Miracle Throne
Chapter 407: Union
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 407: Union

Chapter 407: Union

Chu Tian’s plan proceeded unexpectedly smoothly. The beast driving talisman in the local hunting areas had caused a large reduction in the amount of demon beasts. Each day’s hunt could not compare to normal and was even a fifth of the past few days.

This was misfortune on top of misfortune!

These tribes that weren’t too lacking in food was worried when they saw this situation.

These tribes were already starving and were currently like ants in a hot pot at this moment.

There must have been a change in the forest. It could be a change in the natural flow of energy or a chance in the spiritual vein or it could be a natural disaster. Of course there was a possibility of a man made disaster.

In brief, living in the Forest of Chaos, it wasn’t good if there were too many demon beasts around, but too few wasn’t good either. They didn’t know how long this situation would continue, so would the tribes be unable to hold on soon?


This was not a small matter!

This couldn’t be decided at will.

The Forest of Chaos was filled with danger, especially the depths of the forest. There were many strong demon beasts and other forces, as well as hidden dangerous tribes, and the many fierce robbers present in the forest. All sort of dangers are hard to predict.

Who doesn’t want to live in safety?

Who wanted to walk down an unknown dangerous road?

Even if they did escape, they had to prepare first, at least spending ten-fifteen days scouting out their new living environment. Then they had to prepare enough rations which was already a dead path for these tribes.

Since things have developed to this stage.

They only had a single method, steal!

In this wasteland, force would always be a good solution to a problem. They would steal food if they didn’t have food, there was always a tribe with food in their storage. The various large tribes were sharpening their blades at this point. Like a powder keg that was about to explode, an unprecedented war was about to erupt.

The tiger clan was a large tribe to the southwest of Green City, having a total of over two hundred thousand people. They had developed for forty three years and could be considered an old tribe.

Currently the tiger warriors were lifting their weapons high up and roaring.

The tiger clan warriors were already building their army.

The tiger clan chief was prepared to personally lead thirty thousand elite warriors to ambush the lizard clan not far away. The lizard clan lived in the wetland and had a custom of preserving their food. As long as they were destroyed, they could temporarily solve their problem.

When the tiger clan was prepared to gather their army.

A strange figure suddenly appeared at the gate of the tiger clan. This was a goat race spirit beast with an ugly old face and wearing a long spacious robe. There were bone accessories all over his arm and neck, and there was a long staff in his hand, making his appearance look a bit strange.

“Who are you?” Actually daring to disturb the tiger clan…..”

Before he even finished.

The goat person waved his hand and the large tiger clan men fell to the ground. The goat person strolled into the tiger clan, but him rushing in had naturally attracted the attention of the people around, immediately surrounding him.

The tiger clan’s chief coldly looked at him, “A Shaman Sorcerer? What are you here for!”

The Shaman Sorcerer laughed, “I am here to give the chief a road.”

“Road? What road!”

“If the tiger clan wants food, attacking your neighbours is not the best plan.”

“How we do things does not need to be managed by you people and your gods!”

The Shaman Sorcerer did not heed this and suddenly said, “Green City has several years worth of food stockpiled inside, why don’t you directly attack Green City? If you obtain Green City and seize it, not to mention your temporary troubles, you won’t be lacking in food even three-five years from now!”

The tiger clan’s chief’s face changed, “What did you say?”

“The ogres, lizard people, serpent race, and several other tribes of the south have now reached a preliminary agreement, preparing to attack Green City together to steal food.” The Shaman Sorcerer turned after saying this, “As for whether the tiger clan wants to participate or not, it all depends on you, the chief.”


Green City’s replacement City Lord, the gnome Clark always had a worried look.

The gnomes had always been related to the elves, but they weren’t formed from elven blood mixing with another race, the gnomes were a separate race. They had separated from the elves back in the ancient times and were a lower elven race. Just like how humans and halflings were related, their blood was close, but they evolved into two different races.

The gnomes were around as tall as the dwarves and their features were the same as the elves.

Gnomes were very intelligent and loved studying and pursuing the truth, studying deeply into source energy arrays. Although they did not like war just like the elves, they were not stubborn like the elves.

The power of the gnomes were not bad. The gnomes of this area in their peak had several hundred thousand people. They were divided into several dozen tribes, but although they were separate, they believed the same thing which was the Green Religion.

The gnomes had spent five hundred years to create this city which was Green City.

The gnomes had decent strength, but compared to the real giants of the forest, they still weren’t considered big. Those giants did not want to step on each other’s nerves, so they did not forcefully try to conquer Green City and used methods to slowly wear it down.

The Undead Religion came from the lich from the Dragon’s Ridge.

The spirit beasts from the Savage Highlands had brought the Shaman Religion.

The Druids who admired nature and didn’t like fighting also strangely became stronger.

Struggling over these past few years, the strongest Green Religion already couldn’t hold on any longer. When the gnomes finally felt that they couldn’t hold onto their city any longer, the Eternal Forest’s Elven King extended an olive branch, wanting to bring their two races closer.

Clark and the gnome elders agreed without even considering it.

The gnomes established Green City not for fame or fortune, they did it solely to give the gnomes a place to study and a place to call home. Who would have thought that after their home became populated and rich, it would attract the greed of some many people. Compared to the Dragon’s Ridge and the Savage Highlands, the Eternal Forest was the gnomes’ best option.

The Eternal Forest elves were close to the gnomes and the elves were kind by nature, so they wouldn’t make it hard on the gnomes. The Elven King had even promised that the gnomes can continue studying and living in Green City, there would be no difference from before.

This made Clark very happy.

The gnomes did not have interest in wealth and it wasn’t important who was in charge of the city, it was fine as long as the gnomes weren’t chased away.

Clark very quickly reached an agreement with the Elven King. The Eternal Forest announced that Green City had entered their sphere of influence and would now be protected by the Eternal Forest.

The gnomes were filled with anticipation.

Once the Eternal Forest sent a powerful elven army to guard Green City and sent someone with enough prestige to be the City Lord, how could the Shaman Religion and the Undead Religion keep acting so rampant? Even if the Dragon’s Ridge and the Savage Highland was behind them, the Eternal Forest had already taken the initiative in Green City!

After all these days.

There was not a single bit of news from the Eternal Forest.

Soon, a secret letter was sent into Clark’s hands. When Clark opened the personal letter from the Elven King, he was so shocked he almost jumped into the roof!

The elven army had not been dispatched.

But the Elven King had appointed a City Lord for Green City.

If the Elven King had sent a peak expert to Green City, they would be able to deter thieves even without an elven army. Who would have thought that the Elven King would send a human as the City Lord, a human they had never even heard of before!


No prestige.

Also a human!

Clark almost fainted from his cries of aggrievement.

There were no human influences in the Forest of Chaos, so the humans who came here were all outsiders. This also meant that they did not have any foundations here at all. A human without foundations coming to the complicated Green City to become the City Lord, wasn’t that a joke?

Even if the gnomes submit, will the other races submit?

When Clark was debating how to solve this problem, a gnome suddenly ran in, “Replacement City Lord Clark, something has happened in the forest!”


There were many things that had happened in the forest lately. There was famine, plague, and various disasters. Although he didn’t have proof, Clark was certain that this was a trick played by those fellows. They wanted to cause more chaos, increasing the resistance when the Eternal Forest forces arrived.

The gnome was sweating profusely as he said, “There are several tribes that have created a union because of the famine and are preparing to attack Green City!”


Clark felt a large headache.

These tribes actually wanted to attack Green City!

Green City had one million and five hundred thousand residence and most of them were gnomes.

Gnomes were good at handling and storing food, so over the years Green City has developed, the food stores were very rich. In a normal situation, the locals would plunder each other in a famine, but who would have thought that they would group together this time and attack Green City. They had simply gone crazy!

If several tribes came together.

That was over a million people at least.

Even if they can’t capture Green City, it will cause great losses for Green City. Clark could smell the scent of something unusual behind this. If Green City was destroyed and seized by the locals, Eternal Forest will not be able to take over the city. This was what was being thought from certain people’s angles.

This was most likely a plot to stir things up!
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