Miracle Throne
Chapter 537: Succubus
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 537: Succubus

Chu Tian rushed into the Tyrant Barracks and was stunned by what he saw.

“Don’t move!”

Several tens of thousands of Darkness City soldiers were densely gathered in front of him, each one holding a bow. The tip of the arrows were all pointed at Chu Tian.



Even if Chu Tian knew that Darkness City would send quite a few people, he never thought it would be this many!

The Tyrant Barracks must be filled with panic. The demon and dark races didn’t have any concept of loyalty, so if Darkness City came out in full arms to attack a rebel, even if they contacted Chu Tian, they concealed the other side’s numbers. They wanted to see Chu Tian fall into a trap, so there wouldn’t need to be a choice of whether to fight or not.

Damn, the situation was more serious than he thought!

The Darkness City army was this big and if the two sides fought, there was no chance of winning.

Chu Tian was sent into the Tyrant Barracks by the Darkness City soldiers. He moved through the countless elite dark race warriors before finally seeing their leader.

“You are the new leader of the Tyrant Barracks?” A demon that was around two meters tall with large wings on its back and long horns on its head was currently staring at Chu Tian with its purple eyes, “You are not someone from the Purgatory World, you actually dare act this unruly!”

A Dark Demon.

Dark Demon’s full name was Darkness Demon, they were the largest clan of high grade demons and were the most common demons. They came from the Abyss World and developed in the Purgatory World for certain reasons. They were the strongest power in the Purgatory World and the largest race of demons.

Chu Tian was very calm as he faced this Dark Demon with a smile, “Don’t be nervous, does it matter who is in charge of the Tyrant Barracks? If the Tyrant Barracks are controlled by me, I am confident that it will have more value to Darkness City.”

“Humph, Darkness City can’t allow a fellow who doesn’t follow the rules to exist! Not to mention that you have a fishy origin! We even suspect that you are a foreign spy!” The Dark Demon suddenly stood up and shouted, “Tie him up and bring him back to Darkness City for punishment!”

Ten experts were about to make their move.

“Stop! Isn’t it just going to Darkness City?” Chu Tian raised a hand, “I can walk by myself, there’s no need for you to do anything, but I do have a condition. Before I come back, no one is allowed to move against the Tyrant Barracks.”

The Dark Demon coldly stared at him, “Do you feel you have the qualification to give conditions?”

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes at the other side and his Divine Sense fell onto the Dark Demon, making the Dark Demon’s mind tremble. He could feel that although Chu Tian’s cultivation wasn’t that strong, if they wanted to approach him, it would not be an easy matter to accomplish.

This foreign race perhaps didn’t have the ability to escape this large blockade, but quite a few casualties would be caused if he tried to fight. Since the main reason for coming here was to bring this person back, it would be better for there to be less problems.

“We’re not interested in who’s in charge of the Tyrant Barracks, let’s go!”

Chu Tian was this obedient this time was not because his personality changed, but rather because Chu Tian knew in his heart that while he could beat a motley crew of thousands, he definitely could not fight a proper Purgatory World army. It was easy for Chu Tian to escape, but once he did, the Tyrant Barracks would fall into disarray. Wouldn’t everything he did over the past few days be useless?

Since it was like this, it was better to test his luck in Darkness City.

Chu Tian believed that with his eloquence and ability, he could still give a price tag. Perhaps he could even subdue Darkness City. If he couldn’t fight them, he might as well go with them.

Darkness City was only two hundred miles away from the Tyrant Barracks. The entire city was built inside a dark volcano which was a volcano created by a kind of dark energy. It was possible that some dark materials inside the volcano made the lava turn a very strange purple black colour.

Although this was a very active volcano, the dark elemental energy absorbed the energy from the volcano, making it so the volcano didn’t erupt. This purple black lava didn’t seem hot, but actually the energy was higher than normal magma. The Darkness City creators actually used this live volcano as a protective city barrier for Darkness City.

It was most likely the demons didn’t know how to take care of Chu Tian, therefore after Chu Tian had been locked up for several hours, he was sent to a floating demon palace on the purple black lava.

“Go in!”

The demons were an evil and artistic group. Chu Tian was very interested in this hall filled with a Purgatory style. His eyes fell onto the main hall and saw the City Lord’s throne was empty. It seemed like the City Lord didn’t come.

Chu Tian didn’t care about this, his eyes were attracted by the person in the vice City Lord position.

This was a demon who had an appearance just like the humans. She had a head of grey white hair, two small demon horns on her head, snow white skin that seemed like it could be blown away, and bright red lips and eyes that were filled with charm. She wasn’t wearing much clothes, with most of her peaks being revealed and a pair of triangular shorts that almost couldn’t hold in that abundant butt. Her long legs took up over two thirds of her body, with a pair of leather boots over them. She was currently sitting casually in a position that was very teasing on the throne.


A rare high grade demon variant!

“Human?” A voice that could charm out a person’s soul came from above. Although it was a very normal voice, it could make any living being’s heart skip a beat, like something was pulling at it, “Human from the surface, why did you appear in the Purgatory World?”

Finally there was someone who recognized humans.

This saved Chu Tian quite a bit of trouble.

This was because anyone with a bit of brains knew that humans did not like Purgatory, this place filled with volcanoes, demons, dark races, evil beings, and covered in sulfur. Moreover, humans stayed as far as Purgatory as possible, so they wouldn’t be interested in Purgatory.

Chu Tian said, “I am an explorer. Because I obtained an ancient map to Purgatory, I came down here to explore, so you don’t need to be wary of me.”

“Explorer?” The Succubus revealed a smile that was filled with charm. She stuck out a blood red tongue which went over her lips, “You should know that I skinned the last person who lied to me and burned him on the dark flame eye for several days before he finally died.”

Chu Tian’s mind was very strong, “Whether this miss believes or not, I am an explorer that likes to wander, I don’t have any other identities and don’t pose any threat to Darkness City. I have many technology that you can’t even think of, if we work together……”

Before he even finished.

Chu Tian’s body slightly trembled.

It was like a powerful energy was released from the Succubus’ red eyes that instantly captured Chu Tian’s mide. Chu Tian’s could tell that this was a very strong Divine Sense control technique. The Succubus hasn’t reached the Vision Domain Realm, but because of her race’s innate talent, she could control enemies stronger than her.

Chu Tian didn’t know how strong this Succubus was, but it wasn’t less than the peak True Spirit Realm, otherwise how could she become the vice City Lord of a Purgatory City? Once this charm was released, no one in the True Spirit Realm could resist!

No matter who the other side was, as long as they fell under the Succubus’ methods, they would be completely controlled by the Succubus. They would be willing to go through a sea of blades and flames, how could one not obtain the truth?

The Succubus was disappointed this time. This infallible control technique only made him slightly stunned.

The Succubus’ face slightly changed. She changed her sitting position and revealed a serious expression.

At this time, a voice came from outside.

“Mei Ji, stop.” A young dark elf walked in. Chu Tian was a bit stunned when he saw this dark elf, he never thought this fellow actually came here. This dark elf was no one else than the fellow Chu Tian saved in the Subterranean World.

This Succubus named Mei Ji saw the young dark elf and said, “So it’s young City Lord Shadow. What, do you know him?”

The dark elf Shadow replied, “This person is a City Lord from the surface. It was him who saved me in Nikello City and allowed me to bring the news of the Subterranean invasion back to Purgatory. Although his real identity needs to be investigated, I believe it isn’t likely he is a spy.”

Chu Tian could guess that the dark elf was not a simple character based on his age and strength, but Chu Tian was a bit surprised to find that this dark elf was Darkness City’s City Lord’s son.

“Not a spy? So what if he isn’t a spy? He recently brought a group of low grade demons to break the regulations, acting recklessly. Just based on this, we can’t forgive him that easily.” The Succubus’ was soft, but it had no mercy at all, “Now to mention that there is only death to people who lie to me.”

Did someone trick this female demon of a lollipop when she was three, causing psychological problems?

When Chu Tian wanted to speak, Shadow first said, “Mei Ji, although the demon race you lead is an important power for Darkness City, it is still us dark elves who rule Darkness City. You can’t casually kill someone who can help our Darkness City.”

Mei Ji revealed a smile, “Then tell me, how can he help Darkness City?”

“This person is not weak and he has many abilities, he is rare in the entirety of the Purgatory World!” Shadow said this and suddenly paused for a bit, “The Devil’s Gate ruins are about to open, we need this kind of talented people to explore it. An extra person means more things, there is a greater chance of curing my father’s injuries.”

“You actually want him to participate in the ruins exploration?” Mei Ji suddenly stood up, “Based on what are you making this decision! The various cities have limited quotas for exploring the Devil’s Gate ruins, you actually want to give one of those quotas to an outsider!”

Shadow didn’t back down at all, “This person allowed the millions of Purgatory people avoid a disaster, I think based on his contributions to Purgatory and Darkness City, it’s enough for him to participate! Not to mention that he would increase our chance of success by quite a bit. There is no time with how serious father’s injuries are, we have to quickly find a high grade third level Immortal Herb!”
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