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Chapter 184: Decisive battle with Chu Xinghe

Chapter 184: Decisive battle with Chu Xinghe

The monsters that came in waves felt a deep power come over them, and as if there was a conscious deterrent, they all left with a loud roar.

“Why did all the monsters disappear!”

“Did Chu Tian succeed?!”

“Let’s go and see!”

Nangong Yun and Yun Yao brought their scarred puppets back into the main hall. There were countless ruins glowing like falling stars as they moved to the same position, forming a spider’s web behind them as they came together. Finally a giant light door condensed. It was twenty feet tall, with a dignified appearance, looking very magnificent.

“You have opened the treasure room’s door!”

“You have been awarded two hundred trial points!”

The moment that Chu Tian had solved the light mirror puzzle to open the treasure room’s door, the jade token in front of his chest began to change as two hundred points were added to his total!

This was the highest award given since entering the trial!

This meant that opening the treasure room was around ten times more difficult than solving the cube puzzle!

Chu Tian had really succeeded! This secret that had been in the Central State Tower for all these years had finally been solved by Chu Tian. The two of them had not reached the main hall yet.

Chu Tian did not let out a sigh of relief because the truly troublesome matter was just beginning!

“Come in quickly you two!”

Chu Tian saw that Nangong’s group came back and quickly beckoned to her. Who would have thought that at this time, three streaks of golden light would appear in the main hall!

“Be careful!”

Chu Tian’s warning came too late.

Those three gold treasure swords seemed like they had appeared out of thin air, shooting at the three of them in the blink of an eye. Yun Yao and Nangong Yun were shocked by the appearance of the giant gate and did not have time to react before being pierced by the swords. They turned into white light and disappeared.

Chu Tian had also been hit by the sword, but the moment it was about to hit, a jade talisman on his body shattered and turned into a barrier that blocked the golden treasure sword.

Chu Tian revealed a serious look, “Damn!”

This was truly strange!

Chu Xinghe had not returned to the main hall but could still use his flying swords to attack?

Nangong Yun and Yun Yao did not have any defenses ready, so they were eliminated.

Chu Tian had just finished the large array and did not have his guard up, so he was also hit by the sword. It was lucky that he had the talisman from the labyrinth, which blocked this attack, otherwise Chu Tian would have also been sent out.

“What, is it that surprising?” Chu Xinghe’s cold voice came from the treasure sword flying in the air, “My sword is my heart. Although I left, I left three swords behind, so I could observe the entire main hall through my swords. You can only blame yourself for being too negligent.”

Truly despicable!

But he had to admit that he had skills!

Chu Tian’s mind had been focused on the array and did not pay any attention to the swords that Chu Xinghe had left behind. Who would have thought that these swords would be Chu Xinghe’s eyes?

Nangong Yun did not have a high cultivation base, but the puppet could not be underestimated. Yun Yao’s cultivation was around the same as Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang, so she could be a strong helper.

But now they had been killed by Chu Xinghe’s sneak attack.

This also meant that Chu Tian had to face these three enemies alone!

“Ha, ha, ha, ha! Truly the heavens are on my side!”

At this moment, Luo Xianglong came back with a look of pleasant surprise as he began to look into the sky and laugh. Central State City was filled with rumours on the trial tower.

It’s said that the trial tower contained a large inheritance or perhaps treasure that a person could never spend in their lifetime. Whoever could solve the eternally lost problem would be able to obtain this inheritance!

After all these years.

There were people who had found the problem, but they had never been able to solve it. No one would have thought that it would be solved today by a brat like Chu Tian!

Could Luo Xianglong not be happy?

Ye Tianlang’s eyes also flashed with a strong greed. As long as he could obtain the ancient treasure of the trial tower, he would not have wasted his time enduring all this humiliation!

Chu Xinghe was as silent as ice. He gripped his sword, and the three treasure swords began to move, gathering around him.

When he opened his eyes, his sharp black eyes revealed a strong look filled with killing intent!

Compared to the laughing Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang, Chu Xinghe was more frightening, much more frightening!

Chu Xinghe had watched Chu Tian solving the array. This youth was too dangerous. His existence, his light might one day even threaten Chu Xinghe!

Chu Xinghe was incredibly arrogant.

How could he tolerate a youth who was even more outstanding than he was?

Even if he could not kill anyone here, he would still cripple him and destroy his future!

“I really don’t know whether to say you have good luck or bad luck!” Luo Xianglong recovered from his surprise and looked at Chu Tian with a taunting gaze, “I really do need to thank that protective talisman you have. If you were defeated by Chu Xinghe with a single attack, wouldn’t that be too easy for you?”

“You have opened the door to the treasure room for us, now you no longer have any value.” Ye Tianlang said in a cold voice, “Now it is time for you to pay!”

“Things have reached this point, so why talk so much?” Chu Tian was not stupid enough to think that these three would share the treasure with him. His eyes flashed a few times and he calmly said, “Do you want to come one after the other, or do you want to come together?”

He was about to die and he still dared to act so arrogantly?

He was facing three of the Central State Four Young Masters!

Any one of them would be enough to cause a stir in Central State and now he was facing three of them!

“Since you have such a large grudge, we’ll give you to the Heavenly Wolf Young Master to handle.”

“Many thanks!”

Ye Tianlang revealed a happy look.

He had waited for this chance for a long time!

Ye Tianlang did not say anything else as he used his family inherited «Monster Wolf Transformation» to turn into a wolf man. He got on all four limbs and rushed forward.

“Now die!”

Chu Tian had a cold smile on his lips as he secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Chu Xinghe had his own plans and did not want to share the treasure with Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang, so he said this on purpose. With Chu Xinghe’s skills, how could he not see it? If Ye Tianlang charged forward now, he would only meet a dead end!

This is good!

If they were to collaborate.

Chu Tian did not have any chance of succeeding, but now he had a slight chance.

“You want to cripple me? First ask my puppet if he agrees or not!”

The puppet behind Chu Tian rushed forward as one of its fists flew at Ye Tianlang.

Ye Tianlang was not a normal person and stepped off in the air, flying back several meters and dodging the giant puppet’s destructive fist, “With these insignificant skills, you think you can stop me?”

Not bad!

The puppet could easily move through the labyrinth because most monsters had low intelligence.

Ye Tianlang had a lot of battle experience, so he wouldn’t be careless around it. As long as he could dodge all of Chu Tian’s attacks, it would be fine.

Even if he couldn’t beat the puppet, he would just kill Chu Tian. That would be easy as pie!

Who would have thought that Chu Tian would reveal a strange smile, “You’re wrong about this!”

A giant palm came from behind Ye Tianlang.

Ye Tianlang was shocked…..There was a sneak attack!

When he reacted, it was already too late. The palm hit Ye Tianlang and shattered his protective spirit energy, sending him in front of Chu Tian.

A second puppet!

This fellow……could control two puppets!

Chu Tian had used his own puppet to push back Ye Tianlang and then released his Divine Sense to control Nangong Yun’s giant’s heart, at the same time controlling Nangong Yun’s puppet to slap Ye Tianlang.

How strong was the puppet?

Even if Ye Tianlang did not suffer heavy injuries, he still had lost his ability to defend.

The giant’s heart in Chu Tian’s hand flashed and the giant in front of him gathered his hand together, forming a giant hammer as it smashed down. Ye Tianlang gave an unwilling angry roar as he turned into white light and disappeared.

“The stray dog young master is only this skilled!”

Chu Tian also controlled the puppet Yun Yao left behind. The three puppets appeared in front of him, standing in a defensive stance.

Chu Xinghe was completely calm as if he had already guessed the result.

Luo Xianglong had a shocked look on his face, “How is this possible? Being able to control all these puppets, can he split his consciousness?”

“It’s the power of his Divine Sense.” Chu Xinghe coldly said, “His Divine Sense has already surpassed the ‘Mind’s Eye’ realm and can leave his body, remotely controlling the puppets.”


He has surpassed the Mind’s Eye realm!

This had never been heard of before!

Chu Xinghe then said, “Brother Luo, do you have any confidence?”

Luo Xianglong quickly returned to normal, “That waste Ye Tianlang could not accomplish this task and since it’s like this, it is now my turn!”

Chu Xinghe watched Luo Xianglong walk out, and a trace of cold ridicule flashed in his eyes.

Chu Tian in the center of the light mirror array and with the three giant puppets around him turned. The three scarred puppets walked out in front of him. Then he said with a cold look, “Do you want to try the might of the giant puppets?”

“Giant puppets?” Luo Xianglong laughed as he took out a mysterious talisman. Placing it on his body, he suddenly gave a loud roar, “Nothing but a toy!”

The talisman released a strong glow!

Luo Xianglong turned into a twenty meter tall giant, standing even taller than the puppets. Throwing out a punch, a giant was shattered to pieces!

As fast as lightning, he kicked another giant, and it flew into the corner.

Finally his arms came forward like two dragons coming out the sea and ripped the final giant apart!

Wild! Ruthless!

The three giant puppets had come this entire way and they couldn’t hold on any longer, with their defensive runes disappearing. Using that transformation talisman, Luo Xianglong quickly increased his battle strength. With the Luo Family’s strong close combat techniques, the three puppets had no way of fighting back as they were torn apart by Luo Xianglong!

It seemed like!

They really had gained things in the giant’s labyrinth!

Luo Xianglong had used the talisman to transform into a giant, increasing his power by five-six times, almost reaching the True Soul Realm. His battle strength surpassed the giant puppets’!

This also meant that his pure battle power did not lose to the giant guards’. The most important thing was that compared to the dumb giants, Luo Xianglong had cultivation techniques and martial arts.

He would definitely be strong!

“You no longer have any more toys!” Luo Xianglong’s voice became loud and terrifying. He slowly roared, “I can crush your bones one by one! To thank you for opening the treasure room for me, I will make this quick!”

“One of us will definitely be able to obtain the treasure.” Chu Tian watched as these puppets were forcefully destroyed, but he remained calm, not even blinking once, “But this person will not be you!”

Chu Tian gently waved his hand.

The main mirror’s light beam was released.

Luo Xianglong’s face changed, “Perhaps……”

He seemed to notice something as he tried to run away, but he did not make it in time. Could there be anything faster than light in this world? When the light hit a mirror, it was reflected over thirty-forty times before slamming into Luo Xianglong’s giant body with an incomparably strong power.


Luo Xianglong give a pitiful cry as he reached the end of the hall before being pierced by the light beam!x

A flash of white light appeared!

Luo Xianglong had also been sent out of the trial space.

Chu Tian handled this like it was a very simple matter and then his eyes fell onto Chu Xinghe. He became very calm, like he had met a friend he hadn’t seen in several years, “Heavenly Sword Young Master, you have made two mistakes. The first is harming my people and the second is sending your teammates out to die.”

Chu Xinghe coldly said, “So what?”

Chu Tian replied, “I will personally take care of you.”

“I could have killed you from the beginning, but I didn’t do this. I allowed you to move around because I wanted you to open this treasure room.” Chu Xinghe’s laugh was as frightening as a owl in the night, “The biggest mistake you made was…..underestimating my strength!”

Chu Xinghe released his sword art.

The golden treasure sword turned into two swords and two swords turned into four……Finally turning into sixteen swords. They rotated around Chu Xinghe at a speed that the naked eye could not see.

“Do you really think you can defeat me?” Chu Xinghe’s body slowly floated into the sky, just like a god of swords with his sharp and arrogant eyes. A cold voice resounded through the main hall that was like a sword’s edge, “I will let you know just how stupid that idea is!”

Chu Tian laughed, “I don’t think so!”