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Chapter 453: Forest guests

Chapter 453: Forest guests

The War Hounds Country was still a large kingdom and all their citizens were soldiers, so how could they be eliminated so easily?

Miracle Commerce hasn’t left the Southern Summer Country that long, so how could their tone become this arrogant! It was fine if Chu Tian was like this, but why was Meng Qingwu also like that fellow?

“The Southern Summer Country’s strength has recovered, but we still don’t have enough battle strength. We can protect ourselves, but we can’t fight back.” The Southern Summer King gave a sigh, “Not to mention that even if we eliminate the War Hounds Kingdom’s main forces, there are still tens of millions of wild spirit beasts in the War Hounds Plains and there was the incomparable strong Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom behind them!”

This was the truth.

A kingdom of the warring kingdom level was not small.

The Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom’s quantity and quality of experts was not above the Forest of Chaos’ giants, but the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom was still a very large kingdom. They had 1.5 billion citizens and it was a spirit beast kingdom!

There was a very large difference between human kingdoms and spirit beast kingdoms. Human kingdoms were rich and cultured and spirit beast kingdoms were barbaric. Even if a human kingdom and a spirit beast kingdom had armies of the same level, it wasn’t necessary they could fight each other.

The War Hounds Plains of tens of millions could become a large kingdom, a War Hounds Kingdom of tens of millions could create an army of a million, and a War Hounds Kingdom of tens of millions could beat the Southern Summer Country of two hundred million half to death. This was a spirit beast kingdom, all their citizens were soldiers!

The Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom’s conservative population was 1.5 billion, this was already a very big kingdom on the continent. Moreover with the specialty of a spirit beast kingdom, they had a very large army, especially so since they were a warring kingdom fighting in all four directions. Therefore the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom could have tens of millions of soldiers, plundering in all four directions, living to fight. Wherever they went, all the cities and countries they passed paid tribute to support their armies!

Over these years, the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom have been fighting in every direction. Their armies have been increasing and this was a kingdom that was continuously expanding. The Southern Summer Country was only one of the southern countries the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom has been trying to subdue, so their strength could not be underestimated.

“Even if the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom is strong, they are fighting on all four fronts and cannot gather their battle strength. It’s impossible for their armies to come to the Southern Summer Country!” Meng Qingwu was not worried about the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom. If the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom had enough battle strength, what had they been doing for half a year? Stalling for that long and only sending three hundred thousand to the War Hounds Kingdom, this meant that the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom couldn’t mobilize too much of their armies right now, “Once we attack the north, we’ll form a buffer zone so Central State will not be faced with constant attacks from the spirit beasts.”

Chu Tian slapped the table, “We’ll just go all in. We’ll directly rule the War Hounds Plains and create a Northern Militant Country!”

Everyone was speechless.

This was becoming more and more strange. The War Hounds Kingdom could destroy their country, so how could it be easy to rule the War Hounds Plains? The spirit beasts were nomadic tribes and it was a vast prairie of tens of thousands of miles. They could appear when they wanted and their whereabouts were unpredictable, so how could they be easily found?

Meng Qingwu neither agreed or disagreed, but she started giving orders, “The new generation of Source Energy Weapons have been finished, we might as well use this chance to test their strength. Have Dongfang Haoran move the Berserker Troop Miracle Commerce has prepared in Southern State over.”

Gu Qianqiu quickly said, “Two chairmen, we need to reconsider. The Southern State army was trained by Miracle Commerce over these few months by consuming billions of gold coins. The army expenditures, the merit rewards, and the other expenditures will not be a joke once they are moved out!”

Yun Tianhe also said, “This large war will be very consuming, perhaps it will affect Miracle Commerce’s development. We should bide our time for now and when the time is right, the kingdom and Miracle Commerce will work together to attack…..”

“Our Miracle Commerce doesn’t care about this little bit of money!” Chu Tian already made his mind, “Central State City does not need to do anything, the strength of our Miracle City is enough. This battle will end in less than a month and we’ll unite the War Hounds Plains in two months!”

The Southern Summer King knit his brows.

Chu Tian liking to boast was not false and looking at history, there was a foundation for his arrogance. However, Meng Qingwu was a stable person and never suffered a loss. If the two of them had this kind of confidence, perhaps they really could solve this problem.

“Alright! Since the two of you have already decided to fight, how could this king still retreat?” The current Southern Summer King was a wise person, “The Southern Summer Country cannot provide too much support or the country’s people will suffer. This king has decided to provide one hundred and fifty thousand troops to head north with you all!”

There was completely no need for the Central State City’s hundred and fifty thousand troops.

After remaining the Forest of Chaos for so long, the Southern Summer Country’s army was weak in their eyes, being no different from clay pots.

Southern State City was Miracle Commerce’s barracks and there were close to thirty thousand barbarian berserkers there. These berserkers far surpassed the Southern Summer Country’s hundreds of thousands of normal soldiers. Unless it was special troops like griffin knights or Earth Dragon knights, they could not compete with the barbarians.

How difficult was it to train these special elite troops?

If the Southern Summer Country had twenty-thirty thousand griffin knights or Earth Dragon knights, history would have been different!

The most terrifying part of Miracle Commerce was not their special army, but the terrifying equipment they possessed. The Source Energy Weapons increased the army’s strength by several times, not even being inferior to the elites of the warring kingdoms.

Miracle Commerce’s commanding general was Dongfang Haoran. This was the previous Southern Summer Crown Prince and the current respected Calm Martial Ruler. His progress in this half year was very big, but had never commanded a large battle, so this was a good chance to train him.

After a few hours.

The Central State Transport Tower began to shine.

The Minotaur chief Arnold, the Shaman priest Luz, the Ogre chief Nathaniel, the tiger clan chief Andre…..Several individuals from the Forest of Chaos gathered, these were all warriors with the most power.

The Southern Summer King, the Divine Wind Marquis, and the Golden Arrow Marquis were all stunned. The expressions on their faces were twitching.

They had never seen this many people from different races, all with different builds. What made the Southern Summer King and the Divine Wind Marquis most shocked was that everyone was in the 3rd True Spirit Layer and even the strongest among them was in the 4th True Spirit Layer.

These were several dozen True Spirit Experts!

This was a lineup a small kingdom like the Southern Summer Country could never dare think of!

Any one of these people could fight everyone without a rival!

The roles these few people would have on the battlefield would surpass several hundred thousand elites!

If these people were to cause trouble in Central State, the consequences would be unimaginable. At the very least, there would be no one in Central State City that could resist them!

“City Lord!” Arnold large nostrils released a burst of steam, “How were we suddenly sent here? Where is this!”

The other people still had not reacted as they looked to the left and right with shocked expressions. The large ogres’ eyes swept over the humans. Those fierce eyes revealed a sharp aura that made it hard for people to breathe.

“All of you listen carefully.” Chu Tian walked in front of them with his hands behind his back. Although he was faced with these fierce forest locals, he was not affected by their auras at all, “Don’t say that this City Lord didn’t give you a chance. This is a kingdom outside the Forest of Chaos and there are vast prairies to the north, with large amounts of food and territory to steal. I brought you all over here to steal territory and food!”

The eyes of the locals began to sparkle.

They came outside the Forest of Chaos to steal territory and food? This matter was indeed very rare for them!

“The people there are very weak, so you need to properly seize this chance!”

“Yes, City Lord!”

These people rubbed their hands in excitement.

Chu Tian waved his hand and indicated for everyone to calm down, “This is the Southern Summer King!”

The Southern Summer King calmed down a bit and immediately had people prepare food, “These brave warriors have come from far away, the Southern Summer Country has been negligent and have not properly welcomed you. Someone, come and prepare a receptions for these warriors.”

These bumpkins had never left the forest in their lives!

These poor country bumpkins, how could they have every enjoyed the rich lives of humans?

The Southern Summer King and the high level members of the Southern Summer Country attached great importance to this matter. It was lucky to have these people visit the Southern Summer Country, it was something they never would have imagined.

Over the next two days.

No matter how much they ate and drank, there was someone there to serve them. This was an experience they have never encountered before.

When these people walked through the city, they caused a stir in Central State City, causing people to run on all fours. However, when the broadcast stations and major media forms announced who they were, their statuses changed among the people.

These strange looking fellows were actually reinforcements from the endless forests to the south!

They were warriors here to fight the War Hounds Country for the Southern Summer Country, each one of them was a true master!

The Southern Summer citizens were no longer scared and treated them as heroes.

When Arnold and the others met this treatment, it was like they had gone to heaven after being treated like this for two days. Their egos were completely satisfied like this.

At this time, a Heaven’s Eye airship above the Four States Lake was sending back information and images, “The enemy army has been locked onto. They are to the north and are mainly riding on flying mounts!”

Although the image was not clear, they could still tell that there were close to twenty thousand people in the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom ambush army. Most likely because of their experience, the War Hounds Country did not dare fight the Southern Summer Country on the water. They instead used giant rocs to transport their army and each roc was carrying six-seven hundred soldiers. Other than the giant rocs, there were people riding flying mounts, this combination made their trip quite safe. It was clear their target was the harbour, factory, or other major areas of Central State City, causing losses and trouble for the Southern Summer Country. They would immediately retreat and would not prolong contact.

The giant transport beasts and the airborne knights worked with each other.

The Southern Summer Country’s airborne army was weak, so this army was prepared for long and short term fights.

Miracle Commerce purchased many flying demon beasts from the tribes around Oldman Small Town and Miracle Commerce trained many flying demon beasts, but water far away could not cure the local drought. The Transport Tower’s power was limited and unless they built a Space Gate, they could not transport an entire army.

But that was not necessary, their current strength was already enough!