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Chapter 192: Setting a time to fight

Chapter 192: Setting a time to fight

Didn’t the Heavenly Wolf Young Master and Dragon Tiger Young Master say that Chu Tian had launched sneak attacks against them? Didn’t they want to quickly kill Chu Tian? Didn’t they want to take care of him?

Very good!

Chu Tian gave them an opportunity!

He wanted to fight against two of the top geniuses in Central State at once!

His words created a giant shock. It was like lightning falling from the sky, heavily hitting their minds, causing everyone to be stunned!

The young man’s blue robe was very simple and his eyes shined like stars in the night, burning like two lanterns, making it impossible for others to look at him. He then arrogantly shouted, “One sentence, do you dare to fight!”

The faces of the members of the two great families all turned pale!

If it was before, Chu Tian’s words would be seeking death!

But now it wasn’t the same. The three different great families suffered a varying degree of attacks, as that arrogant attitude completely shocked the members of the three great families. Although they knew that Chu Tian’s cultivation could not compare with Ye Tianlang’s or Luo Xianglong’s.

But……Why were they lacking in confidence?!

This young man always had many wild cards, surprising them every time. They really were a little scared!

If anything were to happen to the third generation, the glory of the three great families would disappear. The name of the Four Young Masters would become the greatest joke of Central State City!

The previously menacing three great families.

Now they had shot themselves in the foot!

Chu Tian began to laugh as he aggressively asked, “The Central State Four Young Masters, now they don’t even have the courage to accept this fight?”

“We’ll fight!” Ye Tianlang angrily roared, “I will tear you into ten thousand pieces!”

Ye Tianlang had already made his decision!

He had no worries in the first place!

His mind was full of grudges and he had to have his revenge! His revenge! His revenge!

The best way was to rip Chu Tian to pieces in front of everyone! Back in South Sky City, Chu Tian had completely shamed him which had become a shadow over Ye Tianlang for a lifetime. If he did not get his revenge, it would be very hard for him to grow stronger from now on!

“I will personally tear this piece of trash to pieces!” Ye Tianlang saw that the Luo Family was hesitating, so he said in a cold voice, “Since your Luo Family does not dare to fight, you can just watch from the side!”

“Who says we don’t dare!” Luo Xianglong was very violent and overbearing in nature. He believed that with Chu Tian’s small amount of power, how could he have the qualifications to fight him?

Even if Chu Tian obtained a strong treasure.

He didn’t even have an Illustrious Soul Realm cultivation!

An initial stage Awakened Soul Realm cultivator, what qualifications did he have to fight an intermediate stage Awakened Soul Realm cultivator?

Chu Tian could beat all three young masters in the trial space because he had the help of the light mirror array. If he didn’t have the power of the light mirror array, how could he be so arrogant!

The Luo Family Head Luo Liancheng knit his brows and asked in a low voice, “Do you have confidence in this!”

“This person’s strength is average, what is there to fear!” Luo Xianglong eyes released a cold glow, “Today being challenged in front of the four families present and only Ye Tianlang choosing to fight, then wouldn’t I become a joke in front of everyone? Since he is choosing to challenge me, then I will kill him. The Divine Wind Marquis will not be able to say anything about it!”

Luo Liancheng thought for a bit, “The Luo Family will fight as well!”

Chu Tian gestured to them with his hand, “Alright, since it’s like this, then let’s begin!”

“Since this is an open challenge, then we’ll let everyone in the city watch!” Luo Liancheng was very calm. He required some time to make preparations. First he needed to investigate Chu Tian and he needed to make sure that they would be able to kill Chu Tian. “Three days later, we’ll have a life and death fight on the Central State stage!”

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t have any objections!”

Ye Tianlang really wanted to attack now, but the Luo Family was delaying the fight. He was feeling very annoyed and was about to protest.

“How could we have no witnesses when getting revenge?” Ye Wudao said from the side, “It’s fine if we wait three days. The Ye Family will join in this fight!”

Both sides had reached an agreement!

This fierce confrontation had reached its end.

On the road back, many people anxiously asked Chu Tian, “Did you obtain an ancient powerful treasure in the tower?”


“Did you obtain an ancient inheritance that will quickly increase your strength?”


“Then what did you get? Can it quickly increase your battle strength?”

“Although I did gain something, I can’t use it right now. Whether I can use it in the future all depends on luck.”

“Then are you crazy?” Nangong Yun was stunned, “You’re challenging them so recklessly, do you have any confidence at all?”

“I don’t know!” Chu Tian revealed a sincere smile. In a one on one duel, he had confidence in winning, but if they came together, then he would be less confident, “I’ll just have to try!”

Everyone almost went mad with anger!

When would this bastard ever feel any worry at all!

How could they accept his unreasonable actions all the time!

“You’re swayed too much by emotions!” Yun Tianhe said with a serious look on his face, “The Luo and Ye Families are hundreds of year old, so they can’t lose and will go all out with this fight. They might not even hesitate to take out their families secret weapons to assure a 100% chance of winning. Within these next three days, this will be Luo Liancheng’s greatest goal.”

How could Chu Tian not know this?

But trouble would come eventually and more trouble will be just more tiring. He might as well take care of a part of it and suppress these arrogant families.

The Ye and Luo Families would make preparations.

Couldn’t Chu Tian also prepare?


Ye Family headquarters.

Ye Wudao clearly asked about everything that had happened in the trial tower.

Ye Tianlang honestly told him everything, not missing a single thing.

“Chu Tian really is a monstrous genius!” Ye Wudao’s knife scarred face turned sinister, “He could defeat the three of you with that ancient array. Although it isn’t his own strength, it does prove that he isn’t a normal person! He isn’t even twenty years old, so where did he obtain his knowledge from?”

“So what?” Ye Tianlang said, “He was able to win in the trial space because he borrowed another’s power. I don’t believe that on the Central State arena he will be able to find another ancient array to use!”

“You cannot underestimate him! You can only win and must win!” Ye Wudao began to release his killing intent into the hall which seemed like it could break through the roof and charge into the sky, “Of course, victory is only secondary. The main thing is…..you must kill him! Otherwise, our family will be in trouble!”

Victory was a must!

The more important matter was killing Chu Tian!

When Ye Tianlang saw his father’s expression, his heart skipped a beat, “I have to finish this mission!”

“Follow me!”

Ye Wudao brought Ye Tianlang into a secret room which Ye Tianlang had never entered before. In the center of the secret room was a bloody altar that was releasing an ancient aura.

“This was something the remote great elder left in the Ye Family just for you.”

“It’s what your grandfather left for you!”

Ye Tianlang’s heart was shocked. The remote great elder was the previous family head and after Ye Wudao took over as the family head, he left the family to become a remote great elder. The Chu, Luo, and Ye Families’ remote great elder were no longer in Central State and had left to other cities to find benefits for their families.

The remote great elders were the families’ final defenses!

“We were preparing for your strength to increase a bit before giving this to you.” Ye Wudao had a serious look on his face, “But, since this matter happened, we will have to use it now!”

Ye Tianlang asked, “What is this altar?”

“This is the power of our Ye Family’s ancestor’s source spirit pulled out and sealed within this altar. Only the head of the house has the power to open it. Your «Monster Wolf Transformation» cultivation technique has already reached the Large Success Realm and with this power added it, it will enter the Perfection Realm. You will also master several family secret arts!”

Ye Tianlang revealed an excited and shocked expression!

The Ye Family had such a good thing?

If Ye Tianlang had this power, compared to Chu Xinghe, he would just be missing a single ancient inherited cultivation technique!

Ye Wudao said, “Now we’ll open the altar! You must remember, the Ye Family will not tolerate sand in our eyes. You have already brought shame to the Ye Family, so if you cannot fix this, then the Ye Family will no longer back you!”

Ye Tianlang felt a chill run down his back, “Yes!”

“Let’s begin!”

Ye Wudao walked in front of the altar with his heart filled with apprehension. His hands were slowly placed on the altar and an ancient aura was released.

Ye Tianlang could feel an invisible strength flowing into him.

It was as if an illusion appeared in front of Ye Tianlang as several human figures appeared in front of him practicing the «Monster Wolf Transformation». Although he couldn’t see their appearances, Ye Tianlang could feel the aura of his bloodline coming from them.

That’s right!

This was the ancestor of his Ye Family!

This strange mood and martial arts demonstration entered Ye Tianlang’s mind which gave him a splitting headache that almost made him fall down. But after thinking of the shame Chu Tian gave him, his fighting spirit erupted and he clenched his teeth while accepting it all.

Ye Wudao nodded from the side.

Hate would make a person grow!

After this matter, Ye Tianlang would definitely be stronger compared to before. The Ye Family’s third generation would display a new brilliance in front of everyone!


Luo Family.

Luo Liancheng sat atop his throne with several senior elders standing on both sides. Luo Xianglong had cupped hands while he knelt below the throne. There was a serious atmosphere around them as if they were holding a ceremony.

Luo Liancheng was like a statue, sitting on the throne without moving at all, “Xianglong, do you know what you have to do for this battle?”

“I swear to kill Chu Tian! For the Luo Family’s honor!”

“It’s good that you know!” Luo Liancheng coldly said, “Chu Tian’s appearance in Central State City has completely thrown off the balance of power. With the Yun Family’s cooperation and the Divine Wind Marquis’ protection, he will be a very serious challenger to the authority of the other families. If this person is not eliminated, Central State will fall into great chaos!”

Luo Xianglong confidently said, “Father, you can rest assured. Chu Tian only has mediocre skills and will definitely be eliminated this time!”

“It’s good that you’re confident! But you must not underestimate him. Ye Tianlang had underestimated him, that’s why he had suffered such a huge loss the day he went to kill Chu Tian in South Sky City!” Luo Liancheng said this and they beckoned with his hand, “Bring it forth!”

A senior elder holding a treasure box came into the center of the main hall with a serious expression on his face, “We hope that this will help the young master!”

“This is…….”

Luo Xianglong instantly opened the treasure box.

A violent aura began to slowly fill the hall as a dragon tiger’s roar rang out. It made everyone’s hearts skip a beat. It was clear that they had all been scared by the violent aura.

A pair of golden bracers silently lied in the treasure box. It released a glow and a threatening aura.

Luo Xianglong said in a surprised voice, “The Nine Lion and Tigers Bracers!”

Luo Xianglong was no stranger to this item, it was one of the most prized treasures of the Luo Family. With their «Lion Tiger Double Phase» cultivation technique, it was said to give the wearer the strength of nine lions and nine tigers, sweeping away all resistance, breaking through all defenses!

This was the remote great elder’s most prized weapon!

However when the remote great elder left the Luo Family, he had left it behind.

“The Nine Lion and Tigers Bracers are a top grade soul weapon! It is not inferior to the Divine Wind Marquis’ Divine Wind Sword at all!” Luo Liancheng said with a serious expression, “If I’m not wrong, then the sword in Chu Tian’s hands should be the Netherworld Sword which is a Soul Contracting Weapon. However, the Netherworld Sword has been neglected for too long. Although it is being used again, it still hasn’t be restored enough, so these bracers are enough to fight against the Netherworld Sword!”

Luo Xianglong revealed a look of pleasant surprise, but was also a little depressed, “Do we need to use all this to kill an ant?”

“No need to ask this much, just take it and use it! This fight must be won, do you understand?”

“I understand!”

Luo Xianglong held the treasure box in both hands.

“Reporting to the head!” At this moment, a senior elder came into the main hall, “Sir mayor is here!”

“Go back now!” Luo Liancheng’s eyes lit up and quickly gave a look to Luo Xianglong. After Luo Xianglong left, Luo Liancheng stood up and said, “Let the mayor in!”