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Chapter 206: Abyss Demon

Chapter 206: Abyss Demon

This matter had happened too fast.

No one could prepare at all!

The Calm Martial Ruler of the Southern Summer Three Rulers, even the Divine Wind Marquis had to obey his orders, how could one even mention the small families of Central State City?

“This matter is very dangerous, and the mayor is clearly using this opportunity to deal with you. Even if he cannot completely take care of you, he will try to clip your wings.” The mayor had already left, so Meng Qingwu’s beautiful face was filled with worry, “I think the Divine Wind Marquis owes you a favour, so he should be able to mediate this matter, right? The Ruler’s orders are filled with danger, there is no need for you to put yourself in danger.”

Chu Tian revealed a bad smile, “Is the young miss worried about me?”

“If you want to think so.” Meng Qingwu’s white cheeks turned a little red and her eyes looked away slightly, as she gave a gentle cough, “Who told you to be the chairman, we all depend on you to earn our meals. Miracle Commerce is at a critical point in its development, we can’t allow for any accidents right now. Moreover…..who doesn’t know about luring the tiger away from its mountain? If you leave with the Divine Wind Marquis, we in Central State will be very weak.”

This girl loved her face.

She is very worried about me, but won’t say it.

Chu Tian indeed did a large favour for the Divine Wind Marquis and could use it. Although the Calm Martial Ruler was a ruthless person, the Divine Wind Marquis was still an important person in the Southern Summer Country. Even if the Calm Martial Ruler did not have to give others face, he still had to give the Divine Wind Marquis face.

The Southern Summer’s Three Rulers and Eight Marquises. The Three Rulers reigned over the Imperial City while the Eight Marquises managed the surrounding states. Although the Ruler rank was higher than the Marquis rank, the Marquis rank was still important.

“Opportunities follow danger.” Chu Tian’s manner was quite strange, “I’ll make my decision after understanding the situation.”

Did they think Chu Tian was stupid?

If the benefits did not outweigh the risks, of course he would not risk his life for no reason!

Actually, Chu Tian was very interested in this “Burning Demon Stone” described in the orders. This Burning Demon Stone that fell from the sky destroyed an entire city and killed over a million civilians, causing many others to be homeless, even making the local demons restless.

What was this Demon Stone?

Why was it this strong!

Therefore, he had to understand everything before making his decision.

“Chairman Chu, young miss Feng is asking you to come over!”

“They should have obtained the materials necessary, we’ll go take a look!”

Feng Caidie, Nangong Yun, and Yun Yao were already in a private discussion. They were all super talents of Central State who were picked as members to help Thunder State. The Divine Wind Marquis brought a bunch of secret information as well as the ruler’s orders.

“My god! There are two million casualties! As well as close to four-five million people becoming homeless!” After Nangong Yun examined the details, she could not help feeling dumbfounded, “The ruler’s orders definitely did not make it sound this serious!”

Feng Caidie shook her head, “The ruler’s orders are a public thing, so they had to make it seem smaller and reduce the consequences. However, from the reports, it seems like one fifth of people in Thunder State were affected somehow. It’s just a Demon Stone, why does it have this kind of might!”

Yun Yao was also very shocked, “The Calm Martial Ruler has prepared some level two top class Sacred Medicine to award it to the person with the highest merit!”

Level two top class Sacred Medicine?

That would be valuable even to True Soul experts!

The Calm Martial Ruler was one of the Three Rulers of the Southern Summer Country, the things he took out were not ordinary!

Feng Caidie also nodded, “This is just the basic reward. Those who can obtain the recognition of the Calm Martial Ruler might be able to obtain something more precious than a Sacred Medicine!”

That’s right!

The Calm Martial Ruler was one of the Three Rulers of Southern Summer, even regarded as an important minister by the Southern Summer King, what was more important than being noticed by the Calm Martial Ruler? Even if the Calm Martial Ruler just remembered their names, it would be a great thing!

This mission was also considered an opportunity!

At this moment, Chu Tian came in with Meng Qingwu and Chen Bingyu. Nangong Yun quickly called out to them, “Boss, come and take a look. It’s quite a good event for us this time!”

Nangong Yun loved causing trouble, so she was very interested in taking risks.

Meng Qingwu took a quick look over the information and couldn’t help feeling shocked. It was hard to imagine this reality. Why did this strange disaster suddenly occur? This was too terrifying! If it had appeared in Central State, it was unknown how much their lives would have changed.

The world was not as peaceful as they imagined!

Chu Tian knit his brows and pondered something, “Is there a detailed description of the Demon Stone?”

The Divine Wind Marquis walked in and revealed a faint smile to Chu Tian, “There were people who saw the Demon Stone from afar. It looked like a meteorite falling from the sky, but it was covered in green flames. It landed right on the city, causing severe damage to it. Because its destructive might was too great, it was hard to find any survivors close to where it landed.”

A meteorite covered in green flames!

Just so happened to fall in the center of a city?

Chu Tian’s brows slightly knit together. When the Divine Wind Marquis saw Chu Tian reveal this expression, his heart couldn’t help skipping a beat. Did Chu Tian know something about this? Chu Tian’s knowledge was admired by his daughter, which meant that his cognitive power was quite powerful. If they could find out the true identity of the Demon Stone, they wouldn’t be as blind.

“The biggest headache right now for the Calm Martial Ruler is that he doesn’t know what this thing is. Whether it is a natural disaster, or a man-made disaster, or whatever it is. As well as what kind of consequences it will bring…..”

Chu Tian nodded, “After the Demon Stone fell down, what kind of disaster appeared in the surrounding area?”

“There were people who saw monsters of green flame that had shocking battle strength, who continued to attack the surrounding cities.” The Divine Wind Marquis paused here, “That’s right, it’s said that after the civilians died, they also came back to life. Their bodies were completely burned and their eyes released green flames, attacking anyone close by……Based on this information, do you have any speculations?”

“No need for speculations!” Chu Tian directly replied, “This is an Abyss Demon!”

Everyone was stunned.

Abyss Demon? This name was very strange!

“The current world we live in is a plane formed after the great antique continent cracked. The cracks formed many different planes, with a certain plane that is filled with cold and darkness.” Chu Tian paused here, “This endlessly empty world is called the Abyss World!”

Nangong Yun and Feng Caidie revealed looks of excitement.

They had never heard of something like this before!

The Divine Wind Marquis was also very curious, “What kind of thing is this Abyss Demon?”

Chu Tian replied, “The Abyss seems to be empty, but there are countless lifeforms within it. These lifeforms are very ancient, with some appearing even before the great antique continent cracked. However, the Abyss is very barren and there is a lack of resources. There are lifeforms that formed in this barren and desolate environment, so they must be very powerful and incredibly cruel. Killing and plundering is in their nature, seeping into their bones after millions of years. So, we call them Demons!”

It wasn’t that the Divine Wind Marquis did not believe Chu Tian. Concerning the other planes theory, there was no proof, not to mention any traces of this so called Abyss World, “How are you certain it is an Abyss Demon?”

“First, before the meteorite fell down from the sky, a strange phenomenon appeared in Thunder State which was the planar crack. Second, the land with human activity covers less than a hundred millionth of the world, yet it feel right in the center of a city. Don’t you think that this is too much of a coincidence?”

Nangong Yun rubbed her chin, “It is too much of a coincidence!”

“Third, after the Demon Stone fell down, it corrupted a large piece of land, creating many demonic beasts, and even controlled the dead humans. This is something done with demonic power. These controlled evil beings began to attack the surrounding cities, meaning that there was a force controlling it.”

The Divine Wind Marquis’ heart was shocked.

He had thought that it was just a natural disaster.

He never thought that it would be a lifeform he had never heard of before.

Chu Tian’s confirmatory words had great significance!

Chu Tian said this and then asked, “What does the Calm Martial Ruler plan to do?”

“Three states will attack from three directions, first focusing on retaking the captured cities. Then we’ll use those cities as bases to accept refugees, while sweeping away the surrounding monsters. Once the outer regions are controlled and the spread is stopped, we will attack the core city and destroy the being inside the city.”

“This plan seems like it’s safe, but it is a big mistake!”

Everyone’s expression fell. The Calm Martial Ruler was the war god of Southern Summer Country, but Chu Tian was actually going against the Calm Martial Ruler’s plan. If this were spread out, Chu Tian would not be able to keep his head!

“The Abyss Demon has just passed through the dimensional crack, so its vitality must be damaged, reducing its strength by quite a bit. It will need to recover its strength for a period of time. It needs to swallow a large amount of blood energy and vitality to recover its strength and that’s why it fell onto a densely populated area. The evil spirits sent out are just to collect more spirits and blood energy to help it recover, while also stalling for time.”

“Your meaning is…….”

“For an Abyss Demon that has just crossed dimensions, action must be quickly taken! This cannot be delayed!” Chu Tian stopped and then said with more emphasis, “If we wait another half a month, even if the Calm Martial Ruler personally comes out, we will not be able to stop it!”

The Divine Wind Marquis said, “There are too many monsters, so if we attack head on, we will suffer quite a bit of casualty. Moreover, once the army charges in, if the surrounding monsters come back, wouldn’t they be trapped inside?”

“There’s no other choice, we have to stake everything on a single chance. We have to kill the demon and solve the big problem because once we take care of the Abyss Demon, the pawns can be easily defeated!” Chu Tian directly stated, “If the Calm Martial Ruler does not follow my suggestion, it would be better for me to stay in Central State. I don’t want to die with you guys!”

Nangong Yun also said, “If boss doesn’t go, then I won’t go!”

She was 100% confident in Chu Tian. If Chu Tian said that this was seeking death, there would be no life to bring back!

The Divine Wind Marquis pondered for a few seconds, “I’ll go report to the Calm Martial Ruler.”


After several hours.

In Southern Summer’s Imperial City.

In a tightly guarded manor.

A person wearing a blood red set of armour charged into the main hall, respectfully kneeling by the door, “Reporting to the Calm Martial Ruler, the Divine Wind Marquis has sent an urgent message with the thousand li stone!”

The thousand li stone was a very expensive thing!

Each county only had one-two of them. The Southern Summer Country was a small country that only covered several tens of thousand so kilometers with a population of only two hundred million. Communication was inconvenient and crude. If something happened in a county, it would be too late once it was reported back to the Imperial City.

This thousand li stone was used to send the most urgent military reports, like a foreign invasion or the Thunder State matter. It would allow the Imperial City to find out as soon as possible.

For Central State to use a thousand li stone meant that this matter was incredibly important.

The Calm Martial Ruler received the report from the Divine Wind Marquis. After reading its contents, his brows tightly knit together and he hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “Chu Tian?”

This common name, it was the first time it entered the Calm Martial Ruler’s ears.

“The Divine Wind Marquis is a prudent person, to put so much faith in a young man, this person must not be ordinary.” However, the Calm Martial Ruler still felt that this strategy was too crazy. Without knowing the enemy and charging in, this would present many dangers, “Call the great scholar over!”

Around ten minutes.

A white haired, young looking old man came into the main hall.

The Calm Martial Ruler explained the situation to him, “What does the great scholar think about this?”

Gu Qianqiu, the number one scholar of the Southern Summer Country, hesitated for a minute, “I don’t know who mentioned this, but they have quite the insight. Other planes do exist, and so does the Abyss, but as for this Abyss Demon…..this old man is not sure. This old man is certain that when facing strange things, it is better to believe!”

If the great scholar said this, the Calm Martial Ruler would no longer hesitate, “There’s a change in strategy! Send out a special envoy! Have them bring the ruler’s token to Thunder State!”

Several blood coloured armoured guards quickly rushed out.

The Calm Martial Monarch looked at the paper once again, “A young man who can solve the eternally lost problem? I hope you’re right and won’t disappoint me!”