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Chapter 381: Argument

Chapter 381: Argument

This was surely Lulu’s help. The Flower Fairies were very close to the Treants, so Lulu must have told what Chu Tian said to the Treants, so the Treants wouldn’t sit there and do nothing.

Since there were people to support him, he could be a bit less worried.

Chu Tian wanted to retreat at first, but now it seemed like he couldn’t return just yet and he needed to obtain a bit of benefits before he did so.

The elven trial began and an elf said in a loud voice, “Vivian secretly ran from the tribe and went to a human country, not returning for an entire two months. We have proof that Vivian has participate in the human’s war with the spirit beasts, as well as killing a king of the spirit beast kingdom. This goes against the rules of our ancestor and should entitle confinement of fifty years!”

He paused here before saying, “Vivian secretly stole elder Aubersen’s Immortal Herb and secretly gave it to the human Chu Tian, even joining Chu Tian’s organization. She willingly degenerated into a human’s worker and harmed the elves’ reputation. Then she led the human into the Forest of Chaos to fight against the Spirit Insects, killing several descendants of Spider Queen Alexis, worsening the relation between elves and Spirit Insects. This will cause quite the effect on the elves and she should be locked up for at least one hundred years!”

Then he gave his conclusion, “Vivian is the Elven King’s youngest daughter and if she doesn’t lead by example, she have a bad influence on others. I recommend a severe punishment of forever eliminating her princess status and confinement of two hundred years!”

Two hundred years?!

All the elves gasped.

“Vivian, these are the accusations.” Ulysses asked in a low voice, “What do you want to say?”

Even to the elves, two hundred years was close to half their lives. There were rarely any elves that suffered such severe punishments. Vivian’s face was a bit pale, but she bit her lips as she snorted like she didn’t care at all.

“Although Vivian’s violation of the rules are rarely seen in hundreds of years in the elven race, the human Chu Tian should not escape his involvement in having princess Vivian do this!”

Now it was time to blame Chu Tian.

“Vivian stole the Immortal Herb to give to Chu Tian. Vivian joining the human company was also because of Chu Tian’s invitation. Vivian was related in the human and spirit beast war, as well as fighting the Spirit Insects all because of Chu Tian!”

“Humans abducting elves has happened regularly on the continent, it’s not uncommon to force the elves into selling their bodies. This is a matter that each elf deeply detests and Chu Tian using Vivian like this is similar to this matter, so he must be severely punished without a doubt. I suggest an execution sentence!”

The old elves discussed with each other for a few minutes and they were all nodding. If it was said that Vivian’s punishment was heavy, there was no objections to Chu Tian’s punishment at all.

This damn human really was a truly evil fellow!

Actually using the pure and good elf like this, this was simply unforgivable!

The elves have seen many evil doings in the past years, with many elves being caught by slavers. After they caught these elves, they would mostly be sold into human countries. In the elves’ eyes, the humans were a dirty race without a bottom line.

Although the elves did not have any historical hate with the humans, they still did not like the humans. In their eyes, humans wouldn’t contact elves for no reason, so he must have an impure idea towards Vivian. The elves had suffered this kind of trouble, it would be difficult to recover even if they killed him eight-ten times.

Ulysses said to Chu Tian, “Human, the elves are a fair race and will now give you a chance to present your argument!”

“Argument my ass!”

The elves’ faces all changed.

Chu Tian began to laugh, “I have heard that the elves were stubborn, but I have finally seen it today. No wonder the elves have declined on the continent. Don’t mention comparing to the humans, you can’t even compare to the spirit beasts! Otherwise, how could you do something stupid like this? Destroying your own foundations, but having a sense of superiority.”

The elves were instantly filled with anger.

Wasn’t this a noble and proud race?

They weren’t even comparable to spirit beasts. This was no longer just shaming, it was bare naked provocation!

Ulysses’ expression did not change as he softly said, “You insulting the noble elves will not help your crimes, rather it will increase it. I urge you to be cautious with your words, you don’t have many chances.”

“Noble, righteous, graceful, and kind, the elves like to label themselves as this!” Chu Tian fearlessly said in a calm voice, “All I see is a group of shortsighted, lazy, comfortable with the current status quo cowards who don’t dare face their future and loses themselves in their long history! The funniest thing is that these cowards create these damn rules to persecute those the true trailblazers of their tribes, persecuting true heroes among their tribes such as princess Vivian!”

Everyone was shocked, even Vivian was stunned.

When did she become a hero of the elven tribe?

A trailblazer for elven reform?

This was not related at all!

Ulysses stood up, “Straight nonsense! Since you’ve given up the chance to make an argument, don’t blame the elves for not giving you a chance. Someone…..”

“Sir vice speaker!” Chu Tian’s sharp edge was pointed at Ulysses, “I want to ask you a single question. You seem like you’ve lived for over six hundred years, but what have you done for the elves in all these years? What changes have you made to the elven race with your high position?”

Ulysses was a bit speechless. He slightly knit his brows and said, “My race has strived for freedom and non governance, how can you vain humans understand this?”

“The spirit beasts have already beaten the elves back and you still shout of non governance? Since there is no interference in governing, what is the elven council doing? They should just disband already!” Chu Tian’s words became more and more sharp, “All day immersing in your past, being enchanted by the feeling of superiority all day, the ones that are truly vain are you elves! Not giving your position to a more qualified person, doing nothing all day, you’re just harming people. Would it really take the destruction of the race to awaken you?”

Ulysses was finally a bit angry. No matter how could an elf’s temper was, he could not take Chu Tian’s constant insults, “Good. Then let me ask you, what has Vivian done for the elves!”

Chu Tian began to strongly speak up for Vivian, “Princess Vivian was thinking about the elves and finally decided to find a way to save the elves’ destiny. Finally she found Miracle Commerce’s product and learned of our advanced technology. In order to obtain this new technology for the elves, Vivian took the risk to steal an Immortal Herb and travelled several tens of thousands of miles to save me when I was in a critical condition…..”

He added a few exaggerations to these matters.

“I am a human from the Southern Summer Country, knowing nothing about the elves and especially princess Vivian. I was moved by princess Vivian’s sincerity, so I offered refuge to princess Vivian, giving her top class human cultivation techniques and peak technology to study. Vivian knew the elves’ restrictions, so she remained in the Southern Summer Country to learn this cultivation technique and technology, so she could bring it back to the elves to cause a revolution! Who would have known that our sincerity would be considered dirty by you all?”

The elves were all speechless, but he did not wait for the elves to speak.

Chu Tian righteously asked, “Please use your several hundred year old brain to consider this. The Southern Summer Country is only a small country, how could I have attracted princess Vivian? I am only in the Awakened Soul Realm and I was several tens of thousands of miles away. With my strength, I can’t even move through the Forest of Chaos, so how would I capture the elves in the forest?”

Ulysses knit his brows, “Then how did Vivian know of your existence?”

Vivian had a cultivation in the 4th True Spirit Layer, even in the Forest of Chaos, she was considered an expert!

How could someone like this be tricked by an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator? This was something completely illogical!

Chu Tian coldly said, “Then we’ll have to ask this elven elder!”

At this time, a few small elves shouted from all around them, “It’s because elder Aubersen brought back the video disc player, we all recognized Chu Tian because of the video disc player!”

Aubersen revealed an awkward expression.

Vivian learning of Chu Tian could be considered because of him!

Ulysses asked Aubersen, “Did this really happen?”

“Reporting to the vice speaker, when I passed through the Southern Summer Country, I found something different in it that I brought back as a gift for the princess. I never thought it would develop to this point.”

Ulysses then asked, “Vivian, what have you been doing for the past two months among the humans?”

Vivian looked at Chu Tian with a tentative gaze and Chu Tian nodded to her. She finally bravely said, “I have been cultivating the top grade spatial cultivation technique Chu Tian gave me, the «Void Escaping». I was also learning the Space Warehouse technology!”

Spatial cultivation technique?

The elves were all shocked!

Vivian could not find a suitable cultivation technique, everyone knew about this. Could it be that she had now found a spatial cultivation technique? This was simply impossible! Spatial cultivation techniques were rare, how could the humans take one out?

Ulysses kept asking, “What is this Space Warehouse?”

“Before I was brought back, I was Miracle Commerce’s spatial engineer!” Vivian proudly threw out her chest, “I had already created a Space Warehouse and wanted to create a second one. With Chu Tian agreement, I would have brought it back for everyone to use. In the end, before the second Space Warehouse could even be made, I was brought back by you all!”

Vivian explained the characteristics of the Space Warehouse to the elves.

The elves all gasped when they heard this. Aledis, Aubersen, and the others all had wide open eyes. Could there really be such a magical technology in this world? Could the humans have already advanced to this degree already! If it was true, the elves would really have to review this. They had several tens of thousands of years more history than the humans, but the humans had advanced this far already!

“I have decided to take back the Space Warehouse and will not share any technology with the elves in the future!” Chu Tian directly said, “As for the cultivation technique given to the princess, it will be considered repayment for delivering the herb! It’s fine if you want to kill me, I believe that a hundred years after I die, the humans will certainly raise the flags of revenge for me and cut through the elves in the Forest of Chaos! The elves will become a mark of shame in history because of this matter of ungratefulness and stubbornness!”

Vivian’s body trembled.

How could she know that Chu Tian was deliberately provoking the elves.

“It was all destroyed by you all! It was all destroyed by you all!” Even the elves announcing her being locked up for two hundred years did not affect her, but now she had broken out in tears. She angrily shouted, “I, I……I am ashamed to be grouped with you all. Just lock me up for a thousand years, I don’t want to see you all ever again!”