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Chapter 424: Necromancers

Chapter 424: Necromancers

The Undead Religion believed in the Death God and the Nether God, this was a truly mysterious religion. The ancient sect of the Ten Thousand Corpse Ancient Tomb had some similarities to the Undead Religion, but the only difference was whether there was belief or not.

No matter what.

People generally stayed away from cultivators that dealt with Yin Corpses and souls. When Green City was prosperous, a Lich had brought a group of Necromancers to Green City. They had summoned over ten thousand Yin Corpses which were perfect hard labourers that never tired or got bored, performing a merit by helping the gnomes dig out the mountain.

It was because of this the gnomes allowed the Undead Religion’s temple, helping them develop their forces. Who would have thought that over the years, the Undead Religion would become stronger and stronger, even coming close to threatening the gnomes. Especially with the eruption of the plague, this was clearly done by the Undead Religion.

Clark had the gnomes completely surround the Undead Religions’ temple.

The Undead Religion temple was a grey arch shaped castle and there were many gargoyle shaped statues squatting all over the building. They seemed like decorations, but they were actually dangerous undead monsters.

The ones completely surrounding the castle were Green Protectors.

There were several thousand gnome elites at the entrance of the Undead Religion temple, glaring at the Necromancers. Both sides were very tense, as if they could break out in a fight at any moment.

Clark’s face was filled with rage, “Samuel, do you have to become enemies with Green City?”

“Hei, hei, hei.” The Necromancer priest leader gave a cold laugh, “Clark, Green City no longer belongs to the gnomes, you are very clear on this. Even if we become enemies with Green City, what does it matter to you? Have that turtle City Lord come out, I really want to see what kind of person he is. He actually had you traitorous gnomes who gave away the city bow down to him.”

This person’s words were filled with hostility.

Chu Tian’s brows jumped up and he revealed a dissatisfied expression. Delores whispered in a serious voice in his hear, “Samuel, an important priest for the Undead Religion. His strength isn’t bad, he’s around the 3rd True Spirit Layer. He should be in the top five of the Necromancer priests here.”

“Then why isn’t he a Lich?”

Samuel was not a Lich, he was a living person. However, his body was covered in bandages and he was wearing a large cloak, so people couldn’t see his appearance and couldn’t tell what race he was.

“Do you think that every Necromancer is a Lich?” Delores rolled her eyes at him, “The Lich transformation is one of the highest level ceremonies for the Undead Religion, only the most outstanding and strongest people have that qualification. Moreover, even if a person was qualified, their physiques might not be suited for being turned into a Lich. In the entire Green City Undead Religion, there is only the founder who is a Lich. It’s said that it is an old monster that has lived for two thousand years, being even older than the old elves in the Eternal Forest!”

“A low level existence like the Lich is this respected?” Chu Tian disdainfully curled his lips, “Your thoughts are truly hard to understand.”

“Hey, hey, what kind of words are these? Who doesn’t envy the Lich!” Delores retorted, “Liches will never die, living forever is many people’s dreams. Do you know how many rulers and emperors on the continent wish they could become an undying Lich? I don’t believe that you also don’t want to live forever.”

Liches were a mysterious being in the hearts of people, this kind of undead monster was formed when a living being transformed through a ceremony. Liches in theory were existences that could live forever.

“Your views are all wrong.” Chu Tian softly said, “Don’t think that being a Lich is all that great. You can’t breath, you don’t have a heartbeat, you don’t have senses, you don’t need food, and you can’t replicate. You lose all the pleasures of living to gain a body that never ages, what is the meaning behind that?”

One couldn’t appreciate good food, beautiful women, and couldn’t enjoy the joys between men and women. One wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauties of the world, it was better to just die cleanly.

“You can’t deny the advantages of being a Lich.”

“The Lich is close to not aging and not dying, but it is only close and not truly undying.”

“What? Could the Lich still die?”

“Liches do have limitless life in theory and even some of the stronger Liches remove their souls to form Phylacteries. That way, even if their bodies are destroyed, they could be reborn using their Phylactery. However, Liches are not eternal. Liches can avoid the aging and destruction of the physical body, but they cannot escape the aging of the soul.”

In this world, there were many biological and non biological beings that could be considered undying, for example, the Flower Fairies Chu Tian met before. These beings did not have an upper limit in terms of life span, but actually the Flower Fairies were weaker than most beings. They greatly relied on their environment and once that was destroyed, the Flower Fairies would find it hard to live long.

A living being’s body, mind, and soul all depended on each other. The material determined the will and the will determined the soul. Without the support of the material, the will will gradually fade before one loses their human nature, even losing their self awareness. The soul will also decline during this process.

Once a life form became a Lich, they would need secret techniques to simulate all forms of emotions, but that cannot be maintained forever. Most Liches that live for one-two thousand years will become numb to emotions and they will become more and more cold. They will lost their human nature and consciousness and their mind will fade before they turn into an undead.

Chu Tian knew how the Liches transformed, but he was not interested in this monster at all.

These words attracted everyone’s attention, even the Undead Religion temple’s people looked over.

“Acting City Lord!”

“The acting City Lord is here!”

The gnomes talked to one another and looked at this human youth with strange eyes, most of them were filled with doubts and disbelief. To let a human become the City Lord, this was a hard to accept matter for the gnomes. Recently the plague has caused trouble in Green City and this acting City Lord did not reveal himself, which was a bit unforgivable.

“I was wondering who it was that dared to disrespect the great Lord Lich.” Samuel looked at Chu Tian with eyes filled with ridicule and anger, “Do the gnomes really have no other paths? Such a useless waste of a human is the City Lord? The destruction of this city is not strange at all.”

Delores immediately asked, “Then you’re admitting everything was done by the Necromancers?”

“You still don’t understand? This is not important nor is it the main point.” Samuel’s eyes were filled with taunting, “Those tens of thousands of gnomes affected by the plague will not live more than two days, that is the main point.”

“You’re going too far!”

The gnomes were filled with rage.

This matter was certainly done by the Necromancers.

Samuel had a reason why he was acting so rampant. That damn Lich hasn’t show itself yet, so what use was it if they killed these Necromancer priests in front of them? The gnomes could not explain the situation in front of them, not to mention the tens of thousands of clansmen being infected with the plague. These tens of thousands of people were hostages in their hands and the gnomes could not disregard their clansmen, so they had to accept the threats of these despicable Necromancers.

No matter what.

They would save their clansmen first.

Clark couldn’t help loudly asking, “What condition do you have! Speak!”

“If the gnome really want to save their clansmen, it’s very simple. Resign the City Lord position and let the great Lich rule over Green City, otherwise this little plague is just the beginning.”

“In your dreams! Is the Lich worthy of owning Green City?”

“A human waste became your City Lord, yet the noble and knowledgeable Lord Lich isn’t worthy? Clark, get it straight, I am not joking with you, think about the tens of thousands of your clansmen struggling in pain. I promise that other than us Necromancers, no one else can save them.” Samuel pointed at Chu Tian, “Of course, you still have another choice which is to kill this human and send his head back to the Eternal Forest, relying on the Dragon’s Ridge, swearing loyalty to them. That way, you gnomes will still be the rulers of this city. The Undead Religion will not only not be your Green Religions enemies, we will be your strongest allies.”

It was impossible to let the Lich become the City Lord.

It wasn’t that this Necromancer priest didn’t know this. Samuel deliberately gave this request to prepare for his second request.

Kill Chu Tian.

Break off relations with the Eternal Forest.

This was what the Dragon’s Ridge hoped for.

Tens of thousands of gnome lives were being held in the Necromancers’ hands, this was not a choice that was hard to make. After all, the gnomes did not like humans, so would they give up the lives of their clansmen for a trivial human?

“You should know the temper of those old fogies in the Eternal Forest.” Samuel added more oil into the flames, “I can see that the Elven King will not send people to Green City. It is not because he doesn’t value Green City, rather he has no choice. The elves do not like causing conflict, so hiring yourselves to the Eternal Forest was a mistake to begin with. What is placed in front of you now is a chance to correct this mistake.”

The Netherworld Sword came out with a shua sound.

“I think you’ve talked too much nonsense.” Chu Tian came out raising his sword, “You want father to die this much? Then old master Chu Tian will give you a chance. I’ll stand right here, kill me if you have the skills.”

Samuel said with a cold laugh, “You’re worthy of me making a move?”

Chu Tian laughed, “If it wasn’t for you fellows being too hateful, I wouldn’t want to dirty my sword!”

Samuel was filled with rage as he raised his finger that was like dead wood. He began to chant as a strong corpse scent appeared around them, while a dark green fireball appeared at the tip of his finger.

“Overconfident human, I’ll let you see the power of the Smouldering Corpse Flame!”

This green fireball with a strong corpse sent slammed down at Chu Tian’s feet, causing that revolting stench to spread in all directions, making people unable to not move away.

The green flames soared into the sky.

Chu Tian did not make a move as he was instantly swallowed by the flames.

Delores was shocked. It can’t be, this fellow really couldn’t block it?

The gnomes were also shocked. Although they knew that this acting City Lord was not strong, they didn’t know that he would be this weak. He didn’t even have the ability to resist this?

Samuel said with a cold smile, “Truly a joke.”

Who would have thought that a figure would walk out of the sea of flames at this time. When the raging flames swallowed him, no one felt any energy fluctuations around Chu Tian, but the strange thing was that even though the flames spread all over him, he was not injured at all. Not a single hair, not a single corner was injured.

“What is this?”

Everyone revealed looks of shock.

Some people found a strange thing. Chu Tian’s dark eyes had turned white at this moment and the aura around him had completely disappeared.

It looked like he was just standing there.

But people could not feel his existence.

The high level personnel of Miracle Commerce would certainly recognize this. This was the spatial cultivation technique, «Void Escaping» Chu Tian had taught to Vivian which Chu Tian was currently using himself!