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Chapter 549: Abyss Gate

This long tentacle monster’s strength was very terrifying, perhaps even a super expert like Lancelot would find it hard to deal with it. No wonder it would be thrown here by the creators of these ruins to protect the temple.

After Chu Tian was caught by the tentacles, it felt like the floodgates broke on his spirit energy. They were quickly being drained while he was being pulled into a bottomless abyss.

There was no air.

There was no light.

The abyss was filled with powerful dark and death demonic energy. This was the world inside the monster!

This monster had a similar ability to the little fox, it had a space within its body that could store many objects and types of energy. The space inside the tentacle monster was not inferior to the temple. Once any living thing was swallowed, it would be instantly corroded by dark energy and finally becoming the tentacle monster’s meal. There was no chance of escaping at all.

Chu Tian’s spirit energy had already been sucked away.

No matter how deep a cultivator’s cultivation base was, they were no different from a normal person if they had no spirit energy. This monster could instantly suck away spirit energy, it could restrain almost all cultivators, therefore there was only death once one was swallowed by the monsters!

Troublesome, truly troublesome.

But to annoy master Chu Tian, you are finished no matter what skills you had!

Chu Tian already had no more spirit energy, but Chu Tian’s strength was not just from his cultivation base, it also came from the weapon spirit inside him, as well as his powerful Vision Domain Divine Sense. These powers came from a different source compared to spirit energy.


Blue and white flames spread in all directions with Chu Tian at its center.

After the Netherworld Flames swallowed the large amount of Green Abyss Flames, it was now stronger compared to before. The surrounding dark energy became fuel that made the Netherworld Flame several times stronger. If it kept inflating like this, the monster’s stomach would be filled with Netherworld Flames and it would bite off more than it could chew!

The tentacle monster felt Chu Tian was resisting therefore it condensed a new kind of energy in the space inside its body. It spread everywhere like black ink and actually resisted the corrosion of the Netherworld Flame.

Such a strong beast!

Chu Tian was calm facing this situation because there was an opening. His Divine Sense had already spread all around him and the eighteen Divine Servants returned to Chu Tian’s control.

They were like eighteen light bulbs.

It was also like eighteen suns appearing in the dark night.

When the Netherworld Flames burned the tentacles surrounding the eighteen Divine Servants, the Divine Servants erupted with golden light. They cut through the endless darkness like eighteen meteors, flying into the dark energy in all directions.

Puchi, puchi!

The light pierced through the darkness!

The Divine Servants contained the Spiritual God energy. This dark energy that stopped Netherworld Flame was demonic energy from the tentacle monster, so the Spiritual God energy was the nemesis of the demonic energy, so the Divine Servants instantly destroyed the dark energy even the Netherworld Flame couldn’t burn away!

Hong, hong, hong!

The Netherworld Flame continued to wreak havoc, but there was nothing stopping it this time. The entire inner space of the tentacle monster was lit up by the Netherworld Flame. It was like a terrifying stove, erupting with an incredible energy!

When Mei Ji woke up, she found that Chu Tian was gone.

The little fox was operating the Hell Fire Demons to protect them. When it didn’t know what was happening.


The tentacle monster’s tentacle twitched like it was shocked. There was a deep roar coming from the altar and large amounts of fissures formed on the firm altar, with each fissure releasing a dazzling light.

An explosion rang out!

The entire altar was shattered!

The center of the explosion was like a sun being born, with blue and white flames quickly filling the air, spreading to every corner of the temple. The idols couldn’t resist this and were instantly turned to pieces by the explosion.

Even if one was standing outside the Demon Burial Cave, they could clearly see this giant explosion of energy rising.

This energy storm wreaked havoc for an entire fifteen minutes before it finally settled gradually. Mei Ji found that the entire temple had already been completely destroyed and the surrounding several miles had been completely changed!

What was this terrifying energy?

What made it harder for Mei Ji was that this energy seemed like the flame energy Chu Tian had. Although this explosion was very strong, the flame was very well controlled and it didn’t harm them when it came over.

Chu Tian and the eighteen Divine Servants gradually appeared from the sea of flames, not injured at all. He looked like he was just taking a walk.

The little fox appeared in front of Chu Tian.

It opened its little mouth.

Large amounts of Eyes of the Star were spat out.

When the statues were being destroyed, the little fox harvested the Eyes of the Star fragments to avoid them being broken in the energy storm.

“Not bad!” Chu Tian rubbed the little fox’s head and couldn’t help wondering, “Yi, why did this fellow turn over a new leaf? You’re not normally this obedient!”

The Eyes of the Star were rare treasures.

This fellow didn’t smuggle a single piece?

The little fox’s eyes narrowed and looked around. Chu Tian immediately discovered the change in its expression and also narrowed his eyes. The master and pet looked at each other like this, it was a very strange scene.

Chu Tian suddenly turned and rushed into the ruins.

But the little fox was a step faster, instantly sneaking into the altar. After around a few minutes, it drilled out of the ruins again. It had a black octagonal crystal in its mouth, it was clearly left behind by the tentacle monster.

Chu Tian angrily shouted out, “Damn, don’t eat it! Let me see it first!”

The little fox swallowed it without any hesitation.

How powerful of a demon was the tentacle monster? The Eyes of the Star didn’t enter the little fox’s eyes at all.

The little fox began to digest tentacle monster’s inner core and its body quickly inflated, automatically turning into the giant monster fox form. Its fourth tail began to grow and although it was not as perfect as the previous three, it was already close to perfect.

The little fox could possibly be the Nine Tailed Demonic Fox from the great ancient era.

The Nine Tailed Demonic Fox’s strength was determined by the number of tails, becoming stronger the more tails it had. Now the little fox had its fourth tail, perhaps it didn’t need to fear any True Spirit Cultivators.

This fellow!

Chu Tian let out a helpless sigh, he couldn’t obtain it so he couldn’t obtain it. Chu Tian found that after the tentacle monster had been taken care of, the large amounts of treasures in its body’s space erupted and now the various were filled with various treasures.

Looking over it, there were various ancient treasures and materials.

Chu Tian found several large black eggs, this had to be the tentacle monster’s eggs. This monster was this strong, its eggs had to be high quality goods. Perhaps another terrifying being like the tentacle monster could be hatched.

When Chu Tian was prepared to look for other treasures.

The ground suddenly trembled again and there were large fissures that appeared where the altar used to be. A large pit formed where the altar had been and it kept increasing in size, reaching a diameter of over five hundred meters!

Mei Ji shouted, “Such powerful energy waves!”

Chu Tian could feel the powerful energy being released, it was like a volcano being suppressed for billions of years suddenly erupting. His expression couldn’t help changing, “Leave this place, go!”

Chu Tian teleported the weakened Mei Ji and the unconscious Shadow over a hundred meters away. They turned back to see an intense energy soaring into the sky, like a sharp sword cutting apart the giant barrier in the sky.

The entire Devil’s Gate began to tremble.

The powerful barrier of the Devil’s Gate was hit by this intense energy and instantly trembled. The ground began to fill with cracks like it was hit by a powerful earthquake.

The Demon Burial Cave temple was built to suppress something and now that the temple had been destroyed by Chu Tian, the thing in the large hole had to be the thing that was being suppressed.

Mei Ji had an ugly expression, “This must be the Demon Burial Cave, only the Demon Burial Cave can give birth to such intense energy!”

The Devil’s Gate barrier clashed with the powerful energy of the Demon Burial Cave.

The Devil’s Gate barrier began to distort from the powerful energy. It was like a giant air bubble that could break at any moment!

This attack and defend situation reached a deadlock and finally the energy from the Demon Burial Cave gradually weakened. The barrier had been purple red in colour, but after being hit by that powerful attack, it had turned a light pink. The barrier had been clearly weakened by a large amount!

After around a quarter of an hour, the Demon Burial Cave released an aura that instantly covered the Devil’s Gate area. Chu Tian and Mei Ji could clearly feel that this was an evil and cold energy.

“Abyss, this is the aura of the Abyss!” Chu Tian looked at the large hole of the Demon Burial Cave and said, “If my guesses aren’t wrong, there is an Abyss Gate under the Purgatory World!

Mei Ji was very confused, “What are you saying? Abyss?”

The Abyss World was the real birthplace of demons. The demons of the Purgatory World, if their roots were traced, they would come from the Abyss World. Only after they entered this world from the Abyss World, after a long time of multiplication and change, they were different from the Abyss World demons.

The Hell Fire Demons and the tentacle monster were demons from the Abyss.

There weren’t many high intelligence races among the Abyss demons and they had very special characteristics. There would be frequent incredible evolutions or variations, so there was a very small amount of Abyss demons.

Chu Tian explained, “Actually the formation of the Purgatory World is because of the Abyss Gate under the Purgatory World. The so called Abyss Gate is a gate to another plane, putting it simply, it is a large and very stable channel. As long as we pass through this channel, we can enter the Abyss World.”

These concepts for the people of this era were fresh new ideas they couldn’t understand.

“With the same reasoning, once the creatures of the Abyss World discover the channel to this world, the Abyss World can invade this world from that channel.” Chu Tian said this before pausing, “I think the Purgatory World’s Devil’s Gate is a giant array. It exist to seal this Abyss pathway and stop this world from being corroded and invaded by the Abyss World.”

“You’re saying that the Devil’s Gate is a pathway and it connects to another world?”

“Understand this, the Devil’s Gate is actually the pathway to the home of you demons.” Chu Tian said this and paused, “The Abyss is not another world, we are just a plane inside the Abyss. There are quite a few planes like ours in the Abyss, with most of them not having any life and very few of them containing life.”