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Chapter 522: Exploration

The underground creatures and the above ground creatures was like well water that didn’t interfere with the river!

What was wrong with these fellows? They were wildly charging here like they were stuffed with aphrodisiacs.

But it wasn’t important why these creatures came here. The dark creatures were very dangerous and it was unknown how many there were. This exit was linked to Miracle City’s research facility, so once large amounts of dark creatures entered the research facility, it would cause a loss Miracle City couldn’t estimate.

“Stop them!”

Chu Tian flew into the abyss and his hands swept out, sending out two quick beams of sword qi. They instantly intertwined as they cut a giant centipede to pieces.

Before he even fell to the ground.


His source spirit was released.

The Demon God’s Sword was like black jade with a pattern carved into the handle. The inscription ran up the blade of the hilt, filling it with a destructive power, releasing waves of a horrifying aura.

Chu Tian reached out to grab this sword and pierced out at the entrance of the cave. Large amounts of sword qi turned into several hundred black swords, wildly bombarding the cave entrance like a storm, exterminating several dozen dark creatures.

“The City Lord is so strong!”

“This kind of cultivation base can have this kind of destructive power?”

The gnomes were very shocked by Chu Tian’s strength!

The Phaseless Sword was very strong, but it wasn’t very easy to use since it had a high consumption. It was very destructive, so it was suited to be used as a finishing move, not suited for group battles or prolonged battles.

While Chu Tian was cultivating the Phaseless Sword, he also studied large amounts of the Great Zhou Country’s Heavenly Sword Sect’s inherited sword art. There were several dozen first class sword cultivation techniques alone. He extracted the essence of these ancient sword techniques and finally created his own sword technique called the «Heart’s Sword»!

Why was it the Heart’s Sword? There was no sword in his hand, the sword was in his heart!

It didn’t matter that Chu Tian lost the Netherworld Sword, now there was no need to rely on material items. Chu Tian had the powerful Vision Domain Divine Sense ability and with the Heavenly Sword Sect’s combined sword art, the sword was in his heart and his soul was a sword. As long as his Divine Sense didn’t run out, his sword would never break!

There were more and more dark creatures coming out.

Species that had never been heard of came out!

A strange insect with armour crushed the rock and drilled out of the stone wall. Even with the storm of Source Energy Bullets hitting its body, it could still crash into four-five gnome warriors as it charged forward.

Chu Tian sent out a slash.

The strange insect with armour was cut in half.

The destructive sword qi continued several dozen meter to cut apart a scorpion!

Chu Tian’s right hand held the sword and a ball of flame appeared in his left hand. He suddenly threw it at a group of moths and the fireball instantly turned into a sea of flames. This flame was not like an ordinary flame, it made everything it came in contact with disappear with a flash. The powerful giant moth had actually disappeared without a trace.

“This is bad!” Clark shouted at this time, “There are too many monsters, we can’t block them all!”

Giant centipedes, strange insects with armour, black snakes, and scorpions. The amount of underground monsters couldn’t be seen, but they kept coming out without stop.

Although there were quite a few gnomes in this army, faced with this kind of intense attack, they actually couldn’t hold on. These underground beings were quite strong and there were many of them. Even some of them were even at the True Spirit Realm!

Chu Tian knew they couldn’t hold on like this.

The gnomes would have serious casualties.

Should they retreat?

Then the base would be in trouble!

While Chu Tian was weighing the advantages, the rock overhead suddenly broke and several dozen tree roots appeared. They had bore through the thick layer of rock to appear in this underground space. These tree roots quickly grew longer and finally turned into little Treants that were three-four meters tall.

“It’s Cenarius!”

Chu Tian already knew that Cenarius was not weak, but he never thought he would be this strong. He could actually feel what was happening in such a deep space while being above ground and he could even summon several dozen clones to fight.

Cenarius was one of the peak experts of the Forest of Chaos, even his clones coming were strong reinforcements, reducing the pressure on the gnomes by a large amount. At this time, the elevators of the underground base quickly moved, as large amounts of Miracle City experts came out with Dongfang Haoran leading them.

Zero was very efficient!

When Zero learned of the situation, it immediately looked for support.

Chu Tian shouted, “Everyone came right on time, let’s destroy these damn insects!”

Batches of Miracle City experts came. Although the monsters were very fierce, they couldn’t gain an advantage in the end. After an entire half an hour of fighting, the Devil’s Maw was covered in corpses. It was most likely the large amount of deaths scared them, so these fellows finally stopped coming.

Chu Tian first left a group of people to defend before going back to the city to discuss with Meng Qingwu.

This was not a small matter!

If there were a large amount of lizards and insects that drilled out of the ground, this would be too much of a threat for Miracle City!

Dongfang Haoran came to report, “We have an approximate calculation. Just now we killed over thirty thousand dark creatures and there were several dozen species among them.”

“Several dozen species?” Meng Qingwu was a bit confused, “Why is there that many?”

Dongfang Haoran also couldn’t understand, “What’s the most strange for me is that these dark creatures, there are many of them that should be natural enemies.”

Meng Qingwu tightly knit her brows together, “Could they be controlled by someone?”

“Controlled? I don’t think it’s too likely!” Chu Tian didn’t find anything suspicious at all, “These creatures were all rushing forward, they should be escaping!”


“That’s right. If my guess isn’t wrong, some drastic change has occurred in the underground world, filling these dark creatures with panic. It made them disregard everything and wildly run away.”

Meng Qingwu was a bit indecisive, “We don’t know anything about the Forest of Chaos’ underground world. This matter could be big or small, it seems like we can’t ignore it. I feel we should gather a group of warriors and explore the underground world.”

This was certain.

Otherwise they couldn’t sleep soundly.

“Young miss is right, but there’s no need to gather warriors. It isn’t good to gather too many people, so I’ll just personally take a trip underground.” Chu Tian volunteered while knowing that the young miss would not agree, after all, the underground world was an unknown place. For an important person like Chu Tian to take this risk, this was not a smart choice. Therefore, he added, “Because of the mysteriousness of the underground world, I am the most suitable choice. My cultivation technique and ability are the most suited to keeping myself safe in this environment. If we recruit some dumb forest warriors, they would probably get lost before they even found any clues!”

Saying this was reasonable!

Meng Qingwu understood Chu Tian, so knowing that Chu Tian said this, he was not discussing this with her, so there was no use trying to stop him. She could only let out a sigh as she said, “Then you have to prepare properly. You have to bring the little fox and the City Return Scrolls.”

“The young miss can be assured, without marrying Yingying yet, how could I let something happen?”

Meng Qingwu glared at him, “You only know to think of Yingying, you never think of anyone else.”

“In front of everyone, why are you being so jealous for!”

Dongfang Haoran felt a bit awkward and immediately bid them farewell with cupped hands.

Meng Qingwu’s face turned red and she snappily said, “I’m about to be angered to death by you, come with me!”

Chu Tian was brought to a secret room and Meng Qingwu took out two bottles of pills for him, “This is the company’s newly refined True Spirit Pill. Although it is expensive, the effects are very good. As long as one is not past the True Spirit Realm, a single pill can instantly restore all your spirit energy. Other than that, this pill is filled with very precious materials, so eating it frequently can increase your cultivation.”

The new technology and products of Miracle Commerce were too bright, it almost outshined the current market.

Actually the alchemy and talisman business were very lucrative businesses, Meng Qingwu never wanted to give them up. She took what she learned from Chu Tian and combined it with the gnomes’ knowledge to create the talisman and alchemy research center. In the future, these traditional businesses would bring a large profit for Miracle City.

The True Spirit Pill was the newly made pill!

The cost to refine this pill was very high and each one would take up to ten thousand source stones. Not only did they use the best restorative herbs, the effect was not inferior to top grade Saint Pills. It had a gentle nature and didn’t have any rejection, so it could be used for a long time.

It was because of how expensive it was that this pill was not suited to be sold in mass amounts. Meng Qingwu had only refined two bottles and were all prepared for Chu Tian.

Chu Tian was also very moved by this, “The young miss has done this much for me, I really can’t repay you!”

Meng Qingwu gave a snort, “It’s good that you know. You should be more careful from now on, a bowl of water needs to be held flat, do you understand?”


“What are you being in a daze for, quickly go and prepare!” Meng Qingwu turned to leave with a snort and left a few spiteful words, “I still have many things to take care of!”

Chu Tian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The young miss was usually solemn, but there were times she was unreasonable, even more so than Nangong Yun. Only she never showed this in front of normal people and this should most likely be the real personality hidden underneath!

This underground world had to be explored.

Chu Tian was more clear than anyone that the space under the Forest of Chaos was a giant empty space. Therefore, the underground world here was perhaps far larger than anyone could imagine. This was a space completely different from the surface, what kind of style did the underground world have? How much had the underground civilization developed by? This was the question Chu Tian really wanted to know!

“Fox, prepare yourself. We’re about to set off!”

He wouldn’t bring anyone else this time, he would only bring the little fox along. The little fox had been sitting around eating all day in Miracle City during this period, its furry body had become a bit fatter, so he should take it out for some exercise to lose weight.