Miracle Throne
Chapter 534: Spatial crystal mine
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 534: Spatial crystal mine

Chu Tian occupied the camp and with his eighteen Divine Servants and the little fox as a vanguard, he expanded in all directions. He controlled ten Purgatory villages in just a week and at least twenty thousand low grade demons were under him.

Sometimes Chu Tian liked this Purgatory World very much.

Fighting if one had strength and surrendering if one couldn’t win, there was no problems at all. There was no need to mention honour or loyalty, as long as he was stronger, everything he did was natural. The law of the jungle was already deeply imprinted in the souls of every Purgatory local.

The Purgatory people all felt that the weak should submit to the strong.

Was there a difference in submitting to someone else and getting them submit to you?

Therefore when the Purgatory locals suffered threat of extermination, no matter what the other power was, they would fall to the one threatening them. According to the Purgatory rules and customs, those that submit would escape the flames of war and wars only exploded when people stole from others.

What if the expansion aggression of the continent was this smooth? The Eagle Burial Kingdom would have already conquered their surrounding area!

“Great leader, these are the newly plundered loot!”

Bai Die respectfully stood in front of Chu Tian. She softly waved her hand and ten snow white skinned beautiful young Butterfly Demons came in, with each one holding a large bundle of things. There were crystals, herbs, strange items, as well as Purgatory specialties Chu Tian hadn’t seen before.

Chu Tian carefully looked over the things and picked out several level three Sacred Herbs, as well as some precious materials of the Purgatory World. Among the spoils of war, there was a flame sealed inside a crystal bottle.

“Yi, this is?”

This was not a normal flame seed, it didn’t need anything to burn. The surrounding spiritual energy was gathered inside and it seemed to be swallowing it as it cultivated.

Bai Die explained, “Reporting to the great leader, this is a Earth Core True Flame Seed.”

Purgatory was deep underground and it was surrounded by lava or volcanoes that were millions of years old. This kind of environment could give birth to heaven and earth flames. This Earth Cort True Flame was not inferior to the Netherworld Ghost Flame, only this was a kind of high temperature true yang flame, that was not the same as the Netherworld Ghost Flame. Not to mention it was a flame seed, so with how evolved the Netherworld Flame was, there was no meaning in swallowing it.

This was a good flame seed.

It couldn’t be wasted!

Chu Tian thought about how Nangong Yun had a fire source spirit. Although the flames of the divine phoenix was not inferior to spiritual flames, the phoenix flames were more suited to reincarnation. If she could refine an intense yang flame, her battle potential would increase by a large amount.

Good, he would do that.

Chu Tian looked over the other things after putting away the flame seed, “I don’t need the other things, take it away to distribute among the others.”

“Thank you great leader, thank you great leader!”

Bai Die almost kowtowed to Chu Tian in her excitement.

This great leader was very mysterious, his background was not simple no matter how she looked at it. These spoils of war had a high value, it would be an unimaginable wealth for any rogue cultivator and even a large force would be enticed by it.

The great leader didn’t even take an extra look, just casually taking out a few things before giving everything else to his subordinates. This kind of action was not something normal people could do.

“As long as you help me do things, there won’t be lack in benefits.” Chu Tian suddenly thought of something, “The materials I want, have you prepared it for me?”

“We wouldn’t dare forget the great leader’s orders.”

The Butterfly Demons brought in several large boxes and each one was filled with black jade talismans. Chu Tian casually opened one and saw the writing and illustrations in the demon language. It was the transmutation technique material Chu Tian wanted.

“Not bad, this is very helpful to me. You have done very good.”

“To work for the great leader is our honour.” Bai Die said this and suddenly tried asking, “These ten clansmen are the Butterfly Demons with the most noble bloodline in our village. They’re willing to give themselves to the great leader and do various things for the great leader.”

Chu Tian was a bit stunned.

The Butterfly Demons had many foreign features, but their overall looks still conformed to human standards. The Butterfly Demons had their wings, demon tails, sharp ears, and incredibly white skin, this gave them the style of a foreign race. In a human country, there would be many nobles that would like this.

Bai Die said in an enticing voice without hiding anything, “The Butterfly Demons are sincere in giving our loyalty to the great leader. As long as the great leader needs anything, any one of us can serve you, including me.”

“I understand your well intentions, but it is busy right now, so you can all leave.”

“Yes, yes!”

Bai Die and the other Butterfly Demons were a bit disappointed.

But since Chu Tian didn’t need anything, they could only give up for now.

It wasn’t that Chu Tian didn’t like beauties, there were many beauties already by Chu Tian’s side and he didn’t have any goodwill towards these demon beauties. The demons and dark races were all fickle races. Don’t mention them being respectful to and obeying Chu Tian for now, that was all because Chu Tian was strong enough. If someone stronger defeated Chu Tian, these previously loyal subordinates would betray him without any hesitation, even stepping on him a few times when leaving.

Whether it was against resisting threats or enticements, the demons couldn’t be relied on.

Although there were different cases for each race, in general, demons were a clan of true villains. Chu Tian using force and benefits to control them was enough, he did not need to invest any more emotions or energy because the other side was not worth it.

Chu Tian refined several pills using the Purgatory materials.

The Purgatory herbs were worth less than in the Forest of Chaos. Perhaps it was because of the low price in herbs that even the most low grade demon villages could have decent average strength.

Purgatory really was a good place. Although the space was very vast, there were many places that couldn’t be inhabited, so there weren’t as many Purgatory people. It couldn’t even compare to an empire on the continent.

But because of the many unexplored areas, Purgatory was filled with large amounts of unknown treasures.

Developing a force here was just to consider this point.

Chu Tian felt his spirit energy becoming richer after swallowing the pills, charging to the 5th True Spirit Layer. He then picked up the transmutation books taken from the Tyrant Barracks. Actually Chu Tian had done a bit of research into transmutation, but it didn’t exist in the future. It had disappeared from history just like the Shaman’s witchcraft.

Of course, according to what Chu Tian knew, the true demonic transmutation techniques came from the Abyss World.

When humans reached the beginning of other plane research, the human source energy technology had already reached a peak. Although they touched the demonic transmutation technique in the abyss, they didn’t care about it that much and there weren’t many scholars who researched it.

Chu Tian was a great sage in source energy technology, but no matter how much knowledge he had in his brain, without a foundation and enough time to prepare, he could not reach the peak like his previous world. Not to mention development of civilization was special. With Chu Tian’s butterfly effect on this world, even if enough time passed on the continent, it wouldn’t develop into the same continent.

Chu Tian needed to draw in more knowledge and more culture to create a unique new era.

“Reporting, reporting to the great leader!”

The Winged Demon leader quickly charged in.

“Didn’t I say not to bother me?” Chu Tian was reading the transmutation when he was suddenly disrupted. He couldn’t help feeling a bit dissatisfied, “What is going on?”

The Winged Demon quickly respectfully said, “Great leader, we’ve had progress finding the spatial crystals you wanted.”

“Did you find it?”

“It can’t be considered finding it. We’ve found a mine and it is a spatial crystal mine!”

“Spatial crystal mine?” Chu Tian revealed a look of disbelief, “Are you certain?”

“We wouldn’t dare lie to the great leader, it really is a spatial crystal mine. Only it isn’t easy to mine the spatial crystal mine.”

Chu Tian didn’t even think about it, “Come, bring me to take a look!”

Spatial material was one of the rarest material on the continent. As long as it was something containing spatial energy, no matter what grade it had, it would be precious. Miracle City collected spatial crystals from everywhere to make the Transport Towers. In the end they had to cooperate with the elves, making several Transport Towers in the Forest of Chaos, creating a transport network in the elven territory.

Miracle City and Miracle Commerce had a very high need for spatial crystals!

Even the elves couldn’t take out many spatial crystals now and it would be difficult for Miracle Commerce to make even more Transport Towers. Now there was someone who had appeared in front of Chu Tian with a spatial crystal mine, how could Chu Tian not be shocked?

Chu Tian left the Tyrant Barracks with the Winged Demon, arriving at their destination after two hours.

The Winged Demon leader pointed upwards and said, “Look great leader, that is the crystal stone mine.”

Spatial ore was not like normal ore veins, it was not born in the earth, but rather in the sky. The spatial mineral lode can appear in any space, either in outer space or the abyss, as well as normal environments. Its shape was also different from normal ore veins.

Chu Tian could feel it when he approached, the spatial fluctuations here were very chaotic, as well as many spatial cracks. When he looked up at where the Winged Demon was pointing, there were many crystals glittering in the sky.

“This is just what is revealed outside, it’s said that there is a mysterious demon beast living inside the true spatial vein. Anyone that has seen it has never been lucky enough to escape.” The Winged Demon flew in front of an ore and when he reached out to grab it, his hand passed through it. It was like he was just touching an illusion, “Look great leader, even the ones flying outside is not something normal people can touch.”

The spatial ore did exist.

It was a hundred percent certain based on the surrounding spatial fluctuations.

The Winged Demon couldn’t grab the ore because the ore’s spatial energy created a spatial refraction and the real ore wasn’t in this place. It could be refracted from a different position or it could be like Void Escaping, being on a different spatial level, therefore mining the ore was very difficult.
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