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Chapter 538: Duel

Level three Immortal Herb? Also high grade?

This request was a bit too high. Immortal Herbs were already hard to find, not to mention something of high grade!

But this dark elf named Shadow seemed very confident. This kind of precious item must be in the ruins, but it all depended on one’s strength if they could take it or not.

This was enough to signify that these ruins are not simple.

Chu Tian was a bit interested like this.

Mei Ji kept disagreeing. The Devil’s Gate was only opened once every few years, each time it was a rare chance. The Devil’s Gate ruins was a public space, but only the surrounding Purgatory Cities could explore them and they only had five-six spots. This chance was a big opportunity to everyone and if a spot was given to a human, wouldn’t it be a large loss to Darkness City?

The most important thing was that while Mei Ji could feel that the human was not weak, his cultivation was only in the 4th-5th True Spirit Layer, not strong enough to enter her eyes. Each person going to the Devil’s Gate was a Purgatory expert, they were at least in the Spirit Transformation Realm!

“I have a suggestion.” Chu Tian felt it was necessary to fight for himself, “Since madam City Lord does not believe in my strength, how about having one of the participants fight with me?”

Mei Ji’s revealed a stunned look, “Fight?”

“That’s right. Who is strong and who is weak, it’ll be clear with a single fight.” Chu Tian looked very relaxed. It seemed like this decision wasn’t that hard of a matter for him, “If I win, I’ll help you find the medicine. If I lose, then you don’t need to waste a quota on me. How about it?”

Shadow slightly knit his brow.

He was focused on Chu Tian’s abilities, not his direct battle strength.

Chu Tian gave the suggestion for a fight, this was not very advantageous to him.

Mei Ji nodded after considering it, “Alright, I’ll give you a chance. If you win, you can join the exploration of the Devil’s Gate.”

After a few minutes.

In a purple black lava lake.

This was an area of Darkness City. The lava lake didn’t release any heat because the energy was locked inside, so there was no heat at all. However, once one fell into the lava, they would be melted without even leaving bones.

The dark lava lake had a small and large dark reefs on it, this was where Chu Tian would be fighting. Chu Tian looked over his enemy. This was a Dark Demon with a large build, the age of this race couldn’t be seen by their appearance, but once could make an approximate guess based on this demon’s horns.

From the horns on the Dark Demon’s head, it was already five hundred years old.

Based on the aura around the Dark Demon, it should be around the peak 7th True Spirit Layer. This was a true Spirit Transformation Cultivator.

Mei Ji and Shadow were watching from the side.

Shadow’s brows were even more tightly knit.

There were two forces in charge of Darkness City, one was the dark elves that represented the dark races that controlled two third of the power in Darkness City. The other force was the demons led by vice City Lord Mei Ji.

This Dark Demon commander fighting with Chu Tian was one of Mei Ji’s two strongest subordinates. Even if Shadow were to fight him, he wouldn’t have more than a 50% chance of winning.

This human from the surface was a bit uncommon, but his cultivation was too weak. His cultivation was too far from that of the Dark Demon commander, not to mention that humans were weaker than demons in fighting, so he didn’t have a high chance of winning this fight.

Mei Ji’s expression was completely different from Shadow’s serious expression, she looked like she was watching a play.

A little human that had accidentally come in from the surface world, could he really resist the Dark Demon commander under her? This was simply a day and night difference.

“There’s no time to waste here.” Mei Ji directly announced, “Finish it in ten moves.”

“Understood, vice City Lord!”

The Dark Demon commander’s large demon wings suddenly opened. Chu Tian didn’t even have time to react before the surrounding purple black lava turned into wild ten meter long snakes. They twisted together and completely swallowed Chu Tian.

He couldn’t even take a single hit?

Then what meaning did this fight have!

The Dark Demon commander just had this idea when he suddenly felt something. When he looked up, he found that Chu Tian had dodged this attack and he had appeared above him.

Mei Ji saw the entire process. Her 9th True Spirit Layer cultivation was not just for show, she revealed a look of faint surprise, “Teleportation? Innate spatial energy!”

“Although I don’t know this human’s background.” Shadow found that Chu Tian was faster and more precise in controlling space, “One thing I can confirm is that this human doesn’t just have innate spatial energy, he still has more skills than you can imagine.”

The Dark Demon commander saw Chu Tian dodged his attack and his fierce face revealed a smile, “It’s only fun if you have some skills!”

When he was speaking.

The Dark Demon commander’s hands formed ancient and complex seals, creating a large column out of the lava serpents, turning this large column into a flood dragon. This flood dragon made of lava and Dark Demon secret techniques had a strong destructive might and it charged out at Chu Tian.

This time Chu Tian didn’t dodge it. He raised his hands into a hug and he threw himself at this terrifying giant flood dragon.

“Seeking death!”

Since he was seeking death, what reason was there to show any mercy?

This giant flood dragon containing a terrifying energy slammed into Chu Tian, but a scene that was hard to believe appeared. When the giant lava flood dragon hit Chu Tian, its head turned from rock into dark crystals and this dark crystal kept scattering. This went from its head through its body and finally the dark lava flood dragon become a stone dragon.

“Energy…..Energy swallowing!”

Mei Ji revealed a look of disbelief.

Chu Tian’s eyes were black, but it was not the normal colour and the depths couldn’t be seen, like they were black holes. Chu Tian’s body was like a black hole and when he touched the giant flood dragon, he instantly swallowed all the energy on the giant flood dragon into himself.

Chu Tian lifted a fist covered in dazzling light, slamming it onto the stone flood dragon’s head. The energy wildly poured into the stone dragon, shattering the stone from head to toe before sending a giant purple black fist at the Dark Demon commander.


The Dark Demon commander roared out and finally released his source spirit, while also sending out a fist. The two fists collided in the center of the lava lake, instantly stirring waves on top of the purple black lava lake, that even covered the surrounding reefs.

Chu Tian ignored the surging lava and he directly fell into the lava lake. Each step he took created a large area of stone and each step increased the power of the energy around Chu Tian.

When he took six-seven steps.

There was already a large area of rock that had been frozen.

The energy around Chu Tian was very strong, just like several hundred small flood dragons swirling around him. It was like they would explode at any moment.

The Dark Demon commander knew that Chu Tian had a rare swallowing ability. Dark energy could swallow all things and innate swallowing energy was a kind of innate dark energy. It was not an innate elemental energy, but it had a shocking effect.

Chu Tian gathered all the energy he swallowed from around him, it was energy that even the Dark Demon commander feared a bit.

He couldn’t drag this on.

He had to finish this battle quickly!

The Dark Demon commander didn’t know what trick this brat would play if he was given enough time, so he decided not to hold back any longer, releasing his source spirit and cultivation technique to its peak. The Dark Demon commander’s body suddenly inflated, turning into a giant jet black demon that was over ten meters tall.


That giant demon’s feet fell into the lava, but the dark lava couldn’t harm him at all. Without even a second of hesitation, the giant figure flew out like an arrow, charging at Chu Tian with incredible speed.

The energy Chu Tian swallowed had already reached a peak.


Chu Tian suddenly reached his hand out and he gripped his source spirit sword. His legs slightly bent and he jumped out, causing all the frozen lava to shatter. Large amounts of lava energy came out of the crack and it looked just like a volcano erupting.

The power of the Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit was completely ignited, instantly forming a sword glow. The terrifying destructive might felt like it could slash open the sky. When the surrounding energy entered the sword glow, it increased its power. The aura of this slash coming down felt like it could break open the earth itself.

There was nothing flashy about it.

There were no tricks.

It was a simply head on clash, a pure struggle of power!

That giant black sword fell onto the demon and instantly scattered the energy around the demon. A terrifying energy wildly hit the Dark Demon commander, directly sending him several thousand meters away to the cliff at the edge of the lava lake. There was a deep gully that appeared in the lava lake and this gully last for an entire ten seconds.


Chu Tian had won!

This slash was truly earth shattering!

Although Chu Tian’s attack wasn’t fatal, the Dark Demon commander couldn’t heal himself in a short period of time. Therefore for this adventure to the Devil’s Gate, whether Mei Ji was willing or not, Chu Tian was going.

It took a while for Shadow to come back to his senses, “Although I already knew he wasn’t weak, I never thought that he would be this strong! Mei Ji, you shouldn’t have anything to say now, right.”

“Humph, I’ll keep my word. Since he has defeated the Dark Demon commander, naturally he has the right to participate.” Mei Ji felt that Chu Tian’s strength wasn’t just like this, this fellow was just too mysterious, “But I’ll directly say the ugly words. Since he is taking a quota from Darkness City, he must make contributions to Darkness City. If he acts purely on self benefit, I will not let him off!”

Chu Tian wasn’t locked up when he came to Darkness City, rather he was strangely given a chance to explore some ruins. This really was some dog shit luck.