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Chapter 341: Important decision

Chapter 341: Important decision

At dusk, the emerald forest was covered in a peaceful twilight glow. The elves had long lives and a slow pace of life, so there was almost no one that focused on their cultivation. Everyone liked to plant flowers or dabble in arts and music.

At this time, an old elf holding two books walked past the princess’ room and asked the two elven guards nearby, “Has little princess Vivian not appeared yet? She’s normally very active at this time!”

“We saw her a few minutes ago, she returned to her tree house.”

“That girl’s toy has been taken by others, so she should be very angry, but she’ll be better after pouting for two days. Don’t bother her right now or else you’ll be in for bad luck.”

“We understand!”

The old elf looked up at the tree house before shaking his head and turned to leave.

Actually no one in the tribe knew that Vivian had already secretly left. When everyone was unprepared, she used her special innate spatial powers to escape. She quickly passed through the mountains and forests, passing through many dangerous areas before finally arriving at the border of the Southern Summer Country.

“Is this a human country in front?”

The sky was already dark and Vivian stood on tiptoes as she looked forward from the mountain peak. She could vaguely see the lights of the Southern Summer border defense posts. This made the little princess unable to not feel a bit anxious. From the elders, she knew a bit about the humans.

The humans were a very complicated life form, they differed whether it was appearances or their personalities. Just like how there were beautiful women like princess Meng Yingying in the movie, there were also disfigured people like the Scarlet Moon Master. There were people that were brave and selfless like Chu Tian in the movie, there were also deceitful and unprincipled people.

There was good and evil in this world, but there has never been a race where there was such a wide spread before, this was something never seen with any other races. So, humans were the most complex race and this was why they could make these kinds of movies that she loved.

Although there were good people among the humans, the elves generally believed that most of them were greed and deceitful, so the elves did not have a good opinion of humans. This made the elven race break off diplomatic relations with the humans, not messing with human relations.

Little princess Vivian was used to hearing this, so she felt nervous and afraid of humans. It’s said that evil and brave human rogues would attack elven tribes and kidnap beautiful young girls, selling them to human nobles to satisfy their cravings.

Just thinking about it was terrifying!

If it wasn’t for the fact Chu Tian was here, Vivian would not want to have any contact with humans!

How could the little princess know that the Southern Summer Country was only a weak little kingdom. Even if the three strongest Southern Summer Three Rulers worked together, they would not be able to defeat her. Just depending on her rare spatial innate talent, how many people on the continent could catch her?

The little princess did not dare continue forward.

She saw down on a moss covered boulder and took out the Magnetic Sound Machine from her chest. She carefully adjusted it while muttering, “I don’t know if I can receive a signal here. No matter, I’ll give it a try!”

“Zi, zi, zi!”

“Zi, zi, zi, zi!”

The Magnetic Sound Machine continued to make static sounds.

The little princess slightly knit her brows, was this place still too far? When the little princess was feeling a bit depressed, the Magnetic Sound Machine gave a reaction. She heard relaxing music coming from the machine.

“Aiyaya, it really does work!” The little princess excitedly jumped up and immediately changed the channel. She found that she could receive many channels here, “Chu Tian really is the greatest genius on the continent, he can even invent this kind of great thing. This is too awesome!”

Vivian wanted to loudly shout out in excitement.

The little princess began to look for things she liked among the Miracle Broadcasting stations.

Miracle Broadcasting’s signal was centered in Central State, so most of the content was about the matters around Central State. Vivian had never entered the human world before, so even if it was the most boring news, it would still be a new experience for her!

“The humans actually have large theaters that can let over a thousand people watch movies together!”

“It would be great if our tribes had these theaters, those fellows wouldn’t have stolen my video disk players!”


“Powerful! Powerful!”

“Chu Tian invented a thing called the communication device? It can let someone talk even when separated by tens of thousands of miles? Really worthy of a person this princess worships. If the elven tribes had this thing, it wouldn’t be so troublesome for the Elven Council to discuss with each other!”


Little princess Vivian was like a curious explorer, sitting alone on the dark cliff, being enraptured by the content. The news being sent from the human world was simply like a new world for the little princess who had never left the forest, it completely changed little princess Vivian’s world views.

She had never seen the world like she had today!

The sky gradually lit up.

She had to quickly head back.

Little princess Vivian carefully put away the Magnetic Sound Machine into her chest and jumped down from the cliff, instantly disappearing in the air. Since experiencing this night that was completely different, Vivian could not stop anymore. She worked hard every night to sneak to the Southern Summer Country border to listen to the news from the Southern Summer Country.

Elves had many freedoms, but contact with other races and the outside world was forbidden, especially the humans. If Vivian was discovered, the consequences would not be a joke!

This offended the greatest law of the elves, this would even be brought to the Elven Council!

But Vivian did not care that much, she could not resist the enticement of this mysterious world!

When princess Vivian came that night, she was picking a channel to listen to when she suddenly heard a program about Miracle Commerce’s founder, Chu Tian’s backstory. It contained many testaments from the members of the “Heavens Alliance” , which was a group formed by Chu Tian’s worshippers, so naturally it attracted the little princess’ attention.

Chu Tian’s experiences are this legendary!”

The little princess knew that Chu Tian was an abandoned son from the Central State’s Chu Family, with his parents being forced into a cruel death and him being turned into a slave. He met Meng Yingying by chance and finally accomplished all these great things.

“Real life will always be more legendary than stories!”

The little princess listened carefully, especially to how Chu Tian handled everything which made the little princess admire him even more. The little princess could be considered the most rebellious among the wood elves, so Chu Tian’s fearless personality was very suited to the princess’ tastes, not to mention all the talent he had.

Powerful, powerful!

No wonder he was able to invent the movies and the Magnetic Sound Machines!

Listening for several days, the little princess understood Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce more and more. She was familiar with all the high level Miracle Commerce members and all their achievements. She already had a deep understanding of Miracle Commerce’s charm.

This happy and nervous time always passed very quickly and the sun was about to rise. The little princess reluctantly prepared to put the Magnetic Sound Machine away and return to the tribe, coming again tomorrow.

At this time.

A small Miracle Commerce advertisement attracted the little princess’ attention.

“Do you feel dissatisfied with your normal jobs? Do you feel your life lacks excitement? Do you feel your days are redundant? Miracle Commerce’s retainer group, the Chu Sect is recruiting new workers. Regardless of your status, your wealth, or your power, whether you are young or old, and no matter where you come from, as long as you are skilled, you have a place in Miracle Commerce. Let us witness a great miracle together and create the miracle dynasty…..”

Vivian’s heart began to beat fast in this moment.

The elves had long lives, living around five-six hundred years. The ones with higher cultivations could even live for up to a thousand years. The elves had long lives, so they had accumulated a lot of knowledge. Vivian could not understand why a race unmatched in intelligence would hide themselves like this. If their knowledge could benefit the world like Chu Tian’s, wouldn’t that be the better choice?

If they could leave a mark on the continent, doing things that people admired, wouldn’t that mean their lives weren’t in vain!

Vivian gave a soft sigh.

It was a pity that the elves were very strict. The elders would not allow them to participate in wars or conflicts, but Vivian could not follow these old rules. If the elders were to know her thoughts, it was possible she could be under house arrest for eight-ten years!

Vivian put away the Magnetic Sound Machine and headed back to the tribe with a sad expression.

For the first time, she questioned the iron rules the elves have persisted by.

The next day, when Vivian went to hear the broadcast again, the contents of all the stations had changed. They were all reporting on the battle situation up north. They were saying that the Spirit Beasts to the north had invaded and had even captured the country’s Imperial City.

Those violent Spirit Beasts!

They were too hateful!

The Forest of Chaos had many life forms, including Spirit Beasts. These Spirit Beasts were not anything good, being all thought of as bandits. She never thought that the Southern Summer Country would also be bullied by the Spirit Beasts. The little princess was worried, would Chu Tian be in danger in the Southern Summer Country?

Over the next few days.

The little princess kept listening to broadcasts related to the battle.

That night’s Miracle Commerce broadcast started with a large amount of repeated urgent purchase request, “Miracle Commerce’s chairman Chu Tian was seriously injured by a Spirit Beast Expert on the frontlines. He now requires a level two Immortal Grade Herb that can restore one’s innate vitality!”


Chu Tian was seriously injured?

Vivian was instantly worried. What should she do!

She returned to her room and thought about it all night. Chu Tian was surely in a difficult situation and required help at this moment. Princess Vivian could help him with this matter. If she brought the medicine to him, he would surely be grateful and princess Vivian would have a chance to meet Chu Tian!

Only if she did this, it would be very, very dangerous!

She couldn’t care about all of that right now!

Little princess Vivian was not a very serious elf. Once she made up her mind, she would immediately make her move.