Miracle Throne
Chapter 409: Set goal
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 409: Set goal

Chapter 409: Set goal

The elves were not isolationists like the elves, this was a relatively inclusive race. Generally speaking, if one could build good relations with the gnomes, regardless of their race and their believes, they would have the qualification to gain a footing in Green City and external merchants could also temporarily reside in Green City.

This open policy no doubt allowed Green City to flourish, but it also brought Green City trouble. These foreign powers could quickly grow in the Green City area and threaten the authority of the gnomes, then there was the powers behind these religions. The main cause of this was because they slipped in too easily.

There were many Shaman Altars around Green City and there was even a large Shaman Altar. Because the Shaman Religion was mainly made up of spirit beasts, they had developed very quickly over the last few decades in Green City. Now they had enough influence to even compete with the Green Religion.

An assistant quickly ran in, “Acting City Lord Clark!”

Acting City Lord Clark’s face made a clear change, “What is the situation now? Has the envoy been sent?”

“The envoy, the envoy…….The envoy has been sent back dead!”

“What did you say?!” Clark’s face was instantly covered in rage, “Those damn fellows, do they think our Green City are afraid of them?”

This assistant looked very nervous, “Green City must prepare our defenses, I think they will attack at any moment.”

The gnomes were not a martial race, so there weren’t many warriors in their tribes. They had lost many Green Protectors over the past few decades, so with this attack from the locals, Green City would suffer heavy damage. Of course, this was not what the acting City Lord was worried about. The thing he was worried about was the main secret instigator of this plot.

Plague, famine, and riot, it came wave after wave. When would the forest return to peace?

Clark always doubted there was someone acting from behind the scenes.

The famine this time might also be their work. It was not difficult to use some method to control the local’s food supplies and when the locals were worried about survival, they could create chaos. It was not hard to explain everything like this.

Clark felt a strong headache coming on.

If the Eternal Forest could accept Green City, he would not need to worry about these things at all.

“Sir acting City Lord, there is someone asking to see you outside!”

During this special period, Clark needed to think of a plan to deal with this, how could he have time to see people. When he was prepared to give the order to chase this person away, Clark suddenly thought of something, “Who is it?”

“I’m not certain, but it is a human and a fox clan person. The fox person seems to be priest Delores of the Demonic God Religion.”

“Human? Let him come in!”

Clark seemed to have thought of something. Most of the gnomes did not know the truth and thought the Eternal Forest armies would arrive in Green City at any moment. Only Clark and a few people knew of the Elven King installing a human City Lord, after all, this information could not be disclosed.

There weren’t many races on the continent who liked the humans.

The elves were not an exception.

Not to mention this human was an outsider and wasn’t anything here. A strong dragon had to lower its head, not to mention a mouse that flew through the heavens. Wanting to control this nest of snakes, how could that be possible?

Clark sent away his servants and Chu Tian and Delores came in.

Delores was very polite in slightly bowing to the gnome in front of her, “Demonic God Religion’s priest Delores greets acting City Lord Clark.”

Clark did not even look at Delores as he looked at Chu Tian with a gaze of contempt. Human lives were short and this human looked especially young. He seemed to be less than twenty among the humans and was no different from a child. Even if the Elven King was insane, he wouldn’t have sent this person to rule Green City, right?

Clark said in an impolite voice, “Green City is not welcoming any human guests, what matter does your excellency and priest Delores have in coming to see me?”

“I’m very sorry, I’m not any guest.” Chu Tian did not hide his intentions and took out the Elven King’s token and letter, which he placed on the table, “I am Chu Tian, the Elven King has bestowed me the title of Green City’s City Lord.”

“You…..” Clark glared at him, “Just depending on you, you can become Green City’s City Lord? I think the Elven King has gone insane, I would rather surrender to the spirit beasts!”

This was not anger at all.

Clark never would have thought that after he sincerely surrendered to the Eternal Forest, the Eternal Forest would treat the gnomes like this. A human that didn’t even have hair govern Green City? This was simply an insult to Green City and also the gnomes!

Green City’s situation was already this complicated.

What could this human do?

Chu Tian saw the anger on the gnome’s face and he felt very helpless. Chu Tian’s original plan was to first win the support of the local tribes and after he won their support, he would enter the city as the City Lord before bringing the entirety of Miracle Commerce over.

Because there were changes in the plan with the locals banding together to attack Green City, Chu Tian had to change the order of the plan and come to Green City first.

“Why does acting City Lord Clark feel like I’m not suited to be the City Lord?”

“Then what do you feel qualifies you to be the City Lord.”

“With my knowledge, my talent, and my brain. The things the gnomes cannot do, I can do.” Chu Tian shamelessly said, “If acting City Lord Clark does not believe me, how about we have a simple bet.”

Clark was stunned, “How do you want to bet?”

“In one month, I will eradicate all the problems in Green City. Whether it is the Druids, the Necromancers, the Shamans, or anything else.” Chu Tian knew that his skills would be questioned, so he had to brag about his accomplishments as much as possible, “If I can do this, the gnomes must recognize my abilities. If I cannot achieve this, you won’t be put in an awkward situation as I’ll resign to the Elven King myself.”

Clark revealed a look of disbelief, “Do you know what you’re saying? Do you know who is behind the Shaman Sorcerers and Necromancers?”

“It’s just the Savage Highland and the Dragon’s Ridge, what is there to worry about.”

Clark carefully looked over the human. Although he did not believe this human could do it, looking at this human’s calm expression, he seemed more calm than he had imagined, “Alright, I’ll bet with you!”

This was a mission that was basically impossible to complete.

The gnomes became weak because of the pressure from outside forces, so they had no choice but to surrender to the Eternal Forest. If Chu Tian could solve all these large problems for Green City, then what was impossible about letting him be City Lord?

Of course.

This was an impossible task!

At this time, there were agitated shouts coming from the discussion hall.

Chu Tian was a bit stunned, “What is going on?”

Clark knit his brows and hesitated for two seconds, “The envoy Green City sent out was sent back dead. The clan was agitated and naturally wanted to fight back, so they requested to fight. This fight will be hard to avoid.”

Chu Tian slightly raised one brow, “I want to see the envoy’s corpse.”

“What do you want to do?” Clark was a bit vigilant.

“That gnome envoy died for Green City and should be buried according in the forest temple, returning to the embrace of the Forest God.” Chu Tian said, “I just want to see this person who sacrificed himself for Green City and perhaps we can find something from his body.”

“That is natural.” Clark’s brows slightly relaxed. This foreign human actually knew the Green Religion’s beliefs and traditions, “Alright, but the priest will need to perform the funeral, so I can only give you ten minutes at most.”

“It’s enough.”

Delores looked at Chu Tian with a strange gaze.

What was this fellow looking at a corpse for?

Clark led Chu Tian into the forest temple. This was a giant natural hole and the space was completely covered in tree roots. There was probably an altar in the center and there seemed to be an intact corpse lying there.

Chu Tian found there were sutures on the corpse’s neck and this person should have had his head cut off. His eyes slightly focused as he said, “What did you send him to discuss?”

“Of course it was to work together to survive this famine!” Clark had a look of anger when he saw the envoy’s corpse, “The gnomes were willing to open up Green City’s warehouse and give them a portion, but who would have thought that these damn bastards would be so greedy! Do they really think they can break into Green City?”

Chu Tian shook his head, “The envoy did not say this. I guess that after he went to the locals, his words must have been strong and contained threats. Finally he angered the locals, causing him to be killed.”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Acting City Lord Clark had a bit of good feeling towards this human, but not a single trace remained now, “You dare question the gnomes’ rigor and beliefs?”

Chu Tian did not explain as a faint glow surrounded his right hand. A rune was extracted from the gnome’s forehead and when it was extracted, the gnome’s corpse trembled.

Acting City Lord Clark was already filled with uncontrollable rage, “What did you do!”

Chu Tian softly said, “Look for yourself.”

Suddenly a sharp sound that came from the gnome’s ears. There was a disgusting insect that jumped out and Chu Tian grabbed it before pinching down on it.

Delores let out a surprised gasp, “This is the Shaman Sorcerer’s witchcraft insect!”

“This is something that can control one’s minds and thoughts, it should have been made through witchcraft.” Chu Tian looked at the little insect struggling in his hand, “If my guesses aren’t wrong, when this envoy left Green City, he should have been ambushed and this insect was planted in his brain. He was controlled during the negotiations and was finally killed by the angry locals, which also angered the gnomes.”

Delores suddenly understood, “This also means that the Shamans are the ones manipulating everything from behind the scenes?”

“That’s right. Since we’ve found our manipulator, this makes things much easier.” Blue and white flames appeared at the tips of Chu Tian’s fingers and the bug was directly turned into ash, “Now, let me experience this so called Shaman Religion!”

Acting City Lord Clark was stunned.

This young human…..It seems like he wasn’t simple!
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