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Chapter 510: Rising paradise

The Great Zhou Country was long and narrow, winding out in the shape of a snake, It was around several tens of thousands of miles from north to south, with most of the landmass being in the center, as well as a piece of the kingdom sticking out to the west. The most prosperous city, Cloud City was in this position. Cloud City had over eight million people and it was in a very special location, one where four corners met.

To Cloud City’s north were the War Hound Plains, to the south was the Great Summer Country, and various other countries to the west, so it was a place where merchants and adventurers gathered. This place was managed by the Void Spirit Cave, the Medicine King Valley, and the Divine Machine Sect together, but now they ceded and it became the Great Zhou royal clan’s capital.

The Great Zhou’s five spiritual mountains all supported the Great Zhou Princess Chen Bingyu to take the throne, making her the new ruler of the Great Zhou Country. She was mainly in charge of the secular factions and the secular market.

The construction of the Imperial City would take at least half a year, so this would be the temporary substitute!

“The queen is ascending the throne!”

“The queen is ascending the throne!”

The Cloud City’s people came out in droves, gathering outside the palace. The five spiritual mountain sect masters and elders all came out with thousands of cultivators in the same uniforms. They stood to the two sides and respectfully bowed.

There was a crowd all around them because not a single Great Zhou Country citizen wanted to miss this historical moment.

The Great Zhou royal family had just been rebuilt, not having any soldiers, ministers, or servants. The ceremony was simple, but that didn’t affect the grandeur of the ceremony. The various sect masters and elders had all appeared. They were all rarely seen in the Great Zhou Country, not to mention they were supporting the royal family.

The Great Zhou royal family had been rebuilt, but its status was higher than eighteen years ago.

Chen Bingyu was wearing a royal crown and robe. With the sounds of drums and with the two beauties Nangong Yun and Meng Yingying to her right and left, she sat down on the throne.

“The Black Moon Sect has sent a hundred ten thousand year old Ink Crystals, congratulating the Great Zhou Queen ascending the throne!”

“The Void Spirit Cave has sent a thousand Thunderclap Protecting Talismans, congratulating the Great Zhou Queen ascending the throne!”

“The Medicine King Valley has sent a thousand Heaven Spirit Raising Pills, congratulating the Great Zhou Queen ascending the throne!”

“The Black Tortoise sect has sent ten thousand Black Tortoise Soldiers for the use of the Great Zhou Queen, congratulating the Great Zhou Queen ascending the throne!”

“The Divine Machine Sect has sent a hundred Diamond Machine Guards to guard the royal palace, congratulating the Great Zhou Queen ascending the throne!”

Even the five great sects were sending large gifts, so the other small powers didn’t dare hesitate. They sent the most precious gifts to congratulate the Great Zhou royal clan. Just based on what was collected from the small and large powers of Great Zhou, it was enough to create a palace of treasure for the Great Zhou Queen.

Too shocking.

The five great sects took the initiative to offer tribute to the newly established ruler?

This meant they took the initiative to build relations. The six Great Zhou spiritual mountains were that strong, why would they need to do something like this? Everyone’s shock didn’t last long before two very special messenger groups appeared in the crowd.

“The Northern Militant King Luz sends ten thousand tamed beasts to congratulate the Great Zhou Queen ascending the throne!”

“The Great Summer King Dongfang Gan sends ten thousand Source Energy weapons to congratulate the Great Zhou Queen ascending the throne!”

The Great Zhou Country’s people’s faces became strange. Northern Militant King? Great Summer King? When did these people appear, why didn’t they know of these countries?

Chen Bingyu sat on the throne. With her silver white hair, cold face, and powerful aura, she was like a high above queen. She looked over everyone with calm and powerful eyes before nodding to Meng Yingying beside her.

“Ke, ke!” Meng Yingying came out and cleared her throat. She opened a royal proclamation and said in an appropriate voice, “The Great Zhou Queen’s royal proclamation: Although the Great Zhou royal palace has been constructed, there are many evil enemies and crafty people around us. For the Great Zhou Country’s peace, this queen will ally us with the Northern Militant Country and the Great Zhou Country. We will establish shared prosperity and create an era of peace!”

The five spiritual mountains’ sects masters cupped their hands, “My wise king!”

The five sect masters were already like this, did the others dare object? The five spiritual mountains’ disciples lowered their heads and the smaller sects and normal citizens all kneeled down.

“My wise king!”

“My wise king!”

“My wise king!”

The Northern Militant King Luz and the Great Summer King Dongfang Gan stepped onto the stage together and after giving royal proclamations, they signed the alliance agreement together. This meant from now on that Great Zhou, Great Summer, and Norther Militant would be working together now. Although they were still independent, the barrier had been broken and would work for shared prosperity.

This large matter was decided just like this.

This was naturally unbelievable in the eyes of the three countries’ citizens.

But the people who knew the inside story knew that the Great Zhou Queen ascending to the throne was a play and Miracle City was the director, making large amounts of preparations for this. The Great Zhou Queen was a high level member of Miracle Commerce, the Northern Militant King was someone from Miracle City, and the Great Summer King was deeply linked with Miracle Commerce. Basically, as long as Miracle City didn’t fall, the relationship between the three wouldn’t break.

Looking at it from the present stage, the Great Zhou Country was much stronger than the Great Summer Country and the Northern Militant Country, but there weren’t any losers in this cooperation. The three working together can block the invasion of the northern Eagle Burial Country and could soar with the help of Miracle Commerce’s technology. It would only be better in the future, it definitely wouldn’t be worse.

The Great Zhou Country’s coronation lasted for an entire day.

Luz had just built his political power in the Northern Militant Country and had many things to do, so he had to head back. Dongfang Gan couldn’t stay in Great Zhou for long, so after establishing the alliance with Chen Bingyu, he returned to the Great Summer Country.

“We’re heading back to Miracle City.”

“Big sister Bing, you have to take care of yourself.”

Inside the palace in Cloud City, Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun were saying goodbye to Chen Bingyu and they both had looks of regret on their faces. After Chen Bingyu became the Great Zhou Queen, she had to take care of many things in the Great Zhou Country, so she couldn’t return to Miracle City with everyone temporarily.

There was a faint look of sadness on Chen Bingyu’s cold face, “Go back and tell Chu Tian that I will take care of the three large kingdoms, he can be assured.”

“That fool Chu Tian!” Meng Yingying complained, “He headed back to have elder sister decipher the cultivation technique and closed up without even seeing anyone! He didn’t even care about the matter in the Great Zhou Country!”

Nangong Yun was also a bit indignant, “That’s right! Big sister Bing will be alone in the Great Zhou Country and boss doesn’t even come to say goodbye, he really is bit rude!”

Chen Bingyu revealed a smile that was like spring after the snow melted, “Don’t make it sound that exaggerated, isn’t it easy to see each other now. Don’t worry about me, head back soon.”

“Big sister Bing, be assured.”

“I will submit a petition to elder sister when I head back to have the company make a second Transport Tower in the Great Zhou Country. We’ll place it in the Imperial City’s royal palace, that way we can still see each other every day.”

Chen Bingyu’s heart was filled with excitement.

The Great Zhou Country already had a Transport Tower and it cost quite a bit to make one, so properly speaking, there was no reason to make a second one for now. But if Meng Yingying personally petitioned for it, Meng Qingwu could allow it to happen. If there was a Transport Tower in the Great Zhou royal palace, was there any difference between Chen Bingyu living in the royal palace or in Miracle City?

Chen Bingyu was not interested in being the Great Zhou Queen at all.

But since it was related to Miracle Commerce’s important strategies, she had to sit on the throne!


The Forest of Chaos, inside Miracle City. Meng Qingwu and Delores were handling various matters while Zero led the city’s managing Smart Brains in analyzing data.

After Zero analyzed the data, it reported to Meng Qingwu ,”Vice City Lord, merging with the Great Zhou Country has a very significant effect on Miracle City’s development. The first batch of talents include mechanical masters, alchemists, symbol masters, and array masters, making up a total of around fifty thousand people. There were two people with innate spatial energy and sixteen with innate spiritual energy……”

Meng Qingwu revealed a rare satisfied smile.

This was one of the significant reasons in conquering Great Zhou.

Miracle Commerce did not just need to create an alliance area which Miracle Commerce could use to strive for power on the continent, they more importantly needed to take in the resources and talents, creating a solid base for Miracle Commerce!

What couldn’t they do with enough resources and talents?

Chu Tian wanted to make a battle airship? Of course it was no problem!

Chu Tian wanted to create a spiritual network? Of course it was no problem!

This was because Miracle Commerce was becoming stronger and stronger, now meeting these requirements!

“We won’t turn down talents, we want as many as possible. On the other hand, we need to become more strict with our technology control.” Meng Qingwu quickly ordered, “Zero, please give the most optimal assignment based on the company’s situation and the various department’s needs.”

“Yes, vice City Lord!”

Zero was silent after speaking as it began to calculate. After all, it wasn’t a small task, Miracle Commerce was very large now, so he had to calculate for a while, coming up with the optimal assignment plan.

The Smart Brain was just too useful!

Meng Qingwu was most satisfied Smart Brain out of Miracle Commerce’s inventions, this was an invention that could change the world. Although Miracle Commerce met a technological bottleneck and couldn’t increase the computation matrix’s computation speed, the volume has gradually decreased and the rate of production has increased.

Meng Qingwu had already set up the basic Smart Brain layout. Going from information on citizens, normal maintenance, to the management of the city’s finances and the bank, the shopping center, the communication network, and the spiritual network. With Meng Qingwu’s arrangement, they were all being controlled by Smart Brain.

Other than that, the Elven King also worked with Miracle City, constructing Transport Towers in various regions. These Transport Towers and Space Warehouses were all controlled by Smart Brains.

Meng Qingwu also created a status identification system and security system, which were all currently managed by Smart Brain. Everything was closely monitored by Miracle Commerce, so there was a low chance of failure!

A city with intelligence was born in the depths of the forest.

An incredible era was quickly developing.

Meng Qingwu walked in front of the window and looked over the lively city, filling her heart with a sense of pride that was hard to suppress. She had used all her plans and ideas to perfectly construct it and as for how the city would develop in the future, Meng Qingwu couldn’t imagine it.

In short, it would definitely be a paradise!