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Chapter 177: Secret puppet room

Chapter 177: Secret puppet room

Chu Tian wanted to stabilize his breathing, but several loud sounds came from above him!

Several holes appeared in the ceiling.

Large larvae that had turned red fell down. They suddenly exploded releasing large amounts of energy, falling down like bombs!

Chu Tian quickly shouted, “The hive is about to self destruct, let’s go!”

This was a problem from how the giant bee hive was designed. Once the queen bee was taken care of, the larvae would collectively explode, blowing up the intruder and the hive together, letting everyone perish together.

Chu Tian quickly put away the ten thousand year old spiritual honey, and they quickly left the main hall. With how complicated the hive was, it was a good thing they had the little fox to guide them. They finally escaped the honeycomb hive.

Tens of thousands of giant bees flew out in every direction.

After losing the queen bee’s commands, they turned crazy and began to slaughter everything. They no longer differentiated between friend and enemy. This meant that their camouflage had no use anymore and they were attacked as soon as they stepped out.

Chu Tian wasted quite a bit of energy to slash out a road of blood. They finally left this hidden area and returned to the giant’s labyrinth.

This was another palace.

From the map, they could see that this was called the secret puppet room!

After passing through the hidden portion, they had saved three fourths of the distance!

They looked around themselves. There was plenty of light, and this room was fully illuminated, with several large ancient bronze lamps hanging in the corners. But after entering this palace, what they saw first wasn’t the treasure box, but rather a row of giants standing in the middle of the room!

These giants were not like the armoured giants. They seemed smaller and more refined. In comparison, these giants were around fifteen meters tall with compact figures. They were covered in glowing runes, looking very eye catching.

One after the other!

What would they meet here?

Chu Tian carefully observed these fellows. Although they released a strong aura, there were no energy fluctuations coming from them. His eyes suddenly lit up, “These things don’t seem like monsters of the trial space, there seems to be a trick to them!”

The seven of them slowly approached the giants.

The result was not false!

They did not have any reactions at all. Although their runes were glowing, there was no pressure or danger coming from them, just like dead beings.

The seven of them looked at each other in blank dismay, not know what was happening.

Nangong Yun’s eyes looked around and surprise filled her beautiful eyes, “Forget about them! There’s a bronze treasure chest here, so give me the key! I want to open it!”

There were several giant bronze treasure chests in the secret puppet room.

It was forged with a plain yellow bronze that was rectangular in shape. It was two-three meters long, about half the length of a human, but it seemed very ancient like it had been here for many years!

Chu Tian studied the motionless giants.

Feng Caidie, Yun Yao, and the others encircled the treasure chest while being filled with expectations and apprehension.

Nangong Yun excitedly rubbed her hands together. There were two bronze keys in her hands that she moved towards the treasure chests, “I’m about to open them!”

“Just open it already!” Yun Yao said in a somewhat impatient manner.

The moment the key touched the keyhole, it was automatically sucked in and rotated on its own. The key hole began to release a bright light.


The treasure chest was opened.

Nangong Yun forcefully opened the treasure box. She saw that inside the treasure box, there were all kinds of gold, gems, and diamonds. With the light shining out, it seemed very mysterious, but the gems themselves were quite ordinary. Although they were valuable to normal people, they did not enter their eyes.

These gems were just filler and the true treasures were sitting at the top. There were a few jade slips and a glowing ancient jade talisman.

“What are these things?”

Nangong Yun picked up a jade slip and looked over it, not understanding it at all. Was this an ancient cultivation technique? It didn’t seem like one. There were many pictures on it that showed a variety of tools!

“Trial Protection Talisman?”

Nangong Yun discovered that the talisman was not normal. When she picked up the jade talisman, spiritual energy containing information entered her mind, showing her what uses this ancient talisman had.

The jade talisman could be used to defend oneself at a critical moment. It could only be used for a short period of time, but it was strong enough to defend against an attack from a True Soul expert!

This was a life saving item.

Of course they would give it to Chu Tian.

“These ancient slips should be treasures of the trial space, so we need to find someone to translate them.” Yun Yao explained, “The jade talisman is a special item of the trial space, so it can’t be taken out.”

They were truly unlucky.

They never thought that they would get this kind of treasure!

Nangong Yun opened another bronze treasure box. What made Nangong Yun disappointed was a few more jade slips she did not understand, but they seemed similar to the ones they just obtained.

The new thing they acquired was a storage bag.

As the name suggested, it would hold the things they obtained in the trial space, allowing them to not carry too much on themselves. If this thing could be taken out of the trial space, then it would be a priceless treasure, but it was a pity that it was a special item of the trial space.

The protective jade talisman and the storage bag were things of the trial space. They were formed by the trial space and were not real, so they could not be taken out.

There were too few rewards!

Too bad the bronze treasure box was the most basic treasure box!

This bronze key was obtained from the labourers, and the labourers were the most basic beings in the giant’s labyrinth.

“Another ancient race’s language.” Chu Tian looked at the jade slips, “It seems like ancient Gnome writing. This language is quite ancient and there has been too little passed down, so I can only understand a little of it.”

It’s over!

Even Chu Tian could only understand a little of it.

Then these jade slips were not useful at all!

“This is not a cultivation technique.” Chu Tian looked at the dense drawings on the jade slip, “This is a rare ancient mechanical technique book. Although I can’t understand what it means, there are people who can understand it. This is not useful for other people, but for us it is quite useful. We’ll give this to Tong Xiaoyu later, it will be a great help to her.”

Perhaps there was only a single person in the Southern Summer Country who could understand this.

This person was not anyone else other than the young miss, Meng Qingwu. With the Heavenly Book Source Spirit, no matter what ancient text it was, the young miss had the ability to break through it!

“I know!” Chu Tian was suddenly excited as he pointed at the ten giants in front of them, “These are ancient puppet refining mechanical techniques!”

“Is it useful?”

“Of course! As long as we can find the appropriate technique, we can control those guys!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up. Those ancient giant puppets released True Soul auras, so if they could control them, would the giants even be a problem anymore?

Chu Tian did not dabble in mechanical techniques at all.

Because mechanical techniques were precursors for source energy engineering and had been eliminated in the later generation.

In the future, there were even flying airships that had been created. Only the state of the art source energy engineering skills could create these large and refined high class products. Mechanical techniques used a secret technique to fuse source energy arrays and was mainly used to create puppets or tools.

In a sense, mechanical puppet techniques were a branch of refining techniques.

This really broadened one’s horizons!

Chu Tian used the Mind’s Eye to look at the insides of the giant puppets and found that it really was created with the refining technique. The materials it was made of was quite simple and although it was very big, it had a very simple composition. Inside of its chest, there was a strange thing releasing a glow.

Chu Tian jumped onto the giant’s chest and hit it twice to open the chest.

“Wa! He opened the giant’s chest!”

Chu Tian found a round crystal heart sitting inside of the giant’s chest that could be taken out. As soon as Chu Tian touched it, the trial token sent information into his head.

“You have obtained the giant puppet’s heart! Activating the giant puppet will cost twenty trial points. Do you wish to activate it?”


This thing costs trial points!

Twenty points could be trade for seven-eight Elixirs when he left the trial!

Chu Tian had no hesitation, “Activate it!”

A glow shined out and the number decreased on his trial token, falling by twenty points. A white light came out and it went into the giant’s heart in his hand.


Chu Tian could clearly feel the crystal heart beating.

The dark golden giant puppet was activated and its eyes filled with light. The runes on its body lit up and a terrifying aura was slowly released.

“Too cool!”

“How great would it be if we could take this out!”

A single giant puppet had strength close to the True Soul Realm. If they could take it out, wouldn’t they be able to sweep the Central State City’s experts? But this was impossible because the amount of materials required to make this kind of giant puppet was an astronomical figure. The trial space would not be able to make this many puppets, so they had to be illusions.

Chu Tian said to the others, “Activating a giant costs twenty trial points!”

“It’s this much?”

The others were stunned. How did they have enough to activate this thing?

“I have trial points!” Chu Tian did not hesitate at all, “I’ll do it!”

Feng Caidie felt quite guilty, “How many trial points would this consume? One hundred trial points are enough to exchange for a Sacred grade medicine!”

Sacred medicine?

Chu Tian was shocked!

So trial points were this valuable!

Chu Tian still just generously waved his hand, “It’s fine, we still have plenty of time. I’ll help you activate the giant puppets and then you can just help me earn back the trial points, right? With these giant fellows, at least we won’t be in that much distress anymore!”

This actually had some logic to it.

Chu Tian used another one hundred and twenty trial points to activate another six giant puppets, leaving Chu Tian with only fifty points, but he did not care about it at all. There was still plenty of time left in the trial and with the seven of them having giant puppets, they would have a much easier time surviving!

“We have already stayed here for twenty minutes. According to the style of the trial space, the longer we stay in safety, the more trouble there will be in the future. We should not waste any more time here, so let’s go!”

Chu Tian opened the map and looked for the next path.

“After the secret puppet room, there are quite a few paths leading to different rooms. There is only a single room that leads to the center of the giant’s labyrinth.”

“What is at the center of the giant’s labyrinth?”

Chu Tian looked at the map and said, “From the mark on the map, it says that the center of the giant’s labyrinth is called the giant’s treasure room! It should be the most secret place in the entire trial tower!”

“Treasure room! Is there even a need to ask?” Nangong Yun had obtained a giant puppet and was now filled with confidence, “We have to go there just based on the name alone.”

“Alright, then we’ll pick the giant’s treasure room.” Chu Tian wanted the hidden treasures of the Central State Tower anyway. He put away the map, “Before we reach the giant’s treasure room, we’ll have to pass a place named the craftsmen palace!”

“There’s still quite a distance left!” Feng Caidie felt her head ache, “Before the monsters get too strong, we should kill our way over now!”

“That’s right, the longer we wait, the stronger the monsters will be. At that time, even if we have these powerful puppets, we still might not be able to block them!”

The seven of them each held a giant’s heart.

These giant hearts connected the sense of the user and the puppet. As long as they did not surpass a certain distance, then they could use their minds to control the giants. The controls were quite easy, they just had to use their mind to control their actions.

This was really a strong weapon!

The seven of them controlled the giant puppets to move forward. When they entered into the corridor past the secret puppet room, they found all kinds of monsters waiting for them.

These monsters looked like knights with each one being dressed in full armour. They were riding on steel horses with long jousting javelins in their hands. They were positioned in lines, with several lines set up.

They were positioned in a charging stance!

It seemed like they had stayed in the secret puppet room for too long and when they entered the corridor, there were large amounts of monsters waiting for them.

“What are you scared off? Kill them all!”

When the large group of knights began their charge, the seven incomparably large giants also charged forward!

The iron knights seemed to have strength at the Illustrious Soul Realm!

In other words, the strength of the knights should be on the same level as the labourer supervisors, perhaps even a little stronger. They should have evolved once or twice already.

The large size of the puppets did not match their speed. A pair of scarlet red fists was instantly covered in large destructive runes. When the fist fell, three-four knights were broken to pieces!

Dang, dang, dang!

The iron knights were four-five meters tall!

The thick and big javelins of the knights attacked the giant puppets, but the defensive runes appeared on the giant puppets’ bodies. The knights’ javelins could only make little holes in the puppets’ bodies, but they could not deal any damage at all!

“Ha, ha!” Yun Xiao controlled his giant puppet to stomp down at the center of the armoured knights, instantly gaining six-seven trial points, “Too satisfying! You also have your day of reckoning! Watch grandfather stomp you all to death!”

In front of the seven giant puppets, the knights were completely blocked!

This was basically a one sided fight!

The trial points of the seven of them continued to rise!