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Chapter 533: Tyrant Barracks

The eighteen Divine Servants were an important fighting force for Chu Tian.

Strength in the 6th True Spirit Layer and bodies that were close to being undying, they were simply terrifying killing machines!

The gnomes collapsed at a single attack, how could they resist it? But the gnomes were completely taken over by anger and they wanted to cut Chu Tian to ten thousand pieces, so how could they think about all of that!

The mercenaries charged forward as the gnomes raised all kinds of weapons to provide support. These mercenaries were refined with transmutation and although they didn’t look too beautiful, they were indeed much stronger!

Divine Sense possession!

When both sides were about to clash, the eighteen Divine Servants gained Chu Tian’s powers. They lit up with blue and white flames at almost the same time. The Divine Servants were already very strong, but now that there was the added terrifying Netherworld Flames, how could these trivial inferior Transmuted Beasts and several hundred refined mercenaries block them?

A Divine Servant landed a fist onto a Transmuted Beast!

Just their terrifying strength sent the Transmuted Beast flying with broken bones. The Netherworld Flames followed and it turned the entire Transmuted Beast into ashes.


A mercenary raised his thick refined arm to hit the Divine Servant’s back.

The Divine Servant didn’t react at all and it was like a breeze hitting a stone. Instead the attacker was like a cat with its tail stepped on as he let out a pitiful cry. The Netherworld Flame appeared on his arm and instantly covered his entire arm, swallowing him in just two seconds.

A person disappeared just like this!

This was even in a situation where he was attacking!

The Divine Servants were already very strong and adding in the Netherworld Flames, they were like eighteen flashes of lightning as they passed through the enemy lines. All the Transmuted Beasts and mercenaries where they passed all flew away with pitiful flames before instantly burning into ashes.

The defenses of these mercenaries were simply a joke.

From the beginning of the battle, it was just the scene of destruction.

“Kill, kill for me, kill them all!”

The old gnome roared out in rage. The gnomes quickly attacked with weapons, taking out strange tubes in their hands and shooting large amounts of purple crystal thorn, which fell down like dense raindrops.

The gnomes’ crystal thorn guns.

The principle behind the gnome weapons weren’t bad, mainly relying on sending out high energy crystals to kill enemies. The crystals had been refined with transmutation, so they had a very strong penetrating power. It was enough to easily pierce through a target’s protective spirit energy or their cultivation technique.

The eighteen Divine Servants didn’t even place these attacks in their eyes, not even bothering to put up defenses. They were hit by over a hundred attacks, but not even a single hair was hurt.

“Cannon, use the cannon!”

The gnomes started the cannon in a panic. A large cannon hit a Divine Servant and its body finally tensed. It walked out of the flames of the explosion and its skin was a bit injured, but it healed itself in an instant. The Divine Servant did not delay for this attack that wasn’t even worth mentioning as he continued charging forward.

They were all undying monsters!

The eighteen figures charged into the gnomes looking down on everything, scattering them. The cars, tanks, and cannons were all destroyed with a single punch. After they turned into pieces, they all turned into junk.

This time they were filled with true terror.

Although they knew this foreign race wasn’t weak, they never thought it would be this strong. They hoped to catch this biological material to refine a new biological weapon, but they were beaten this tragically after coming out this fiercely. The Tyrant was killed, their mercenaries were destroyed, and all the weapons the gnomes refined over the years were destroyed.

“Run out of tricks?” Chu Tian crossed his hands across his chest, watching the gnomes escape in panic like he was watching a play. He spoke with a dissatisfied look, “This is really disappointing, I hoped that you would have some new tricks! Alright, I don’t like wasting words. You can either surrender or die, it’s your choice.”

The Butterfly Demons and other village chiefs were stunned seeing this.

They finally understood just how strong this person was!

He was a man that could destroy the Tyrant at will and summon these invincible, undying battle puppets. Even that common looking little creature beside him had a shocking power.

Was this still a person?

These people were overjoyed that they chose to surrender fast enough, otherwise if he was angry, he could have easily burned down their villages!

“You intruder! Damn spy! You think that you can make us submit based on this?” The old gnome shouted out, “We have a backer in Darkness City, you’re seeking death if you dare move against us! Darkness City won’t let you go, you can try moving against us if you dare!”

Chu Tian disappeared on the spot with a single step and he appeared in front of the old gnome.

A sword qi was sent out and the old gnome was cut apart as he was sent several dozen meters away, with a flame swallowing him up right after. He had just been shouting out threats, but had turned into ashes the next second.

“Who still has something to say!” Chu Tian stood on the gnome tank looking around, just like a king looking down on his subjects. He who had a free and relaxed nature revealed a serious expression, just like turning into a different person, “Come out now!”

The gnomes lost all their fighting spirit.

“We surrender, we surrender!”

Their leader had already been killed, who dared to resist any longer? Finally, the gnomes chose to surrender and submit!

This outsider by himself defeated the thousands of troops brought by the gnomes in a clean and forceful manner, making these gnomes directly choose to surrender.

This ability was rarely seen in the Purgatory World!

These dark gnomes were an entire power!

Chu Tian ordered Bai Die and the others to gather their army, he would personally head the way to the dark gnomes’ Tyrant Barracks. Chu Tian didn’t have a foothold in the Purgatory World and he wasn’t planning to go to Darkness City for now, but the villages of these low grade demons were too weak, so he needed a more suitable foothold.

The Tyrant Barracks weren’t considered too big.

It would be considered a middle sized town if it was placed in the Forest of Chaos.

Chu Tian was quite satisfied with the Tyrant Barracks, this was a very special place. The dark gnomes’ camp was constructed like a machine, with copper pipes being everywhere like they were transporting energy, maintaining the cycle of the entire camp. The camp was filled with the machines and cannons the dark gnomes invented, creating a strong defense.

The gnomes’ technology had a large effect on the environment.

The pipes of the camp kept sending disgusting liquid to a nearby little lake and there were green waste materials all around sticking out of the ground. There was some colourful moss and there were chimneys all over the camp, releasing black smoke without stop.

Chu Tian only didn’t like this point.

But this didn’t matter since this was just a temporary foothold.

Chu Tian was worried the dark gnomes would revolt, so he first teleported past the boundaries and destroyed all the defenses, allowing his large army to slowly enter the camp. When Chu Tian entered the camp, Chu Tian found that in the living space of the dark gnomes, almost every family had a small workshop. There were many large scale laboratories in the camp, as well as many machine factories. It seemed like the lives of every gnome was very busy.

The strong races developed their strength.

The weak races developed their technology.

The gnomes were pitifully weak and had limited potential growth, but they could gain status in the brutal Purgatory World with their technology. This was was quite respectable looking at this point.

“This camp will fall under my control from this day forth.” Chu Tian didn’t care about his intruder status, “My orders will be higher than anything. Anyone that dares go against me, I will not be stingy with the flames of punishment!”


“We will follow the great leader!”

The high level members of the villages and the gnomes all respectfully bowed down.

In the Purgatory World, experts were respected. Strength was used to rule no matter where they went, no one found anything strange with this. Who told Chu Tian to be the strongest? It was natural that he became the new master of the camp, no one cared about his status as an invader.

Chu Tian went through the information he obtained. There were over ten thousand dark gnomes living in the Tyrant Barracks and although they weren’t very strong, each one of them was a highly skilled mechanic and understood the demon’s transmutation techniques. This strengthened their overall group, so they had high value in training!

“We have two tasks!”

“First, attack more villages, stealing more people and territory!”

“Second, I want you all to collect spatial crystals, the more the better!”

Chu Tian opened a large map and placed attack marks on nearby large and small camps and villages. Chu Tian directly drew several circles, these were the first targets for their attack.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

Chu Tian asked, “Do you have any objection?””

“The great leader is not from a Purgatory Race, so you might not understand the Purgatory World too well. This kind of large scale territory expansion will draw a large problem!” Bai Die came out and said, “Capturing the Tyrant Barracks this time might already offend Darkness City. If we keep wildly expanding, we’ll draw out an even bigger problem.”

Chu Tian disdainfully said, “This is not something you need to worry about. Your responsibilities are just to follow my orders, understand?”

“Yes, great leader!”

These people didn’t dare say anything else.

Although doing this was very dangerous, wasn’t it still better than being burned to death by the great leader’s flames?

Chu Tian in the mind of the Purgatory people was even more terrifying than the devil, they wouldn’t dare go against him.

Actually it wasn’t that Chu Tian didn’t know what Bai Die said.

But Chu Tian didn’t have time to stay in Purgatory for too long.

Otherwise he could stabilize properly if he took several months to manage this, but wouldn’t he still need to manage Miracle City? It had to be known Miracle City wasn’t without problems.

Therefore, it had to be a failure or a quick success, there was no other choice.