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Chapter 414: Poisoned

Chapter 414: Poisoned

Yoda’s clear and wise eyes were as calm as a water mirror, not having any waves or darkening at all. He lightly waved his hand and the surrounding Druids calmed down. Although they let out a discontent low roar in their mouths, not a single person dared to make a move.

“Young human, I can feel that you are different from everyone else.” Prophet Yoda calmly said, “Druid Prophets do indeed have the ability to sense strands of destiny, but it’s a pity that ability has a limit. The stronger and more complicated destiny is, the harder it is to see clearly. I can perhaps see the life of a lizard, but I can’t see the life of a giant dragon. As for you…..”

A confused look appeared in Yoda’s large eyes, “I’ll be honest with you, although you are standing in front of me, I can’t see your destiny strands at all. It’s as if you don’t belong to this space and time.”

The legends are true?

The Druid Prophets really had this amazing ability?

Chu Tian had read in an ancient book that there were some ancient Prophets who had strange innate talents that allowed them to see things other people couldn’t see. Chu Tian wanted to test it, but Yoda’s words had shocked him. Could it be this fellow really did see something?

“Destiny is a river and we are a grain of sand. Where we come from and where we go is all determined by destiny, drifting with the current, unable to resist.” Yoda said this and then he suddenly revealed an interested expression, “Now a fish is jumping into the river. Not only is it trying to change its path, it is also causing all the dust to deviate from its original path wherever it goes.”

“I can feel that people who gather around you will have their destiny changed.” Yoda’s eyes fell onto Delores and Clark, revealing a meaningful expression, “Green City’s situation is hard to predict, all the strands are in chaos.”

This was confirmation.

If Chu Tian had not appeared.

The young miss, Yingying, Nangong, and the others would all follow their original path. Chu Tian’s appearance had changed history, so Yoda saying this was correct.

Chu Tian was a bit amazed. Was there really people in this world who could predict destiny?

Yoda’s words made Chu Tian think of the sealed Spiritual God in the Central State Trial Tower, who had used the same analogy for destiny. The more powerful a person was, they more they could control their direction and position, but no matter how strong they were, they could not change the flow of the river of destiny.

Clark and Delores were both secretly shocked.

This Druid Prophet was even deeper than they imagined. The most important thing was that the Prophet had a deep appraisal of Chu Tian. Even if a giant dragon was in front of him, Yoda cannot accurately read his future, but still could still feel the strength of its destiny.

He could not see through Chu Tian at all.

The destiny of all living things was actually a mix of strands. When a person whose abilities cannot be predicted, the strands will fall into chaos and even the Druid Prophets wouldn’t be able to predict anything.

This young human was truly extraordinary.

Perhaps this was the reason Prophet Yoda agreed to see him.

Chu Tian gave a sigh, “Since you can’t, then let’s forget about it. Actually knowing one’s destiny is a bit dull, life always needs a bit of pleasant surprise, right?”

Prophet Yoda smiled, “Sir is open minded. You came to the Druid temple, what guidance do you have for the Druids?”

“I don’t dare offer guidance.” Chu Tian did not keep him guessing and directly threw out the chip he had already thought of, “I’ve heard that before Prophet Yoda came to lead the Green City Druids, you’ve fought an ancient beast and even now, Prophet Yoda hasn’t recovered from the injuries.”

Yoda did not reply.

But the facts were there.

The Druids did not have a special purpose coming here, it was just the gnomes’ prejudice against the Druids. Yoda could be considered a first class expert of the Forest of Chaos at his peak, but after fighting the ancient beast, his strength had fallen quite a bit.

Of course, even if it was far below what it was in the past, Prophet Yoda was still stronger than the High Priests.

Chu Tian didn’t keep him guessing, “I am Green City’s new City Lord and have a deep admiration for the Druid culture. I can think of a way to cure the Prophet’s injuries, but I hope the Druids can make an alliance with Green City.”

The expressions of the other Druids all changed.

He could cure the Prophet’s injuries? If it was truly like this, this was a large matter!

Prophet Yoda displayed no changes and even his eyes did not move. It was like this wasn’t related to him at all, “Each Druid has their freedom, I have no rights to make a decision for the Druids.”

Chu Tian knit his brows. How could this fellow be so bad at understanding good and bad?

Chu Tian could only lower his request, “I can provide an effective treatment method to the Prophet, but I hope the Druids will not be involved in the fight between Green City and the Shamans.”

Yoda calmly said, “The Druids love peace and never enter fights without reason. As long as no one looks at us with hostility, we will not look at others with hostility.”

“Good! Then it’s a promise!”

Chu Tian was rushed for time and did not want to bargain with the Prophet. As long as he promised not to participate in this fight, then everything else was fine. Chu Tian was relatively assured in the Druids, these people’s natures were simple and honourable. The Druids believed in the God of Nature and the Druid God, so the Druids would not lie and they would not participate in the battle for no reason.

Chu Tian coming to the Druid temple to meet the Prophet was just to be safe.

With the Prophet personally promising this, Chu Tian believed the Druids would do this.

When Chu Tian led the gnome and fox girl away, Yoda closed those bright eyes and his brows knit even deeper. He fell into silence as the other Druids looked at each other in blank dismay. They understood that the Prophet looking like this meant he was in a state of pondering.


Prophet Yoda raised his hand and a source spirit was released. Yoda’s source spirit was very strange, it was actually a tortoise shell, one used for sacrifice and divination.

The Druids kneeled on one foot seeing this.

They all understood the Prophet wanted to make a divination.

The Druids all around poured their energy into the tortoise shell, which would letters to appear on its surface which was the Druid Prophet’s divination. Only, before these letters could appear, the tortoise shell cracked. The crack quickly spread through the tortoise shell and like an explosion, the tortoise shell turned into pieces.


Yoda spat out a mouthful of blood.


“Lord Prophet!”

The Druids all quickly came up to support him, but Yoda waved his hand. He looked like he was very weak, but his life was not in danger. He really couldn’t do it. As long as it was beside this human, any form of divination would failed. He already had no way of predicting anything about Green City.

The strands were gathered in a clump and continuously changing, while the strands coming from outside are also changing. Only if he went far enough would he be able to restore this ability.

Yoda revealed a strange and complicated expression.

Was there really a person in this world who could disturb destiny?

Chu Tian had used a short two days and now everything was prepared. Now they were just waiting for the locals and Shamans to make their move.

Around the third day.

The locals army had reached around two hundred and thirty thousand, mainly composed of the large tribe’s elites, which was an army that could threaten the gnomes. The locals did not have any patience and couldn’t wait any longer.




The over two hundred thousand people gathered in the forest, taking up an entire ten miles of space. They were roaring with killing intent which was like a landslide, causing all the beasts and birds to flee.

The several large tribe chiefs acted as the leader and decided to lead their subordinates to plunder Green City. The Shaman Sorcerers accompanying them used a bit more witchcraft on them, for example, berserk technique, bloodthirsty technique, and etc. After these locals were strengthened by the Shamans’ witchcraft, their battle strength would naturally increase.

Everything was ready now!

“Green City is right ahead!”

“Let us charge in and overthrow those weak gnomes!”

The locals army could not contain it any longer and like a tide, they charged forward towards Green City. Green City’s tunnels were covered in barriers and Green Protectors, but the Shaman Religion promised that as long as the army attacked, the Shamans would turn them off from inside.

Several hundred thousand locals charged right at Green City.

The gnomes were not strong, these several hundred thousand people could push them back and not the mention that there were Shamans attacking from a different direction at the same time. There was hope for the Green City destruction this time.

When the several tribe chiefs led their wave of clansmen into the valley, they suddenly found that the barriers were all active, layers upon layers like a screen. There were gnome archers and priests on both sides of the canyon cliff.

“What is going on?”

“Didn’t the Shamans say they would turn off the gnomes’ defenses?”

Although they were discontent with this situation, they had already charged here, so even if the Green City defenses were not turned off, they could only keep charging forward.

Who would have thought that when the locals tried to release their spirit energy.

Something no one would have imagined happened.

The locals tried to stimulate their spirit energy, but it felt like their bodies were burning. Their spirit energy went wild in their meridians and they actually couldn’t control it.

“What is going on?”

“Damn, we’ve been poisoned!”

“Everyone’s been poisoned!”

“What is going on?”

The locals were shocked to find that all their main forces had been poisoned. Before they could even respond, the Minotaurs Chief Arnold suddenly roared out and his giant axe chopped down on a Shaman priest.

With a hua la sound.

The Shaman Priest shattered like a porcelain bottle, instantly turning into a rain of flesh and blood.

The locals finally understood who had poisoned everyone, it was the Minotaurs who had poisoned their food. The Minotaurs were a local tribe, so the other tribes was not on guard against the Minotaurs at all, never thinking that the Minotaurs would actually poison their food.