated enough. West Sea City will be the first Sea Race power joining us, so I believe you’ll have quite the favourable position.”

City Lord Bo Sha softly said, “Words aren’t binding.”

Chu Tian knew that it wasn’t easy to convince this fellow. Unless he really took out some benefits to move her, West Sea City didn’t have a reason to join the Forest Alliance. West Sea City wasn’t weak to begin with, being the remnant of the Deep Blue Empire. They had a strong enough sea race army that could cause quite a bit of trouble for the Forest Alliance.

“City Lord Bo Sha still has doubts?” Chu Tian suddenly changed the topic, “Do you know why I dared to come to West Sea City and even dared to not avoid Yuwen Xi?”

Bo Sha said, “I wish to know the reason.”

“Because of this!” Chu Tian placed a scroll on the table, “This is Miracle Commerce’s unique invention, the Transport Scroll. If I met any trouble that I couldn’t solve, I could be teleported back as long as I broke the scroll. No matter how many soldiers West Sea City has, no matter how strong Yuwen Xi was, I wasn’t worried at least in terms of being able to escape.”

There was actually something like this?

Bo Sha revealed a shocked expression.

Chu Tian’s next words made Bo Sha even more shocked, “I won’t hide it from you, not only in Miracle City, there are several dozen Transport Towers in the forest, at least covering the areas governed by the four powers. This also means that using these Transport Towers, we can freely move between each other.”

Bo Sha fell into deep thought.

“The Transport Tower is just the tip of the iceberg for the Forest Alliance. With the technology we provide, the four powers will wildly expand in a short period of time. Even outside the forest, even in the underground Purgatory World, we have territory there! This is also the reason why the Subterranean World is so hostile towards us.”

Chu Tian said this and he suddenly changed the topic.

“The four giants are suddenly progressing and only West Sea City is still the same. What will City Lord Bo Sha take out to compete with the Elven King, the Dragon Lord, and the rest of them? Perhaps the forest will be united in a year and West Sea City will get no part of the benefits. Will City Lord Bo Sha really be willing to see this happen?”

Bo Sha fell into deep thought again.

Chu Tian felt that he had already said enough, so he stood up and pulled out several things, “This is the development progress of the four powers and the situation of the Forest Alliance, I hope City Lord Bo Sha can give me a quick response. That is all I have to say, I’ll be leaving first!”

Chu Tian said this before he really turned to leave.

These things recorded Miracle City’s potential and the changes with the four giants. The building of factories, the opening of banks, it was all very dazzling and shocking.

The Eternal Forest who had cooperated longest with Miracle City was a model for all.

The Eternal Forest had already created many new occupations like matrix coding programmers and etc. This will definitely give the elves a place in the next era.

Bo Sha only needed to use a bit of her brain to understand the benefits gained from this. As long as Bo Sha was a normal person, she wouldn’t be able to resist this kind of temptation!