Miracle Throne
Chapter 539: Change with the Devil’s Gate
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 539: Change with the Devil’s Gate

In the dark hall, the ones preparing to explore the Devil’s Gate were gathered together. Other than Mei Ji, Shadow, and Chu Tian, there was an old dark elf and a very slow looking Rock Demon.

Mei Ji instructed before setting off, “The City Lord is seriously injured, so he can’t participate. We will be at an obvious disadvantage at the Devil’s Gate, so move carefully. This exploration is not just a chance for each one of you, it is related to our Darkness City!”

“Yes, vice City Lord!”

“Human, you know nothing about the Devil’s Gate. Take these things and read as much as you can. Being able to explore the Devil’s Gate this time is a great honour for you, I hope that you don’t waste this chance.”

This fellow’s attitude is very bad!

With Chu Tian’s temper, he would have sent a slap onto that charming face already.

However, Chu Tian had obtained a free quota, so she wasn’t wrong strictly speaking. The Devil’s Gate experience was very precious and Chu Tian didn’t have the habit of fighting girls nor did he have a chance of winning, so he wasn’t going to argue with this demon girl.

“Five thousand dark elf guards and five thousand Dark Demon guards all immediately set out for the Devil’s Gate Valley.” Mei Ji planned everything, “After we leave the city, Darkness City will be completely sealed. The gates will be on highest defense to avoid any troubles and know where we will come back. If anything happens we didn’t plan for, the first thing to do is called the City Lord from the sealed room.”


Mei Ji released her charm, but she was a very practical person. She was like Miracle City’s finance minister Delores on this point. Chu Tian didn’t see the City Lord after coming to Darkness City, but with Mei Ji managing it, Darkness City was in good order.

“Set out!”

Five thousand dark elves and five thousand Dark Demons, a total of ten thousand Darkness City elites and the Succubus Mei Ji was personally leading them. They were finally setting off for the Devil’s Gate.

Chu Tian looked over the materials Mei Ji had left him and he saw that there wasn’t just a single Devil’s Gate. Each area of Purgatory had a Devil’s Gate and most of them were closed. Only when there was an opportunity and cooperation would one be opened.

The Devil’s Gate gathered things left behind from the ancient era and the Devil’s Gate itself was set on rich ancient era soil. Therefore, there were many treasures, with many of them being Immortal Grade Herbs.

Chu Tian looked over the records.

A hundred and sixty years ago was the last time the Devil’s Gate was opened.

Darkness City had participated that time. Just a single city obtained several great ancient era treasures, as well as nine Immortal Herbs!

Nobody knew where the Devil’s Gate came from and no one knew what significance the Devil’s Gate had. Some people said that the Devil’s Gate was an ancient era’s strong race’s farm while others thought that there was a shocking secret hidden inside the Devil’s Gate, which might even be related to the reason why the Purgatory World was formed.

No matter what the reason.

The Devil’s Gate ruins were equal to treasures, therefore it was a very contested spot for the Purgatory World.

Chu Tian swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This was really a damn good place, but with the description of the Devil’s Gate, he remembered something and made a guess towards this Devil’s Gate.

This Devil’s Gate wouldn’t be……

When Chu Tian was thinking about this with furrowed brows, Mei Ji in front leading the team suddenly said, “We’re here!”

Chu Tian saw an incomparably large energy field that covered an area of several miles, he could even clearly see it standing a hundred miles away. This barrier should be the so called Devil’s Gate, right? Chu Tian carefully observed to find that the barrier was not naturally made and was a giant construction made from the several hundred volcanoes around it with spirit veins between them.

Very not simple!

Even if Chu Tian personally did it, it would take quite a bit of effort to create this kind of large array.

Using this much resources to make a large array was not a very difficult matter. The key point of this was that it wasn’t used as defense, but rather as a kind of seal.

In other words, this array was established in Purgatory not to prevent Purgatory’s people from entering, but to keep things from coming out.

There were many Devil’s Gates in the Purgatory World.

The various Devil’s Gates formed another large array over the Purgatory World.

How much spiritual energy and essence was needed for this kind of large array, how much materials and energy was needed? Just what kind of thing was it surrounding! Chu Tian had his ideas, but it wasn’t convenient to talk about.

“Ha, ha, ha, Darkness City, you came quite late!”

Mei Ji led the team into the Devil’s Gate Valley and there were teams from several Purgatory cities already inside.

The one that spoke was a Flame Demon. Flame Demons were a high level demon and a rare half elemental demon. They used flames as flesh and lava as blood, naturally having a powerful destructive might.

“This is the Flame Demon City’s vice City Lord Kildan.” Shadow introduced to Chu Tian, “Flame Demon City is one of the strongest nearby Purgatory cities. This Kildan’s strength is immeasurably deep, I estimate it’s even higher than Mei Ji’s.”

“Darkness City has come this hesitantly.” The one speaking this time was a demon on the other side. He was surrounded by a dense fog that confused the five senses, making people unable to see him clearly. It was like he was always covered in a mysterious layer of shadows, “The Darkness City’s City Lord isn’t here, could it be his injuries haven’t recovered yet?”

Dark Shadow City’s vice City Lord, the Shadow Demon Zorro!

The Shadow Demons were also a race of high grade demons, having an unpredictable powerful strength. They were the most feared assassins in the Purgatory World.

Chu Tian looked over the other cities to find that other than Flame Demons, Shadow Demons, and other similar demons, there were also dark giants, dark spirit beasts, and other dark races. This could be considered a gathering of the top races of the Purgatory World.

Mei Ji faced the Shadow Demon Zorro’s question and gave a calm charming smile, “Many thanks for everyone’s worries. The City Lord’s injuries are not bad, they only need a few days to recover, so he didn’t come participate. However, speaking of this, your Flame Demon City and Dark Shadow City’s City Lords didn’t seem to come either, what is this about?”

“Ha, ha, ha!” The Flame Demon Kildan gave a wild laugh that seemed to shake the mountains themselves and could start a flood of lava, “If Darkness City’s City Lord doesn’t come, our City Lord coming would be taking advantage of you. Our cities control the eastern area of the Purgatory World, so we all suffer if one suffers. We won’t take advantage of your Darkness City!”

The Shadow Demon Zorro was more gloomy and low key compared to the explosive Flame Demon Kildan. Although his voice was not loud, it still reached everyone’s ears, “Our City Lord has other things to do, so he agreed not to come on this adventure.”

Mei Ji knit her brows.

Emotions were simply a joke in the Purgatory World.

The Devil’s Gate would only open once every few hundred years and it was impossible for several City Lords to give it up at once. Just what were they planning? But before Mei Ji had time to think this through, a dark giant was surprised to find Chu Tian in the Darkness City team and it was like finding a new continent, “This…..Isn’t this the legendary human from the surface world? When did your Darkness City even have humans!”

Mei Ji introduced in an unwilling manner, “This is an adventurer from the surface and currently our Darkness City’s guest elder. Because our City Lord couldn’t participate, we invited him to make up the numbers.”

“Make up the numbers?”

“Ha, ha, ha, does Darkness City lack people? You actually found a human to fill the numbers!”

These Purgatory locals didn’t hide their contempt, even unscrupulously laughing. The ones participating in the Devil’s Gate adventure were all in the Spirit Transformation Realm, only Chu Tian was in the 5th True Spirit Layer, so how could they not hold him in contempt?

Mei Ji was too lazy to explain what she didn’t want to explain. She had personally witnessed Chu Tian’s strength and even though his cultivation base wasn’t high, his battle strength was quite high. Moreover, it seemed like he was hiding something. The more these people looked down on him, the more surprise he would be when it came to a critical moment.

“Don’t waste time!” A dark spirit beast came out. This race looked like a mix between a tiger and a wolf, and it was much larger compared to a normal spirit beast. It wasn’t like the spirit beasts on the continent and was possibly a special dark spirit beast race of the Purgatory World, “The Devil’s Gate barrier has reached its weakest point, now is the best chance for us to open it.”

Everyone didn’t come here to chat.

The Flame Demon Kildan looked at Mei Ji, “Then let us begin.”

Without wasting any words, the vice City Lord or City Lords all took out an ancient stone plate. When the plates came together, they perfectly formed a disk.

Everyone began to chant together.

A powerful energy came from the ancient stone disk.

The stone plate shined a strong light beam onto the Devil’s Gate barrier and like the first like of spring hitting the snow, it gradually degraded until it formed a large opening.

Mei Ji revealed a look of excitement and joy.

The Devil’s Gate has been smoothly opened.

This exploration was not just important to Darkness City, it was important to Mei Ji herself. If she could find several effective Immortal Herbs, not only could it heal the City Lord’s injuries, Mei Ji could finally see room to improve for her stagnant cultivation base.

Chu Tian found that the inside of the Devil’s Gate seemed like a whole new world. Even without entering it, Chu Tian could feel the spiritual energy coming out.

The Devil’s Gate gathered the spirit veins and volcanoes of the Purgatory World.

This was a very rare enclosed environment, it wasn’t strange for it to breed Immortal Herbs. Now that the door has been opened, wasn’t it time to go in?

“The Devil’s Gate has already been opened.” It was clear that not only Chu Tian was impatient, Mei Ji swept over the others and said, “Why are we not going in?”

The little fox suddenly felt something and it who was lying asleep on Chu Tian’s shoulder suddenly called out a few times.

“What did you say?” Chu Tian’s mind was connected to the little fox. When the little fox felt something, naturally it would transmit it to Chu Tian, “There’s killing intent!”

“Ha, ha, ha, no rush, no rush.” The Flame Demon Kildan let out a deep laugh, “We have an important thing to take care of first.”

Mei Ji was a bit surprised, “What is it?”

“The Devil’s Gate has been opened, so Darkness City’s people have no further value.” The Flame Demon Kildan was just laughing a minute ago, but now he was filled with killing intent, “You can all die now!”

Mei Ji realized that the situation was bad and suddenly her body trembled.

A black blade was silently inserted into her chest, accurately penetrating through her heart.
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