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Chapter 176: Mind’s Lamp

Chapter 176: Mind’s Lamp

The Mind Energy attacks were like a storm, but they mostly hit thin air. However, wherever the queen bee’s attack landed, it was now covered in Mind Energy!

The queen bee did not plan to kill Chu Tian with the Mind Energy at all.

The main hall was built out of beeswax and was as strong as thousand year old iron after being refined for so many years. This material was very special and so it could store the queen bee’s Mind Energy for a long time. After the queen bee displayed its Mind Energy, the main hall would become its weapon and shield, freely being controlled by it!

This location became its domain!

In that instant, the beeswax as hard as thousand year old iron instantly turned into liquid!

This viscous beeswax was like a wave as it surged forward right at Chu Tian!

If it hit Chu Tian.

Chu Tian would instantly be turned into a beeswax statue!

Chu Tian’s Mind’s Eye had already seen through the energy changes and immediately tried to dodge this danger. However, he did not have a chance to even stand properly as several hundred spikes appeared in the ground below him!

Firm as iron!

Sharp as needles!

The area around Chu Tian turned into a field of spikes. When each spike shot into the sky, there were branches that formed, creating even more spikes.

The Mind’s Eye was a kind of Divine Sense.

The Divine Sense had limits, and the Mind’s Eye also had limits!

The thorns had appeared too quickly and they spread too quickly!

Chu Tian could not possibly see through this sudden and explosive attack. He could only dodge the key parts of it and make his way through the spike forest!

Who would have thought that a breaking sound would ring out!

Countless needles broke off and shot forth, just like a dense rain as they approached Chu Tian.

This process occurred in a very short period of time. Those hard as iron spikes were filled with Mind Energy and could easily pierce through an Awakened Soul Cultivators body protecting spirit energy.

When Chu Tian was pierced by the thorns from the front and behind, the thorns quickly softened. They turned into something like sinister leeches as they wildly drilled into his wounds!

This is bad!

The thorns were filled with the queen bee’s Mind Energy.

After they were controlled by the queen bee, they could instantly harden or soften at will. After hitting Chu Tian, the queen bee could instantly liquefy the beeswax and sent it into Chu Tian’s meridians and blood stream. It could seal Chu Tian from the inside out, turning him into a beeswax statue!

He would die without a doubt!

He could only go all out now!

“Raging Flame Slash!”

Sending everything at once!

The Netherworld Sword’s energy gathering power was released to its limit.

The Netherworld Flames surged forth, enveloping his body. It completely blocked off the encroaching beeswax and even entered his body to burn away the beeswax that had already entered.

This method would also cause heavy injuries to oneself!

Chu Tian did not care much. In this kind of dangerous situation, he could not wait for the queen bee to launch her next attack. Chu Tian disappeared from within the spike forest and sent out a giant burning sword qi. With an overbearing might, it cut through the numerous spikes and was released into the main hall.


The liquid beeswax in the sky quickly formed a shield!

The burning sword glow flashed!

The giant shield was cut in half!

On the edges, there were still traces of blue flames.

The might of the burning sword glow was not reduced at all and it continued to soar forth, aimed right at the queen bee in the main hall. The queen bee did not have any close combat abilities and Chu Tian’s sure kill slash was quickly approaching the queen bee!

In that moment!

Chu Tian was out of the range of the queen bee’s Mind Energy, but he was still in the range of being influenced by the queen bee’s spiritual energy. Just like a needle being stabbed into his brain, it was filled with a searing pain.

Chu Tian’s eyes turned black.

The world fell into darkness!

When his vision returned, the king bees and the others all disappeared. Chu Tian appeared in a giant space where he was surrounded by ten thousand bee guards, each one flapping their wings and their sickle claws were twinkling.

“Stupid intruder!”

A cold and angry voice sounded out through the world.

“You wanted to use your weak powers to threaten this queen’s life?

It had giant wings that were as thin as cicada wings, but it had a human form, however the head was in the shape of an insect. It was several meters tall and stood in the center of the guard bees, just like a king overlooking the world.

Chu Tian’s lips formed a smile, “You’re finally using your spiritual powers?”

“Such a weak spiritual power, this queen will kill you as easily as flipping this one’s hand!”

The queen bee did not have any close combat abilities, but it was a master of spiritual attacks. It could control the entire honeycomb hive and command over a hundred thousand bees, so its spiritual power was quite strong.

The density of this spiritual domain was over ten times stronger than Ye Hen’s. Even a True Soul Realm expert might find it hard to resist the queen bee’s terrifying spiritual power!

“Now, die!”

Several tens of thousands of guard bees charged at Chu Tian.

“Your spiritual power is quite strong, but in my eyes, it is nothing more than a giant ball of cotton!” Chu Tian’s hands came together as he coldly said, “I, am a small mass of flames!”

An ancient and dignified power was sent forth, just like a layer of dark smoke soaring into the sky. Instantly the figure of the demon god appeared. As the countless bee guards slammed into Chu Tian, they all let out a pitiful cry as they were swallowed by the black flames, turning into a black fireball in the air.

The queen bee revealed a shocked expression when it saw this demon god, “You used your spiritual energy to burn this queen’s spiritual energy…..No, how is that possible!”

The black fireballs flew into the sky and suddenly exploded.

The flames were scattered and countless bee guards were lit on fire by the spiritual flames. They all let out pitiful cries before finally turning into fireballs and exploding once again.


The tens of thousands of bee guards turned into fireballs.

“If you did not try to fight me in spiritual power, then you might have had a chance to succeed. However, since you’ve decided to compete in spiritual power, you are guaranteed to lose. Now, let me give you magnificent funeral!” Chu Tian laughed and his hands formed a seal, “Demon Flame Funeral!”

With the queen bee’s pitiful’s scream, countless fireballs were attracted to it. Coming from all direction, the black flames swallowed the queen bee and turned it to ashes!

The spiritual domain collapsed, and they returned to the hive.

The queen bee was lying in front of him with its head chopped off.

This one slash was not Chu Tian’s true attack, but rather to entice the queen bee to launch its spiritual domain. So, it did not matter if this attack made contact because once the queen bee made contact with Chu Tian’s spiritual energy, the demon god had already burned its spiritual energy away, so it would have died no matter what!

“You have killed the queen bee! You have been awarded twenty trial points! You currently have one hundred and ninety trial points!”

The figure on the jade token changed, instantly rising by twenty points!

Chu Tian found this strange!

Was it a mistake?

Killing such a strong character only gave twenty points, as much as the puzzle cube? It had to be known that the reason why Chu Tian won was because of his ability, otherwise with the queen bee’s spiritual energy, even a True Soul Realm expert would be killed!

After the king bees lost the queen bee, they fell into a panic and began to run away.

Nangong Yun and Yun Yao chased after them and eliminated the two king bees. A single one gave ten points which was divided evenly among them.

Chu Tian was standing by the queen bee as he found something shiny that was like a gold brick.

“I found it!”

The gold brick was not light and there was honey dripping down from it. A sweet smell flowed out that was very enticing.

“This is ten thousand year old spiritual honey!”

“What level is it? Level two? Or level three?”

“It’s still a level two item! But……” Chu Tian gently tossed it up and down, “It is not an Elixir anymore and is closer to the Sacred rank. It should be a half step Sacred grade treasure!”

A half step Sacred grade existence?

They looked at the queen bee’s body and found that there were over a hundred of these “gold bricks”!

Nangong Yun, Yun Yao, and even Feng Caidie who was used to seeing treasures all had their eyes pop out, “God, we’re really rich this time!”

How much was a half step Sacred grade level two material worth?

It was worth at least several tens of millions of gold coins. It was something that one could not buy no matter how much money they had!

It was a good thing that they had so much of this good item. Neatly stacked in front of them was a shocking fortune!

“How do we use it?”

“You melt it with your spirit energy and directly ingest it.” Chu Tian gave a brick over to Nangong Yun, “The density of this brick is quite high and it should fill several large jars after being melted. This thing is very good for increasing one’s cultivation, so everyone should have a try.”

Before he could even finish.

A gabeng sound reached his ears.

Chu Tian looked over and smoke almost came out of his ears. He saw that the little fox had somehow taken a brick of honey and had already gnawed most of it away.

“Fuck!” Chu Tian grabbed the little fox’s tail and lifted it up, “You little bastard! Daring to secretly eat your master’s item? Is you butt really that itchy?”

The little fox still had a little piece in its claws and with a gently toss, it threw it into its mouth. Then it made a face, revealing an appearance that seemed like it was saying, “Didn’t the master tell everyone to have a try? This fox was helping you test it for poison!”

Chu Tian’s lungs almost exploded with rage.

The little fox was still not satisfied, “Didn’t I just eat a single piece? I haven’t even had a taste of it yet! How about you give me another piece!”

“In your dreams!”

The little fox pointed at the jade token on its neck and then using its claw to draw a circle, it cut it in half.

Chu Tian was a little surprised, “You’re saying you’re willing to give me half your trial points?”

The little fox nodded.

Chu Tian rubbed his chin and thought about it for a few minutes. He thought it was quite worth it, “Alright, I’ll give you another piece. You can save it for later because there will be no more for you in the future!”

The little fox happily held the piece. It did not wolf it down this time, but rather it stuck out its tongue and licked it like a popsicle.

Its face was filled with happiness.

Feng Caidie forced down her smile as she walked over, “Brother Chu, forget about it! Since we have this much, it doesn’t matter if we give the little fox one or two pieces!”

The little fox revealed a touched look!

Good person! It was this fox’s fault for picking the wrong master!

It had picked a violent and stingy fellow for a master instead!

When Chu Tian saw how it acted, he couldn’t help being filled with anger. Back then, Feng Caidie had also been present, so he should have kicked it over to Feng Caidie instead. If he had really done this, perhaps the Divine Wind Marquis would have been bankrupted by this little fox already!

Everyone looked for a container and immediately melted the spiritual honey into it.

Lin Mu, Fang Ha, and Yun Xiao only drank a fourth and already felt that they could contain no more energy from it. They did not dare to drink more as they sat down to cultivate.

Chu Tian, Nangong Yun, Feng Caidie, and Yun Yao all drank half.

“I’m about to breakthrough!”

Nangong Yun gave an excited low roar.

A pillar of flame shot into the sky as her cultivation went from the peak 2nd Awakened Soul Layer to the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer. Lin Mu and Fang Han both reached the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer. Yun Xiao’s strength was too weak, so he only reached the peak 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.

Finally Feng Caidie also broke through to the next layer.

Four peak 2nd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivators had been reborn!

Even Yun Yao at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer felt her strength increase by quite a bit!

It really was worthy of being a precious half step Saint grade item!

It was definitely a good thing, they had never seen an Elixir have this kind of fast effect. Feng Caidie and Yun Yao had seen treasures at the same level, but they had never had such quick results.

When Chu Tian saw everyone’s quick progress, his heart was filled with satisfaction.

This was not a risk taken in vain!

When Chu Tian prepared to use it as well, he suddenly realized that the queen bee’s body had disappeared and a round pale blue orb was left behind.

“Spiritual Pearl?”

This was a pleasant surprise!

This thing was a rare item that was hard to find, something that could directly increase one’s spiritual energy.

Chu Tian melted a piece of spiritual honey and mixed it with the Spiritual Pearl, swallowing it in one breath. He felt a burst of spiritual energy fill his body, almost exploding his meridians!

Chu Tian did not dare to be careless. He immediately sat down on the floor and began to refine the spiritual energy.

The energy in the ten thousand year old honey really did not have a limit. When the large amount of spiritual energy turned into spirit energy in his body, Chu Tian’s cultivation suddenly broke into the peak 2nd Awakened Soul Layer. It was at this point that the spiritual energy within the Spiritual Pearl was slowly absorbed by Chu Tian.

Chu Tian could feel that his spiritual energy was wildly growing.

He finally reached a critical point!

An earth shaking roar sounded out!

Chu Tian could feel that in his sea of consciousness, there was now a lamp that was glowing there. An invisible light broke through the limitation of his flesh and soul, shining out in every direction.

Nangong Yun said in a surprised voice, “This power…..Is it the Mind’s Eye?”

Yun Yao shook her head with a serious expression, “That’s not right! I’m afraid the Mind’s Eye is not that strong. It seems like he’s broken through to a new realm!”

That’s right!

After the queen bee’s spiritual energy had been absorbed by Chu Tian, it had fused with his consciousness and created a strong spiritual might.

Now, Chu Tian’s Divine Sense had increased a level and surpassed the “hyperfocus” and “Mind’s Eye” realms, entering the third realm – Mind’s Lamp!

What was the Mind’s Lamp? It was a lamp in one’s mind! A lamp made of Divine Sense!

When the Mind’s Lamp burned, it saw through everything. It could see through the souls of all kinds of ghosts, monsters, and demons!

Not only did the Mind’s Lamp realm increase the range of one’s Divine Sense, it also allowed one to kill with it!

There were a few people who had opened the “Mind’s Eye” in the Southern Summer Country, but Chu Tian had done it with just a weak Awakened Soul Realm cultivation, as well as igniting the Mind’s Lamp. Even if he was compared with the entire Southern Summer Country, there was no one who could match him in terms of Divine Sense strength!