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Chapter 179: Raging Flame Craftsman God

Chapter 179: Raging Flame Craftsman God

This flaming giant craftsman’s body was stronger than the normal craftsmen’s by several times, it was close to the True Soul Realm. He even had cultivation techniques and martial arts, so their battle strengths couldn’t compare.

“You guys help Nangong, I’ll take care of the chief!”

In this critical situation, they did not dare to hesitate. They immediately controlled their puppets to help Nangong Yun and take care of the giant craftsmen that came back.

Would the flaming craftsman chief allow them to leave?

As they prepared to leave, the giant suddenly gave a loud roar and charged out.

Chu Tian hid behind a pillar.

He ignited his Mind’s Lamp and released his Divine Sense. It was released like an invisible glow that could penetrate anything!

When his Divine Sense reached the “Mind’s Lamp” realm, not only could he see through everything, he could also use it to affect matter. The flaming giant was enveloped by the Mind’s Lamp, and some external force anchored it to the ground.

A puppet charged forward.

The burning giant instantly recovered and his hammer shot out at a fast speed. Flames appeared around it like a flaming projectile, making it look like red lightning.

Chu Tian could clearly see through this giant’s attack and made the giant puppet dodge before it could hit. The giant hammer slammed down behind him, leaving a long mark on the ground. A terrifying heat came out of the crack with magma flowing out.

The puppet seized the chance to jump up and launch an attack. When the two giant fellows made contact, there was a massive shock. The giant was caught off guard and pushed back two steps while the puppet’s fists were like bombs as they hammered the giant’s chest!

When the two dark gold fists slammed into the giant’s chest, the destructive ruins on its arms began to glow and a terrifying destructive power was released. The giant’s chest caved in, and his thirty meter tall giant body was sent flying, slamming into a pillar!


The pillar was shattered.

This was the puppet’s chance to attack, but that flaming hammer turned in the sky and was now shooting out at Chu Tian’s back.

The Mind’s Lamp Divine Sense was stronger than the Mind’s Eye.

Although the Mind’s Lamp could see everything clearly, it was not as detailed as the Mind’s Eye. However, the range it had far surpassed that of the Mind’s Eye.

Chu Tian could sense the hammer flying at him, but the puppet’s body was not his, so he could not use hyperfocus with it and could not control it very efficiently. He could only dodge to the side and let the hammer fly past him, leaving a black burn mark on his skin.

The flaming giant seized this chance to stand up. With a peng sound, he was once again holding the giant hammer!

With the giant hammer returning to his hand, his aura increased by several times!

His eyes seemed to be releasing flames of rage as he charged forward with earth shaking steps. The hammer shot out at the puppet’s head!

Chu Tian knew how strong the giant was.

If this hammer were to land, then the puppet would be completely destroyed!

Under Chu Tian’s control, the puppet immediately moved back to dodge this attack. The giant hammer fell right in front of him and the heat released from it ignited the air. It was like a flame dragon dropping from the clouds onto the ground.

The floor beneath the puppet turned soft and it flew into the air.

It had fallen into a large pool of fire red magma!

The strength behind the hammer was not much, but it released a shock wave that instantly melted the ground. It was a good thing that the puppet had a high density metal structure. If it were a normal being made of flesh, even a True Soul Realm expert would instantly perish after falling into a pool of thousand degree magma.

The puppet quickly moved back and pulled itself out of the magma pool.

Although it was made of strong metal, staying in the magma for a long time would still cause quite a bit of damage to its body. If any key parts of its body were melted, then the puppet would be wasted.

The burning giant raised the hammer once again and launched another attack at Chu Tian’s puppet.

Wherever the giant hammer went, the air was lit on fire. It was as if there were a flame dragon in the giant’s hand that was wildly attacking the giant puppet.

The attack hit the ground!

It instantly created a large pool of magma.

The attack hit a column.

It instantly melted the column!

Chu Tian was always a distance away, but he could still feel the terrifying burning aura. If it weren’t for Chu Tian using his Divine Sense with his skills and the hyperfocus ability to perfectly control the puppet, he would have been defeated already.

The burning giant raised its hammer once again and turned another patch of ground into magma.

“That’s enough!”

Chu Tian’s puppet did not retreat and charged in. He went under the giant’s hammer, not letting it raise it again.

The destructive fists slammed into the giant’s right shoulder!

The giant’s shoulder broke.

Chu Tian’s puppet raised its hands in the air and slashed down with its hand. A terrifying splitting sound occurred and the giant’s hand was cut off.

Raising its leg to kick out!

The giant was sent flying once again.

“How will you fight me without a hammer!”

Chu Tian’s puppet picked up the giant’s arm and threw it into the distance. It stepped out of the pool of lava and charged out of the pit. Its body was covered in a terrifying power as it charged at the giant. The giant did not have time to react as the puppet lifted it high up and threw it into a pillar.

It had lost its right arm and its hammer.

The giant’s battle strength had decreased quite a bit!

How could it still be Chu Tian’s match in this situation?

Ao, ao, ao!

The burning giant gave three roars. His body was covered in flames as countless ruins appeared on him.


Chu Tian’s Divine Sense could see the situation inside the giant’s body and could tell that it was condensing its energy. As well from the runes on its body, he could tell that the giant did not have enough strength to fight its enemy, so it decided to take them both out!

Chu Tian controlled the puppet to pick up a broke pillar and wielded it like a ten ton giant stick.

His Mind’s Lamp was released.

His Divine Sense covered everyone.

In their brains, a voice sounded out, “You guys move aside! This fellow is about to explode!”

More and more cracks appeared on the flaming giant’s as magma and flames poured out, as if it was about to explode out!

“Fuck you!” Chu Tian used the pillar to attack the giant, and the thirty meter tall giant was sent flying. It was like a ball sent flying by a wooden bat as it shot towards a group of giant craftsmen.

Nangong Yun controlled her puppet to jump out and kick down, “Let me help you!” Her puppet’s foot landed on the giant’s stomach and the giant was sent flying right into the center of a large group of craftsmen.

“Run away!”

Everyone ran to the side and dropped to the floor.


A devastating energy was released in the main hall, and flames submerged half of the palace. At least thirty giant craftsmen were destroyed by the explosion!

“You have killed the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman! You have been awarded thirty trial points!”

“You have killed a giant craftsman! You have been awarded four trial points!”

“You have killed a giant craftsman! You have been awarded four trial points!”


Chu Tian’s points quickly rose and he gained close to one hundred points. Each giant craftsman was worth five points, but because of Nangong Yun’s kick, the trial tower decided that she had made a contribution and gave her one point per giant craftsman.

“This is great!”

Yun Xiao loudly shouted.

They killed all the giants in one go!

Is there anything more satisfying than that?

The entire craftsmen palace, a divine craftsman and over one hundred giant craftsmen has been exterminated by just seven people! The puppet had a weaker battle potential compared to the giants and being able to obtain a magnificent victory like this was not an easy thing to do.

“You have cleared the craftsman palace! You have been awarded thirty trial points!”

They received the reward at the same time!

Exterminating all the giants gave extra trial points!

Because to the trial tower, completely exterminating the craftsman palace was an impossible mission to accomplish! If there was anyone that could accomplish this, they would naturally receive extra rewards!

Chu Tian had continued to solve the cube puzzles and gained over a hundred points, which was an impossible thing to do. This allowed the seven of them to activate all these giant puppets!

It was because they had so many giant puppets and they could recognize their goal that they ignored the side halls with treasure to head for the main halls, which allowed them to reach the craftsman palace in the shortest time possible.

The craftsman giants had not been properly strengthened.

Otherwise with just seven giant puppets, they would not have the ability to pass through this hall, not to mention exterminating the entire craftsman palace!

There was no doubt!

This was a magnificent victory!

Chu Tian looked at his points and found that he had two hundred and eighty four points!

This was already enough to break the previous Central State City highest point record. Even if Chu Tian was eliminated from the tower now, he would still have the record of the highest trial points obtained!

Only eight hours had passed so far in the trial space!

Chu Tian dusted off the dirt on his clothes. The flames of the hall had mostly dissipated, but the the air was hot enough to burn their lungs. This situation could be considered extremely hot.

“Is everyone alright?”

Nangong Yun stood up with her head of beautiful red hair standing up and her beautiful face completely black. Feng Caidie who cared a lot about her image also looked like a coal miner right now.

“We are still alive!”

Yun Xiao, Lin Mu, and Fang Han were together. Fang Han had condensed a thick wall of ice which had countered out the flame shock wave.

There was no need to worry about Yun Yao.

Her cultivation base was higher than Chu Tian’s so this blast was not enough to threaten her life.

“Although we are fine……” Yun Yao knit her brows and said, “Our puppets have been damaged quite a bit and their battle strength has decreased. We haven’t even arrived at the treasure room, so this loss is quite big.”

The seven puppets had all been injured, but it was a good thing it wasn’t too serious. Even the most heavy injuries still did not affect their movement, so they would not collapse.

“Forget about that!” Nangong Yun was filled with excitement as she said, “Look over there! What loot did we get!”

Yun Xiao also said, “That’s right! These giants were so strong, they would definitely leave behind loot!”

Chu Tian walked over to where the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman exploded.

Chu Tian noticed something and his eyes lit up!

This fellow was quite difficult to deal with, but he did leave quite a few things behind!