Miracle Throne
Chapter 302: Elven guest
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 302: Elven guest

Chapter 302: Elven guest

The theater had been opened for seven-eight days and its popularity in Imperial City had not diminished, rather it became even more popular. Now all the nobles, rich people, merchants, and admirers came from the surrounding cities to Imperial City just to personally witness these movies!

There were no vacancies in the Imperial City theaters, being filled with people every day. Just the admission fee was already pretty big, not to mention the consumption fees inside the four theaters. Based on this trend, after a month or so, Miracle Commerce could not earn back their investment in full, but they would be able to earn back most of it.

Four theaters!

There were only four theaters right now!

Miracle Commerce only had four theaters and they had this kind of success. If they were to have, eight, or sixteen, or thirty two…..or even a hundred?

Who said theaters did not earn money?

Their prospects looked to be very good!

This didn’t count the other fees it generated!

A tall and slender man appeared in Imperial City with a dark green cloak covering him and a large hood hiding his beautiful face. His dark green hair fell down, smooth and beautiful. The wrist revealed from his sleeve was white as jade, making many women stunned.

Aubersen looked at the Imperial City theater with an interested gaze.

If anyone could see his true appearance, they would certainly be shocked. This man was not just a man that was more beautiful than women, with ears that were sharp and pointy, he was different from humans. There was no doubt that…..this was an Elf!

The Elven Era was even older than the Spirit Beast Era. Elves were not only beautiful, their lives were at least eight times longer than humans!

As beings that had long lives, they knew how to enjoy life and liked art. Every Elf was a scholar with profound knowledge and most of them mastered many art forms. There were no Elven Countries around the Southern Summer Country and this Elf had entered the Southern Summer Country by chance. After hearing many interesting things, he came to have a look.



These humans who fought with each other and were blinded with greed actually had people that understood the arts. This was a truly surprising thing!

Aubersen had gone to many human countries, but only a small kingdom like the Southern Summer Country could give him a special feeling. Although it was only a small kingdom, there were things that even large kingdoms would find strange. For example the electric light, the source energy pots, those loudspeaker things, and even those radio stations. He really did not understand what they were!

Although the admission tickets over these days had been sold out, there was still a way for Aubersen. There were reserved seats for sale and most of them had already reached up to ten hundred thousand gold coins, with the cutoff time being three hours before the show.

The closest one to Aubersen was only ten minutes before reaching the deadline.

“I want a reserved movie seat!” Aubersen spoke in the standard human language with a slight intonation to his voice, giving him a noble feel. His white hand put several source stones onto the table, “Are these enough?”

Source stones?

The Miracle Commerce staff were shocked.

The source stone sparkled. Not only was the energy pure, it was also very strong, meaning this should be a medium grade source stone. This single piece of source stone was equal to a hundred low grade source stone and a single low grade source stone was equal to ten thousand gold coins.

This meant that.

The ones here were worth several million gold coins!

“Enough, enough!” The Miracle Commerce staff did not dare be negligent. This was because anyone that used source stones was an out of country cultivator. Not to mention the fact he was so generous, “We ask this mister to wait a minute.”

The reserved movie seats were different.

Not only were the positions very good, they also had separate rooms so they wouldn’t be disturbed by others. There was also special service staff waiting on the side.

Aubersen entered the theater and ordered several source energy stir fry dishes. He threw out some middle grade source stones and told them to take the extra as a tip. This almost made the service staff faint from happiness because this tip was equal to fifty years worth of their wages!

“You can leave, don’t disturb me.”

“Yes, yes!”

These service staff with faces filled with happiness immediately left.

Aubersen used the chopsticks to put a piece of meat into his mouth and his eyes lit up. He was very pleasantly surprised, how could humans make this kind of amazing food? It was not inferior to the food made by the Elven gourmets!

The Southern Summer Small Kingdom was truly a place filled with pleasant surprises!

Light was released from the screen at this time and the movie began. First the sound of an eagle’s cry came from the loudspeakers, filling the entire hall. Being synchronized with the beautiful images, it gave people a feeling like they were on the scene!

Interesting, interesting!

Aubersen was instantly attracted by this.

No matter what the content was about, there was nothing to say about the image and effects!

The movie’s plot slowly presented itself, with different elements interlocking with each other. The male lead was quick witted, the demon king was cruel, and there was simple and pure love. The story was filled with twist and turns, ups and downs, and in the end, the male and female lead led a happy life together.


“Too good!”

Everyone began to give their applause.

Aubersen was feeling very excited. He had travelled to many places, but this was his first time seeing this kind of interesting and fresh idea. He really did not come to the Southern Summer Small Kingdom in vain!

When everyone was prepared to leave, the extinguished giant screen suddenly lit up again. A beautiful and pure girl appeared in the center of the screen with a faint smile, looking at everyone.


“Isn’t this the princess.”

“Idiot, the princess identity is fake. This is Miracle Commerce’s high executive, young miss Meng Yingying!”

The Elf was shocked by this. He never thought that there would be a kind of technology that could let people communicate over long distances!

“Hello everyone, I am Meng Yingying. The theater has been open for a week now and we would like to thank everyone for supporting Miracle Commerce.”

The audience broke out in warm applause.

This kind of good thing that was so cheap, how could everyone not support them?

Miracle Commerce was a company with a conscience!

Meng Yingying then said to everyone, “To thank everyone for your support, Miracle Commerce has released a new product, the video disk player!” After saying this, Meng Yingying moved to the side and presented a strange thing in front of everyone.

This item had a very large screen that was a two meter wide and one meter tall image transfer mirror. There were honeycomb speakers to to the left and right and a black box sticking out the back that looked very high scale.

“This is Miracle Commerce’s newest product, the video disk player. With this video disk player, one can watch Miracle Commerce’s movies. There are limited amounts currently and only ten will be sold each day, which will be sold through auctions, but we will mass produce these in the future. We will be hosting a public sale, so we welcome everyone to come and try buying one!”

It was an advertisement.

This video disk player made people very excited.

But only ten a day was truly too little.

Imperial City did not lack rich people. The normal people did not even dare think about it until they were being publicly sold.

Aubersen was very excited and immediately headed off to the auction. These ten video disk players were being auctioned off, but each one came with a disk of «Scarlet Blood War», letting people watch this movie wherever they wanted. Moreover, with the video disk player, when more works were distributed in the future, they could purchase a disk after the showings to watch it at home.

People filled up the auction and began to give their bids.

“Five hundred thousand!”

“One million!”


“I’ll give five million!”

While the aristocrats were red faced from competing with each other, a soft voice came from the crowd, “One hundred million!”

Everyone almost spat out blood!

Who the fuck was this!

Did he even treat money as money?

Even in a place like Imperial City, one hundred million gold coins was not a small number.

The Miracle Commerce staff were shocked. When did such a crazy person appear in this world?

Aubersen did not understand these human’s surprise because the so called one hundred million was not that expensive for him. He walked onto the stage and a light flashed on his white finger. A large amount of source stones fell down like rain, forming a small hill in just a short while.

“Can I take it now?”


The Miracle Commerce staff were almost blinded by these source stones. Aubersen walked in front of the video disk player and raised his right hand. The video disk player continued to shrink until it went into the ring on his finger.

“Storage Ring!”

“This is the legendary Storage Ring?”

“This item is worth at least several tens of billions of gold coins!”

These people could not help gasping in shock.

A Storage Tool was already a priceless treasure, not to mention an easy to use Storage Ring.

This mysterious fellow not only had a shocking amount of money, he even had a Storage Tool, so he had to be someone from a large kingdom or higher. This was enough to make these Southern Summer Small Kingdom people fell awed.

This person could not be offended. No matter how strong a family was in the Southern Summer Country, if they offended a person from a large kingdom or empire, even a single breath was enough to sweep them away!

Aubersen did not like attracting human attention.

If he did not like this video disk player, he would not have caused this fuss!

Aubersen himself did not think that from this trip, he would actually receive this pleasantly surprising harvest. Aubersen was not in a rush to leave and bought several dozen Magnetic Sound Machines, phonographs, and several Magnetic Sound Discs from the various markets, spending several hundred million gold coins.

What was this bit of money considered to him?

Of course there was a reason why Aubersen was bringing these items back.

Before he left, the little princess had demanded that he bring a gift back. This was a large headache for Aubersen because what treasure hadn’t the little princess seen before? He couldn’t just buy a dragon for her!

He could not make the little princess sad. If he didn’t bring anything she liked back, Aubersen did not dare imagine the consequences.

Now he could finally let out a sigh of relief.

With these new and strange toys, the little princess would surely be happy!

However, Aubersen never could have imagined that after bringing the video disk player to the little princess that it would bring him and the Elven Forest countless troubles……

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