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Chapter 140: Chu Tian’s new business

Chapter 140: Chu Tian’s new business

“There is one way.”

Chu Tian said a few words to Yun Xiao and Yun Xiao seemed to have some scruples, “Is this alright?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me!”

Yun Xiao was ready to make any sacrifice. He cupped his hands and went forward, then he spoke in a humble voice, “Although we haven’t met before, I have heard about your righteous spirit, this Yun Xiao is filled with admiration. It truly is an honour to be able to exchange blows with you today. I will only use three slashes and if after three slashes I still have not won, this one is willing to join elder sister’s forces and to go through ten thousand cavalry without any hesitation!”

Everyone’s eyes almost popped out.

This Yun Xiao was being too exaggerated!

If he couldn’t win, wasn’t this basically selling his freedom to Nangong Yun?

Nangong Yun looked over at Chu Tian and after the latter nodded, Nangong Yun knew that this was planned by Chu Tian. She crossed her arms in front of her, “Three slashes? Humph! Even if it was thirteen slashes or thirty slashes, what could you do to me? I won’t retaliate and will let you attack. If you can even hurt one hair on my body, then we’ll consider it my loss!”

Everyone was stunned.

Nangong Yun was being too presumptuous!

Yun Xiao’s sabre was like a lightning bolt. Normal people had no way to resist it, not to mention standing still for him!


Yun Xiao did not hesitate.

The sound of thunder appeared and the sabre that came out of the sheath was shocking. Yun Xiao threw away the sheath and jumped up into the sky holding the sword with both hands. Lightning bolts shot out in all directions just like a deity of thunder as he viciously shot at Nangong Yun.

Nangong Yun closed her eyes.

Endless starlight surrounded her body going from sparse to dense, slowly congealing into a refined gauze.

Nangong Yun revealed her Starlight Immortal Body, but of course she didn’t use all her strength. Against someone like Yun Xiao, there was no need to condense her full power.


Yun Xiao was bounced back several meters. He felt his blood and energy swelling up, almost suffering an internal injury.

This refined gauze had such a strong defense?

“The second slash!”

This slash was much stronger than the first one, its might increased exponentially!

Nangong Yun still had her eyes closed, like nothing mattered to her. When the tyrannical blade hit the starlight protecting her body, the starlight scattered a bit, but the might of this attack was still not enough to break her defenses.

Yun Xiao flew out once again, his pale face had turned completely red.

What was happening?

After Yun Xiao built up the power of the three slashes, it could be considered unstoppable. It made him feel like he was unmatched in this world.

This woman ruthlessly attacked his self confidence. A blade art that was this strong could not break through her defenses?

I don’t believe that!

Yun Xiao condensed all his strength into this one slash, with countless thunderbolts winding around his sabre. That beautiful sword glow was around four-five zhang (3.33m) long. It was like a blade of thunder sent down as a punishment by the gods as it slashed out at Nangong Yun.


Yun Xiao loudly shouted.

In that moment, all the blood in his body began to boil as if he were on fire, making it seem like his body was burning. His potential was awakening in this moment.

Yun Xiao had Elixirs poured into his body over the years by his family.

Because he was not very diligent, he had never broken through.

But after suffering Chu Tian’s devilish training for three days, the spiritual energy stored in Yun Xiao’s body was slowly being awakened. Now that he was facing Nangong Yun’s strong pressure, Yun Xiao had released all his strength as he released this third slash.

He suddenly broke through!

He went from the peak 1st Awakened Soul Layer to the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer!

His spirit energy increased by countless times and the power of his sabre also increased by several times!

This once again shocked everyone here. It even shocked Yun Xiao himself!

Nangong Yun finally opened her eyes and when she faced the lightning rays that blotted out the sky, her beautiful ruby eyes glowed and her lips curled into a faint smile.

“Finally, a good attack!”

The starlight around Nangong Yun began to condense and it turned from a gauze into a coloured glazed armour.

Starlight Glass Body!

The minute the thunder sabre chopped down on the Glass Body, the violent strength surged forward causing several small fissures, but it could not break through this terrifying defense.

“Still not strong enough!”

Nangong Yun loudly shouted and the starlight expanded outward!

The blade was shattered to pieces and the reflected strength shot out, sending him flying several meters. He heavily fell onto the ground and suffered heavy injuries.

Nangong Yun had actually shown mercy because of Chu Tian!

Otherwise Yun Xiao wouldn’t have just suffered as simple as an internal injury!

But it had to be said that sabre art was actually very good, it could actually hurt the Starlight Glass Body. It was hard for people at the same level to break through the Glass Body, it could even defend against someone one layer higher. Yun Xiao had just broken through to the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer and Nangong Yun was already at the peak 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.

The fact that Yun Xiao with his weak cultivation could break through Nangong Yun’s Immortal Body, it all depended on the power in his sabre. It was difficult for Yun Xiao to find a match in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.

He never thought he would suddenly break through!

Yun Xiao was very excited and he forgot about his pain.

He jumped up like a carp and moved forward three steps. He quickly kneeled down on one knee while bowing his head down. Then he cupped his hands, “Elder sister’s ability is truly unparalleled, Yun Xiao is fully convinced. Please accept this little brother’s oath!”

Nangong Yun placed her hands behind her and revealed an elder sister’s aura, “Un, you’re pretty good. Since you’ve specially made a trip to come to me, I will accept you!”

Yun Xiao quickly paid his respects, “Thank you elder sister!”

The crowd was stunned!

Yun Xiao had truly been subdued by Nangong Yun?

Yun Xiao had shined bright today and had won the entire academy’s respect today. He was also the eldest son of the Yun Family with an infinite potential, but he was actually willing to become Nangong Yun’s little brother? This was only something that Yun Xiao could do!

But then again, just how strong was this Nangong Yun?

Although Nangong Yun had not made a move, not showing anyone her true battle potential, but just her defense was strong enough that it was enough to shock everyone. Nangong Yun had a fire attribute God Level Source Spirit, so she should be practicing fire cultivation techniques. It should mean that she should had a strong destructive might! It was hard to imagine just how strong a God Level Source Spirit with a cultivation technique would be!

When they thought of this, the crowd couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.

Although Nangong Yun’s cultivation was lower than the other three courtyard first rankers.

Nangong Yun’s actual strength would not be weaker!

If Nangong Yun’s power and Yun Xiao’s “talent” were combined together, the weakest Vermillion Bird Courtyard might rise once again!

Yun Xiao stood up.

Chu Tian cast a meaningful gaze to him.

Yun Xiao understood and turned around to say to everyone, “Many thanks to everyone’s support today! Do you wish to know how I was reborn? Do you want to know more about cultivation techniques and martial arts? I ask everyone to continue to give me your attention! I, Yun Xiao definitely will not disappoint you all!”

With this sentence.

Everyone became nervous.

What was the reason Yun Xiao suddenly became this strong?

After Yun Xiao said this, he grabbed his waist. It was truly painful. If he didn’t move now, then he would not be able to hold on.

“Everyone, come with me!”

There were many people here and it wasn’t convenient to talk. Nangong Yun waved her hand and quickly left, bringing several people to a dojo.

The dojo was very big, but it was also very empty. There was not a single person here.

“Is this the territory you have bought?” Chu Tian changed the moment he entered the dojo. He walked to the front which made Yun Xiao feel very strange. Nangong Yun did not have any objections and just followed behind him.

Nangong Yun was about to talk, but she hesitantly looked over at Yun Xiao.

Chu Tian smiled, “There are no outsiders, so there is no need to worry.”

Nangong Yun was filled with questions that she could not hold back any longer. She loudly shouted, “Boss! What are you doing! You did not give me any mental preparation at all! Was this little brat trained by you? Why didn’t you give me any warning, it’s very dangerous, don’t you know? I almost killed him with a single punch!”

Yun Xiao trembled in fear. This woman was too violent!

This was too strange!

The two of them know each other!

Moreover……This terrifying woman actually called him boss?

This young man could even tame this kind of woman. What could he not do?

No wonder he wanted me to become this witch’s little brother, this witch is his subordinate. After I accepted this witch as my boss, then he would be the boss’ boss, becoming even higher than before!

“I didn’t contact you because I was afraid of exposing myself.” Chu Tian looked around the dojo. He only saw a few simple bronze training dummies and the words Qilin Hall on top, “What is happening here?”

Nangong Yun’s face filled with sadness and guilt as she spoke, “Don’t mention it. I’ve been having bad luck one of the other once I came to Central State City. I originally wanted to buy a few factories, but after having proper discussion one day, the next day, they all rejected me.”

This confirmed it.

The large families knew that Nangong Yun belonged to Miracle Commerce.

How could they not know Nangong Yun’s intentions for buying factories? If the large characters get involved, how could the small and medium sized companies dare to do business with Nangong Yun?

“But I have bought this dojo and named it Qilin Dojo, creating the Qilin Group in this academy. I have been preparing high level talents for Miracle Commerce. The group was developing very good at first and had received forty people within five days, but that did not last. In the past week, any person that joins the Qilin Group would be beaten or threatened, causing the growth to slow down. Moreover, there have been people that have left the group resulting in negative growth.”

Nangong Yun’s face filled with anxiety.

But she was not stupid!

Of course she knew who was up to this, but it was no use just knowing. Nangong Yun was by herself, how could she fight all those people?

Chu Tian understood the general circumstances.

After Nangong Yun came to Central State, all her actions have been correct. Buying the factory was paving the way for Miracle Commerce’s expansion, since their production strength was still too weak. As well, they were missing in talent which was a strong strategic reserve.

What did Miracle Commerce lack? It was talented people!

Whether it was research, development, production, or sales, they all require talented people at every step. If Miracle Commerce wanted to expand, they need to develop their own research department first.

Chu Tian observed his surroundings and began to ponder, “What is the nature of the Qilin Group?”

“Central State Academy allows for organizations to exist and normally these organizations are formed by students of prestige coming together. There are some that are academic and some that are commercial.

Nangong Yun pointed at the dojo’s large sign.

“I founded the Qilin Group and the requirement is quite high, one has to be at least in the 9th Body Refinement Layer to join. As well one needs to be skilled in weapon refining, symbol techniques, or alchemy. There are no entrance fees and one can receive free instructions with many benefits. That’s how we’ve attracted quite a bit of people.

This was an organization?

Chu Tian had a general understanding.

There were several tens of thousands of people in Central State Academy and most could not directly enter into a company or become mercenaries, so these student organizations made up for this. These organizations allowed students to do various research projects or act as mercenaries to earn a bit of money. As well these organizations were small groups where people could compare notes with one another.

The resources Nangong Yun provided were quite plentiful.

Without need to pay anything, getting resources for just joining, and the organization itself was not restricting, this was very rarely seen. Even if it could not develop, it could clearly be seen how much resistance Nangong Yun received in Central State Academy.

Chu Tian nodded, “No need to be discouraged, you have already done all you could do.”

“But I haven’t done anything yet!”

“Isn’t this Qilin Group one of your accomplishments?” Chu Tian patted Nangong Yun’s shoulder, “You built a great platform for me, so leave everything to me now!”

Nangong Yun was in disbelief, “Can you bring the Qilin Dojo back to life? It’s impossible! This place is almost done for, even if we give out money, no one will come back!”

The aristocratic students made up 80% of Central State Academy!

Nangong Yun had one million gold coins and even if she gave out free resources, she could only recruit so many people. Those juniors of aristocratic families did not lack money and had no reason to risk getting beaten.

There was no need to mention the poor family juniors. For a poor family’s junior to enter Central State Academy, they had to pay a high price, so they treasured their learning experience. Because of this, they were timid and discrete, they would not place themselves in danger.

If they broke a limb, who would support them?

If they were killed by a powerful official, who would stand up for them?

The Qilin Dojo was too dangerous, there was no place for them to hide even if they wanted to!

“Using money is too cheap! If you think about a Central State Academy Student, what do they truly need!” Chu Tian confidently said to Nangong Yun, “If you can put out something that a person truly needs, not to mention joining the Qilin Group, even if you told them to jump into a fiery pit, they would still jump down!”

Nangong Yun was stunned, “What do you mean?”

Chu Tian turned to look at the giant sign, “From today on, the Qilin Dojo will be known as the Qilin Training Hall!”

A dojo and training hall were two completely different concepts.

A dojo was a place to practice.

A training hall was a place to learn.

“You’re correct, it’s not training, but rather knowledge. Of course we can even collect fees! I plan to turn this Qilin Training Hall into the largest training hall in Central State City!” Chu Tian turned to look at the two of them, “What the students of Central State Academy truly need is knowledge and not money. If we offer this, who would not come?”

Simply put.

Chu Tian wanted to create a training course that charged a fee.

Central State was a cultivation rich area, it was full of dojos and training halls. This showed that classes had a market.

Chu Tian had helped Yun Xiao rise, wasn’t this just to create advertisement?

There was a suitable location, so he might as well use it.

Nangong Yun revealed a shocked expression, “Are you going to personally teach them? That isn’t safe!”

“No, I have a better method.”

Chu Tian revealed a mysterious smile.

“How many people do you have in the Vermillion Bird Courtyard?”

“Forty one!” Nangong Yun said and then added, “Although there aren’t a lot of people, they are all good seedlings. There are people skilled in weapon refining, alchemy, and symbol techniques. They all have clean backgrounds and minimal experiences!”

Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction, “Gather everyone here tonight!”

When Nangong Yun understood Chu Tian’s detailed plans, she revealed a look of shock. Chu Tian could even think of this kind of teaching others, he truly was a strange one!

There was going to be something good to watch soon!