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Chapter 266: The reinforcements that fell from the sky

Chapter 266: The reinforcements that fell from the sky

Since they needed to fight, then they would fight!

Central State City would not give up Chu Tian!

From the large families to the poor citizens, Central State was already completely tied to Chu Tian. If Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce fell, this would be an incomparably heavy blow to Central State.

“Archery team, listen to my orders! Aim for the back army!” Xiong Wuji stood on the city walls, loudly shouting, “Fire!”

A sharp whistle came from Central State City as a dense cloud of arrows was released into the sky, sprinkling down below the city walls. They were mainly aimed at the back army of the Southern State army.

“Attack with full force!”

“Push them back!”

The Southern State troops were very vicious, using their weapons to block the arrows, while shooting arrows back. Both sides began to take casualties as the battle finally began!

The heavy armour vanguard was made of barbarians that had already arrived in front of the city. Several hundred heavy armoured barbarians pushed an incomparably large siege ram, slamming it against the Central State City gates.

Hong dong!

The heaven shaking sound was simply ear shattering.

A strong force erupted that sent the Central State soldiers behind the city gates flying, with all of them spitting out blood on the ground. That heavy and thick city gat was instantly being pounded down.

“Keep hitting it!” The commander of the Southern State vanguard shouted, “Break open the gate!”

The Central State army went all out to stop this.

As soon as a group of people was sent flying, another group went forward.

The consequences of the Southern State army attacking Central State City was inconceivable. After the lively Central State City was hit with the flames of war, it would definitely change. Not even the Southern Summer King had thought that to protect Chu Tian, Central State City would fight without any hesitation.

At this moment, the Griffin Knights charged down with Cao Bao in front. The griffin’s incomparably large claws grabbed the commander of the Southern State army’s vanguard. This Southern State commander was not a normal person. The moment he was grabbed by the griffin, he pulled out his sword and stabbed at the griffin.


Cao Bao was even quicker. The moment the griffin grabbed the commander, a three meter long lance pierced out, stabbing through his skull and killing him on the spot.

The other Griffin Knights also charged down.

The Southern State’s heavy armoured unit was attacked by the Griffin Knights and fell into confusion. There were people being grabbed one after the other or they were being assassinated by the lances of the royal knights.

“Damn royal knights!” The Western Marquis angrily roared, “Charge forward! Whoever can open the gates will be rewarded a hundred thousand gold coins!”

Rows and rows of heavy armoured soldiers charged forward like the tide, but the griffins whipped their wings, sending out wind blades. Cao Bao also continuously wielded his lance and was already covered in blood. There were too many Southern State soldiers and they couldn’t kill them all. Even a True Soul Realm expert or a powerful griffin would run out of spirit energy. The Griffin Knights would not be able to hold on for a long time!

Li Hu shouted, “Leader, we can’t hold on!”

“Damn, has the Western Marquis gone crazy?” Cao Bao angrily roared, “He might really want to destroy Central State City!”

The Meng sisters were stunned by this.

They had never seen this kind of terrifying war before.

“The Southern State army is too strong.” Yun Tianhe had a face of worry, “We won’t be able to hold on. Once the wall breaks and the soldiers fight, the Central State army will not be able to stop the Southern State army!”

“Then defend the city walls!” Chu Tian gave a cold snort, “Little fox, give them something to play with!”

The little fox took out a puppet and blew at the little puppet.

The puppet turned into a small Hell Fire Demon that had a flaming body. The little fox forcefully threw it and the puppet turned into a green light that flew into the sky, turning into a giant demon stone, suddenly falling outside the city walls. It destroyed the siege ram with a terrifying might and the Southern State heavy armour soldiers around all died a pitiful death.


A six meter tall giant slowly stood up. Its body was made of stones and covered in green flames, releasing a wild energy from its body. It turned into a giant ball of flame that destroyed a group of Southern State soldiers as well as summoning a large group of little demons.

“This…..This is!”

The Western Marquis was stunned when he saw this.

Wasn’t this the demon from Thunder State?

No……This is wrong. It seemed much weaker, not even having a tenth of the Thunder State demon’s strength, but it was not inferior to the Eight Marquises!

The Hell Fire Demon was an elemental demon, not having the weaknesses of a normal life form. The arrows had no effect on it and its body could release flames, making it hard to attack it from close range. The most important thing was that, once this thing that they had never heard of appeared, the Southern State soldiers were shocked and their morale was attacked.

The Hell Fire Demon continued to release flames, instantly forming a wall of flames outside Central State City. There was no Southern State soldier that dared to approach this green abyss flame.

“Marquis, this monster is too strong! Our soldiers’ attacks have been blocked!”

“Waste! All of you are waste!” The Western Marquis roared out, “Isn’t it just a single demon? I don’t believe that it can stop my entire Southern State army! Exterminate it for me!”

As his voice fell.

The Western Marquis personally jumped out, raising a giant pen. A large seal slammed into the Hell Fire Demon, knocking it back several steps and exterminating a few flames from its body.

The Southern State troops regained their morale and wanted to launch another attack.

Who would have thought that at this crucial moment, a cry came from the Four States Lake.

An army?

What was happening!

In the light mist, another large army suddenly appeared that was not inferior to the Southern State army.


“Thunder State’s army!”

“Why did Thunder State’s army come to Central State?”

The Eight Southern Summer States all had their own characteristic. Thunder State had a large garrison, sending large amounts of troops to the northern battlefront. So, the Thunder State army’s power could not be looked down on and it was not inferior to the Thunder State army.

“Chu Tian performed a large favour saving Thunder State, so now that Central State is in danger, I, Jiang Xiong have come to help!”

On the largest flagship, Jiang Xiong was standing there proudly.

“My Thunder State is here to return the favour!”

“My Thunder State is here to return the favour!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

The Thunder State army’s war cries were shocking and they were filled with morale. The Thunder State army was here to help Chu Tian?

What was going on?

Chu Tian was also stunned.

This really was an unexpected group of reinforcements!

Gu Qianqiu was also stunned. Thunder State had also sent troops into Central State, this was a matter that could shake the world!

The Golden Arrow Marquis was also a marquis, but he sent troops into Central State without an royal order, which was a large offense!

For a single Chu Tian.

He was willing to offend Imperial City!

The Golden Arrow Marquis also knew that Chu Tian could not fall into the Shangguan Family’s hands. Not only would the Southern Summer Country lose a great expert, if Chu Tian could be controlled by the Shangguan Family, it would make the nobles much stronger.

The Southern Summer Eight Marquises was divided into two groups. One was the noble marquises, namely the Flame Departing Marquis, the Western Marquis, and the others. They were mainly from the Three Great Clans or born from another large Imperial City clan. The other group was the poor clan marquises, like the Golden Arrow Marquis or the Green Wood Marquis. The Divine Wind Marquis did come from a large family, but his family had been weakened and he could be considered a poor clan marquis now.

The poor clans and the noble clans always fought against one another.

The noble clan marquises had a natural advantage and prevailed in all aspects. The poor clan marquises could only work together to avoid being invaded by the noble clans.

There was no need to doubt that Chu Tian was born as a poor clan member and he would offend many noble clan members in his development. The Golden Arrow Marquis and the other poor clan members needed someone that could go against the Three Rulers of the Imperial City.

The only one that could do this was Chu Tian!

If Chu Tian survived, with his talents and skills, his rise was only a matter of time!

The Western Marquis’ eyes turned red, “Rebels, you are all rebels!”

“Western Marquis, surrender immediately!” the Golden Arrow Marquis loudly shouted, “Listen to me Southern State troops, you attacking Central State City crosses the bottom line of the eight states. If you stubbornly resist, this marquis will join with Central State to slaughter you all! We will completely wipe out the Southern State’s rebel army!”

Gu Qianqiu seized this opportunity to say, “The Golden Arrow Marquis has come right on time! The merit of saving Central State, this old man will report it to the king for you!”

When the Golden Arrow Marquis and the Thunder State army heard the great scholar, they were very excited. The problem in their minds was how to deal with the kingdom’s punishment, but they never thought that the great scholar would stand on their side. The great scholar had a high position in the kingdom and if he spoke up for them, then what would they need to fear?

The Southern State army looked at each other in blank dismay.

This is bad!

There was the great scholar in front and the Golden Arrow behind them. Central State was also impregnable, not breaking after attacking for this long.

If they wanted to defeat the city today, it was an impossible matter!

“Don’t mind them!” The Western Marquis had lost his reasoning, “Kill! Worst case scenario is both side perishing! If we go to Imperial City, I want to see who has more reasoning behind them!”

“Good Western Marquis, insisting on creating civil strife!” The Golden Arrow Marquis gave a cold snort, “Thunder State army, listen to my orders and quell this rebellion!”

The Thunder State troops quickly landed and attacked the Southern State troops like a wave. There was the Central State soldiers they couldn’t defeat in front and the Thunder State troops who weren’t lacking attacking from behind, causing the Southern State troops to fall into chaos.

Gu Qianqiu loudly shouted, “Griffin Knights, protect Central State!”

This group of powerful royal knights made a move once again. These over a hundred Illustrious Soul Realm Griffin Knights’ airborne battle strength could not be underestimated.

It was already impossible to enter Central State City.

Forget it!

Since matters had become this big, he would see how the Golden Arrow Marquis and Chu Tian passed the Southern Summer King!

“Pass down my orders. The front will become the back and the back will become the front, break free and retreat!”

The Western Marquis had the Southern State army begin to retreat. When the Golden Arrow Marquis saw that the Western Marquis was prepared to retreat, he did not continue attacking. After all, the Southern State army was an army of the Southern Summer Country, so this kind of internal fight was good for nothing.

The Southern State army quickly rushed to their boats. The Western Marquis angrily said in a voice filled with killing intent, “Jiang Xiong, Chu Tian, and Gu Qianqiu, I want to see how you’ll face the Southern Summer King’s anger! We’re retreating!”

The Southern State’s warships slowly began to leave.

“Want to leave?”

“How could it be that easy!”

The Southern State’s fleet had not even gone ten kilometers from the Central State docks before the ships suddenly began to sway.

“Marquis, this is bad!”

“There is something attacking the bottom of our ships!”

“Our ships are already leaking, what should we do!”

The Southern State army fell into confusion, with several soldiers jumping into the water to save themselves. These soldiers were all wearing heavy army and carrying heavy weapons, and they did not know how to swim, so the water became a large mess.

Chu Tian ordered, “Catch them all!”

The Giant Shark Gang began to make their move. They had placed giant nets in the water already and they began to catch the Southern State troops like groups of fish.