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Chapter 378: Tree of Life Tribe

Chapter 378: Tree of Life Tribe

“Are all the elves as unreasonable as you?” Meng Yingying was anxious and angry. These elves had move against Chu Tian in the Oldman Small Town entrance, what would the people in the small town think? But Meng Yingying was too weak and couldn’t help at all, so she could only indignantly scold them, “Using chaos and rumours to discredit a person. I had thought that the elves were a civilized and friendly race, but it seems like there is no difference between you all and the orcs and ogres!”

The elves’ faces all changed.

The elves were known on the continent as the most noble, graceful, beautiful, and civilized race, but now there was someone comparing them to ogres and orcs. This was simply an attack on the elves’ self respect.

Meng Yingying loudly shouted, “You can kill me, I can’t defeat you, but I still have to say that I’ve had the wrong impression of you all!”

This human looked quite young.

She was also a beautiful and innocent young girl.

The elves had the habit of judging people by their appearance. They thought that a beautiful spirit would have a beautiful appearance. Because the elves had a pure heart, each elf would grow into a pure beauty. Therefore, when the say Meng Yingying, their first impression of her was not bad. Still, they couldn’t kill her because of these words, otherwise there really would be no difference between them and the uncouthly and weak ogres and orcs.

“Yingying is right!” Vivian was also filled with rage, “I used to think that the elves were the friendliest race, but now even I feel embarrassed! Killing someone before everything is made clear, is this how our elf race acts?”

The great elder’s face was unsettled. Finally he waved his hand and the elves put away their bow. He rode the unicorn forward, “This brave and beautiful young miss is right, we elves are a compassionate and fair race. Greyheart, you were too impulsive.”

Greyheart quickly apologized to Vivian. After all, princess Vivian was still young and he couldn’t ruin his entire future just because of this small matter.

Weren’t all humans deceptive?

This was definitely the human’s fault!

The great elder slightly raised his hand to point at Chu Tian, “Since this is the case, we ask princess Vivian and you to return to the tribe with us. This entire matter will be investigated by the elves!”

Meng Yingying was not satisfied, “If Chu Tian goes to the elves’ place, wouldn’t he just become your prey? What qualification do the elves have to put a human on trial!”

“The elves have a strict set of rules and laws!” The elven great elder said without any leeway, “We will judge this matter based on the fact and we will never frame an innocent person for no reason.”

“Yingying, go back. I might as well go with them.” Chu Tian was very clear on this matter. If this matter was not solved, it would be a large problem hanging over their heads. The elves were a large race and even tens of thousands of years in the future, in the human controlled world, the elves were still a large part of it. Chu Tian knew that this was a stubborn race that adhered to customs and he knew how to deal with them, but his only worry was that Oldman Small Town might be affected by this.

Chu Tian calmly stated his mind, “Elven elder, I am willing to attend the elves’ trial to prove my innocence. However, since the elves brag about being fair and just, before the elven court has made its judgement and before I am determined a criminal or not, since there is no conviction yet, should the elves respect my rightful rights and interests?”

The elven elder was a bit stunned, “That is reasonable.”

“Right now the elves have encroached on my property, so I hope the elves can give the proper compensation!”

Greyheart angrily said, “Nonsense!”

“This small town of joint management was established through much hard work. If the elves take me away, the small town will be filled with chaos and many innocent people will shed blood because of this. My property will suffer a loss because of this.” Chu Tian calmly explained, “This is the consequence accidentally caused by the elves. We are not in a hostile relation, so the elves should not destroy other people’s lands. At least before the trial judgement, the elves have a duty to protect this small town.”

The elven great elder was a bit shocked.

The people in the Forest of Chaos were all crude and cultureless, there was never anyone that followed the elves’ legal system. When they heard this human given these logical arguments, the elves did not feel any anger, rather they felt like he was respected the elves’ strict and principled laws.

“Alright, this small town has not offended the elves in the slightest, so it should not be implicated.” The elven great elder waved his hand, “One thousand people will be stationed here to maintain the safety of this small town until the trial is over!”

One thousand unicorn cavalry remained in Oldman Small Town.

As long as the small town did not collapse, his work in this period of time did not go to waste.

Chu Tian said to Meng Yingying, “This is a very special period, you must keep the small town stable. Also contact the young miss and have her quickly come here to manage the town!”

“Alrigth!” Meng Yingying saw that the elves were not an unreasonable race and her heart felt a bit of relief, “Then you have to be careful!”

Chu Tian revealed disdainful smile.

Why would he need to fear these stubborn fellows?

Not to mention that Chu Tian had done nothing wrong in the first place and had given the elves a great gift.

“I will come back in one piece!”

“Yingying, be assured!” Vivian said with a face of apology, “I will prove big brother’s innocence!”

Chu Tian rode on a unicorn as he left with the elves.

The Tree of Life Tribe was actually very far away. Vivian did not feel this when using her spatial teleportation technique, but riding the unicorn now especially highlighted it.

Only with the unicorns rushing day and night for several days, did they finally arrive in the center of the Tree of Life Tribe so quickly. The Tree of Life Tribe was the ancestral ground of the elves and could be traced to the great ancient era.

Legends say that the Tree of Life was over three thousand meters tall and could provide shade for several dozen miles. Born in the great ancient era, it could be considered a Spiritual God. It was this mysterious ancient tree that had given birth to the wood elves. Of course, the Tree of Life no longer existed, said to have collapsed in the great ancient era. The Tree of Life was completely destroyed, but it had left behind the elf race.

Therefore, the elves were one of the most ancient races on the continent.

However, because the elves had a glorious history, this long history instead became the burden of their race. The various troublesome rituals and ceremonies filled the elves’ lives and all kinds of traditional thoughts filled the elves’ minds.

The elves had long lives and low fertility rate, as well as rich emotions that made them crave peace. They enjoyed music, painting, poetry, and raising their quality of life. They did not care about the world, repelling the cultures of other races and never coming in contact with other races.

The elves being beaten back by the Spirit Beasts and the rise of humans, these were all events necessary for historical development.

However, the elves did not see this point yet. The elves were still one of the top powers on the continent and all regions had a part sectored for the elves. They still firmly believed that the elves were the strongest, the most graceful, the most beautiful, and the noblest race on the continent.

The Tree of Life Tribe in the Forest of chaos was only the ancestral land of the elves. A few talented elves or important elves would be sent here when they were young, bathing in the water of the moon springs as they grew and accepting the teachings of the ancient rules.

Finally, they would leave in the end.

The ancestral land had a large guard and was impregnable, so it was very safe. However, the elves did not need to station an army because around the Tree of Life Tribe, there were various other tribes. There were some that were allies of the elves in the Forest of Chaos, one that had been their ally for many generations. With the protection of these tribes, the Tree of Life Tribe did not need an army.

When Chu Tian walked the path into the Tree of Life Tribe, he saw a few members of a strange race.

These fellows looked like tall trees. Most of them would usually be in a deep slumber, with one or two that was occasionally awake. They could change into human forms and walk around like humans.

There was no doubt that these were Treants.

The Treants were also a mysterious and ancient race.

It’s said that the Treants were a race formed from the roots of the Tree of Life after it was destroyed. In some sense, the Treants and the Elves had a deep relationship. The Treants had very long lives, it’s said that most of them could live up to ten thousand years!

These long years filled each old Treant with knowledge.

Naturally the ancient knowledge had its limits. They did not pass down knowledge like humans, with each sage have countless previous sages standing on their shoulder, with knowledge quickly condensing through the passing down of knowledge. The knowledge the Treants collected over ten thousand years were based on their own comprehension, so the two could not be compared.

“Little princess Vivian is back!”

The elf tribe became lively as countless elven children came out from all directions like little monkeys, standing on the branches all around. Each of them looked on with pure eyes at the unicorn army that had just returned.

Vivian’s matter had caused a lot of commotion.

She had already become a villain among all the elves.

These elven childrens were all very surprised. Princess Vivian that played with them each day was actually brave enough to escape the tribe! This was a large crime!

“Yi, who is that person?”

“Why does he look so similar?”

“Aiyo, isn’t that Chu Tian?”

The elves all stirred. They recognized him with a glance, that human that was riding on the unicorn returning with the elves was actually the human swordsman they had seen in the movie, the brave and righteous Chu Tian!

“Chu Tian, is it really you?”

“I never thought I could really meet you!”

“Chu Tian, can you speak the elven language?”

These elven children did not know what the situation was. They all ran over shouting at Chu Tian and there were even some fellows that jumped onto Chu Tian’s unicorn.

Chu Tian sent his regards in fluent standard elven language, “Hello everyone!”

“Wa!” The elven children were all stunned, “Your elven language is so good, I thought the humans would not understand the elven language!”

Chu Tian never thought that in this kind of place, he would actually have this many little admirers.