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Chapter 292: Chu Tian and the Mad Dog Party

Chapter 292: Chu Tian and the Mad Dog Party

Everyone bid their farewell to the Southern Summer King.

Ten years of salary deducted? What kind of punishment was this!

The Wang Family was a family that was several hundred years old and if they depended on this salary, they could go hang themselves. Chu Tian was clearly not satisfied with this ending, but he could not say anything. For a trivial Wang Tu, Chu Tian did not even place him in his eyes.

Wang Tu glared at Chu Tian with eyes full of hate, “You better be careful where you go from now on.”

“Wa, you’re threatening me!” Chu Tian’s eyes opened wide, shouting in an exaggerated manner in the hall, “What should I do? The respected Winged General who puts the War Hounds in Awe is actually going against a little merchant like me!”

“What are you scared of?” An old voice came from behind, “Without the dragon, can he still be considered the Winged Dragon General? At most he’s a clown jumping on the ground!”

A white haired old man came over and it was none other than Gu Qianqiu.

Wang Tu’s eyes turned cold, “The Wang Family and the great scholar have no grudges!”

“That was the past, now we have one.” Gu Qianqiu stroked his beard as he looked at Wang Tu, “You better be careful where you go in the future. It is best if you don’t run into this old man on the street. With how old I am, my eyes aren’t that good, if I accidentally cripple a thief, I wouldn’t know how to report it to the Southern Summer King.”

“Wait and see!”

Wang Tu angrily walked off.

A good man did not care about a single loss. Chu Tian’s mouth alone was already powerful enough, if Gu Qianqiu was added in, his lungs would explode from rage.

“The great scholar seems much more spirited after us not seeing each other for so long.”

“Don’t call me the great scholar, this old man can’t receive it.” Gu Qianqiu was respectful to Chu Tian like an apprentice. Even if he were facing the Southern Summer King, Gu Qianqiu would not be this respectful, “I’ll introduce you. These are my colleagues and also the academic faction, with each one having a scholar title.”

Chu Tian looked over the seven-eight scholars behind Gu Qianqiu. Each of them was pretty old and should be a scholar with deep knowledge. Since they could come to morning court, they did not have simple backgrounds.

“This is the Learning Palace’s executive elder Zhao Pu!”

The Imperial City Learning Palace was the greatest academic institute of the Southern Summer Country. For this person to be able to govern the Learning Palace, he was not a normal person and would not be inferior to Central State’s Yun Tianhe. When he was in the main hall, these people headed by the great scholar had not held back in supporting Chu Tian.

Chu Tian immediately cupped his hands, “Greetings to elder Zhao.”

“Ai, ai, you can’t, you can’t!” This Zhao Pu quickly took a step back and cupped his hands towards Chu Tian, revealing a terrified appearance, “We are both scholars and are on the same level. Not to mention that your excellency Chu Tian has shocking talent, how could this old man accept this?”

These old men were quite rigid!

Chu Tian asked Gu Qianqiu, “This is?”

Gu Qianqiu smiled and said, “My old friends are all top talents in the Southern Summer Country. Although they haven’t met the chairman, they admire you and wish to join Miracle Commerce.”

Zhao Pu and the other old men began to nod, “Yes, yes!”

This was a good thing, how could Chu Tian reject them?

“Miracle Commerce is made of the Chu Sect and the Yun Sect. The Chu Sect is for my family and retainers and the Yun Sect is Miracle Commerce’s research department.” Chu Tian said to them, “How about you enter the Chu Sect and work in the Yun Sect as researchers, how does that work for you?”

“Alright, alright!”

“Of course we agree!”

“Being able to work for Miracle Commerce is our group of old men’s blessing!”

These old men were usually stubborn old dogs that bit out at everyone. The nobles did not dare annoy them and now that they were collaborating with Chu Tian, this was truly a strong power!

Whoever wanted to mess with Chu Tian had to first prepare themselves to deal with these old scholars!

Gu Qianqiu was very happy with this result, “The chairman has already been granted the scholar title, but the ceremony has not been undergone yet. I know you don’t like these kinds of formalities, so I’ll make it as straightforward as possible. You should take a trip into the Learning Palace, otherwise there will be gossip later on.”


Chu Tian followed these scholars to Imperial City’s Learning Palace.

The great scholar personally gave Chu Tian the scholar robe. Now Chu Tian was a true scholar.

This status was universal across the continent. Even if he left the Southern Summer Country and went to another race’s territory, this status still had meaning.

“I invite everyone to Miracle Commerce to have a drink with me.”

“Good, good!”

These old men all happily left the Learning Palace.

Everyone arrived in front of Miracle Commerce, but they were stunned. They saw a large group of red armoured soldiers surrounding Miracle Commerce at this moment.

Chu Tian’s brows raised, “What is happening here?”

“Something happened.” Gu Qianqiu’s expression fell, “This is a group from the Nangong Family!”

Several thousand Nangong Family soldiers were surrounding Miracle Commerce and there were several senior elders shouting, “Nangong Yun, we’ll give you one minute to come out. Come back to the family to accept your trial, otherwise we’ll charge in!”

“He! He! He!”

The several thousand Nangong Family soldiers were yelling together.

The Nangong Family was the largest military family in the Southern Summer Country. Over half of the elite troops fighting the War Hounds came from the Nangong Family, so they created a very terrifying aura. Miracle Commerce clearly did not dare fight, so they tightly closed the door. No matter what the Nangong Family shouted, they did not react at all.

“Damn!” Chu Tian’s rage exploded like thunder, “They are trying to bully me, Chu Tian today! If I don’t let them see my strength, wouldn’t they send troops after me tomorrow?”

Gu Qianqiu charged over with the group of old men, “What are you all doing? This is Imperial City! You are actually surrounding a house with troops, are there even laws?”

When the Nangong Family saw Chu Tian, Gu Qianqiu, and also the group of scholars, their hearts filled with a bit of fear!

Gu Qianqiu’s group of old fellows was known as the Mad Dog Party in Imperial City.

These old dogs bit at anything that came close. They did not have any power, but they could drive people insane, so normal people would not provoke them.

Not to mention, Chu Tian was a wild battle dog among these wild dogs!

Two months ago in Central State, he even captured the Southern Marquis. If he went wild today, it would not be strange at all.

This Wild Dog Party had Chu Tian’s alliance and guidance, they became even more powerful!

“You, what are you doing!” A Nangong Family senior elder came out, “We are the Nangong Family retrieving our own members, how can you meddle with that?”

“Everyone listen, is this reasonable?” Gu Qianqiu raised his arm and shouted out, causing countless people to circle around, “Nangong Yun is the only person widely known in the Southern Summer Country to have a God Level Source Spirit, but because of the jealousy of her family members, ten years ago, when she was just nine years old, she was exiled to a small city. This caused her cultivation to progress slowly for ten years. A super level talent of the Southern Summer Country was almost destroyed because of this!”

Everyone was shocked.

“God Level Source Spirit?”

“Is this true?”

“How come I never knew about this!”

Gu Qianqiu continued, “It was lucky that Nangong Yun had met Miracle Commerce’s chairman, Chu Tian, obtaining the heavy support from Chu Tian. In a short five months’ time, her cultivation has already gone from the Body Refinement Realm to the 5h Awakened Soul Layer!”

Everyone gasped in shock. This speed was just too fast.

“Because of Nangong Yun’s rapid improvement, this has caused some members of the Nangong Family to worry, so they want to bring her back. Tell me, do you think Nangong Yun will be able to live if she’s brought back?” Gu Qianqiu shouted with righteous indignation, “Not only will we lose a talent of the Southern Summer Country, we will lose someone with the hope of becoming a ruler level expert. Tell me, should we give her up?”



Everyone called out together.

The Nangong Family members were filled with rage, “Stop spreading rumours and deceiving everyone!”

Zhao Pu quickly provided help, “Listen you people of the Nangong Family, if you want to take her, you’ll have to step over our old bodies. Otherwise, you shouldn’t think of taking a step past the door!”

“Isn’t it just the Nangong Family?”

“This old man will fight it out with you all!”

“That’s right, even if I die, I have to splash my blood over you!”

Seeing this group of old scholars being incited, the Nangong Family members’ face turned pale. To be honest, they really did not dare move against Gu Qianqiu and these old dogs.

“Why are you wasting words?” Chu Tian charged forward to slam a fist onto an officer’s face, “Beat them up!”

Gu Qianqiu roared out, “Fight!”


“They’re actually fighting?”

“Damn, beat them!”

The Nangong Family senior elders and the old scholars began to fight.

But with Gu Qianqiu’s shocking battle strength, he beat most of the Nangong Family’s senior elders in the blink of an eye.

The Nangong Family’s normal soldiers fell into chaos, but they did not dare move. Because they did not have any orders, they did not dare make a move.

“Retreat, retreat!”

“We’ll ask for instructions from the Burning Sun Ruler!”

The Nangong Family members quickly began to run, leaving behind a group of stunned spectators. This was the famous Central State Chu Tian? This person lived up to his reputation, his fierceness was very frightening.

The Nangong Family of the Three Great Clans was being chased out by someone like this. This had never happened before in the hundreds of years of history of the Imperial City!

This news was quickly sent to the Burning Sun Ruler manor.


The Burning Sun Ruler directly smashed his beloved jade cup on the ground and the senior elders all kneeled because they knew the Burning Sun Ruler’s fiery disposition. Chu Tian’s actions today had been too evil, and they would have a negative impact on the Nangong Family’s prestige.

If it were the normal Burning Sun Ruler, he would surely go eye for eye!

“That little bastard actually gathered that group of wild dogs?” After the Burning Sun Ruler expressed his rage, he quickly calmed down. He sat down after suppressing his anger. This matter was becoming more troublesome, “Although those old dogs don’t have any influence, they aren’t easy to move against, especially that old thing Gu Qianqiu……”

A senior elder said, “Ruler, wouldn’t it be solved if you went personally?”

“This ruler does not fear Gu Qianqiu, at most I would receive a scolding. Other than this, those old dogs possess nothing else frightening.” The Burning Sun Ruler said this, but then slightly knit his brows, “But if this ruler makes a move, the Calm Martial Ruler will not remain idle.”

The Calm Martial Ruler was also on Chu Tian’s side?

The Nangong Family senior elders instantly became silent.

Concerning the Calm Martial Ruler’s deal with Chu Tian, everything was considered highly classified. Other than Gu Qianqiu and the Southern Summer King, not many people in the Southern Summer Country knew about this. The Burning Sun Ruler was not clear on this, but he did know that Chu Tian’s relations were not simple.

When the Calm Martial Ruler protected Chu Tian, he did not even hesitate to express his anger at the Refined Ruler.

A senior elder carefully asked, “Ruler, since Chu Tian is hard to move against, how about working with others? For example, the Refined Ruler……”

“Shut up!” The Burning Sun Ruler glared at the senior elder, “This ruler is open and above the board, so why would I work with that old poisonous snake? We do have grudges with Chu Tian, but he is he and I am me, this is a clear boundary! You’re not permitted to raise this matter again!”

“Yes, yes!”

The Nangong Family senior elders were all disappointed.

Of the Three Rulers, the Calm Martial Ruler was backed by the Dongfang Family, so he was the strongest. It would be hard for the Burning Sun Ruler or the Refined Ruler to deal with him alone, so they could only succeed if they worked together. If the Burning Sun Ruler was not willing to work with the Refined Ruler, what could they do?

This Nangong Yun would have to be slowly pulled over.