Miracle Throne
Chapter 264: The invading army reaches the city
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 264: The invading army reaches the city

Chapter 264: The invading army reaches the city

On the vast Four States Lake, a strong breeze blew the mist from the lake, letting a black banner appear in sight.




War drums rang like thunder!

With an aura soaring into the sky!

An ice cold pressure seemed to fill the skies over Central State City. Central State City had suffered no dangers in the several hundred years it was established, so seeing this kind of scene made everyone shocked.

Several hundred warships arrived in the docks. In this large fleet of ships, there was at least a hundred thousand troops!

The Central State citizens were terrified.

“It’s the Southern State army!”

“Why did the Southern State army come to Central State for?”

The South State army did not even give time for the people of Central State to react as the deck opened and boats carrying soldiers moved to the shore like a wave of ants. The warhorses neighed and the flags danced as countless cavalry landed on the shore. Almost in an instant, the Central State docks was completely taken over, with countless armoured soldiers with blades flowing like waves towards Central State City.

Had the citizens seen the pressure of an army like this before?

This was a joke fight! The Southern State troops had suddenly appeared and Central State City had made no preparation at all!

Central State City blew their horn and the Central State troops prepared their defenses. Several thousand archers quickly ran to the walls, pointing their sparkling arrows at the slowly approaching Southern State army.


“If you take another step forward, we’ll shoot!”

The Southern State army completely ignored the Central State soldiers’ warning, as they entered formation in a short period of time. The Central State soldiers all felt tense as cold sweat covered them. Against these prepared invaders, Central State was not prepared at all. If it was a head on collision, Central State’s army could not compare to Southern State’s army at all!

There was no danger around Central State and did not have a large garrison. Most of the soldiers didn’t even have battle experience!

The Southern State troops were not the same. The Southern State army was situated to the south of the Southern Summer Country, with the duty of guarding the border. Whether it was army size or battle experience, Central State could not compare at all. If they really thought, there would be no hope of winning!

At this moment.

A white haired old man riding a griffin flew into the skies above Central State. He quickly flew over the Southern State troops and loudly shouted, “Is the leader of the army in front the Western Marquis, Shangguan Hong?”

“This marquis is here!” The Western Marquis was riding a large Southern Barbarian War Rhino which had a set of heavy armour around it. When he found Gu Qianqiu riding on the griffin, he immediately gave a few loud laughs, “It’s your excellency, the great scholar. I never thought that you would be a step faster than me. Since it’s like this, please help this marquis capture that villain Chu Tian!”

Gu Qianqiu jumped down, fallen several dozen meters down, landing like a bomb on the ground. He completely threw the Southern State knights around him into a mess, “The Western Marquis has brought half of the elite troops of Southern State, this is going too far! Central State is a part of the Southern Summer Country. If you bring a large army into Central State like this and ignite the flames of war, creating a internal struggle, this is going against the laws of the kingdom!”

“The great scholar’s words are wrong. Central State has fallen into chaos and Southern State is here to help, how could this be internal struggle?” The Western Marquis looked at Central State City before pulling out a gold glowing command token from his chest, “Not to mention that I have the command token from the Refined Ruler granted by my king, with the order to capture Chu Tian. With the royal command present, who dares to block me!”

Gu Qianqiu’s frown became even stronger, “Since you have the royal command, why do you need this army?”

“Chu Tian is filled with arrogance and even an imperial envoy was crippled by him. With this kind of wild person, how could he obediently give up. This villain has a strong influence in Central State and if I don’t bring something this serious, I might not be able to pressure him.” The Western Marquis said in a righteous manner, “You should know that Chu Tian secretly swallowed up the three great families. Now that he has made a name for himself, if he stubbornly resists, this marquis can only lead my army to storm through!”

The Western Marquis did not want to listen to this bookworm’s nonsense, “Chu Tian crippling the royal envoy is treason! Listen to my orders and charge in!”

Wu, wu!

The Southern State army sounded their horns.

The army formed several formations as they spread across the plains, preparing their siege weapons, being able to attack Central State City at any moment. The strong pressure was slowly released and crashed down on Central State.

The Central State citizens were scared silly!

The Southern State’s army was very famous among the Southern Summer eight states!

South State bordered the southern barbarians and the Southern State army frequently fought the barbarians, so they had a lot of fighting experience. There were also several battalions formed from barbarians, becoming the only barbarian heavy armoured infantry troop the Southern Summer Country!

The southern barbarians were a branch of humans.

The barbarians were tall and strong, with an average height of two meters. They had pitch black skin, strong muscles, firm bone structure, and a cruel instinct. This was the characteristics of the barbarians.

Even if these barbarians did not cultivate, their body strength alone was equal to a soldier at the 5th Body Refinement Layer. If they did cultivate themselves, they had a terrifying battle strength, so they could become the most powerful heavy armour troop!

The Western Marquis had also brought this barbarian battalion.

They were truly prepared to attack the city!

This was a chance that Western Marquis was waiting for, after all, the Western Marquis’ successor, Shangguan Feichen was half crippled by Chu Tian, so his anger could be imagined. Back in Thunder State, the Western Marquis had wanted to kill Chu Tian, but no one expected Chu Tian to kill the Abyss Demon with an unknown method, becoming the hero of Thunder State. Adding in the Divine Wind Marquis and the Golden Arrow Marquis, the deterrent of the two marquis stopped the Western Marquis from making a move.

Who would have thought that Chu Tian would go and seek death.

He actually crippled the Imperial City envoy!

The Refined Ruler seized this chance to give the Western Marquis this chance. Of course the Western Marquis understood the Refined Ruler’s meaning which was to give him a chance to take revenge.

As for bringing the army to Central State, one reason was to destroy Chu Tian’s influence, the other was occupy Miracle Commerce.

Would the Southern Summer King care about a nameless peasant?

The Western Marquis can blame it on a mistake or on Chu Tian for forcing him to kill him!

Like this, he could solve the hate in his heart!

“Listen closely citizens of Central State City!” The Western Marquis rode his giant barbarian rhino to stand in front of Central State City, wielding a giant brush which he pointed at Central State City as he shouted, “I am Southern State’s marquis, Shangguan Hong. I have led the Southern State elite army here today to catch the villain Chu Tian! The citizens and soldiers of the city are innocent. If you open the door, then this marquis will give you a large reward!”

After saying this, the Western Marquis’ voice turned, becoming sharp and fierce, “If you dare resist, you will be guilty of the same crime as Chu Tian. All the Central State officers cannot escape this responsibility, either being exiled as a light punishment or being beheaded as a heavy punishment. The Central State citizens will also be implicated!”

Gu Qianqiu’s expression changed.

Good Western Marquis.

Launching a psychological attack before attacking the city?

The Western Marquis had the king’s royal proclamation token, so his actions were considered just. The hundred thousand elite army of Southern State was enough to make people urinate their pants in fear. The Central State army could not stop the Southern State’s army.

The Western Marquis’ words were enough to cause revolts in the Central State army and even incite a riot among the citizens. The Western Marquis would not have to make a move before Central State would fall into chaos.

No one wanted to defy the royal proclamation.

No one wanted to affect their fish pond.

The hundred thousand soldiers began to chant together!

“Death to the rebel Chu Tian!”

“Death to the rebel Chu Tian!”

“Death to the rebel Chu Tian!”

This sound filled the skies, roaring like thunder, exploding in the skies above Central State City.

Shangguan Hong was feeling very proud.

The Western Marquis was on an expedition for the king, how could the bumpkins of Central State have ever seen this kind of large scene before? The Western Marquis was one of the Eight Marquises, guarding the southern border, having a well known prestige. His prestige was much higher compared to the Divine Wind Marquis that entered seclusion!

He had his army roar out in front of the city like this was to crush Chu Tian with this pressure. He wanted to create fear in the Central State citizens, throwing them into a panic at the fear of being implicated, capturing Chu Tian to present him for his punishment.

“This marquis will give you three minutes!”

“If you don’t open the gates within three minutes, this marquis will attack the city. Whoever is injured will depend on fate! After the fight, everyone will be guilty of this crime, so clearly think this through!”

“Think of your own families. Do you truly wish to drag down your families and die for a single rebel?!”

Shangguan Hong raised the stakes!

Not opening the city gates?

When the attack comes, you will die with Central State City!

This world always belonged to the strong and even if he caused great casualties to Central State City, no one would do anything to him. One, Shangguan Hong was one of the Eight Marquises. Two, he had the support of the Three Rulers. Three, Shangguan Hong was taking action in the name of the royal proclamation.

A vicious slaughter did not mean a thing!

Central State City was silent for a few seconds before a voice like a wave blasted forth.

“Chu Tian is innocent!”

“Chu Tian is innocent!”

“Chu Tian is innocent!”

The roar from Central State City rang even more clearly than the hundred thousand soldiers of Southern State, just like a wild wave, completely submerging the Southern State army’s pressure.

This was the roar coming from the millions of people of Central State City!

The hundred thousand Southern Summer soldiers counted for nothing!

It was trash in front of the millions of Central State citizens!


The Western Marquis and the Southern Summer army were all stunned. With this large formation, not only did they not scare Central State City, they had instead stimulated revolt in the citizens!

“We pledge to guard Central State to death!”

“We pledge to guard Central State to death!”

“Southern State dogs! Scram out of Central State!”

Central State City was roused into action, with the voice becoming even stronger, with even some people grabbing loudspeakers. With this giant voice, the Southern Summer army was completely suppressed.

Even the soldiers without any brains could see it.

The soldiers and citizens were all of one heart, working to face the city’s troubles!

If they really fought, the Southern State army might not gain an advantage!

“Since the citizens feel this way, what can this old man say!” Gu Qianqiu was touched as he sighed with emotions and said, “Western Marquis, you should recall your army!”

“Good rebel Chu Tian. Since he’s bought the hearts of the people like this, he can only think of rebelling!” The Western Marquis said through gritted teeth, “This marquis cannot let him continue. Listen to my orders, prepare to attack the city!”

“Western Marquis!” A young man walked forward above the city gates and used a loudspeaker to shout at the dense Southern State army, “You really are domineering. For a small person like me, you actually sent out your army. This small one is truly blessed.”

“Chu Tian, you still dare come out!” The Western Marquis said to Gu Qianqiu by his side, “Great scholar, Chu Tian has appeared, what are you waiting for? Immediately send out the royal knights to catch him!”

Central State City was still a Main City.

This city was not easy to break through.

However, with the Griffin Knights’ help, the situation would be completely different. The Griffin Knights was an airborne unit and had a very strong battle strength, so they could easily open the city gates.

“Great scholar, what are you doing?” The Western Marquis, Shangguan Hong angrily said, “With the rebel here, how could you not make a move against him? Is the great scholar harboring the rebel?!”

“You bastard! Do you understand what you are doing?” The vein on Gu Qianqiu’s head popped out and he roared out, “You idiot with a head filled with nothing, what do you understand! Recall your troops for me! Otherwise, don’t blame me, Gu Qianqiu for being impolite! Others fear the Refined Ruler, but this old man is not afraid!”

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