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Chapter 329: Endless Purgatory

Chapter 329: Endless Purgatory

They couldn’t escape in the end?

Now that Imperial City was right in front of them, they never thought a True Spirit Expert would catch up to them. How could Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu fight a True Spirit Expert? The little fox was diverting the thunder hawk and could not help them at this moment.

“Cripple yourselves and follow me.” Malim was not in a rush, “This way you can reduce your hardships.”

Chu Tian considered the immediate situation, “I can go with you, but let her go.”

“No!” Meng Qingwu anxiously said, “Chu Tian, you definitely can’t go with them!”

Chu Tian naturally did not want to work with the War Hounds, but the situation for them was not good at this moment. He could only come up with a way to deal with it for now, keeping their lives at a minimum and running away later.

“Prisoners of war have no qualification to discuss terms!”

“What if I still have chips in my hand?”

“Chips? Ha, ha, ha! That power inside your body? There is no doubt that it is very strong, but can you really use it again?” Malim took a gentle sniff, “I can smell the aura coming from your veins, you are very weak, incredibly weak. If you use it again, you will surely die!”

“If I die, you will fail your mission.”

Malim broke out in laughter again, “The prisoner of war wants to use death as a threat? Let me tell you, your life has no meaning. Even if you die, as long as I bring your corpse back, it is still enough! You speak too much, I’ll kill that woman first!”

Flames ignited on the black blade and terrifying energy fluctuations generated wild wind. When it moved across the prairie, it was like waves coming one after another.


I’ll go all out with you!

Chu Tian floated into the air and released a powerful strength. Malim never thought that Chu Tian really could resist him, “Then let me have a taste of your strength and how deep it really is, Nether Flame!”

The black blade was covered in flames which combined with the power of Malim’s source spirit, actually forming a giant flamin black demon. It shot out at Chu Tian like a meteor.

“Chu Tian!”

Meng Qingwu called out in a panic, this was the attack of a True Spirit Expert’s source spirit! The power of this attack was not something an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator could block.

Chu Tian’s hands formed a seal and his eyes suddenly opened, with the seven different demonic pupils appearing again. A mysterious power was instantly added to his body, once again turning into the incomparably tall Nine Eyed Demon God.

That black burning demon did not even have time to approach before it shocked by the pressure, disappearing in midair.

It’s here!

It’s that power!

Malim revealed a wild expression. On the body of this weak person, how could he have such a strong power? It was like this power came out and filled a space in front of Chu Tian, creating a shaking space that wasn’t visible to the naked eye.


That trembling shocked the black demon to pieces.

Malim revealed a look of terror. This person’s source spirit had many attributes and he could freely switch between them. In the frontline fortress, he used the power of this source spirit and almost instantly harvested the souls of five peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer experts.

Other than that, it also had the power to control space, such as teleportation or shaking space itself. These were all applications of moving space itself.

Spatial power, this was the power of legends!

Even in the large empires, there were only a few people that had spatial powers. But this person could use spatial power which completely subverted Malim’s imagination.

But, so what if the other side was strong?”

Malim said with a cold smile, “Your life force is quickly draining. If you keep fighting, you’ll die for sure. I’ll give you one last chance. Surrender to me and pledge loyalty to the War Hounds, then you can keep living!”

Malim’s words weren’t wrong.

Chu Tian using his main source spirit’s power twice in a row already had a hard to imagine adverse effect on his body. Even though his body was already in the second realm of the Starlight Immortal Body, his physique was still too weak. Adding in the fact that his cultivation base was still not high enough, so it was impossible for his body to resist the pressure brought by the source spirit.

When Chu Tian blocked Malim’s attack, all the blood veins in his body shattered and large amounts of blood seeped out of his pores. It was like sweat that couldn’t be stopped and he was completely soaked in an instant.

One attack!

He could only block one attack!

Chu Tian was already at his limit and if he went all out, at best he could stop another attack. If he could kill Malim with this attack, the young miss would be able to return safely. If this attack couldn’t kill Malim, then both of them would die here.

Of course, even if it was the former, Chu Tian was not certain to survive.

Now it all depended on luck!

The Nine Eyed Demon God closed eight eyes and kept a single eye open. This eye corresponded to the golden pupil in Chu Tian’s pupil, causing an invisible strength to gather around Chu Tian.

What was this attack?

Malim did not feel any elemental fluctuations, he just felt a strong energy that seemed like it was covering the world. He could not help feeling an insurmountable fear because this power seemed like it could not be stopped. It was like this power could penetrate through anything and all defenses would have no use against it.


Malim’s vision turned dark as the entire world crumbled around him. There seemed to be a spiritual energy that stripped Malim of all sensations, throwing him into a silent and dark space.

This was a spiritual attack?

Malim could vaguely sense it.

This force was spiritual power, but it combined with the user’s consciousness, so it should be a kind of Divine Sense!

Chu Tian’s Divine Sense had already reached the “Mind’s Lamp” realm. Chu Tian’s spirit energy was already drained and he could not bear to use any other power, so using Divine Sense was the safest choice for Chu Tian while also being the most suitable method of attacking Malim.

A Divine Sense attack was a spiritual attack.

Spiritual attacks were invisible, leaving no marks at all. Unless one had a strong Divine Sense or a strong Divine Sense source spirit or cultivation technique, they would not be able to defend against it.

The War Hounds was a tribe of Spirit Beasts.

The Spirit Beasts were ignorant in terms of the complicated Divine Sense cultivation. Malim’s source spirit was not a spiritual type and although he didn’t know what realm his Divine Sense was in, he expected it to be in the “Mind’s Eye” realm. Chu Tian’s cultivation was not comparable to Malim’s, but his Divine Sense surpassed Malim. So using his Divine Sense to attack was using his advantage to attack the enemy’s shortcomings!

“Endless Purgatory!”

Malim felt a terrifying cold voice seemingly explode in his mind, causing his environment to change. He felt like he had arrived in a world of lava at the depths of the world. The ground under him became lava as fire red pillars began to rise high up out of the lava.

A fierce looking ox headed human figured demon covered in red hot lava rushed at Malim with a burning red iron chain.


The iron chain in the ox headed demon instantly surrounded Malim and the flame attached to the chain instantly made Malim feel an indescribable pain. It was like the flames were not just burning his body, but also his spirit and soul as well.


Malim roared out as he broke free, instantly shattering the chain. A black blade flew out and the ox headed demon gave a pitiful cry before exploding into flames.

“You want to kill me with this insignificant skill?”

Malim’s voice had not fallen before several figures rose in the lava lake which were all terrifying ox headed demons. These monsters slowly rose from the lake, each one holding a flame covered chain.

Malim had an absent minded feeling.

He felt his body being split in two and two different Malims appeared. They looked at each other and the strange thing was that while there were two bodies, they were controlled by a single mind.

The ox headed demons raised their burning chains to attack.

Malim raised his blades to shatter the chain and instantly slashed down the ox headed demons. What Malim never expected was that the other him would be hit by the chain and he would feel an unendurable pain strike his body and mind.

What is happening here?

Malim had two different bodies in this space and both bodies had senses, with their minds combined as one, so the bodies were not split into main and secondary. If Malim were to match it to having a right and left hand, if Malim were to protect his left hand and his right hand was injured, Malim would still feel the pain.


What kind of evil technique is this!

Malim operated both bodies at once to resist the ox headed demons!

The third wave of ox headed demons appeared. What made Malim surprised was that there were more demons and the number of bodies he had also increased. When the third wave began, there were eighteen ox headed demons and Malim had three bodies.

A normal person’s consciousness could only operate a single body.

Now that one consciousness was connected to three bodies, Maim’s movements were not smooth and he often sent instructions to the wrong body. The worst part was that if a single body was hit, he would suffer hard to imagine pain, but if all three bodies were hit, Malim’s consciousness would suffer three times the pain!


The third wave of ox headed demons were defeated!

When the fourth wave of ox headed demons appeared, there were thirty six of them and Malim had four bodies. Malim had lost all ability to control his body and could only watch as the ox head demons wildly attacked him.

The fifth wave, the sixth wave, the seventh wave…..Malim had more bodies and he lost all ability to control them.


Each body was hit with a whip.

Malim felt pain in dozen of places all at once, almost causing him to faint. But this was a spiritual space and he was not allowed to faint.

Malim’s body kept splitting and the space’s ox headed demons kept increasing.

The hundredth wave!

The thousandth wave!

The ten thousandth wave!

Malim had over ten thousand bodies and each one was being trapped on a flaming pillar by an ox headed demon. Each one was being tortured by hundreds of ox headed demon.

Even if it was the smallest injury, if it was increased by ten thousand times, it could cause a giant injury.

Not to mention the fact that Malim’s various bodies had to endure hard to imagine tortures. When all of it was brought together, it became a torrent of torment, attacking his mind and soul.

Malim’s mind was about to shatter to pieces like glass!